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AKB0048 ep 2 - The Chosen Lights (action shots)


Akimoto Sayaka 10th Debut Anniversary Live

I went for the live on April 2nd on behalf of Jeffyer, who had to miss it by a few days. She’s like the biggest Sayaka’s fan that I’ve ever known, so dedicated and amazing and also the reason why I am in this fandom. There’s really not a queuing system there but everyone’s so nice, like they don’t really care who gets in first or anything. LOL, everyone’s so relax about it. 

You get to choose the color of your wristband, and that’s how your standing position is decided. The hall is divided into 5 sections, front into left, center, right, and back just left and right. We didn’t know the standing until you are in the hall. Purple on front right, green center, pink on front left, and silver/gold at the back. The center block ended up being crazy squeezy because Sayaka fans mostly will go for that color? A lot of ladies in the pink area. LOL I was in the pink area, second row. LOL 

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Sayaka’s ‘Usain Bolt’ run. Look at her go!

During the Garo 10th Anniversary event, staff from Garo shared some “Akimoto Sayaka ‘Super Handsome Man-like Urban Legends’” that occur during the filming for the Biku movie that they wanted to verify.

One of those ‘legends’ is that Sayaka’s running seen in the film resembles to Olympic runner Usain Bolt. She even does his signature lightning pose. XDD

As expected from the woman who was known as the 2nd fastest sprinter of AKB back in the old days.