Teaser pic for the unboxing video we did for the Sayaka Miki Cu–poche. We will be uploading the video at a later date and adding her to our webstore at a discounted price as we did open the box for this unboxing video. 
I gotta say, I just love the design for the Cu-poches.  They are very detailed and have a wider range of motion than Nendoroids as they are ball jointed.  The magnetic base is also a plus as you don’t need the stand to help her stay up right at all. 

My thoughts on Sayaka Miki

I really love the character of Sayaka Miki in Puella Magi Madoka Magica and I feel like she’s actually the most realistic. I’ve been unable to draw from the movies because I haven’t seen them. But hopefully one day soon!

People say all the time that Sayaka is only 13, there will be more boys, more friends, more life to experience so get over Kamijo. Let’s under stand that she didn’t have a crush on Kamijo, she loves him. It’s very clear that she has been enamored with him from a very young age. She  spent so much of her free time and money on that “boy” she should just get over. From tracking down and buying rare classical recordings for him to visiting him nearly every day in the hospital, which to him only made things worse. Kamijo didn’t know how to cope with things either. Instead of saying something he let it escalate and bottled it up tightly inside him until it bubbled over and eventually exploded. Sayaka may have recovered from this if she hadn’t been tempted into being a magical girl. And her wish is for a boy who, in her mind, could never love her back. She doesn’t see herself as lovable any more because she should’ve been better, less stupid, more perfect.

People forget what it’s like to be 13. They forget what it’s like to go above and beyond for someone only to have them hate you, turn on you, and tell you that you’re torturing them. Some girls starve themselves, some girls take drugs, some girls cut themselves, some girls become promiscuous, and Sayaka becomes a Magical Girl. When you are an adult you can handle this, but as a young teen she doesn’t know how. He world is still very black and white. If Sayaka hadn’t become a magical girl she probably would’ve grown up and out of these things and Kamijo would eventually realize what a great friend he’s had all along.

But rejection has shattered her world. And because she is only 13 (because everyone is different) she hasn’t learned the skills to cope with such life changing events yet, and they are coming at her pretty fast. She has had a rather hellish week. Her new idol, brave and fearless, dies in an awful way, the boy she loves rejected her, but mostly she’s found out that she’s no longer “human”. Now it doesn’t matter how good or perfect she is because she feels she’ll never be able to have a relationship with the boy she’s in love with. Deep inside she fears and knows that she will never be as virtuous as Mami, strong as Kyoko, smart as Hitomi, cool like Homura, or have as much potential as Madoka. Everyone struggles with finding themselves. It doesn’t matter that she’s her own version of those very things she wants and tries so hard to be.

So when her best friend goes after the boy of her dreams, Sayaka lets her. Just just because she feels like she’s no longer lovable, she feels completely worthless, she is a shell. Hitomi is the only one she can trust to love and care for Kamijo. It’s literally killing Sayaka to do this, but deep in her heart she believes that the only way things can be is if two people she loves dearly are together. This is all because she is still a 13-year-old girl and is in way over her head with no one to help her.

So please don’t tell this poor girl to get over it, because in her world, in her mind, with her thoughts, her ideals, and her skills (amplified by a tainted soul gem); she can’t.