Lemonade Lady Lovers: 9/9

[Caption: Three stacked images of Mylene, Regina, and Yolanda. The first is Yolanda looking at Regina, the second Regina looking at Mylene, and the third Mylene looking at Yolanda. The lyric reads, ‘when you love me/you love yourself/love God herself’.]


g u y s

so guess what!! i met @mueller-corner today!! she was on a trip to new york so we decided to meet up and tbh we had a solid two hours to chill and it wasnt enough?? smh

but anyway shes actually too lovely and pure?? she got me all this stuff and didnt want anything for it im deceased?? ugh it was amazing tbh im still dead so this description of our hangout is actually awful but omg i love u ines

u gotta come and visit soon ok omg we gotta talk more tbh!! i love u lots ahHHhhhHhhH 💘💘💘💘💘

sorry to clog yalls dashes up with this but tbh…….i aint sorry today was amazing b l e s s 

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L: omfg okay now that's a lie. Me the prettiest? Have you guys looked at yourselves in the mirror today? Damn look at those gorgeous girls. Look at yooou. So beautiful that my vision blacked out for a moment but then remembered how pretty you are

 L: and my vision came back instantly bc damn i gotta see that pretty face everyday

Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

You can’t even admit your prettiness and how much you reign over me??? Like wowowooww that face is  👌

Okay but Admin T’s beauty is also  👌

Please don’t black out omg


Don’t scare me like that omg I am not that pretty. 

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👑Admin L

“Rey … these are your first steps.”

I’m so happy I finally got the chance to wear this costume, after I had to postpone it for health reasons. The bad part was that security confiscated my staff and lightsaber (seriously, even the lightsaber!!) and I only got them back as I was leaving. Luckily enough we still had time and Jess was kind enough to take a few pictures of me with them – including this one, which I am super proud of. Doesn’t it look just like the behind the scenes material of Daisy in the snow? 😍 I can’t believe I’m saying this, but for once I feel like my chubby smushy face is a good thing because it’s soft and squishy like hers. Thank you for making me love myself a little more all the time, Star Wars.

Cosplay & picture edit: @bodyprintmachine
Photography: @agent-without-ok-days, who was also my heroic pilot Jessika Pava – go give her some well-deserved love!

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Marco wants to get something really nice for Star because she works so hard doing cool stuff for Marco all the time so he goes to Tom thinking he’d know exactly what Star likes doesn’t go well

Marco goes “Does she like flowers? What kind are her favorite??”

“Idk…I never got her any. She just eats them.”

Marco gasps and goes “You never got her flowers? Poor Star…No wonder she broke up with u.”


i started eating pastries at work cause im trying to deal with my disordered eating but it makes me sad that people are gonna be all in my face abt me saying im vegan before…

i still consider myself vegan tho, and it makes me feel like shit on so many levels to eat certain things, but im trying to give my body what it needs

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I'm just curious, Wang So is now the king so can't he say "Just f*ck off I have a damn big scar on my own face as a King, who the f*ck cares she has a little scar on her arm, I make the laws and I change that rule!" like it's really so annoying like urghhhh... Sorry to flow my anger to your askbox, because it's just ridicilous you know

essentially its because even though he’s king … he doesn’t have like ultimate power 

there are some things he cant twist i  guess? 

it is stupid as hell though

like literally, the king’s face has been cut up but he cant marry someone because of a scar on her wrist that is barely visible ??? like COME OFF IT 

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What's your favourite song from MOM and why? Also what did you think of Flower? Like as a non Desi person :) x X

my top 3 are lucozade, befour and rear view. but lucozade and befour probably share the first place :))

i love everything about befour and could probably listen to it forever. it’s such a fuck you song but in a classy way you know? from the title (which i’ll always read as “be four” lol) and to the lines such as “shame is you can’t say that to my face”. like… for me it’s one of the few zayn’s song where we actually know what he’s singing about (or at least guess closest to the truth). and even though pillowtalk was the first zingle, for me it’s befour that is the hymn of zolo. you know what i mean? 

as for lucozade, as i’ve already said, it’s a lyrical masterpiece. and what’s the funniest thing about it is that i can barely picture the situation he’s talking about, but he’s doing it in such beautiful metaphors and comparisons that i will always want to listen to it in a hope to understand the story that inspired this genius track. another annoying thing about lucozade is that i can’t choose a favorite line from it. i tried a few times but for me it’s either all or nothing because how do you choose between “Time heals pain and promotes self-soothing” and  “ Kept runnin’/Outwit, cause you cunnin’/That outfit cause you stunnin‘” etc etc etc??

and i loved flower too!!! i admit i’ve never been close with south asian culture and i understand very little in it, so it was nice to get a glimpse of it in zayn’s music, you know? and i’m a big supporter of artists (and people in general) introducing their culture to the world, especially in mainstream industry. man, i was so happy when i found out about this song being on zayn’s album! especially now when we know how much it means to him personally! i fully support him doing things that HE loves instead of what is expected from him. it’s great that now he has such an opportunity and i hope in Z2 we have even more songs influenced by Pakistani music :)

Cute Pikachu & Raichu things to consider ;

Cute couple teasing moments. 

    “Why don’t you come down here and say that to my face?” 
    “Why don’t you evolve and say it to mine, shorty? ;)”

    “Our cheeks are red and yellow. if we mix that what color would it be–”
    “Uh, orange?”
    “Like my fur!!!! What a perfect match.”

    “I’m glad you’re an evolved Pokemon.”
    “Huh, really?”
    “Yeah, I can always look up to you.”
    “… Did you learn that one from Takeshi?”
    “…. Listen he brought out his book and then Satoshi made a pun and-”
    “I guess the one about being ‘thunderstruck’ when I saw you is out…”
    “Don’t go to them for romantic advice.’

Cute affectionate things.

Instead of bending over to kiss Pikachu the Raichu just wraps her tail around him and lifts him up so their noses can touch and he just laughs.

Pikachu sneaks up and grabs her face and pulls her down to give her cheeks a loving shock.

Pikachu is often so happy to see her he runs as fast as possible and jumps into her arms. This often results in her hugging him around his middle and either walking while carrying him or just sitting down and the two of them zapping another little ‘I LOVE YOU’ messages.

Sometimes when the others are around the send each other cute little electric messages and to gossip.  They probably discuss how much they think Satoshi can eat and she teasingly tells him to try and out eat Satoshi. This results in Pikachu and Satoshi both overeating and her sighing as she pats his belly while he’s just ‘did I win’.

Pikachu will often sleep by her and will either be seen curled against her stomach, laying with her head on his stomach, or laying completely on her back and stomach. If someone wakes him, or he senses danger, he sits up immediately in a fighting stance. He once did this when she sneezed and she laughed because of how concerned he was. ‘Are you okay??? Did something hurt you–’ While half asleep and looking around as she resists every urge to fall onto her side ( which would’ve knocked him off ) and laugh hysterically. [ Picture her teasing him about it and he gets all red faced like; ‘I was going to protect you!’ ‘From a sneeze?’ ‘It could’ve been a bad sneeze…’ ]

They know each others electrical energy and can easily locate the other when missing. And nothing will get in their way to finding the other.

They come up with bad ass battle combinations and Pikachu and her jumping up and down after they win. They high five, hug, and just end up with her spinning him around as they cheer. ( Sometimes, if it’s only one of them battling, they get into a huge cheering segment on the sidelines and get pumped up and yell at lot. )

Don’t make the Raichu cry because Pikachu will come out of nowhere and jump onto her and wipe her face and tell her she’s perfect, beautiful, and also ask her if he needs to beat someone up for causing her tears. Sometimes if he hears someone insult her, he’ll zap people / Pokemon without warning and yell at them before hurriedly comforting her and just showering her in praise.