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Aoi Asahina

  • She can essentially “swim” through the air
  • Quite similar to flying, but entirely different when it comes to technique
  • Since she manipulates the space around her to take on the properties of water without being physically altered (or at least, not visibly), she can also “float” in midair
  • She uses her unique, smooth style to her advantage by dodging attacks and slipping past opponents with ease
  • She also has a large hand in rescuing people from disasters.
  • Superhero name: The Swimster

Byakuya Togami

  • His power is intimidation; literally
  • He is able to stun others using his voice for a period of time, depending on what he chooses to say.
  • He’s a very impressive superhero the populace views as “cool”
  • But, in Asahina’s words, “he’s just an ass”.
  • Superhero name: Showstopper

Celestia Ludenberg

  • By rolling a pair of dice she never leaves home without, she gains a weapon and an aspect of her abilities is boosted.
  • She’s known for somehow managing to roll exactly what she needs when she needs it
  • Each dice correllates to something specific - rolling a one gives her a battle axe, rolling a two gives her a flamethrower, etc.
  • Likewise, the other dice also correlates to specific things - a one boosts her speed, a two boosts her defenses, etc.
  • Superhero name: Gambler

Fujisaki Chihiro

  • They are able to “travel” through electronics
  • So, for example; they could “go inside” a computer , travel “through” it to an electronic billboard, and exit into the real world “through” that billboard.
  • They can even take people along with them!
  • They mainly focus on rescue missions; aside from the fact that rescue missions suit their powers anyway, they don’t believe they’re strong enough to do anything else.
  • Superhero name: Data Surfer

Genocider Syo

  • She is ridiculously fast; not quite fast enough to have ‘super speed’, but fast enough to blow normal people out of the water.
  • She likes to carry around scissors and use them as weapons; with her speed, she’s very good at fighting with them, too.
  • Note: cannot use Touko’s power.
  • If no one holds her back, she will completely finish off her opponent (this is why she is paired up with someone as their sidekick; she should not be left alone).
  • Because of this, the public bestowed her with her infamous ‘scary’ title…
  • Superhero name: Genocider Syo 

Hifumi Yamada

  • He has the power to draw up to two “helpers” at a time who will appear at his side and assist him in battle!
  • Of course, he usually just draws his favorite manga characters
  • But can you blame him really
  • The key to his power is picking the right helpers for the right situations
  • His weakness is that sometimes he picks helpers unsuited for the task at hand merely because he wants to use his favorites
  • But again; can you blame him
  • Superhero name: Animan

Junko Enoshima

  • When she builds a strong relationship with another person she is able to “corrupt” them; or, in other words, make them into her despair-spreading slave.
  • So of course, she’s a supervillain. But she hides her identity very cleverly; by erasing her own memory in-between plans, so even she does not know of her true nature at times (Matsuda is the key to this plan).
  • Additionally, she has the power to see through objects (x-ray vision), so no one even considers the possibility that she may have another power.
  • Because of this, she attends hero courses and no one is the wiser to her true identity…
  • Superhero (Alter Ego) name: Monomi
  • Supervillian name: Monokuma

Kiyotaka Ishimaru

  • Can use hypnosis!
  • The catch is that he is only able to hypnotize others using his voice, so he cannot merely look into someone’s eyes to control them
  • He’ll have to buy enough time during fights to speak with his opponent and put them under his trance
  • Once someone is under his control, he instructs them to fix what they’ve done and report themselves to the police.
  • Curiously enough, people tend to regret their villainous actions even after his hypnosis has worn off, so some say he “enlightens” people instead
  • Superhero name: Morality

Kyouko Kirigiri

  • Super analytical ability
  • Can (usually) ascertain a person’s powers, weaknesses, and strengths within ten minutes of observation.
  • More often than not she’s the ‘brains’ behind important missions that require strategies, but she has also trained enough to be able to fight on her own.
  • (Junko eludes her since Junko herself does not know her own powers when the two of them interact at school).
  • Superhero name: Clarity

Leon Kuwata

  • Can shoot balls… 
  • …of energy from his palms.
  • These blue ‘balls of energy’ burn through whatever they touch.
  • If he’s extremely energized, they can shock using electricity instead, though.
  • He has to be very careful to not inflict fatal injuries. 
  • Superhero name: Leon

Makoto Naegi

  • He seems to lack power for most of his life.
  • But ends up discovering that he has the ability to reverse the affects of other people’s powers.
  • Essentially, he negates the effects of superpowers.
  • He nervously ends up working as a sidekick; most of his work involves freeing and saving bystanders/heroes caught by villains
  • But with the despair incidents rising, he becomes known as the key to peace by the citizens
  • He’s too humble to pick a flashy hero name, and he doesn’t ever pick a name at all, so…
  • Superhero name: Naegi
  • Later he’s revered as “the Symbol of Hope”

Mondo Oowada

  • He is able to “glide” over the ground at immense speeds
  • The image of Oowada gliding through the city faster than surrounding cars calls to mind video game glitches
  • And, since Oowada is known for a very distinctive metal mask & an overwhelming aura, he is known as…
  • Superhero name: Steel Glitch

Mukuro Ikusaba

  • Almost everything involving her physical abilities is heightened immensely
  • She doesn’t quite have super strength and super speed, but she’s definitely beyond human standards
  • She doesn’t just rely on her body, she also equips weapons
  • As Junko’s co-conspirator, she followers her orders no matter the situation.
  • Superhero name: Mukuro-san

Sakura Oogami

  • She has super strength (ofc)
  • She’s one of the best fighters because she does not rely on her powers, though; she continually works to train her body and mind as much as she can.
  • Superhero name: Senshi (”Warrior”)

Sayaka Maizono

  • “Bewitches” people using her voice
  • When someone is “bewitched”, they cannot hurt her. Furthermore, they are at least 80% more likely to do as she says.
  • Her weak point is that her power is not as effective on people who cannot be attracted to her.
  • Superhero name: Siren

Touko Fukawa

  • Has the power of invisibility
  • Her self-esteem is in tatters because she believes she’s meant to be unseen/is too ugly to stay visible
  • She is very happy to serve as Togami’s sidekick; he, on the other hand, is not pleased with the arrangement (but it was the school’s call, so he has to go along with it).
  • Note: she cannot use Genocider Syo’s power.
  • Superhero name: Invisi-nality (Supposed to be ‘invisible’ and ‘personality’ smashed together; she chose the name herself).

Yasuhiro Hagakure

  • He can see into the future (bet no one saw that coming)!
  • So with this ability he’s able to avoid attacks, exploit his enemies’ weaknesses, and so on
  • ….The only problem is that the future isn’t set in stone, so sometimes he’s completely off track.
  • Superhero name: Rouge Fortune (sometimes referred to as Rouge Misfortune)


Who could forget the original group of fluffies? (=´∇`=)

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dr cast game vs. stage

i had a lot of fun with the junko ones, so i made a similar thing w/ everyone else

(this time they’re transparent and have captions, and again, the original video was taken down)


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OK but Dangan 1 Bloopers would be the funniest shit ever if we were going with that actor AU XD

Like, imagine it:

-Celes’s voice cracking as she goes mad, while everyone else (even Byakuya) dies laughing

-Chihiro doing Peter Pan and Superman poses as she’s being tied to the rack while Byakuya presses his face into his shoulder to hold in his laughs

-Touko popping up every five minutes of the gag reel to do a different voice for Jill, and at one point, Jill’s tongue (It’s fake) falls out of her mouth and Chihiro laughs in the background

-Monokuma flubbing his lines while Junko pops out laughing as the others pretty much die laughing as well

-Sayaka pranking people by grabbing their legs while they walk by her ‘body’, and one time she grabs Kyouko’s ankle and the detective falls and screams

-Makoto doing his 'You’ve Got That Wrong’ thing, and cracking up once the camera’s on him for too long

-When Sakura says 'None Taken’, Celestia says 'Holy shit’ and the others laugh

-Byakuya and Makoto laughing while dancing a little waltz, with Sayaka and Touko going 'I ship it’ in the background

-Mondo is eating a hotdog backstage, and Mukuro comes in and goes 'I bet you wish that was Kiyotaka’s hotdog’ and Taka falls off his chair blushing

-Celes putting her drills on a few cast members and filming their reactions (Aoi laughed, Leon and Yasuhiro started dancing weirdly in them, Hifumi performed the Splash Free! dance, Makoto did an impersonation of her, and Byakuya went straight for a British accent)

-Kyouko making vines with Sayaka on set

-Touko and Chihiro kissing and the others dying of cuteness

-Celes trying to feed Taka the 'Mondo Butter’ while Chihiro waves her arms around and says in a fake British accent 'Exotic Butters~’ with Kyouko laughing and filming

-Makoto chasing Aoi around because she stole the last donut

-Byakuya trying on the Jill tongue and chasing Makoto around the back lot of the studio with crescent rolls instead of scissors while Makoto says things like 'Someone save me from this attractive serial killer~’ while Sayaka films it while dying laughing

-Sayaka putting a bag over Makoto’s head, dragging him over to the rec room, and screaming the chorus to 'Clint Eastwood’ by Gorillaz, pointing at Makoto when she says 'Sunshine in a bag’

And finally-

-Junko being the Jared Leto of the group (I.E. Creepy method acting, scary, weird, etc.) and the others never telling her where they’re going if they go out together

And that’s all I got! Feel free to add anymore you can think of in the replies XD