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anyone: Near is a pure and innocent child tiny cotton sheep and he doesnt even know what sex is uwuwu


I love how people in this fandom are like “Snape bullied Neville because he could’ve been the Chosen One” like do you think that makes it any better?? Like damn kid, I’m gonna abuse you mercilessly because you didn’t die when you were a baby. Honestly, how do people defend this man?

ladysunami replied to your post “why do u support a ship where bakugou literally abused midoriya for 11…”

Sorry, but no. Bakugou has absolutely abused Izuku for the vast majority of his life. That doesn’t mean Bakugou is the sole source of Izuku’s anxieties, nor does it mean Izuku cannot admire or learn from him. (Even abusive relationships have complexities guys. The fact their relationship has other aspects too doesn’t make the abusiveness disappear). And I don’t base my views only on the first few chapters. Saisai-chan outlines things nicely:

Of course there is nothing wrong with shipping the pair anyway. Plenty of bakudeku writers actually address the abuse and treat it seriously. In their stories Bakugou recognizes his behavior was way out of line and then he and Izuku go through the process of reconciliation first, before any romance. I have zero issue with this. (I mean I shipped bakudeku portrayed thusly before tododeku stole my heart). The dismissal and downplaying in this ask response pisses me off though.

A toxic relationship cannot be built up into a healthy one if the toxicity is dismissed in favor of focusing only on those aspects that are actually healthy and promising. Bakugou abused Izuku. There is enough good in their relationship for it to grow beyond that, but the abuse must be acknowledged and dealt with first. Celebrate their growth and development by understanding why it was so desperately needed in the first place. None of this “Bakugou barely did anything wrong” nonsense. 

Hi, first and foremost, we downplayed nothing. We reviewed the source material properly and responded to the anon’s question as such, Bakugou was a bully and was horribly mean to Deku in his early years and their relationship was horrible + suffered as a result (fact). Bakugou, the 6-15 year old child is not an abuser and did not abuse Izuku for most of his life. We will absolutely dismiss that at our will because its an inaccurate, over-inflated, and horribly damaging portrayal. 

We did not dismiss anything except that, we stated more than once in that explanation that nothing excuses Bakuou’s behavior, but we will not condone wild mudslinging. 

The meta you linked builds itself around false pretenses too. We’ve read Saisai-chan’s meta on a multitude of occasions, most of it, and this especially is written around the worst translations for the series and false information. Her writing is more often than not completely uncredible due to this.

There was never 10-11 years of constant abuse, Deku never said he hated Bakugou, Deku has had many opportunities to paint Bakugou as horrible, evil, or his big bully and opts to just say “yes, he’s done bad things, but he’s still amazing.” Deku hadn’t even mention being “picked on” by Bakugou since chapter 2-3.

It is entirely awful that a widespread fandom mindset has come to portray Bakugou as an abuser before Horikoshi has. Even as Horikoshi has written and acknowledged abuses in his story twice, despite the fact he has never used the word to describe Bakugou once, you’ll demonize a child before saying anything about the other two occasions.

“Bad relationship” and “Childhood friends” is the extent of which Bakugou and Deku has been described. Bad relationship  ≠  An abusive one.

We understand the steps that need to be taken, however, to imply Bakugou is an abuser or that their relationship is abusive is simply narratively inaccurate. We will dismiss that claim as often as it appears.

Sometimes I just have this overwhelming feeling of hatred for the human race. This is how I know it is time to hermit.

okayokay so i drew a Michael for the witch au and i just ,,,, needed to draw a witch jeremy  ,,,  ,,,,

  • Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader
  • Modern
  • Requested by anonymous
  • Request: Maybe because it’s currently Pride Month you could write something maybe Poly!Squad x reader?
  • Request: Hey there friend could you do a hamilsquad poly fic x reader where it’s just lots of fluff and adorableness
  • Request: Hellooo could you do a hamilsquad poly fic??

A/N: It’s the ship that you guys wanted more of. I didn’t think I’d be able to write this ship but apparently I can. So heres more Poly!Hamilsquad. It’s got more of Alexander than the others but I think it’s because he the most affectionate in my opinion. Also, I really, really wanted to make the scene with Thomas like the Olive Garden/Breadstick meme. But I didn’t. Lastly, but certainly not least, HAPPY PRIDE MONTH TO ALL MY FOLLOWERS. Whether out or not, whether a member or the community or just an ally, fill the world with music love and (of course) pride!

Word Count: 4,508


You knew about your friends’ relationship with each other. You knew about it for a while. You knew about even before you moved in with them. It didn’t bother you. You biggest problem with living with them is they had a tendency to get to affectionate with each other. They were pretty good about not making you feel awkward but every now and then, two of them would get too cuddly. Usually clearing your throat and glaring at them made them stop.

Living with them made you hate being single though. Seeing all their lovey-dovey interactions made you want to be in a relationship again. So with the help of some of your friends, you got set up on date with someone named Samuel Seabury on Saturday. John came knocked on your door as you were getting ready. He quirked a brow at you as he noticed you were all dressed for a date. “You going somewhere?” He asked. You hadn’t told them you were going on a date yet. You knew they wouldn’t mind, but they would pester you about it for awhile.

“Uh yeah, I have a date today.” You told him.

“Oh, with who?” He asked as he leaned against the door frame.

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anonymous asked:

You surely must have a favorite between the stony ship, I mean pretty much everyone does, not that you love the other character any less, but you always end to have one you're fonder of, so, Tony or Steve?

Okay so, this is going to be a long ass explanation, because I feel like I can’t just say it because I genuinely don’t feel like I have a preference, but there are some circumstances that make me choose the one that I tend to say is my favorite.

So, for the LONGEST FUCKING TIME, I was hardcore Steve over Tony. I loved Tony, but I felt like I related more to Steve and I just understood him better. I really liked his persistence and work ethic and how much he cared for everyone around him. Also, his intensity about literally everything and being very driven were both things I highly identified with. Things evened out a little bit after seeing CW, because while I agreed with both of them on the Accords and didn’t really have a side for that, I was pretty upset with Steve for not telling Tony about Bucky killing his parents. I thought Tony was in the right in how he reacted and that it was really shitty of Steve not to tell Tony, because he deserved to know, and the ENTIRE FINAL FIGHT COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED if Steve had told Tony well before hand, giving him time to deal with the grief and also understand that Bucky wasn’t really in control. But alas, I still preferenced Steve a bit more. 

Recently (we’re talking this summer), I’ve started to notice that I was a lot more protective of Tony than I was of Steve, though I think I have for longer, and I think this was for a couple reasons. First, the slightly lesser reason, I was really able to identify and understand who Tony was as a character and his background and the challenges he was facing, and I really felt like I was able to identify, because I also have anxiety that is very similar to his. Also that his dad was abusive, but he chose to be better than his dad is REALLY important to me, because my dad is also emotionally abusive and drinks too much and I’m literally terrified of becoming like him, and although he is a fictional character, being able to see someone actively try and be different from their dad bc of abuse makes me really happy and gives me a lot of strength. Second, and the main reason I think I started to preference Tony, SPITE. All the hate he got really pissed me off and made me realize how much I identified and cared for him. I had a friend who would shit on him whenever I mentioned that I really liked him and it PISSED ME OFF.

TLDR; I really don’t feel like I prefer one over the other, but if I have to choose, then I prefer Tony (at least for now)

i honestly cant imagine how frustrating it would be to spend hours working your ass off to put up videos that you put a lot of emotional (and physical) effort into for the majority of the comments to be talking about a mark on your neck or a stray hair or some insignificant thing like that

Rhett (and sometimes Link) commented on this in recent interviews how annoying it is when you work hard on something but its all overlooked because there was a kink in your hair that wasnt there before and thats all people talk about

just goes to show how much of this industry is focused on looks and presentation so much so you share something you put literally everything you have into but people are too concerned about the tiny wrinkle in your shirt

Forever Never Seems that Long Until You’re Grown


Forever ever?

Forever ever?

A short continuation of the ficlet I’m Sorry Ms. Beauchamp (I Am for Real) which can be found here!

There won’t be any more installments after this. I just thought we should check in to see how parenthood is treating our young Claire and Jamie :)

“Jesus H… JAMIE!”

“Aye?!” Jamie’s voice was echoed and tinny. He was holed up in his hiding place: the bathroom.

“Can you get him?!” The baby’s wails only grew louder, trying to deafen his parents’ conversation.



A beat. “HOW DO YE KEN THAT?!”


“ALRIGHT!” The bathroom door squeaked, opening up to their bedroom. Jamie began to coo. “Hello, son. There’s a good lad. Shhh, shhh. Mummy needs to study.”

The cries continued, though they quieted. Claire could work with that.

The oviduct or Fallopian tube is the anatomical region where…

Ironic that she should be studying reproduction while her own baby’s bawls filled her ears.

“Sassenach?” Jamie had entered the sitting room, the bundle in his arms writhing.”


“He’s hungry, I think. I’d do it, but I dinna have the right equipment…”

Claire sighed, and held out her arms. “Come here, my love.” As soon as he was placed safely in her embrace, he began rooting for his food. “There, there. Let me get ready for you, yeah?”

“I think it’s about time we all ate, aye? Would ye like a sandwich?”

“Please.” She looked down at the small, soft face, mouth latching on her nipple for dear life. She raised her free hand to caress his fine, fair hair. His eyes opened then, a familiar blue staring up at her. “Damn you, Alex,” she teased. “I do all the work, and you end up looking like your father.”

Alex farted in response.

“Ye say that like it’s a bad thing, mo nighean.” Jamie reentered the room with a plate stacked with slices of bread.

“Jesus. How many sandwiches did you make?” Claire asked, fingering the one on top.

“Ye ken I like variety. Some are ham, some are turkey, some are peanut butter. And they’re all delicious.” In demonstration, he took a large bite, a piece of ham hanging out of his mouth.

“Well, save one for me. I’m busy feeding your son.”

Jamie grinned, forever loving the sound of that phrase. Despite their difficulties, despite the unknown that came with teen pregnancy, he wouldn’t trade Alex for anything. And he knew Claire felt the same, seeing the soft glint in her eyes as she watched him feed.

Looking at the two of them with their heads together, Jamie felt a warm glow in his stomach. True happiness. That’s what it was.

Times could be tough, but they were tougher, as a family.


She looked up from burping Alex, surprised. He very rarely used her name. “Yeah?”

“Ye make me so happy. Do ye ken that?”

“You make me happy, as well, love.”

“And ye and Alex are my entire world.”

Tears pricked Claire’s eyes. “Jamie…”

“Looking at ye now, our son at yer breast. Our son. I felt like ye should know that.”

“I do know that.”

“Can I ask ye a question?”

“Of course, dear.”

Jamie took a deep breath, steadying himself. Dropping down, he reached into his pocket, pulling out the metal circle he’d kept with him always. He heard her gasp. “Claire. Mo nighean donn. Will ye marry me?” She didn’t answer. “I ken it isn’t much. I’ve not much money. But–”

“You know that doesn’t matter to me… And of course, Jamie. Of course!”

He flew into her arms, careful not to crush Alex. He peppered kisses all over her face, and then moved onto his son.

Slipping the silver ring on her finger felt right, perfect. He kissed her hand. “Thank god.”

“You’ll never get rid of me now, Fraser.”

Jamie grinned. “Good. I never wanted to… Fraser.”

I hope we feel this

Feel this way forever

Reyna Writes: Partners Under Covers - An Alyadrien Week Prompt


For Alyadrien Week #7: AU

Waiting to post this was fucking t o r t u r e, since I had it finished about a week ago, but oh well.

Normally @siderealsandman is my enabler in stuff like this, but this time around, it’s more @bullysquadess‘s fault. :P

Enjoy! <3


When prompted, the neighbors of one Adrien Agreste would have a lot to say about him, all good things:

M. Agreste? Oh, he’s so kind, I just love him.”

“Adrien? Yes, he’s such a joy to have in the neighborhood! Always volunteers at the neighborhood barbecues, and he never has a bad thing to say about anyone!”

“Oh yes, Adrien Agreste. Just between you and me, if I didn’t have a partner, I’d certainly like a shot at him…hell, I think Jean would probably agree!”

Former part-time model Adrien Agreste made his living by teaching piano lessons for kids, teens, adults—basically anyone who wanted to learn—at the local rec center, where all the townsfolk gathered to learn a variety of skills, be it the piano, cooking, dancing, or even quilting. And he was never without business—when he wasn’t teaching at the rec center, people were practically lining up for private lessons outside his two-story home, which was grander than a few of the houses, but modest enough, considering his gigantic inheritance when his father passed. He was always ready with a helping hand and a smile, which would make him an easy target when it came to shady individuals, but he was just so pure that anyone who tried to scam him seemed to end up giving up with a thousand apologies, which he always accepted. Adrien Agreste was simply too pure for anyone to mean him harm.

That…and his lawyer was not someone to be trifled with.

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Things I want to start doing more:

-I already drink mostly water but more water!! I can go hours without remembering to drink.

-Watch TED talks and motivational videos or educational videos, instead of spending hours watching the same beauty video by 100 different people

- Go to bed earlier and wake up earlier

-Make healthy choices. Take the stairs. Healthy snacking. Saying yes to good things and no to bad.

-Be less harsh on myself. Think positively.

-Spread positivity! Always be that person with good vibes and neon stationary. For people to know they can approach me whenever about anything.


That was made in august … There is no Zane,but I have Cole - but I made him too …Lets say too bad to look at.

And yes,I wasnt even doing things in tumblr,so I gotta say that Im too long in the fandom - hello

By the way I really love the film and Im excited to see it



You’d been the Legal Secretary for Hood Inc. for three years, and whilst most employees quivered in fear of the CEO Calum Hood, he was nothing more than your idiot best friend to you.

Your offices were located next to each other on the top floor of the sky scraper, Calum often calling your office phone directly from his own in order to demand you have lunch with him. Both of your P.A.s were more than used to the two of you walking unannounced into the offices, only ever stopping you if there was an important meeting taking place.

You smiled at Calum’s P.A. Lacey as you pushed open the door to his office, not bothering with any greeting as you started to speak.

“Cal I need you to sign these-” Your eyes widen as you notice another man sitting in the office. “Sorry, Lacey didn’t say-”

“It’s not a meeting, just a social call.” Calum reassures you, visibly relaxing at his words. “Y/N, meet Ashton Irwin, CEO of Irwin Industries.”

The man sitting with his back to you turns, and you try not to blush as he offers you a dazzling smile. Standing up, he offers his hand to you which you shake, smiling as he squeezes your hand gently.

“So you’re the infamous Y/N.” He grins, Calum rolling his eyes behind him. “Cal’s told me loads about you.”

“Oh he has?” You smirk, cocking an eyebrow at Calum. “All good things I hope.”

“Of course.” Calum scoffs, gesturing you to take the seat beside Ashton. “Ashton and I have been friends since University, we both took over the family businesses around the same time.”

“Impressive.” You nod, sending the man in question another smile before you remember the papers in your hand. “Any way, Cal, you need to sign these.”

Ashton’s visits to Hood Inc. became more frequent after that day.

“Morning Y/N.” He grinned, presenting you with a bouquet of roses a week after your first encounter. “I thought these would brighten your office.”

“Thank you Ashton.” You blushed, ignoring the eye roll Calum did from where he stood behind Ashton. “They’re beautiful.”

“Just like you.”

Every week, without fail, Ashton arrived with a bouquet of flowers, handing them to you with a smile, much to Calum’s disgust. What Calum didn’t know however, was each bouquet also contained a note, Ashton complimenting you in each one. Sometimes thy were simple, the words “You’re beautiful” taking up the space. Others however, expressed his favourite thing about you, such as “I find it incredible how hard you work”. It wasn’t until the note asked you to dinner that you decided to write one of your own.

Grabbing the small card, you wrote your answer underneath Ashton’s own handwriting, before walking into Calum’s office where the two were discussing the newest business competition. Calum cocked an eyebrow at you as you entered but you ignored him, instead handing the card to Ashton with a smile.

“So…tonight at seven?” Ashton grins up at you, Calum groaning when you nod. “Shut up Hood.”

“I am warning you now Irwin, if this is all a plot for you to steal my Legal Secretary for your own company I will sue you for everything you have.” Calum chuckles, it being your turn to roll your eyes. “And if it isn’t, I’m warning you that if you hurt my best friend, I will beat your sorry ass to a pulp, then sue you for everything you have.”

“Noted.” Ashton chuckles, his hand finding yours and giving it a gentle squeeze. “But I don’t have plans to do either.”


The receptionist smiled at you as you entered the building, security greeting you cheerily as you stepped into the elevator. The staff at Clifford & Co. were more than used to your face, no one ever forcing you to give identification when you visited.

As the doors slid open to the top floor, you made your way along the corridor, the offices of Michael’s most important employees lining the walls on either side of you. Their P.A.s all smiled at you as you passed, some greeting you cheerily. You reached the end of corridor and paused at Jane, Michael’s own P.A.’s desk was. She quickly finished her phone call, smiling warmly at you.

“Hello Y/N dear, here for lunch with Michael?” She asked, her smile growing when you nod. “Well head right in, I think he’s on the phone but it won’t last long.”

You thank her, moving to slip through the door to his office. Michael doesn’t hear you enter, his eyes locked on his computer screen as he speaks to whomever is on the other end of the phone.

“I don’t care what he says, their figures have dropped so significantly over the past three years I’m surprised he didn’t come to us begging to be bought out.” He chuckles down the phone, eyes finally catching yours causing him to grin. “Luke mate, we both know they’re gonna go under. Just keep working on it, set up a meeting between me, you and them if we need to. Y/N’s here now though, so I’ll speak to you later. Alright mate, bye. Hey Princess.”

“Hey Hot Shot.” You grin, crossing his office as he stands from his chair, hands finding your hips and pulling you into his chest. “How’s business?”

“Booming.” He smirks, bending down to capture your lips with his. “How’s my girl?”

“Hungry.” You hint, causing Michael to chuckle. He releases you, moving to lock his computer before grabbing your hand. “Who were you and Luke talking about?”

“Just a business we’re trying to acquire. Their owner is being stubborn though, thinks he doesn’t need help.” He shrugs, pulling you out of his office, waving at Jane as the two of you leave. “It’ll work out though, Luke’ll convince him.”

“And if not, you will.” You grin, Michael smirking as you enter the elevator, pulling you in for another kiss as you giggle. “Mikey!”

“This is my business, remember? No one will say anything.” He smirks against your lips, releasing you reluctantly. “What do you fancy for lunch?”


“Anything you want.” He reminds you, making you roll your eyes. “What?”

“I’ve been your girlfriend for three years Mike, you don’t need to keep trying to win me over.” You smile. “Besides, I wouldn’t want to go somewhere that you hated.”

“But I’m treating you. I like treating you.”

“Yes but Michael people might start to think I’m only with you because you always take me out to lunch and buy me expensive gifts. Honestly, the whole point is that we see each other, I’d be happy with sandwiches in your office.”

“Well I’ll bare that in mind next time.” He smiles, lacing your fingers with his as your leaving the building. “Besides, if I hear anyone say anything about you I’ll fire them.”

“You can’t just go around firing people because they say bad things about me.”

“Yes I can. I’m the CEO.” He smirks, dropping your hand to wrap his arm around your shoulders, pulling you into his side so his lips brush your ear. “And you’re my girl. They talk shit, they’re gone. Simple.”

“I love you.” You smile, twisting your head to capture his lips in a chaste kiss, only making him smirk more. “So much.”

“I love you more.”


It wasn’t even light outside yet, and you were already at the skyscraper that was Hemmings and Sons. 

You’d been Luke’s P.A. for eight months. It hadn’t been easy, your first couple of months testing your limits as far as stress goes, both with the work load and Luke himself. It wasn’t until you’d worked for him for nearly three months that he finally began to treat you well, him claiming that he’d given you a tough time to see if you could stick it out, to check you could be trusted. Fast forward to now and you knew almost every secret of the company.

Yawning slightly, you noticed the blinds to Luke’s office were still drawn from the night before, when he’d pulled the shut to focus on some papers. You turned to enter to pull them up, the door almost directly behind your desk, a small yelp of surprise leaving your lips once you found Luke inside.

The man had always been attractive. He’d taken over his father’s business at only twenty three, and now at twenty six, was in his element as the CEO. His hair was always perfectly styled and his suits fitted flawlessly, and his eyes constantly changed in shades of blue depending on his mood.

But right now, he looked awful.

His hair was dishevelled, clearly from him running his hands through it repeatedly. His tie and suit jacket were left abandoned on his desk chair, Luke now sitting on the sofa in the corner of his office. His head snapped up at the sound of you entering, revealing his blood shot eyes. You’d seen many sides of Luke over the months you’d worked for him. You’d seen him confident, you’d seen him nervous. You’d seen him happy and you’d seen him angry and you’d even seen him cry. You’d seen him a little tipsy and you’d seen him drunk off of his face.

But you’d never seen him like this.

“Please tell me it isn’t morning.” He asks, his voice cracking.

“Please tell me you haven’t been here all night.” You countered, a groan falling from his lips as he ran his hand through his hair, leaning back against the sofa. “Luke-“

“I just lost track of time. That’s all.” He mumbles, eyes closed and head tilted back as he speaks. “I needed to sort these damn contracts out and I still fucking haven’t and now it’s morning and I’m still dressed in yesterday’s clothes and I’ve probably got twenty meetings today and-“

“Luke.” You cut him off, a sigh leaving his lips. You move to sit next to him, nudging his knee with yours. “You haven’t got any meetings today.”

“Thank god.” He breathes in relief, twisting his head to smile weakly at you. “I need to sort this though.”

“You need to sleep.” You tell him firmly. “Look, go home. If anyone asks I’ll lie and say you’ve gone for an emergency meeting out of town. Take the day off to rest, and then come back tomorrow to do this properly.”

“I can’t take a day off.” He protests. You roll your eyes, moving to grab his jacket and tie. You look at him pointedly, handing him the jacket as he stands. You wrap the tie around his neck, beginning to fix it for him. “I’m the CEO.”

“You’re exhausted.” You reply, tying the knot and securing it with the pin. “And as your P.A., no, as your friend, I’m telling you to go home.”

“You’re amazing.” He mumbles, a soft smile on his face as you look up at him, hands smoothing out his tie. You smile at each other for a moment, his hands moving to rest on your waist. “Have dinner with me?”

“Luke you’re my boss, it’s not-“

“I don’t care. Have dinner with me. Tonight.”

You can’t hide your smile as you say yes.


You met Calum when you were twenty two.

He was twenty four at the time, just taking over the family business Hood Enterprises at the time. You’d just finished University, gaining a degree in business yourself, but only because you figured it would give you decent opportunities. In actual fact, you’d had no idea what you wanted to do.

Calum changed that.

The CEO had swept you off of your feet. He would bring you flowers and presents with every fancy date, each one more extravagant than the next. And even though you liked the gifts very much, and the flowers were each more beautiful and the last, they weren’t the reason you fell for him. Because it was the smile he’d give you as he handed you the flowers, it was his laugh when you said he didn’t need to. It was the way he paid attention to the little things about you, and as time progressed, the flowers and the presents and the dates became more personalised. When you became his girlfriend the gifts only increased, and it wasn’t until you’d been together for almost six months when he’d suggested it.

“So we need a new Events Organiser.” He’d grinned at you across the dinner table. “You think you’d be up for it Angel?”

You’d never seen yourself as one to organise parties. And yet, the job was comforting. You got to spend more time with Calum, often working in his office beside him, or at home in your pyjamas. And of course you got to attend all of the events in a beautiful outfit Calum bought for you.

He’d asked you to live with him not long after.

“You spend all your time at my house anyway.” He’d pointed out as you’d gotten up to get clothes from home, ignoring his protests of I’ll buy you new clothes. “You might as well live here with me. Plus, I could drive you to work when you came in.”

“Yes Calum, but I-“

“Would it help if I told you I loved you?” He smirked when you stared at him in shock. “Come on Y/N, imagine how fun living together will be.”

“It would be pretty fun I guess.” You smiled, Calum grinning as he grabbed your hips, pulling you back into bed. “And I love you too.”

And so you spent your days moving between the mansion he called a house and the skyscraper he called an office. Calum was always one for extravagance and luxury, the earlier stage of your relationship proving that. He allowed you to live your own life, the money you earned from your job free to spend how you chose, but it didn’t deter him from buying you gift after gift, your protests falling on deaf ears.

“Calum, you know I love you, you don’t need to-“

“My treat for my girl.”

“But I-“

“Let me spoil you. I like it.”

He never took no for an answer unless it was absolutely essential. You suppose that’s why he was such a good business man, never letting an opportunity slip away. Calum was so determined to the point of stubbornness that the fact you didn’t need spoiling anymore didn’t matter to him, you were his girlfriend and he loved you and the gifts were nothing more than physical representations of that in his eyes.

So you should have expected the ring.

He’d flown the two of you to Bali, the trip nothing new in terms of Calum’s gifts. But when he got down on one knee, presenting you with the diamond encrusted band.

“Last extravagant gift. I promise. But only if you marry me.”

You knew he was lying, Calum bought you at least three things a week, but there was no way you’d ever say no. Especially not when he smiled at you the way he did.

I highly doubt any of these houseguests have tumblr “morals” they are ignorant yes but are they bad people for saying ignorant things? No. They just havent been educated. Everyone on this god forsaken show is gonna say fucked up shit they dont cast morally superior assholes like us.

So, the Felix thing

I know what he said wasn’t right and he shouldn’t have said it. That does not give you the right to attack his friends simply for being friends with him. Jack and Mark are not Felix. Marzia is not Felix. Felix’s friends, are not Felix. You should not be attacking Mark, Jack, Marzia, any of them.

Did he say a bad thing? Yes. Does that mean that his girlfriend and all of his friends should just dump him? No. Does that mean he’s a super bad person? No.

Captain America's characterization in fanfics

Ok, nobody is probably going to see this, but whatever, I need to say it. (RANT BELOW)

Captain America’s characterization in fanfiction drives me crazy.


Because everyone seems to make him seem like a baby. Like an awkward innocent baby.

But guess what? He’s not.

Captain Fucking America may be a nice dude, but he has sure as hell got a lot of blood on his hands.

And yet, in every single Avengers fanfiction I’ve read with him, he’s all innocent. He’s the great “moral man”.

And then Nat. Geez I know she’s done some shit but really? Every single damn fic has her portrayed as the demon. The cold-blooded killer. And yes, canon says that she DEFINITELY did the bad things she’s done but


Can we please realize that?

And yes, canonically Nat struggles with what she’s done. I get that. But like I said


So can we get some fics about his struggles with living with the lives that he’s taken?

And can we kinda take some of the heat off of Nat? (Like literally she’s not the worst)

And god the self loathing. Like no offense, but while she may feel bad, that does not mean that all she does is hate herself.


All in all:
-Captain America has done some terrible things
-Captain America was a soldier and struggles with the same things that other soldiers struggle with.
-Natasha Romanoff has way more to her character then just her self loathing.
Gosh sorry, I just needed to rant.