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You…you’re here… aren’t you…
Your Name - Kallura

Jumping on the bandwagon here. If you haven’t seen Kimi no Na wa… just… sigh it’s amazing. It’s heartwrenching and perfect and man. I kept getting kallura feels the entire time (sorry my kidge followers! i really am multishipping trash) also freaking Allura with short hair *screams*

I saw an edit for Your Name on google somewhere and drew inspiration from there. I’ll probably keep drawing Your Name au’s and stuff. (i also may have outlined an actual Your Name AU for Kallura/Pidgance……….. im sorry. not)

edit: someone mentioned I colored Allura too lightly and whitewashed her so I fixed that. hopefully.


You have lived a thousand lives before, and darling, you will live a thousand more.
So remember as you lay in your bed at night, you will live without him.

happy birthday @sansaregina! ♡


If there is one thing Boyang unequivocally and undeniably smokes the rest of the competition in, it’s his banquet suit and fashion game 👀🔥🔥🔥 (sources: X, X, X)

now that i’ve actually watched “blue is the warmest color” i’m even more angry about the double standard going on with “call me by your name”. like adele and emma have almost the same age difference and dynamic as elio and oliver yet while i’ve heard criticism towards the sex scenes and the director, i’ve never heard anyone reference the age difference and call emma a predator or the relationship abusive or harmful, and it isn’t! i never got the idea that emma was patronizing or exploiting adele. maybe it’s different because we see adele and emma’s relationship over a number of years rather than just one season, but adele is still a high school junior when she meets emma. 

maybe another thing is the casting choices. lea seydoux and adele exarchopoulos are 8 years apart in age but they don’t look that way, maybe 4 or 5 years. they have similar builds and everything so it doesn’t look strange during their love scenes. on the other hand, timothee chalamet and armie hammer look very very different physically. they are 9 years apart in age and unlike lea and adele it is very obvious due to tim being still quite skinny and pale and armie being tan and muscular.

i don’t know it just makes me angry that people jumped on cmbyn so fast with no info other than the ages and pictures of the actors together while even with the drama involving the director bitwc is considered by many to be a classic. a lgbt cinema blog on here criticized cmbyn for the age difference yet they included bitwc in their “iconic lgbt cinema quotes” post they made. i’m just sensing a huge double standard and it pisses me off.

  • Katherine: Jack is seriously the biggest prick on the face of the Earth.
  • Race: How do you know him?
  • Katherine: Oh, he’s my boyfriend.


Lana stood up to an anti-Hook heckler at a Con.

Jmo is nice to fans of s q and signs things #s w a n q u e e n at Cons.

Neither of which would be remotely surprising to anyone who doesn’t believe what their ships’ fandoms tell them to believe about these actresses.

Okay this is quite literally why I hate having This Discussion on my blog considering how my inbox just imploded a little. Let’s just peel back the door of reality for a sec and say Your Fave Is Prob At Least A Little Gross. Yes, you too, your Unproblematic Fave probably did at least one (1) gross thing in his life

Tbqh I don’t know who is and isn’t a Tr*mp supporter when we’re talking hockey players. Considering how there’s varying degrees from “We should be chill and love everyone and respect the government” blind complacency to full-blown “I wanna suck Tr*mp’s dick” love. Where we draw the line is up to us, but there’s kind of a reason why I don’t go digging through players’ social media

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I'm thinking about all the parallels going on and it reminds me of the fact that Isak believes in parallel universes, so basically what i am here to say is, falling in love may seem difficult in different cultures because of many reasons but after all, it happens in infinite times, all oportunities are open and available and everything can and will happen

oHHHHH,,,, thank you for sharing?? this is,,, a really interesting thought

In Your Eyes

In a world of burning water
I arrive as my father’s daughter
The beats in my bones reminds me of home
but I will make this place my very own

I am looking for hope, make it only a ray.
As you wink and then leave, are there stars in your eyes?
Is it just a trick of the light?
It might.

We have travelled so far with the shards of our past
Take a sip of Mount Milgrom, make nostalgia last,
Just because we left behind everything we had,
it doesn’t mean it was all bad.
Does it mean that we are mad?

Put your smile to my lips, put your hand in my hand
We were no-one when we found this uncharted land
And look at us now. Are we who we wanted to be?
Will you be you? Can I still be me?

I can be me -
reflected in you, Reyes

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Hope this makes you dislike Naruto a bit less B' my first FOMT kid (with Ann) was named fucking WYNTER cause he was born in Winter and I wanted a ~speshul~ name. I cringe everytime I remember it

God man, when you are a kid and are naming something, just stop. You feel me?

When I played More Friends of Mineral Town, I named myself Claire and my daughter Clairie because I thought it was cute.

My old Naruto OCs names were Saralise and Lastelle(Which I renamed and kept but like they will always be stains).

Every Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Ranger game I had, I named myself Jenny. If I could name my partner, it would be Calsifer.

Heck, the name Soffia is because I loved Howl’s Moving Castle and didn’t know how to spell Sophie.

so i was a giant tomboy growing up and i’ve never quite grown out of that - i will always default to jeans or shorts and a t shirt because it’s comfortable - fuck, half the reason i wanted to wear boys’ clothes was because i couldn’t find shorts that reached my knee in the girls’ section and i was 12 and wanted shorts that reached my goddamn knees - but sometimes? sometimes i want to wear skirts or dresses or, god, wear make up - look pretty, just because - but i learned in high school that me wearing a skirt or a dress garnered a Reaction. like, i went to an all girls school, we had uniforms, i wore pants every day but sometimes i wanted to wear the goddamn skirt but whenever i did my friends would Freak Out, make a huge Fuss over the fact that i was wearing a skirt, oooooh weezly’s wearing a skirt, how girly - etc. and i fucking hated it. so i never wore the uniform skirts unless i had to. 

and now i find myself more drawn to skirts and dresses because they’re nice and i want to look pretty sometimes - i love jeans and shorts and geeky t-shirts and flannel - but goddamnit, sometimes i want to wear a dress. but i can’t because i have this internalized fear that someone is going to see me in a dress and make a huge fucking deal out of it. like jesus, let me live, you know? let me wear whatever the fuck i want and don’t go on and on about how strange it is to see me in a dress, how girly i suddenly look, all that bullshit. even when no one is around! i won’t even put on a dress to go to the fucking mall to wander around because i’m afraid people are going to look at me funny and ask why i’m not wearing jeans! what is wrong with me/society? (mostly me.) 

this rant brought to you by: the old navy sale and super cash i took advantage of today, as i bought a pretty dress i will now have to work up the courage to wear. (jesus fucking christ.)