say yes to the fez

ml generation swap!!

ft. @clairelutra

Fez: sudden thought– generationswap, adrien & marinette are parents, gabe & sabine are kids
Fez: p sure that would get us some kinda roleswap too lmao

Hallie: (would this lead to lonely billionaire falling in love with nice bakery owner pls say yes)

Fez: heck ye


Fez: tom is off somewhere being badass normal probs

Hallie: yes good
Hallie: shit
Hallie: love square where they’re all diff people

Fez: though i’m… convinced that this would give us something like pv tbh

Hallie: is this a bad thing? XD

Fez: except with marinette as hawkmoth bc marinette strikes me as the type to be a lil more obsessive? idk

Hallie: yeah, she would be

Fez: adrien just being a Chill Dad and gabe is like ugh my life needs way more structure than this /piles on tutoring sessions and library visits and study time


Fez: marinette as hawkmoth means her husband is dead also which works out for adrinette lmao

Hallie: ‘everything you do is great son’
Hallie: #same gabe :’D
Hallie: (most relatable)
Hallie: and tru

Fez: ok but headcanon that mari would be Successful Fashion Brand and adrien would be like……. idk a teacher maybe?

Hallie: that would be adorable ;v;

Fez: adrien is homeroom teacher for sabine and gabe
Fez: gabe wants to d i e
Fez: but that is how adrien and mari meet probs
Fez: “oh so you’re the one who teaches my daughter”

Hallie: not that they do that in france but shhhhh

Fez: “you could be a model”

Hallie: blessssssssss ;v;
Hallie: oh gosh

Fez: “shit u hot”

Hallie: yes please

Fez: adrien is just weeby enough to do that tho lbr

Hallie: t b h

Fez: he would still be anime trash
Fez: gabe suffers

Hallie: ‘dad. dad no. dad you’re embarrassing me.’

Fez: but is also secretly into all the shoujo

Hallie: blessssssssssssssss


Zenmasters AU Week, Day 6 – Role Reversal AU: If You Jump, I Jump. Part II (part I)

This time around, Hyde fights for Jackie’s attention after they spend some time together during her grieving process once she breaks up with Kelso. When she realizes Hyde likes her that way, Jackie decides to ignore him and his attempts to get a date with her the best she can. 

Realizing Jackie won’t go out with him after all, Hyde leaves her alone not before telling her that maybe she should first try to actually known him and know how he got where he is before calling him another rich idiot. 

For him, being rich is probably the second worse thing that happened to him. Not all of the Barnetts aprove of him and the way WB raised him and Angie as equals, WB’s wife not always respected him even. It was always hard to be looked at weird because he doesn’t look like his family, and he has had to control the impulse of punching somoene when racist comments are done in front of him.

This side of him takes her by surprise. He wasn’t always rich and still remembers the little hell it was to be with his own mother, and the impact the sudden change of life when WB took him left on him. He knows necessity and loneliness like her, and when he finally finds a way to go out with her by claiming the ‘prize’ of making her say a “big bad word” to be a date, Jackie accepts with actual hopes of him winning.

Hyde takes her and the gang with his 'a little bit crazy’ friends from the private school, who take them to a 'jumping tower’ at one of the boy’s grandfather’s property, in q soon to be attractions park. Its said that is possible to jump the tower and have a smooth fall with only an umbrella thanks to the way the wind runs around the construction. And they invite them to jump, because “you haven’t live until you feel like maybe dying” and Hyde rolls his eyes, saying he has done it before and well, here he is.

Kelso says yes happily and so does Fez, Donna knows she is not doing it and Eric is too scared to do it. While Hyde’s friends convince them to try, two of them jump to show nothing bad happens. Hyde wants Jackie to do it, saying that he knows she will use a big word the second she feels the wind on her face while jumping. Just to prove him wrong, she accepts, only to be terrified the last minute.

“It’s okay, grasshopper, you can do it.”


“Listen, you are not doing it alone. If you jump, I jump.”

When she finds herself trusting him, Jackie knows he got that date.