sayaka yamaguchi


Quick, someone who doesn’t watch sports anime, explain?!


Alright so I ended up making designs and backgrounds for the madoka au for haikyuu(I do not have a problem shut up)

This is loosely based on the show

Hinata shouyo/Madoka- Obviously going to be madoka.Does not turn into a magical boy until the end of the show.Saved by Sugawara and Daichi when he was stuck in a maze.Was inspired to become a magical boy after watching them fight together as a team.One of his wishes was to be a professional volleyball player.His last wish Was to “purge the world of witches”

Kageyama tobio/homura-Once again pretty obvious.Has been time traveling for a long time to stop everyone from becoming a magical boy.Eventually trying to stop only hinata. Has become increasingly more angry and aggressive.He gives up volleyball after a couple of retries.Gives up trying to be friends.Makes him seem like a villain, since he will do anything to save hinata even killing one of his teammates from the past.

Sugawara/mami-He does not die the same way.Him and daichi became magical boys in middle school.Daichi dies trying to protect suga(head eaten).Suga becomes a witch from grief.his wish was for his parents to live from a car accident.

Daichi-Not based on anyone from the show.Suspicious of suga follows him one day and gets stuck in a witches maze.After suga saves his life he makes a wish to”protect koushi”and becomes a magical boy.Dies protecting suga.

Tsukishima/kyoko-becomes a magical boy to save yamaguchi after he turns into a witch when he was younger.Hides his identity till high school when he accidentally transformed in front of him.In the end yamaguchi becomes witch anyway and he dies trying to stop him.His wish was ”to let Tadashi know how much I love him”

Yamaguchi/Sayaka-Always wondered why tsukishima came home bruised up.while walking home a witch was about to attack them but then tsukishima transformed and stopped it.When he found out about the wish Tsuki made he felt guilty and made a wish to “help Kei” and fought witches on his own in secret.Eventually had no time to clean his soul gem…


ps.((It physically hurt me to draw them crying))((If you have any suggestions ask away))