Watching Filipino channel with my grandma and apparently there’s a gay basketball event at a town celebration…

I’m kinda glad back home things are changing towards a more positive image but there is almost zero to none of lesbian or other LGBTQ represenation… Plus they call it “bading basketball,” which is sort of making it an umbrella term as I can see transwomen… I always felt like gay is the only term known throughout Filipino culture… Kinda just feels weird the rest aren’t even known. Plus today my family was talking about my closest cousin and how she’s engaged now. The marriage thing came up and my mom said she’s uncomfortable because its unconventional, then my brother just expressed his clear discontent…


Soooo I just went to a Halloween party hosted by one of the Japanese clubs of our school after class. There were activities but it was just a meet up anyway, though I do wish I did cosplay! Pretty much just played pokemon with Aly who I was being a winggirl for BUT IT WAS FUN. 4 WAY BATTLES ARE FUN. Then we went out to the main commercial area of our college for bubble tea and various chinese foods. GETTING THERE WAS… INTERESTING. Its like my first night out on college and I finally have an experience of the “college scene” which to be honest, I’m not that comfortable with? I’m not really a party girl and bleh, the air reeking of alcohol, smoking, and such was kinda making me uncomfortable. Plus the clusters of party goers were sorta intimidating.

Either way it was fun! uwu Can’t wait to do something like that again.

I just know if I get myself Starbound I’ll waste many more hours on it and end up doing nothing productive for all of winter break >>;;

I already spent over 116 hours on Gnomoria and 35 hours on Endless Space 

I just remembered something too! I had a really surreal dream… SnK 52 just came out but I dreamt of an animated 53! Its really weird… like… Mikasa diedwhile Armin and Eren were watching (she was like, publicly executed, don’t ask why I forget) but she turns into like, a samurai titan with like, a sword and armor made out from the hardened titan skin just like the Armored Titan.

Maybe this is why I love Yasuo too ;;

Well my mom popped her cap in demanding I have to go find work


Its not like I’ve tried! 3 places stopped talking to me after I said “I can’t work weekends.” Considering I don’t dorm, and I’m at the university an hour away from home on weekdays, home on weekends cause they need the car, what am I supposed to do?


Well lots like I’m not going to the university today…

I actually don’t want to miss class because I am quite interested in the “Modern Girl” class I just signed up for last week and I have my digital literature class after that, which frankly, was enjoyable.

plus food university food pls

I’m just going to get some rest because I’m literally on the verge of tears from all the different kinds of shit I’m dealing with right now

I’m sorry I haven’t responded to any replies or asks due to me being on mobile mostly- and I really just don’t feel up to it to respond right now. I’m a mess. Forgive me for my recent snarky and snappy attitude as well. I appreciate contacting me though, I’ll straighten up soon, I hope.