yo it be so funny seeing ppl expose each other on here like i aint know tumblr was so deep like yall flying out to fuck each other, scamming each other, putting all someones dirty laundry on here, catfishising each other like….im so glad my dash is just pics of the sky and the occasional “im horny” but nothing more than that…like drama is crazy i just be watching like

nobledoohickey replied to your post “I’m saying this because noone else seems to notice. While a…”

Like if they do make pidge nb (like in the comics(?)) Then all the girls are aliens and half of ‘em are evil/not good guys

I just want to address this quickly. I remember seeing those two panels from the comic circulating a while back and getting so excited about they pronouns being used, but just seeing those two panels out of context can be misleading

Here is the full page from the comic:

I think this is one of those situations that is frustratingly ambiguous. Seen one way “they” could be referring to Pidge, seen another way “they” could be referring to all the paladins

I’m not saying this to squash the comic Pidge is NB and uses they pronouns headcanon, as you can see it’s ambiguous. I just want to provide a little more context, especially for people who maybe don’t have access to the whole comic and have only seen those first two panels out of context

I can confirm though that Pidge is never referred to with she nor he pronouns in the comic


Jen talking about Allison Cameron

idk i don’t want to come off as an asshole but im kind of tired of this trend where every post specifically about lesbians has people crawling out of the shadows saying ‘what about bi/pan girls?’ bc like. yes all wlw orientations have a lot of common ground and it’s important to promote wlw solidarity over lateral aggression among lgbt people but? there are also things we experience that aren’t the same and our identities are not interchangeable so it? makes sense?? that there will be some discussion that’s just about lesbians (and some that’s just about bi girls and/or pan girls) and it’s not harmful at all unless the discussion actually puts down/invalidates other lgbt people

tbh it’s just exhausting and kind of isolating when you can’t make a positive post aimed at lesbians without people telling you you’re ignoring other wlw :^)


i did this like..yesterday but i couldnt choose One bias then So i wanna do it again with only hyejeong pics ! also i tried to only use unwhitewashed pics💖✨✨✨  my angl……

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Elsewhere (after Magi 315).....

“Let’s see now… Energetic and somewhat feisty? Check. (Fine, fine… GO-GETTER. Okay, Sheba?)”

“Happy and bubbly? Check.”

“Easily flustered? BIG CHECK (yes, you so are. Quiet, Sheba)….. And what’s this??? Long hair too? With a color falling under a type of pink (-ish red)???”

“She also happens to be supportive and loyal to those she loves… And excluding her rather enthusiastic facial expressions in battle …… I’d say she CERTAINLY reminds me of someone (you can stop grinning now, Sheba).”

“And oh look, messy first impressions. They have those too, how convenient.”

“You’ve imprinted a type of girl to our son somehow, I just know it. I may not have a way to prove it, but damn it, Sheba! I’m blaming you anyway. ”

-A random soliloquy by Solomon, but not really, as he watches over Aladdin

I also like to think that he got used to talking to himself quite a bit after he became God. Besides, I feel like Wahid and Falan, and a bunch of other people, were still too salty to talk to Solomon for a long time (after they died).

Except Sheba, she’d keep Solomon company. I pictured her cackling in the background after listening to Solomon ranting about Magi 315. “Well, if you’re comparing Kougyku to me then our son has EXCELLENT TASTE. Now, pass the popcorn, DEAR.” is what I think she’d say.

The dialogue in S7 is so forced and unnatural….it has moments where it’s good but it really lacks the organicism of the earlier seasons, which is what made the show so great to begin with. Where S1-S5 (and parts of S6) had a natural feel with the banter and vibes between characters, S7 is awkward and clumsy, and often has characters being untrue to themselves (which happens in S6 as well).
Anyways I like the overall storyline of S7 better than S6, but pound for pound obviously S6 is better.

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