Accomplishment #1: 8 mile training run averaging nearly a sub 13 mile pace (includes walking the hills). When I was running, I was a wee bit faster than before.

Accomplishment #2: shoveling and moving nearly a yard of dirt as we are redoing the backyard.

To say I’m exhausted is an understatement.

Going to eat pizza and have a vodka tonic tonight before passing out in bed!

billyloornis asked:

may i request,,,, angel from xmen Or scott summers

unfortunately, i don’t remember/know much about warren D: i haven’t seen the last stand in a very long time, and he really didn’t have a significant enough role in apocalypse for me to learn much about the character, so i don’t think i could do him too much justice OTL i’m sorry D: i can definitely do scott tho!

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jarriing asked:

hey sky you sweetie!!!! i've made the unhealthy decision of staying up till 3:40 in the morning. would you like to take your time to criticize my foolish life choices? or will you endorse my willingness to power through the night and avoid my tactless parents? i'm curious to see what could possibly happen from this exchange!

hey jarriing.

People in the know say something pizza left like to say hey again make something. tactless?

My friend, Rafael

More Barisi fluff.

Barba is giving Carisi the silent treatment, but it doesn’t last for long.


It wasn’t until Sonny unlocked the door to his apartment he realised Rafael had been giving him the silent treatment for half of the journey home.

“Rafi what’s wrong, normally I can’t shut you up but you’ve spent the last twenty minutes listening to me waffle on about pizza.” Rafael didn’t say a word, he just walked into the apartment and headed straight for the coffee maker in the kitchen area by the front door. He’d previously brought the machine as he insisted if he was going to spend time at Sonny’s apartment he wouldn’t settle for bad coffee. Sonny pressed himself against Rafael’s back and wrapped his arms around the lawyer’s waist. “Come on Rafi, say something.”

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Martin once stopped and gave a spoon of sugar water to a grounded bee to revive it.
He once broke character in the middle of Richard III to say “bless you” to someone who sneezed.
He once gave a pizza ordered for him to some fans who hadn’t eaten that were visiting setlock and had been waiting there for hours.

Ben once stopped what he was doing to go and help some fans he saw being shoved over and crushed by paparazzi.
He once recorded a short video saying “happy birthday” to a fan who got sick and couldn’t make it to an event.
He’s been known to call his parents at premieres, and after talking to his dad at the Hobbit premiere, passed the phone to Martin (who some of you may know lost his father when he was young) so he could, too.

Basically what I’m trying to say here is nobody is perfect, not even your faves, but can I just point out how lucky we are to have these two as our Sherlock Holmes and John Watson?

random hq headcanons
  • Bokuto gives the best hugs out of anyone ever, like it is literally impossible not to feel at least a little better after getting a Bokuto hug™
  • Daichi drives a minivan and people kind of laugh at him about it at first but he actually really likes it because he can fit lots of stuff and/or friends inside and it really does suit him
  • Akaashi can recite pi to more than 100 digits and Bokuto is super amazed by this
  • Kuroo gets a part time job as a pizza delivery boy and Bokuto repeatedly orders pizza just so he can say hi but then runs out of money so he just starts calling the place repeatedly to say hi until the manager threatens to block his number
  • Kageyama adopts a pet turtle named Shelly and she’s the first animal who’s ever been friendly to him so he just loves her lots and he likes to sit on his belly and watch as she slowly eats strawberries.  Sometimes he takes videos and sends them to the whole team
  • Oikawa has been a huge fan of both Star Wars and Star Trek since childhood and refuses to accept the argument that you have to like one over the other because they’re both so DIFFERENT but also PERFECT how could anyone make him choose
  • Hinata likes to read storybooks to Natsu before she goes to sleep.  When he’s at training camp, he packs one of her books in his bag and calls her so he can still read to her.
  • Suga is actually an avid fan of professional soccer, and he won’t shut up if he’s asked about the topic, which tends to drive Asahi crazy 
  • Iwaizumi really likes kids and everyone on the seijou team is always super shocked by just how soft he is with all of them as they hang off his arms and beg for piggyback rides
  • Ushiwaka still plays neopets
  • Yachi and Yamaguchi both cover for each other when the other is having an anxiety attack and both commiserate together through long rants over lunches and really they become best friends
  • Tsukki went to see Jurassic World in theater no less than 18 times
  • Kenma is the type of gamer who can never decide on who to marry.  When he played Fire Emblem he restarted 14 times because he kept marrying someone and than changing his mind.  Eventually he just gave up and let Kuroo chose
  • Alisa insists on cutting Lev’s hair, but he doesn’t mind at all and goes to practice bragging about how fashionable his new haircut looks isn’t his sister the best
  • Kiyoko is actually a kickass gamer and she and Kenma are friends by pure coincidence in an online rpg
  • Tanaka has never been able to beat Saeko at arm wrestling and it is a very sore subject for him that she never passes an opportunity to bring up
  • Asahi really likes planting flowers, and his room is filled with dozens of potted plants that he spends hours doting on and talking to
  • Noya can actually bake really well and likes to make cookies and decorate them with little volleyballs for the first years

johndarnielle420 asked:

hi john, so question, why is there no Going to New Jersey? even "Going to Jersey" is acceptable. have you never gone to new jersey? what do you have against jersey? how dare you insult my state, new jersey, by not giving representation to my state, new jersey. ya think ya some kinda smart guy, not going to new jersey? well you listen t' me, i'll tell you that i've been to california and maine and georgia and all your fancy states and nunna them got pizza as good as jersey. wise guy thinkin yer s

You are correct in saying that the best pizza comes from New Jersey, specifically Bordentown, but as to your other point I draw your attention to this 7″, which we released in 1994; it’s one of our best 7″s in my opinion

there was also a song called “Song for an Old Friend” that referenced East Rutherford, I still play it sometimes. You own me 1 pizza. 

He made sure I was OK!

That reminds me (Lol! great timing) of my own story time I have to tell you all! I don’t know where to start, this might be long! (update, it is long!)

So last weekend. I was bored on my ass all day, I did help my friend with her yard, gardening, I didn’t know what I was doing (mess!) so we kept arguing jokingly, it was fun, it took away my boredom. So when we were done planting her new flowers & seeds, we were planing to watch a movie at her house and pop some popcorn, I’m a movie addict, so I was excited, but I told her, I really wanted some pizza, and she was saying, ‘Me too!, so lets just buy a bunch of junk food to go with it" so we went to the store, got a lot of candy, popcorn, while we waited on our pizza order to be done for pick up. So we picked up the pizza and went back to her house with our oh so healthy food! (sarcasm). When we came back her cousin just pulled up sitting in the car, I didn’t see who was in the passenger seat, because I was busy getting out the snacks and when I walked past his car, saying Hi to her cousin, I was being nosy, trying to see who was on the other side.

And I thought it was a White man at first, i didn’t see his face, but he had a nice built, dress sooo nice ( I’m not shallow on appearance, I’m just complimenting the man’s style! ) so nosy me asked my friend, “Who dat?!” like that lol! and she said she “don’t even know, because he has so many friends, I’ve never met!” And then she told me her cousin is waiting on her brother to hang out, she don’t know where they’re going she’s just happy he’s leaving lol (brother sister hate/love relationship).

So her brother was getting ready, rushing and he told us to tell their cousin he’s coming, give him about 10 minutes, so since she was busy setting up the snacks for us, I  told her I’ll tell him, don’t worry. So I run out there and go on the passenger side where the mystery guy was and I lean my head in the car and looked at the guy right away (team nosy) and we made eye contact, I didn’t expect him to look at me, that’s why I was so eager to see who he was and he wasn’t White, (I later found out he is Korean- American) and Lord, Mercy, Mary, Help Me! Like I said looks aren’t the thing for me, but……my people of this blog, I swear to you he is the most handsome man I’ve ever laid my eyes on OK! I don’t see many (or none ) Asians in this small town, so I was like…Thank You God! Where did he even come from? Am I dreaming?! He’s soooooo sexy!, yes! OK! I said it, compliments to his mom and dad, He has beautiful deep Brown eyes and really nice monolids,  I have a thing for eyes like that, Asians if you’re reading thiis! Your eyes are sooo GORGEOUS! Please don’t get them done, it’s perfect like that! I’ll give an example of what his eyes were like, If people don’t know exactly what that is, it’s like this: , ok exactly like that!! (I just randomly searched that! I hope you can see that link) , so he has gorgeous eyes! I honestly started stuttering to the point where her cousin started making fun of me, I was so embarrassed trying to be all cute.

I told him “He said give him 10 minutes” and he was all annoyed telling me to tell him to hurry the hell up lol and rambling, I told him, you tell him! I’m not saying all of that, and as I move my head out the window, I looked at..I’ll call him Q, I looked at Q again and Q was laughing too and I bumped my fucking head!!! E M B A R A S S ED as hell! Ok I was so mad at myself, and Q said “Oh oh, oh, oh! are you ok?” and he opened the car door, got out…..for ME! and he just patted my shoulder asking me if I’m ok again and I told him, “No, no it’s fine, I’m fine, you didn’t have to get out” while cousin in the background was laughing at me calling me so dramatic Lol! I hate him! so cousin (not my cousin, I’m just calling him ‘cousin" to make it shorter) got out the car and told Q to come on, let’s sit in here and wait on him, since it’s hot outside. So Q was such a kind man!!! As I was walking beside them up the drive way, Q put his hand on my back and ask me, “Are you sure you’re ok?” and I ……..can’t! He was so nice and did I mention, I’m pretty tall, I’m 5'8 and he was towering over me, he looked so small in the car! I told him I’m fine, My head is throbbing a little ( I lied, for conversation purposes, don’t act like you’ve never done it before !) so he told me I should put some ice on it, and he told ‘cousin’ if I could get some ice and then my friend was all worried asking what happened to me, all concerned and Q spoke for me (awwwwww!!) and told her that I bumped my head on the car and he was standing up next to me in the kitchen making sure I was Ok O_____0 It was sooo sweet. And ‘cousin’ told him not to worry about my ass lmao! I hate him! and Q ignored him and even gave me tips to make sure it doesn’t get worse etc. He was dead ass serious making sure I was OK! I think I fell in love that few minutes, and as we went to sit at the table, we were by ourselves. ‘Cousin’ , my friend, her brother all doing stuff, out of the dining room, so I sat there with ice on the back of my head, sitting across from Q, so shyyyy didn’t know what to say, I did look up at him and he was looking at the side painting, and he spoke first telling me how pretty that art is and it looks like one of these Korean artists paintings he loves, so that’s when I asked him if he’s Korean. I’m talking too much, but on to the great things….

We talking for about 15+ minutes, it seemed short, it was simple things about art, movies and Korean food and his eyes are stunning, he made a lottttttt of eye contact with me when we were talking and when I talked he had this permanent smile on his face, he’s so…everything! Now I have a crush on Q!! he’s such a nice person! even when I got up to throw away some paper, he was staring at me, I can see him in their mirror, but I don’t think he realized, and It was only me in that corner, so I know he was staring at me and not anything/any one else, because when I walked back to the table he looked down really fast and tried to think of something else to say, the guys were taking long because they were borrowing clothes from each other lol! But I’ not complaining! They came in and was ready to leave, so I walked over to Q, being extra about to shake his hand and say, nice meeting you, but he said, 'let’s hug’ so we hugged and he jokingly hugged me really tight and told me he hopes I feel better, and I told him “Thank you! hope to see you again”, and he said, “Oh I will” o___o

I HOPE SO!!!  But You’re never too old for a crush right, I’m in my 20s and I was smiling from ear to ear, curling my hair….well my weave! If/when we meet again, I’ll let you know! Oh and he smelled really nice! OHHHHH also he did find my instagram and sent me a follow request, he went out of his way to find me, but I haven’t said anything yet. I’m scared! lol! but we do like each others stuff. I think he’s shy like me! But I haven’t ran into him again…not yet.

KM & BW: Eyes like that! how did you survive? bless you!


someone hold me im crying there are tears in my eyes i was driving home from work and at this intersection, there was a grandma driving with some other people in the car and there was a pizza box on the roof. I pulled up with my window down, honking and waving to get their attention and they just stare at me with the most blank expressions ive ever witnessed and the they finally after like thirty seconds roll the window down and i say “ma’am you have a pizza box on your roof” 

and she just goes “what?” 

and I say “you have a take out box on your roof”

and she just goes “oh thank you for letting me know” 

and after a moment the light turns green and she juST FUCKING DRIVES AWAY AT FULL SPEED




I’m crying and screaming the whole way home was a goddamn adventure i just kept replaying the whole thing in my head please im crying i cant anymre what do you have against pizza you guys realize this whole family just lost their fucking dinner?? she didnt care!! granny what the shit!!