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hc for a jikook vampire au plzz?

Jimin is a century old vampire who comes across newly turned Jungkook. He remembers the days of terrible wars, when humans were turned left and right and left alone to deal with the pain themselves. And the thirst.

But these days, it’s very rare for a newborn to be abandoned. Jimin finds Kookie passed out in a Park, half dead and still bleeding from the neck. But there’s also blood in his mouth. Vampire blood. Jimin picks him up and carried him back to his apartment he shares with his coven.

It’s night, and none of them are home, so he lays Kookie down in his room and cleans him up. Kookie will seize up at random, the burn of vampire venom rushing through his veins. His mouth opens and closes in silent screams. Jimin sits beside his bed, holding Kookie’s hand in his, praying the transformation will end soon.

He’s an old vampire, but the pain of transformation still makes him squirm, and especially to this young boy. He is indeed beautiful, Jimin admits, and it makes the pain on his face when he scrunches it up that much harder for Jimin to deal with. 

The rest of his coven files in, one by one, as they come home. The sun is just breaking the clouds when Kookie’s breath finally evens out, and his eyes open a few moments later. He’s confused as hell, and scared, and thirsty, but Jimin smiles warmly at him, and introduces himself. Kookie immediately notices his dull red eyes, almost burgundy. Not a human blood drinker then ( those that drink human blood have bright, almost glowing red eyes). That explains why they can live in the city, Kookie thinks.

Jimin is the oldest, but he isn’t the leader. That’s, of course, Namjoon. Namjoon helps Kookie learn the ropes, and accepts him into the coven, but it’s Jimin who he comes to when he has questions, problems, doubts, fears. It’s Jimin’s bed he climbs into during the day and Jimin he sleeps next to.

A few months later, the other coven members aren’t surprised when the two emerge from their room with mate marks on their necks.  

You know, I’ll be the first one to admit that Lost Girl wasn’t perfect. In some regards, it wasn’t even good. But after experiencing the toxicity of fandom now a days, I find myself missing the good old days of the Valkubus vs Doccubus shipping wars (which were bad I know, but not this bad) while we both sidelined DyBo, all cried over Kale, and all admit that Tamsin deserved better. 

With Hawaii Five-O mentioning Danny considering retirement in this last episode, I can’t help but wonder if this is the producers’ way of telling us that it’s the final season? They wouldn’t introduce something like that if they aren’t going to come back to it again later (it’ll obviously be something Steve will bring up again, since he is so VERY CLEARLY UPSET ABOUT THE IDEA). So what else could their endgame here be? 

I just hope, if this is the final season, that they finally let McDanno discover their true and undying love for each other and give us the on-screen kiss we all they deserve.

Though knowing this show, they’ll probably call each other “bro” after…


Okay I had this sitting about since December. I should have shared it sooner but well. I love this movie so much it reminded me why I do what I do

lol the concept of dan and phil referring to the place they share together as ‘home’ and where their parents’ live as ‘my parents’ place’ or ‘my parents’ house’ is something that fucks me up every day because they say it so off-handedly and so naturally like…they made a home out of shitty furnitures that they haven’t bothered to change since 2012 and candles and houseplants and plushies and dvds and videogames and photos and paintings and little cracks on the floor and countless of mugs and colorful bright decoration and things that remind the other of each other like what the fuck dan and phil have a home together in london dan and phil have each other as a home what kind of government bullshit is this 

things i learned in 2016:

  • sometimes i’ll try my best in school and i’ll still fall short of my goals, but i’ll still survive because life goes on
  • what’s important is learning how to overcome fear of failure and perfectionism
  • rest is important, but so is knowing how to push myself enough that i can accomplish the goals i have for myself
  • taking care of myself is important, but so is being aware of how to improve myself so i can be happy with the person i am
  • being by myself and having quality Me time is important, but so is interacting with people who uplift me and add positivity and radiance into my life
  • i don’t have to drink if i don’t want to
  • nothing excuses behaviors that hurt other people
  • i don’t have to cut off my friendships from high school just because college is a time to Explore and Meet New People™ 
  • with that being said, i also shouldn’t cling onto past relationships just because they were once a thing. there’s a time to let go for almost everything, and relationships aren’t an exception
  • support systems are important
  • social media breaks are important
  • doing things that are fulfilling in life is important
  • helping other people is important
  • i missed reading books purely for the joy of it
  • the most ‘successful’ people in the world learn to let go of envy or jealousy, and learn + gain motivation/inspiration from those who are better than them
  • negative bias is real, but just its mere existence indicates that good things do happen in this world and i will learn how to appreciate that more in 2017, god damnit.
  • i need to rely more on internal and not external validation

“I’ll protect you… no matter what” 

  • Hufflepuff: My New Year's resolution is to meet new people!
  • Gryffindor: Mine is to take a trip to some place I've never been!
  • Slytherin: I plan to spend some time everyday investing into my hobby!
  • Hufflepuff: What's yours, Ravenclaw? Read more books?
  • Ravenclaw: New Year's resolutions are impractical. 90 percent of people give up on theirs by the end of January.
  • Hufflepuff: ...
  • Gryffindor: ...
  • Slytherin: ...
  • Ravenclaw: But I would like to read more.