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shadowhunters aren’t given a broad education when it comes to mundane society, including mundane global history, so what I’m saying is that alec might have no idea that chairman meow’s name is a pun

 i haven’t been on the tag lately, but i think I would have seen it anyway: has nobody in this fandom drawn a version of that post where the guy in a neckbrace is looking very happy, and another picture where he’s hugging someone’s hips looking dreamy and proud of how curvaceous they are, and underneath it says “she sat on my face and broke my neck :3c”?

like. that seems like a real victor thing thing to do.

You have stalked me from day one. I have talked to others who say you did the EXACT same thing to them. As far as I’m concerned you can drop off the face of the earth. As long as you are fake and lying I’ll be exposing you, I’m not interested in your fake petty apologies I told you before that time I TRIED to end this and you still kept going that was it. You say I play the victim card yet your cringe worthy ass lied to my face when I tried to end things before you’re no victim. You are a lot of things a victim isnt one. Your not a stalker yet how many times have you stalked my personal life and pretended to know what goes on in my life? Your not a stalker yet I’ve caught you liking my posts, trying to follow me and getting your friends to stalk my account and pretend they don’t know you. If that isn’t a stalker idk what is now go back to your delusional world where everything Luke related is pr.

it’s fine

it’s fine you say, but i am not

it’s fine you say, for me to weep in my mind 

daily, steel tears on a dry face,

don’t ask this shattered vase all full of wilted future memories

to hand you the glue stick for my repair,

for i plot every kiss i plant on your lips so they blossom into smiles

 and i cannot love with less than everything.



and you would label my starvation as discontent, and understandably so

for i gorge you with my affections 

but i will protect my crystalline innocent dream to dance with love 

and vomit poetry into the empty nights 

and promise falsely that i’m strong enough 

to play these guessing games. 





god is silent and the skies are narrow and your eyes are blank and my sheets run with sorrows fracked from my lost desire 

-rachel | @whatrachelwrote

170225 Subin Instagram Update

정말 많이 힘들었는데
지나고 나니까 ‘얼마나’ 힘들었는지 기억이 안나
힘들긴 정말 힘들었었는데
딱 하나
내 노래가 세상밖으로 나온다는거
그거 하나로 행복하게 버텼던거 같아

괜시리 엄마가 생각난다
열달을 그리고 23년을 얼마나 힘들었을까
그런데도 울엄마는 할만하시단다
내 얼굴보고 있으면 아무것도 아니래
지금 내 노랠듣고 있는 이 기분을
울 엄마가 날 보는 기분에 비교할 수 없겠지
가늠은 안가지만
엄마는 위대하다

It was really difficult but
Because it came to pass, I don’t remember ‘how hard’ it was
Difficulty was really difficult
But how much was it?
Just one
To hear that my songs have gone out to the world
That is like happily withstanding it once

Without reason, I think about my mother
How much is 10 months in 23 years?
Even so, my mother deserves it.
When she looks at my face, I say it’s nothing
Could I dare
Compare this feeling of listening to my songs
With the feeling of when my mother looks at me?
I can’t figure it out
But really
My mother is remarkable

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Lookie at my hot tongue. U wanna get it all up in u?? Sit on my face then!!

Gif submitted by @thegreatficmaster Hahaha no smut, just this…


‘Y/N’ You feel his voice inside your head and quickly turn around, searching for him until you mees his pale blue eyes. 

Openig his sinful mouth he drags the stirres through his pink tngue, the sight making you lick your lips before asking, “What are you doing drinking coffee?” 

“My body felt tired from last night and I’ve heard caffeine can stimulate the nervous system and provide a quick awakeness sensation. And by your trail of thoughts and the looks of lust in your face, I think I may need it.” 

Smirking you nod and walk closer to him. 

“I only have one question to ask you…” Cas takes a sip of his coffee, never lowering his gaze from yours. 

“What exactly do you mean when you say you want to sit on my face… Because you won’t be able to smother me to death, I’m an angel.”

lynns-art-blog  asked:

Okay, I just gotta say that your OC's always put a smile on my face when I see them, and that last one had me gigglin like an idiot. Goodness, they're so awesome >u<

mgidscisfjdsd FHDSJR dq t han K 

I actually have a really hard time drawing them being happy and shit bc I’m so used to just making everything suffer jgrifjda

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How tall are you? 😊 I'm also very tall and I feel so insecure about that

I’m about 5'11 right now. So yeah I’m really tall and I was freakishly tall in middle school because that’s when I started growing and really I just stopped. Let me tell you something: you can’t change your height. Love your long beautiful legs, love them and use them and cherish them. I love being tall and my doctor says I’m going to be 6'1 but honestly I think I’ve stopped growing, truly. It’s weird being taller or just as tall as some guys, but hey, I can look them in the eye and it’s much more affective for being intimidating and wanting to scare them just for fun. It took me until about eighth grade to love my height. I was always told boys like short girls and I wouldn’t ever have a boyfriend because I was so tall. It hurt me that people would say this to my face. And boys would laugh and I felt sick to my stomach. But boys grow up. Literally. The point is your height is another part of you you can’t change and you have to learn to love. Love it and yourself.