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[Mobile] Ota Yuuri 2016.04.15 01:12:36 (About SayaMilky)

Subject: SayaMilky is ~the strongest~

When I was a first-year junior high school student,

Mirukii-san would affectionately calling me

who was unsociable and could do nothing,“ Yuuri-chan ♪”

and also gave me a lot of advices, I’m very grateful to her..

Yesterday, I saw her replied each member on twitter, I though, “Ah, she actually watch the members carefully”.

Miruki-san and I have completely different characters, that’s why, whenever I listen to Mirukii-san’s opinion, the opinions from the different point of view will teach me something.

In today’s graduation announcement,

“Until the end, our relationship wasn’t like friends, but, I felt that you’re the most destined person for me in my life until now.”

these words that Mirukii-san said to Sayaka-san makes me trembling just by remembering it..

“SayaMilky” often work together including as AKB48 senbatsu since early days, so there must have been a bond that can’t be expressed in words that has been built between them for several years.

I thought so.

Even though they don’t have a friendship-like kind of relationship.

But, if both of them aren’t good friends like they said, the group called NMB48 wouldn’t be able to grow as it is now.

A really wonderful relationship,,

From the time I joined (NMB), “SayaMilky” is there already,

that’s why I could never think of her going away.

I’m too used to it, I wasn’t aware,

but, these two’s encounter is really miraculous.

I get goose bumps just by remembering their high-five at the time of general election last year.

That.. I really can’t express it in words,,

what I felt.

What is it,,

their “bond” and “trust” which can’t be expressed.

Sayaka-san, Mirukii-san and all of the fans will surely think so.

Mirukii-san said she entrusts (NMB) to the juniors.

So, even though I will feel lonely, but, we have to make it a thing since this has been entrust to us.

I want to be the strength of NMB48.

Original text by @nathernal


[Twitter] Ichikawa Miori 2016.04.23 16:29

#さや姉 #みるきー #レモン #同い年
The scene of someone tried to force her way into SayaMiru’s bond, but failed…😂
#Sayanee #Mirukii #Lemon #Thesameage

[Twitter] Shimada Haruka 2014.11.12 11:01

I was not in the picture, but
these are my two favorite people.
Their playfulness are so cute. lol

#横山由依 #山本 彩 #横山本
#YokoyamaYui #YamamotoSayaka #YokoYamamoto


[Twitter] Yamamoto Sayaka 2016.04.07 22:49

I went! to Tokyo Dome ⚾︎!

It started with two home runs by Fukudome,
and later Messenger added an RBI single,
Hanshin’s momentum couldn’t stop.
It’s a great game

More wins than losses ✨✨


[755] Takahashi Juri 2016.04.07

(5th picture)
She was so pleased. Her smile. lol

F: さや姉の表情を見ると今日どっちのチームが勝ったのかがわかる…😆
Looking at Sayanee’s expression, I know which team won today…😆

F: 朱里とさや姉すごい叫んでそうだなあ😊💕
Seemed like Juri and Sayanee screamed a lot 😊💕
J: 凄い叫んで、立ち上がったり
We stood up and screamed a lot ,
and when we got carried away, a child close to us joined us lol

SayaJuri’s baseball date 😆

[Blog] Shiraishi Mai 2014/09/25 17:24


On the following day, NMB48-san also had an handshake event next to us, so I went to greet them midway!     久々あかりんに会えてキュンキュン♡またご飯行こうね♡
I met Akarin after a long time *squeeze*Let’s have a meal together again, okay ♡     あとは、さや姉さんと写真撮ってもらったよ! Afterward, I took a picture with Sayanee-san!       可愛いとかっこいいの両方を持っている さや姉さん、素敵です!好き! またお話できるといいなぁ。
Being both cute and cool,
Sayanee-san is wonderful! I like her!

I hope I can talk with her again.   NMBさんみんな可愛かった♡
All of NMB girls are so cute ♡ […]

[Mobile Mail] Ota Yuuri 2016.05.22 01:11:16

Subject: Look! Look!

Isn’t she cute~?

Doesn’t she soothe you~?

It calls “puffy cheek Sayaka-tan”.

I have a lot of pictures of puffy cheek Sayaka other than that,
but I won’t show them to you~

They are mine only~

Heh ( ̄一 ̄)

The other picture of puffy cheek Sayanee (the 2nd one) came from Sayanee’s mobame

[G+] Tanigawa Airi 2014.02.20 13:33



The make-up artist-san boasted and showing off

the picture of Sayaka who hit her hand on the wall

(Kabe-don (壁ドン) means the sound of someone hitting a hard object–like a wall orwhen someone reaching for and resting one’s hands on the wall behind the other person to corner that person)


And then,

Yuki-chan desperately took a picture of it


Sayaka-san is very popular! laughs


I wonder will my heart pound if someone do it to me…




Remember this pic? :3


[Trans] Matsui Jurina, Yamamoto Sayaka & Miyawaki Sakura Part in AKB48 Janken Tournament Official Guide Book 2014

First participation, Yamamoto Sayaka
Second appearance, Hakata’s ace


form a challenge
to Janken Queen!


Leading the each represent of sister group while holding a conccurent position in AKB48,
to face last year’s Janken Tournament queen,
the fighting spirit burned within Yamamoto Sayaka and Miyawaki Sakura


Matsui: What the three of us have in common is…a concurrent position in AKB48, right? And this photoshooting in this kind of small group with Sakura-tan is the first time.

Miyawaki: That’s right.

Matsui: She’s so modest when she’s in senbatsu.

Miyawaki: But I’m different when I’m in HKT48 (lol)

Matsui: I see. Sayanee, I think she is the type who keeps her thoughts to herself.

Yamamoto: You got it right (lol). I don’t show it.

Matsui: As I thought. It’s Rena-chan type.

Yamamoto: We talked a lot on the shinkansen before, right?

Matsui: Right! We happened to be together. From Tokyo to Nagoya, we kept talking about each other’s group.

Yamamoto: That’s true. Jurina-san is younger than me, but I never thought of it.

Matsui: Ahaha. I see.

Yamamoto: But, we’re in the same team for the first time in Team K, performed together in the stage performance and indeed Jurina-san attracted me.

Matsui: We also very often dance next to each other.

Miyawaki: Their dances are also amazing. The type that is not in HKT48 (lol)

Matsui: Come to think of it, the winners of this year’s Janken Tournament will get solo debut. It will be the best song for you.

Yamamoto: The fans also seems to want to push their oshimens to solo debut. But I’m so weak in Janken. I’m the type who lose their enthusiasm every year.

Miyawaki: It’s seems like there will be 16 people from each group to participate. For HKT48, I aim for about four people (to be in).

Yamamoto: For NMB48, I hope that at least one person from each team can enter. Even though team N is kind of weak (lol).

Matsui: But, indeed the first place attracts me. The center position, I’m not going to make it!

[Mobile Mail] Ota Yuuri 2016.04.18

I want to hug you〜

but, I seemed to kiss you instead〜

Sayanyan hugged me while singing that.

…She’s holding me already.

From Yuurimaru