I love this artwork by Sayamis. Her work is admirable, full of stories, dream, fairy tales and pretty ladies !

Allmost all of her work is hand made with prismacolor pencil ! So beautiful and delicate !!!

Not like us

Colored pencils, acrylics and glitter on bristol paper.

This is my piece for a local show in Mexico called Dexmachina, about robots in popular culture. I made my own version of Arale Norimaki from the Dr. Slump series.

This took a deeper meaning when someone asked if this was about love. Arale, a robot, looks at Gatchan as a cupid figure and whispers for the love she will never feel or understand.

Natura. Watercolor and gouache on paper.

Old sketch that I finally got to finish, or kind of finish. I had been neglecting on finishing this because I honestly had no clue how to do it. I wanted to use watercolors but the truth is I don’t really know how to use them. They are very frustrating D:

I’m just gonna call this an experimental piece lol.