Is no one going to talk about the scene at the end of Beauty and The Beast (2017) where everyone is turning into “antiques”? It starts with Lumiere crying over Plumettes motionless body & I’M SHOOK! GARDEROBE & CADENZA REACH FOR EACH OTHER FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER & THEN THEY SLOWLY FADE AWAY. & Then Mrs. Potts is looking for Chip & then she freezes & Chip almost crashes to the ground?!?!?! MY SOUL LEFT MY DAMN BODY!! And then Cogsworth says to Lumiere “It’s been an honor serving with you my friend?” WHAT THE HELL?!?! THAT WAS TRAUMATIZING!! DISNEY WHY DO YOU DO THESE THINGS WITH MY HEART; I FELT MY CHILDHOOD DIE!!

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I know we all love somegraham, but looking back I definitely think there were some sparks between paulerina. Its was very low key but Paul was definitely feeling her. I saw an old interview the other day that was just like 2mins of Paul saying how much he wanted to get with Kat asksjsjd. I don't think they dated or anything but 👀😂😂

Yesssssss. Look, I know real life ships are weird and shouldn’t be taken seriously so please don’t put too much weight on anything in my answer here… but at the same time, most everybody has their fave messy conspiracy theories on what went down behind the scenes while the show was filming! I’ve seen people’s ideas floating around about Kat and Ian, or Jomo, or Chris, or Nate.

And I do love Kat/Ian (who clearly are up to their ears in chemistry) but I’m with you… my money is on Paulerina, especially in the earlier seasons. Something about the way they even just stand together now seems so familiar, so intimate and relaxed. Maybe it’s plain old chemistry, maybe it’s history, idk?

But also the total lack of Stefan/Bonnie scenes after s1-2 (with Torrey joining the show in s3), supposedly because they end up too busy laughing together to act when they have scenes together??? Seems fishy, lol.

Btw pls link me that interview thx haha <3

The Most Underappreciated Modern Actor

     One of the things I’m noticing in filmgoers now is noticing true effort in what they see on screen. You can ask anyone and they won’t be able to tell the difference in a meticulously crafted action scene like the finale in The Raid 2 and a horribly shaky and incoherent “fight” like The Hunger Games cornucopia scene. There are so many people that are over appreciated and under appreciated in the film industry. One of the biggest crimes of this is Tom Cruise. The common thing I hear about him is that he’s just another fun action hero that makes some fun movies every now and then. I wholeheartedly disagree, because Tom Cruise is special. He puts so much EFFORT into what he does that he is undeniably a force to be reckoned with. If you haven’t thought much of Cruise please take what I say into consideration, and hopefully you will begin to appreciate his work even more.

     Most of this now will be focused on Cruise and his work. And the first thing I hear when I hear criticisms of him is that he just isn’t too great of an actor. He can’t be convincingly dramatic or show much range. This couldn’t be more wrong. Yes he is prominent in action filmmaking, (and does show great acting in those) but for the sake of this argument I’ll only reference non action films. Tom Cruise actually got his start in dramedies with his big breakout Risky Business. As an incredibly young man he showed his ability to capture a feeling and a scene beautifully. You feel his presence constantly in the film and it’s so hard to take your eyes off of him. A great performance can also be easily spotted if the character goes through an arc, and if you’ve ever seen Risky Business you know his character does. He does it so convincingly through his surprisingly good comedic chops and just displaying emotions on his face for the audience to soak in. He’s shown this kind of talent in many other films most notably Magnolia, The Last Samurai, Jerry Maguire, A Few Good Men, Collateral and others. He puts so much effort and heart into these performances. Just because something isn’t a showy Oscar grab doesn’t make it bad in any way, and the fact that it isn’t showy or Oscar-bait like is something to commend him for. He pulls off AND makes drastically different characters very relatable. That’s very hard and circling back to our main point; the effort this man puts into his performances is incredible.

     I did bring up effort in action set-pieces earlier in my intro, and I want to talk about what makes Tom Cruise a SPECIAL action hero. We know he is good. There’s no refuting that, but he’s lasted so much longer than most. We know it’s easy for an actor to start out strong in a fun action film then just fall into obscurity later like Brendan Fraser. What Tom Cruise does that very little actors do is dedicate to the stunts. He does a lot of them himself. This is a common trend in many action stars that last with Keanu Reeves being another favorite of mine. Tom Cruise as a man has a passion for film stating on many occasions that he tries to watch at least a film a night. This to me speaks volumes. He knows what looks good in a film, and what looks bad. His passion for what he does and the art of it makes him push himself to be better and better each time (and he’s in his 50′s by the way). When you see Ethan Hunt hanging off of the tallest building in the world or holding onto a plane as it’s taking off that is really Cruise. It makes the director’s job FAR easier and it also helps the audience feel the danger more. You see a man with a face you know strapped to this plane. Not a wide shot so you can’t see the stuntman’s face; a shot of Cruise on that plane. This of course takes dedication and you guessed it effort. You see this kind of effort in every film he does, and that’s why he’s lasted. Every time you see him you just know you will get something that had a lot of passion and love put into it. Which is something we need now that more and more of the big blockbuster films seem to be made by a committee.

     If you agree with me and thank Tom Cruise is a man that is severely underappreciated please share this. We need to spread the word around of just why this man is great and why we need to pay more attention to him. Yes, he’s an incredibly rich and famous movie star, but if it’s for the wrong reason than what’s the point. Please make this man remembered for his love and dedication for his beautiful pieces of art. And yes. Action films are art and they can be beautiful.

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your comments about the storyboarding remind me of the time the anime team stretched out that Nejiten catch during the Kisame fight, as well as slowed down the music~ HUEHUE


OMG N E V E R FORGET. now you got my mind reeling so here we go, get ready for the lamest thing ever. 

amazes me that the tiny little panel: 

got turned into this whole scene: 

(FRACTION EYE WIDEN THAT DIDNT NEED TO GET ANIMATED WHICH COSTS EXTRA MONEY BTW even tho it’s probably not that much lmao but still)

the music gets all slowed down and everything, neji practically exhaling “are you alright, tenten?” tenten slowly getting up and saying, “thank you…neji.” 

^ Like lmfao they could’ve done all the action in that last shot right there and finished with that, b/c it’s. two lines.  

but naw, let’s get in like HELLLAAA CLOSE, like not even some med-shot shit but like FRAME DAT SHIT AT THE FOREHEAD AND DRIFT PAN 2 THE LEFT AS TENTEN SLOWLY GETS UP also they’re both drippin’ wet and white clothes??? :3c 

so. y’know, they could’ve easily saved like 20 seconds or something of animation, but naw, bet they were like ‘let’s have some fun with this’ ‘also these characters are cool’ also sometimes shows are like hm we’re short on content let’s add in some stuff but it’s not like….this episode was short on content lmfao we got Gai vs. Kisame and some dope fighting scenes and all. 

TLDR; urs truly ghostbananas kind of loves this meta shit and the OTPs so when the opportunity arises to text dump with both then i’ll rise from my ghost-ass grave for this 

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yeah there is no way stefan tenderly pushed back elena's hair and gently whispered in her ear anything but that he loved her. and you're right, people have isolated the sound and that is what he said. elena wouldn't have started crying harder at a message for caroline either.


But it is true that the entire scene makes no sense if it’s about Caroline. If it’s about Caroline, then he should’ve either just told her out loud, or, if they wanted to keep his message a “secret”, they should’ve made him say something like “there’s one last thing I need you to hear/do for me/know/whatever” and then cut to the next scene or fade out the dialogue, and then have Elena deliver the message to Caroline later. But the way the scene was filmed just screams Stelena.

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Hey! I love everything you have to say about the DCEU. I also loved Batman v. Superman. However, I was wondering how you felt about those scenes in the start of the film, where black people were killed and their deaths were pinned on Superman. A lot of people think it was just another example of a film killing black people as a plot point, but I am unsure. Lex was caught and Superman was heavily scrutinized, so it wasn't like there wasn't any accountability. What do you think?

Thank you so much, anon, THESE are the conversations I would much rather have about these films, especially BvS, which perhaps by virtue of being a three hour film has more to criticize in my opinion.

I think cutting the extra scenes with Kahina Ziri (the woman who testified against Superman about the incident and then nearly saved everyone by exposing Lex) was one of the biggest mistakes the studio made in respect to this film, because it’s the only element that gives this massacre anything approaching context and dignity. Her performance, the entirety of it, shows us that at least the narrative feels like those lives matter. Even so, people wiser about these issues than me have pointed out that BvS, XM: Apocalypse, and Civil War all have used Africa as a setting when they want to churn up casualties that won’t bother what they’d assume is thier white racist American audience. It’s a mistake.

I think the individual characters were treated with as much respect as they could be granted given the circumstances the narrative set up, and that their stories were complicated, but that doesn’t change that they were merely pawns in what turns out to be an exceedingly white power struggle. That doesn’t really begin to excuse building the story on top of the image of a pile of black bodies being torched with a flamethrower.

The comics are not innocent of using Africa this way, but in many of the comics I’ve read, the setting seems much more carefully considered, more researched, and in some cases feels obligated to include non-white heroes in order to subvert a white-savior narrative. (Which, by the way, doesn’t mean that any white hero saving a non-white character is a white savior, it’s more complicated than that, but aside from the point because Clark isn’t actually there to rescue anyone but Lois.)

I think they could have done better and I think they need to do better. I can’t help but feel like BvS was whiter than MoS was, and given the JL casting, I did expect this franchise to get LESS white as it went along. I hope we’re still developing in that direction.

That one scene in Batman V Superman where the cop goes into the warehouse to find that criminal branded with the bat symbol, and then he feels an eery presence behind him and slowly turns around to find the friggin Batman looming above him as he clings to the ceiling corner like he is the literal form of a bat. THAT is the kinda content of Batman I like to see. Every time I watch it incredible chills run up my spine. I don’t care what you say about BvS (I personally loved it mainly for Batfleck), that one scene was one of the best things I have ever seen on screen. The movie could have been absolute horse crap and that scene still would have made me love the film.


Josie: So they’ve recollected the voices and they’re literally overturned the ballots, or overturned the election.
Tom: What I love about this scene is that you can already feel that violence is entering the political arena.
Josie: He’s so angry because he’s just went and got those, and they came back and gone ‘didn’t count, they’re not valid.’ It’s a child-like sense of injustice.
Peter: And they know that all the really need to do is do a Tom Cruise in a Few Good Men, they just need to give him the opportunity to say the thing he’s burning to say.
Tom: We talked a lot about that film, actually. It was a helpful reference in popular culture. Jack Nicholson’s character in that movie has the same sense of military entitlement. That he understands things about the world which people who don’t put on a uniform will never understand. One of his lines is, ‘we live in a world that has walls, and those walls are defended by certain kinds of people.’ And Martuis is absolutely of that opinion.
Josie: Mark’s panic, and desire to interrupt in this is really beautifully played, I think. And he goes. He just lets rip. They’re like, “don’t do it, don’t do it.” And once they see the floodgates open they know it’s coming. The delight of the tribunes, the confusion of the general senate and the mounting horror of Cominius and Menenius as they see him blow it.

so apparently people are mad at the deadpool movie because he isnt “pansexual enough”
he starts to have sex with/date/fall in love with vanessa at least 15 minutes into the film so i dont know what you wanted to show that he was attracted to all genders? a montage scene of him fucking dudes and nonbinary people? to me, as a pansexual, it was more than clear to me that he isnt heterosexual and even THEN the marketing campaign didnt splash over the fact he is not straight.
the fact that he falls in love with and dates a woman in the deadpool movie does not make him LESS of a pansexual. pansexual = attracted to all genders. women are apart of that category and the fact people are saying deadpool was too heterosexual due to vanessa/wade is high-key panphobic.
not to mention ryan reynolds, THE ACTOR WHO PLAYS DEADPOOL AND EXEC PRODUCER OF THE FILMS, wants deadpool to have a boyfriend in future films and does not heterowash him in the slightest? he talks about his pansexuality quite often actually. so y'all need to chill because i swear when bi/pan/polysexual characters are in relationships with the opposite gender y'all just heterowash ‘em yourselves.



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Translation (Not accurate, it’s only my guess :) )

Aiba: Is it okay for me to ask you a question?

Sho: No problem.

Aiba: What type of ideal person (man) do you like/love?

Sho: The muscled/beefy type!

MC: So in Arashi…who is your ideal man?

Sho: Aiba! :) (The crowd went wild!!!!!!!!!!!!)

MC: Thank you very much.

MC 1: It’s something that I would like to see in a DVD. (I presume something- a scene in a film)

I don’t know what the other female talked about and Sho-san was saying “Idiot” in a really cute way…

What I love about the 100 is that while no one has time for love, it’s still blossoming there in the background. There’s this underlining trace of it even though the show is heavily about survival and the characters don’t think about romance anymore

Love exists always, even in war. Love doesn’t just disappear because the people experiencing it don’t prioritise it.

Octavia and Lincoln don’t have the same sweet romance scenes as before, but they still love each other

Clarke and Lexa, and Clarke and Bellamy, there’s still something there but it’s not their priority

Murphy and Emori. It was there a little, certainly from Murphy to her, but they had other concerns like surviving in the desert wasteland

Monty and Miller. People can say what they like but I do think there’s something there, a little tint of something other than new friendship, but it’s not on either’s mind because their main priority is surviving Mt Weather

I wish more YA shows, films and books would show this. Tell teenagers and kids that you can still have a romance and action running side by side. In the 100 there is still love and it’s still important, but it’s shown realistically: still there, but no one has time for it. 

Love is patient people, remember that.

Love will wait patiently in the background while the action is going on, keeping allies together and making bonds between people, and is still going to be there once war is over, it’s a friend that sits in the corner while you defeat your enemies, and then when you’re exhausted and broken gives you a big hug and pieces you back together.

On his conflict with Universal over “Brazil”: The first thing was that they wanted a happy ending. Then they decided that the theme of the film was ‘love conquers all’. So they started cutting out all the fantasy stuff. It’s one thing to argue about whether you need that scene or whether it can be a bit shorter. It’s another to say, 'Let’s tell a different story’. And at that point I said, 'Whoa, it’s time to go to war’. The [Hollywood] studio’s mentality is that Americans are stupid. They try to lower the standard as much as they can to reach what they think is this great dumb audience. And I have always resisted that and wanted to believe in the audience’s intelligence. But if you keep feeding people baby food for long enough they begin to like it.

- Terry Gilliam

[伊周Femina magazine] Q&A with Z.Tao

p/s: there will be full trans of this article soon but i wanna put this section here because i really like what he said, but please still read the full article (๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)

Q: The Reluctantly MV describes the story of an artist, is the life in the MV the life style you want?

A: No, my dream life is to have people that love me around, i can spend time with my family. Driving to the beach to watch the stars, enjoy the beach atmosphere at night.

Q: There’s this scene in the MV where you wore Versus clothes and ran around in London, so netizens mocked you by saying you came to the show late bc of filming MV, you don’t want to talk about this anymore, do you?

A: Actually it’s the traffic reason, not because of filming MV, i think there’s this quote that is very true “you can’t find the truths just by searching on weibo”. First time attending fashion show, my team and i are very excited, we intended to go earlier. We feel very sorry about the bad traffic and we sincerely apologize for coming late.

Q: Seems like Korean artists have high standards for body shape. After receiving training in Korea, do you have strict control to your body shape too?

A: I think Chinese artists are amazing too, but i don’t want to work out too much, i have to dance, it’s hard to dance if i’m too muscular.

Q: What kind of exercise you do to keep fit?

A: Running and doing gym if i have time, or else i will just control my eating. Before sleeping, i will do some push-ups and some exercise when i wake up.

Q: So do you have 6-pack abs now?

A: 8-pack.

Q: What is your most satisfied feature?

A: Nose, because it’s high.

Q: Can you be considered as a narcissist?

A: I used to be, but not anymore. Artists need to care about their image anyway, you have to check if you look OK before filming. I don’t take selfie often anymore, maybe because i grew up….oh, i know, because it’s no use to post selfie, i’m not the type to use appearance to catch attention!

Q: Do you think you’re handsome?

A: Just…. not ugly!

Q: When the show “Charming Daddy” airs, netizens will start making meme pics of you, does it give you pressure on expressing in the future?

A: No way, everyone can be turned into meme, it’ll be so tired to care too much about this, i’m not with it.

Q: Was your confidence dropped because of those attacks?

A: How can it be? I said it, it’s just whatever.

Q: Did you see your meme pics on the internet? Do you secretly use them?

A: I saw when i searched pics, some are very useful, thank you all for caring about me a lot.

Q: Do you think your expression is really too over? Are you going to change it?

A: Actually there’re also people saying my expression is not over, everyone has their own point of view, i can’t satisfy them all, i can only be myself.

Q: A lot of people want to know the brand of your eyeliner?

A: I have no idea. I know some said i have nothing but eyeliner, but i do eyeliner because almost makeup artist told me they want to do makeup like this for my eyes. I respect their job, i won’t interfere their work. In private life i don’t really like makeup, boys looking simple is ok!

Q: But there’re pics of you with red lips at “I’m the Sovereign” press con?

A: I didn’t apply red lipstick at the press con, i heard about this through the staff, it’s just the photoshopped pics by the boring people and it became a misunderstanding.

Q: People say eyeliner is not masculine, what do you want to say?

A: Nothing to say, what does me doing eyeliner have anything to do with them?

Q: If you can change something about you, what is it?

A: I never thought of changing.

Q: Do you still contact with EXO members? There used to be a gif of you bullying Baekhyun.

A: I have been saying this a lot of times, but i still want to say it again, i’m sure we all have naughty and fun time with our friends, but they just uploaded half of the gif then twisted it. I don’t have any disagreement with EXO members.

Q: In overseas, a lot of bad boys can be popular too, do you admire it?

A: No.

Q: You want to be a good man?

A: Yes, a good man.

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[from Trainspotting]
BEGBIE: That lassie got glassed, and no cunt leaves here till we find out what cunt did it

ROBERT: But, ah, I’ve learned to love him through the years, you know? And people continually–that line, there, “That lassie got glassed,” et cetera, et cetera–people say that to me all the time, you know. [audience laughs] It’s gonna be on my tombstone, for sure. 

I loved this interview with film critic Nigel Floyd. It touches on various things, but I think my favorite part comes shortly after Nigel talks about improvisation on Riff Raff (at 3:32). “What I like about that scene, and about your work in general, is the quietness of it, and the fact that you listen.” Bobby responds with gratitude for Nigel’s appreciation and understanding of the process. 

NIGEL: And you’re not afraid of the gaps between the lines, and in a strange kind of way, there’s as much going on in the gaps between the lines, as is going on in the lines. 

ROBERT: [nods, looks down, smiles] You’re speakin’ my language now. 

That smile! I think it shows Bobby’s appreciative that someone understands all of the effort he puts into what he’s trying to convey in the “in-between” moments, for those are the most important. This is something vital that is, perhaps, too subtle for much of the audience of Once About a Time. At 5:42: 

ROBERT: That’s where the drama actually lives. That’s when you can actually tell a different story with your eyes, to what you’re saying with these words. Sometimes the words are just bogus. And I love that, I love just playing on the very, very edges of that, the very outskirts of that. 

He goes on, talking about undercutting an aggressive character or a peaceful character with other nuances. Those of us who know his many roles can think of plenty of examples of this. At 15:25, he talks about Steve McQueen in The Cinncinnati Kid, and acting two opposing meanings in the same moment. Knowing Bobby’s acting style, the amount of information he can convey without dialogue, and seeing his reaction in this interview made me realize how much thought and effort he puts into those very things that we see and appreciate about the brilliance of his work. If that makes sense. Just watch this! 

tbh i will never be over the fact that someone actually said “including homoerotic subtext in bucky and cap’s interactions would’ve unnecessarily fucked with what was actually going on there” like have we been watching the same movies my guy have you completely and totally forgotten “you’re keeping the outfit right”, the tavern in the town song in the background of the bar scene (that has the lyrics ‘my true love’ and is all about losing said true love to ‘a damsel dark’), the song it’s been a long long time playing right before they (unknowingly) see each other again for the first time in almost a century (that song is about welcoming home a spouse/lover after the war), “i’m with you till the end of the line” and that whole final fight in cap 2, “your bucky”, my dude have we not been watching??? the same goddamn films????????

What Lauren would never do for money.

1. Be a phony.
Filming The Hills, I grew really close with the crew, and I started to sympathize with them. They’re trying to make a good show, and all they need is for you to say this one line or to get this one shot to complete their scene. At first, I didn’t think it was a big deal, so I said a lot of dumb things that I thought my producers would want me to say. For example, the editors loved a zinger—a sentence that they could put into a preview for the next show, like “Everything’s about to change.” But it always sounded so cheesy, and I soon learned to say no when something didn’t sound like me. You have to stay true to the kind of person you are.

2. Be a manipulator.
One of the biggest fights that I got into with my producer was when I was in Paris. They really wanted me to have this Paris love story, but I had no interest in the boy they chose for me and didn’t think it was fair to lead him to believe I did. They kept pushing it—they even told him to try to kiss me. On that episode, he dropped me off at my hotel on his motorcycle, and he kept taking steps closer to me, so I did kind of a backward circle around his motorcycle, then I tossed the helmet to him and ran away. They had to edit around it because I just looked horrified, but I didn’t want to lead anyone on.

3. Work a job I don’t love.
It took me a while to learn this: TV is fun, but it isn’t what matters most to me. Now instead of TV shows, I’m focused on writing books, designing my two clothing lines, and working on my lifestyle website. Even though I’ve managed to make myself very, very busy, I wake up and I’m excited to work. My dad told me that you should always do something you love, because if you do, you never work a day in your life. And now I know he was right.

I really like working with Ross. He’s such a good actor and it was interesting—it’s a good moment between us. I don’t think Daryl is going to say, “You know what? You go handle it.” He’s just the type of guy that is going to be like, “You know what? Let me do it.” He’s always the guy taking out the trash and doing the heavy lifting. And then he stands up and he’s like, “No, we’re going to do it together.” I think it’s a really good Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid moment.
—  Norman Reedus ( about when Daryl and Aaron get into the car and are surrounded? This show loves to play with being trapped in small, confined spaces, like the revolving doors, or when you and Beth were in the trunk. What was filming that scene with Ross Marquand like?