So I’ve been making a nice house in the Finch Farm settlement. I’ll get more pics of it when I’m done, but with the lights off in the early morning it gives off a nice vibe with the sunlight 😊

I can without a doubt say that today has been by far the best day I have had this year, or tbh the best day I’ve had in over 6 months

“Devastatingly Handsome Friend”

“You’re my family”

“I love you”

“I love all of you”

“We’re fighting for you Cas”

“We’re family, and we don’t leave family behind”

“Let’s go home”

“I almost lost one of my boys”.

Me @ Cas Haters right now:

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My beloved Natasha Bedingfield - These Words ♥ The video is so adorable, the colours are amazing, this had to happen :>> i’ve never drawn anything like this before idk what i’m doing halp

Otayuri Week - Day 1 - Confessions

im so sad i probs wont have time to finish my other days this week i have something i need to prioritize i criii… i’ll post them one day i swear to glob

♪no repost/edit etc pls♪


for @onvelvet: Rome

mood: reading multiple collections of poetry and prose, Renaissnce-styled villas,   sketching ancient architecture practicing speaking italian,spectacular views,spending hours people-wathcng in a cafè, hot and humid summer days

Oh joy..the “Discourse” (??) about Women in Magic is back...

First of all..this shouldn’t be discourse. It pisses me off.

Second of all, if you have something to say, things like “But everyone deals with the issues,” or “just get over it,” or “don’t be so special snowflake,” or “this isn’t even an issue,” or “feminism doesn’t belong in Magic,” or “but but, I’ve never seen a woman be disrespected!”or “women are actually the problem in Magic,” or “actually men face the same issues as women” or ANYTHING LIKE THAT

Just. Don’t. Freaking. Say. Anything. Keep your mouth shut. 

Seriously, I am not usually this blunt or mean,I try to be nice to everyone, polite and kind I hate being confrontational, but just keep your mouth shut, you’re making yourself look like an idiot and you are the problem

I. Am. Done. Dealing. With. It.