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Hi! I hope you're having a good day 😊anyway I wanted your advise on something, I want to be able to tell my friends that I'm autistic but I'm worried that they won't believe me because I don't "look autistic" or believe I'm only "borderline autistic" (something a friend said 😒😒) and that it doesn't affect me. Or like think I'm not a "real person" now and not treat me weird. Anyway you seem really good at being comfortable with telling friends so I was wondering if you have any advise, thanks!

hello! I think that if you want to tell your friends, you definitely should. everyone deserves to be accepted and accommodated by their loved ones. if they start saying ignorant things you could talk out the common misconceptions with them and explain why they’re harmful. after I got my diagnosis + I began telling my family i did this, and also explained that they didn’t have to treat me any differently, only with a little more care and understanding. I didn’t expect and definitely didn’t want them to start treating me like i was made of glass or anything like that- and i made this very clear. you could ask them if they have any questions + try to be patient (to an extent) with them, as often people who know very little about autism can need to talk a lot out + ask a lot of questions before they can start to wrap their head around it!

realistically my love, if you talk to your friends about it + they choose to be unkind, or they choose to stay ignorant, or they say harmful things without thinking twice about it- then you should look into finding new friends. it wouldn’t be fair to you to continue staying friends with people who are deliberately unkind about who you are as a person + possibly even making you feel unsafe! 

I hope that this was somewhat helpful!! please don’t hesitate to ask any further questions, good luck x

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hello friends! tau’s mun here. i wanted to say i’m really excited to bring my little cute bab to ever after high! he’s the son of scooby doo and grew up with the mystery inc gang, so he’s been babied and sheltered all his life. he also has an unquenchable thirst for mystery solving! yeah! give him all the mysteries. and in case you’re wondering, yes, he does turn into a great dane; it’s his natural form. he’s also a part of the supernatural studies club, the swim team, and the soccer team because he has too much energy and needs to keep busy. he’s still a little rusty when it comes to acting like a normal human, so please be patient with him!

i don’t have a plots page up yet, but like this post and i’ll hop into your inbox for plotting! or if you’d prefer, you can add me on twitter or aim–just ask for my username. thank you for all the welcomes and i’m excited to get started here!

under the cut are some possible connections i’d love to find for tau.

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Can I just say that I enjoy the fact that SSA Tom’s role on Scandal is expanding this Season? He’s team keeping his boss happy through and through! Follow the actor that portrays him on twitter: @bletscher