It was such an amazing feat. We rode a bus two hours to a port and then took a ferry to Sayangdo island. Then, I climbed Jirisan! It’s an intermediate level mountain and I am pre-beginner, but I did it. Top Gun led the way saying “You can do it” and “don’t worry take your time” and when I finally finished, I couldn’t believe it. Took us 5 hours but it felt like only 2. In the beginning I was dying. No, that is an understatement, I died 3,000 times! Top Gun, of course is military so he was running and jumping off of stuff…and I was like what the hell…but I never felt like I couldn’t do it. And I never felt embarrassed…even when the old Korean people were passing us…only happened a couple of times and they do this everyday so…Anyway, good time in Korea. Next Jay Park concert 2x!