Doggy Date Ends Awkwardly

A date between two area dogs was going well, until one let his nose wander. 

Friends say the two dogs, Rufus and Cleo, who met on Tinder, hit it off and were cruising toward a second date until Rufus started sniffing around in the middle of dinner.

“It was impulse,” said Travis Finnick, Rufus’s roommate. “He’s a very friendly dog. The waitress came over to refill their water dishes and of course he’s going to sniff her butt. He was just saying hello!”

Cleo’s friends don’t see it that way.

“It’s friendly, sure, but you have to put it in context,” said Charlene Lee. “They’re on a date. Keep your nose forward.”

She added, “There’s no other way to say this: Rufus is a dog.”

Via keatno_pizza.

“GO BRONCOS!!!” You yell from the stands, watching the last moments of the game. Chris is standing next to you yelling almost louder than you, cheering along for the Denver Broncos.

“The Broncos have won the Super Bowl!” The announcers cheer. It had happened so fast, you practically missed the final seconds.

Bouncing up and down happily, you scream and cheer all while spilling some of your beer on your jersey. Chris sweeps you into his arms, the two of you celebrating with a hard kiss on the lips.

“Your team won, babe!” he looks at you, pure excitement on his face. You’re sure your face looks similar to his, a wide smile hurting your cheeks.

“That means you’re buying me pizza.” You say recalling the bet you two had made that morning.

He wasn’t really rooting for a specific team, but you loved Peyton Manning and thought he deserved to have another Super Bowl win before his possible retirement. He bet against you because he thought it’d be fun to mess with you.

“As soon as we can get out of here, I will.”

So, it’s 1:47 am and because I’ve just had a very emotional heart to heart with my parents (I’m okay, I feel like a weight has been lifted), I felt like I needed to do something that made me feel light hearted. And this is what I came up with. I made this on Polyvore and wanted to share it here, because it’s what I do? Anyways, sorry there hasn’t been any imagines/prompts, but I’m putting an end to my laziness and am going to start doing things like this. Last thing, you guys can also, along with prompts, request these outfit imagine things! You can request here or on my Polyvore (missmrogers).

     “We used to live on an airbase in Kenya, and my dad had a driver who drove me to and from school. Every Wednesday it was my tradition to bug the driver, ‘Can we get pizza or something?’ So eventually he would give in to a screaming kid, and we’d go to this pizza place. He’d pick up a large pizza, and we’d see these street kids, called chokoras in Swahili. I’d walk over to give them pizza, and the driver would say, ‘No, no, your dad bought this pizza for you.’ And I’d say, ‘So it’s my pizza?’ ‘Yes’ ‘So I can do whatever I want with it, right?’ By the way, this is kindergarten me arguing with an adult. So I’d give them slices and they would take almost all of them and leave me with one or two. It happened almost every Wednesday. That’s one of the stories my dad always likes to tell.”

     Boston, MA

The tag yourself meme is getting too goddamn real

It was cute when it was saying stuff like “You secretly like pineapples on pizza and you love glitter!”

and now it’s like “You never recovered from your grandparents’ neglect and you are so ashamed of the way you lust after your coworker Margaret’s sister” like Jesus Christ tone it down a little

adreamerstestimony asked:

I have a few questions about that "get your life" post. Is it wrong to adapt to a language? What makes it appropriation? Are people whose first language is one thing but start speaking another also appropriating? What is appropriation in terms of vocabulary? Everyone uses the term shade now. Is that wrong or appropriating? I'm sorry I'm just trying to understand appropriation in its entirety.

appropriation involves the bastardization of a specific culture or people’s practices, beliefs, rituals etc. Whenever language and culture is appropriated, initial cultural meanings tend to change or be diluted out of signifcance.

So take bae. Black people have been saying it since forever. But today in 2016 folks believe it means Before Anyone Else, but never has it ever meant that. It’s just short for baby. But then major marketing companies saw it’s wide adoption and suddenly pizza Hut is selling shirts saying “pizza is bae.”

Cultural Appropriation often involves people costuming in what they find interesting. Keyword is costume. Meaning people get to take off other people’s culture, practices, beliefs, when it’s not funny or profitable anymore. MTV and other brands went crazy with “bling bling” and then when they realized the Black community abandoned it, they did too. They never loved it. We did. We abandoned it out of the sheer corniness it was reduced to.

I don’t know if you can truly ever adopt another language if you didn’t grow up in it. It’s simply not yours. We don’t use AAVE to be funny or hip, it’s simply how we have adapted the English language. So while it may be funny to everyone else, this is real to us. it’s like laughing at a fish because it swims and you walk. While you may swim for fun, the fish actually must swim in order to survive. That’s the difference. Hope it helps

Non scale victory

We had pizza for dinner (that’s not the the victory part) and after coming back from therapy I didn’t have any more slices (I had two earlier). I had a banana with peanut butter and some fresh brewed wild berry tea over ice. At least I’m not bingeing on pizza. And I’m not gonna let my bf’s donuts or Oreos intimidate me into eating them either!

Week 1 Reflection


  • Didn’t stuff my self with Chips. Measured 1 serving.
  • Fought the urge to eat a third slice of pizza. and WON
  • Went to my second meeting


  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  • Find a new snack
  • Go for a walk every day (even if it is to just get the mail)
  • Stay strong. Don’t let food win.


CW: 239.4
SW: 244
+/-: down 4.6

SCORE! Not gonna lie. This feels great! I’m gonna do a little dance.

text // open
  • lawson:yo it's superbowl sunday and cam newton is mvp, all is right in the world!!
  • lawson:can't wait for peyton manning to get knocked on his ass
  • lawson:sidenote: if you're still wanting to watch the game with me i've got a shit ton of booze and wings and pizza :) just saying