Also known as the photoset where my legwarmers vary in height and stability lel

Here are photos of my Sayaka Miki cosplay, debuted at London MCM Comic Con October 2014! We had a ton of fun together with my Madokadokes and got some laaavly photos as a result! <3

Sayaka is me, my Facebook page is Riddlerule Cosplay (that I share with my S.O)
Madoka is f4bl3s and her Facebook page is Fables’ Cosplay
Mami is bakurakat and her Facebook page is Bakurakat Cosplay

First three photos taken by Manga Girl Photography, and edited by myself!
Other photos taken by the ever amazing Beth Dooner Photography!


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Teaser pic for the unboxing video we did for the Sayaka Miki Cu–poche. We will be uploading the video at a later date and adding her to our webstore at a discounted price as we did open the box for this unboxing video. 
I gotta say, I just love the design for the Cu-poches.  They are very detailed and have a wider range of motion than Nendoroids as they are ball jointed.  The magnetic base is also a plus as you don’t need the stand to help her stay up right at all. 

In all this figurine talk I wanted to mention I also have two figurines for sale! Both are of Sayaka Miki from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
The figurine on the left is a DX Prize Figurine, #2 in it’s set, about 16 cm tall with stand. Comes apart at the waist and comes on/off the stand, will arrive re-boxed in her original packaging. Very nice figurine, has only been displayed on a shelf so is in mint condition. She is $25!

The Sayaka on the right is a Gashapon figure, and comes apart at just about every joint you can think of. While she will arrive together, you can take her apart for storage. No original box. Comes with figurine and stand; first picture shows true color best. Stands about 9 cm tall. She is $10!

Send me a message if you’re interested! Prices do not include shipping. #sayakamiki #pmmm #mikisayaka

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I tried okay I love these magical girls 🎀💫🌟✨🎀✨🌟💫🎀
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Obligatory MatsuriCon 2014 post!

I almost didn’t attend this con due to lack of funds but I’m so glad I did! I finally got to meet my friends Kat and Rhyan (who are both super cutie-patoots and amazing as hecke), and their friend Kayla (also rad). Not to mention I got to meet and hang out with Elise, Jas, and Jada (who are all lovely cosplayers and super sweet), as well as made hella rad friends with Mattie (this kid is a stunning Karkat and hella rad on so many levels). I met so many other people too and gave away stickers!

This weekend was overall great and I’m so thankful I made the decision to go to MatsuriCon. uwu