we teach girls to SHRINK THEMSELVES , to make themselves smaller . we tell them : you can have ambition , but not too much . you should aim to be successful , but not too successful  –  otherwise , you will threaten the man . we teach girls that they CANNOT be sexual beings in the way that boys are .  ( q.  chimamanda ngozi adichie )

so we’re at hobby lobby and my friend allison is complaining. “i feel so close to death” she says

DEADASS this old dude leans in and says ‘i am so much closer than you’

this sounds like a fake tumblr story but we’re all very shaken

If you don’t care about your surroundings
just think about a few things.

You say that you care
only about your close ones
and in this you imply
that you are cold-hearted.
To this I ask:
how are your surroundings?
Because if they are cold
and dangerous to your Self,
you have an obligation
to protect what is most precious:

In this I am not saying
that you shouldn’t care
do not mix the cards here.
Your first obligation
is to find a safe place
for your self
for your body
your mind
and your soul.

Then, some time to heal.
Do not worry, you will never
get finished with the healing.
But you should begin to establish
a connection of love
between you and you.
When this is done, you are ready
to help the world become a better place.
Before this, you will help because of
self-healing and this is not help
this is healing for your self that does not work
because we mix the cards in so many ways.

When you don’t have safety for body,
do all that you can to find safety in mind
and soul. Prioritize to find safety for all your aspects
as soon as possible.

If you struggle with safety in mind
you have your safety in your soul.
This is always inevitability behind you.
and with you.
Always. Even if you don’t listen to it.
However, immediately establish
safety in mind for this is the key
for safety for body, for all of yourself.

Always prioritize yourself. 
You are your most important one. 
Without you, there is no you.
Then there is nothing.

And that is, nothing at all.

“The importance of Yourself”


Victoria Udnæs

I wanted to say thank you! I am probably the only one who wants this but I wish they would have Luna and nyx together one last time, it doesn’t have to be romantic-seeing as Square is making Noctis and Luna canon (not mad)-but I want Luna to say thank you to Nyx for everything, I feel like she is worried about him and I want her to see him one last time. I will always ship lunyx! #illustration #art #doodle #sketch #dailysketch #fanart #kingsglaive #finalfantasyxv #finalfantasy #ffxv #lunyx #luna #nyx #squareenix

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There you go, @meu-velvet
This is for you, you dirty microwave xD

[If you cannot understand what it says]

Buu: Can you tell me WHY am I the Princess?!!

Cell: Well, you’re the one with the long hair… And I look INCREDIBLE with this suit!

lgbtmogai  asked:

Is it possible to be agender AND lunarian? I feel agender all the time, but I still have a strong connection to femaleness and don't mind if people use she/her pronouns (I do hate it when people say I am a woman though)

It’s definitely possible. As long as you have a connection to femaleness/girlhood/womanhood you can ID as lunarian! 

Pivotal Moments.

A woman clad in red and gold removed her self from the massive room that was the command center of the Lionheart Estate. There, she left behind her heart as she worked to form a wall around the few shards that still remained. 

Entering the imposing building that welcomed her frozen form by the caress of fire and embers, she wandered toward the chamber that housed her children and the lady whom she would call a friend.

“Lady Gregory.. Please, gather parchment and quill for I am in need of you to deliver a missive. It shall say the following:”

Lady Adhelin Holt, Regent of Addlewood:

I am writing to you on formal request to speak with you on mutual grounds as soon as utterly possible. Your utmost discretion is required on this delicate matter that has taken place, and I am requesting your ear for further discussion. 

I will not offer details within this missive, but please, I pray you will allow me audience and a voice. My Lady Rose Gregory will be the one whom you receive this letter from.

I await your response.


Lady Hodelle Lionheart

Hodelle would nod firmly toward the ebony haired woman, a stoic expression over her features. “You will deliver that directly to Lady Adhelin Holt, and no other, Lady Gregory.” As she looked upon her children, her heart soared, bolstered by the fierce way she felt of them. Hodelle was changed. For the better? For the worse?

Time would tell. A fierce fire grew in her chest, a mother who would do anything for her children.

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[RP prompt! Lady Gregory will be hand delivering this letter to Lady Adhelin Holt or she can reply via tumblr!]


I asked you for this much, but you couldn’t give it.
The morning footsteps of your heart,
as you wake unfurling like red carpets
celebrities walk on, say you are everything
and I am nothing. I am humbled by your spirit.
If I have to lose, at least I lost to you,
but since you’ve never looked back 
I wonder if you remember my defeat
or if I was just another pawn
you moved out of your way
in the final check-mate of all-time.

Now you are a big shot, working with big guns,
and I’m exactly as you predicted,
a feeble, empty nothing. I watch you from afar,
you big-shot baller, schmoozing with celebrities
while I teach children to blow their noses
on snot-rags that remind me of how you used me.
I was nothing more to you than a stepping stone,
a staircase, and you broke my back and hurt my pride.

Now I tell people I know you, or at least I used to.
All I ask is that you send a reply to my message,
the one I sent you on facebook. Just please,
acknowledge that I once lost to you,
that you beat me out for everything you wished,
that you walked all over me.
Please confirm that I am still your snot rag,
that you would still wipe your nose with me
if given a chance.

When is it going to end ?

Here I was thinking the BS was going to be coming to an end …ha ..stupid me !!
Damn the contracts ..damn the beard and why Darren can you not just say no ?
I am sure there is so much more to this story ..that I will never understand ..but each time I figure I am getting to the conclusion..another chapter pops up and frankly I am really , really bored . I want to conclude the story already as I am sure most of us do .
If we do ..I know you do .. I just wish it would end and then you could tell the world your true story .
Well doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon and I am just over watching all the bull I am going to put the book down for awhile .. hopefully in 2017 …things will be different for you.
I don’t like being annoyed with you ..and in reality it isn’t you but the circumstances.
I know I hate it so it’s got to be a million times harder for you .
My wish for you as 2016 comes to a close is that you have the strength to make changes and fast before it’s too late .
I say this with a lot of love and affection .
Take care …