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Somali Challenge Questions Name: Url and reason behind Url: Where were you born? How old are you? Say these words in somali: Washroom, Living Room, Grandma, Banana, Somali Pancake (canjeero, canjeelo, laxoox), Chair, Baby, Drink, Clothing, and Blanket Have you ever been to somalia? Favourite somali food? 5 Random somali sentences. Do you think you speak somali well? IF YOU WANT TO: Tell a story about your childhood in somali.

All my Somali mutual feel free to do this
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Hey guys.

I just wanted to let you know that my papa has been sick with lymphoma for awhile now, but he will die very soon. A little bit ago, I was told that he would have 6 months or left to live. However, that’s changed to 2 weeks to 2 days left to live. I’m about to go see him and say goodbye, so I won’t be RPing anymore today. And if there’s ever a day where I don’t seem to be online at all or don’t reply to anything (or just reply to one or two things), it’s probably just because I’m too upset. If that happens, I ask for your patience. I’m very sad and scared and right now I’m just trying to steel myself so that I don’t cry when I see him.

Thank you for your understanding.

Also, I would sincerely appreciate any prayers or positive thoughts from the bottom of my heart. For my papa and for my family. I truly, genuinely am grateful to everyone who reads this. Thank you so, so much.

everythings topsy turvy. or it was and now i learned to live upside down? adjusting to shitty circumstances is not necessarily improvement.
but some shit you just cant even imagine. suddenly you dont know people at all. the levels of gaslighting, treachery, victimblaming I endured from people I never ever imagined would do it to me.
I dont want to say i trust too much. where will i end up? but i will say i have had my trust taken advantage of too many times. Suddenly people who ‘love’ you are denying how you been harmed no matter how the fuck you explain. And demanding you react positively to their denial.
How you gonna refuse to see public threats they sent because they been nice to you before?
How you gonna record private chats where people are bein open and trusting, to go gossip?
How are you intercepting my private communications AFTER being blocked coz you refused to acknowledge my boundaries were violated and its serious?
How you gonna refuse to admit you are being antiblack as fuck & then gaslight me about it & keep preaching about antiblackness like you even put that into practice?
Like, eventually you cant tell up from down anymore.
After fighting somebody off me psychologically, being basically doubted & minimized? Is cruel. Having it made about somebody elses feelings entirely with not one fuckin iota of concern for trauma you incurred? Selfish.
Its shit i wouldnt do to my worst enemy but this is how people 'care’ for me.
I’m kinda glad I shed certain people tho. I suppose it was a matter of time.
And im still not recovered from the fact havin someone try to manipulate & coerce their way onto me & me saying no, was the catalyst for so much rupture. being upset & scared & not taking it well when I was being doubted & minimized? Realizing it was a pattern = fucking apocalypse & i became the villainess.
if that aint rape culture X a trillion. & its by people who honestly talk about this shit so much, you’d think it impossible for them to end up there?
But nah. Honestly.
The #1 call out queens became anti call out soon as somebody they liked was the culprit. Suddenly even saying shit in private is bad.
And calling in to tell em theyre harming you only gets them doing it in public a week later or completely refusing to hear you.
The anti respectability people suddenly cared more about tone than content.
Coz some banshee negress bein violated, threatened, dehumanized is the qualm.
Other black women will absolutely do it to you too.

we got in a fight over something stupid as usual and I told him I wished he would stop being so rude and he said he says rude stuff but mostly I’m just a sensitive bitch and I’m always pissy 24/7 which isn’t true? I was in such a good mood just 20 minutes earlier and have been all day? I asked him why he was with me and he said “I don’t know why don’t you just leave go cry to your mom of course when it’s time to actually get a job you wanna run home go live under a fucking bridge then pack your stuff and get out”

I was like “where’s your job?”

my moms looking at flights out here so I can come home. she says I need to get away from him and I hope she’s right. I’m gonna go home and go to school and if I want to come back to California after I graduate then I will.
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S*mali Challenge Questions i woz tagged by bangtangorls n xaji

Name: Url and reason behind Url: Where were you born? How old are you? Say these words in s*mali: Washroom, Living Room, Grandma, Banana, S*mali Pancake (canjeero, canjeelo, laxoox), Chair, Baby, Drink, Clothing, and Blanket Have you ever been to s*malia? Favourite s*mali food? 5 Random s*mali sentences. Do you think you speak s*mali well? IF YOU WANT TO: Tell a story about your childhood in s*mali.

THIS WAS SO BAD DAMN nyways i tag all my s*mali follwoers just say i tagegd u

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alison i know you live a jikook life but i'm having 95z feels and idk where else to go ;; but like... remember that time for one of those magazine when they asked jimin to name someone that loved him and he didn't say mom or dad or armys but instead said taehyung? i've been thinking about it all day and i think i'm crying ;;


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People keep saying its a sin that you love someone of the same sex. Does that then mean that because I do not want nor have a need to have sex or even feel attraction that I am living in sin? Just curious for my bigoted family.

Not at all. The lack of attraction is not a sin. There are actually quite a few scriptures in 1 Corinthians 7 where Paul praises being single. He says it’s a gift. Also, in Matthew 19:12, Jesus talks about those who have been born eunuchs (in other words, those who were born without the desire for sex). It’s ok to not want sex. It’s ok to not have sexual attraction. There’s nothing wrong with it at all.
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Url and reason behind Url:

Where were you born?

How old are you?

Say these words in somali: Washroom, Living Room, Grandma, Banana, Somali Pancake (canjeero, canjeelo, laxoox), Chair, Baby, Drink, Clothing, and Blanket

Have you ever been to somalia?

Favourite somali food?

5 Random somali sentences.

Do you think you speak somali well?

IF YOU WANT TO: Tell a story about your childhood in somali.

I tag all my somali followers to do it!

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1/1 Now that you all have been telling your horror stories I felt the need to say this: Be thankful for living where you live. I live in Chile, a country with next-to-no musical theatre culture, so I've never had the chance to be part of a musical because schools don't do that and there are no community theatres that do musicals. I've auditioned both last year and this year to the annual musical a university puts on (didn't get in any of the times..) and that was my only chance this year,

2/2 so I know I won’t get to be on a musical, like never, since next year is my last year at uni and I should focus on my own career (journalism) and I don’t think I’ll be able to audition. So yeah, that’s what I wanted to say. Be thankful for living in a country that gives you the chance to do musical theatre, even if it is in the most amateur way possible. Trust me, I’d love to have a horror story…

Name: Gray-see-ah (that’s how you say it.

Birthday: October 24

Zodiac: Scorpio

Nicknames: Grace, Gracy

Where are you from: Peru, but I have been in America for 14 years

Favourite color: All shades of blue

Write something in all caps: GIAN TAKE MY VIRGINITY PLS (I have no regrets writing that)

Favorite artists/bands: SNSD, OLDCODEX, Starish,Quartet Night, Heavens, Muse (Love Live)

Favorite season: Spring/Summer

Favorite number: None

Movies I’m waiting for: Free! Movie

Reasons to smile: Peanut Butter

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everybody says you can't get tim tams in america but my target has them and also a lot of other food i have been unable to find other places and im starting to feel like someone in my town is running a grocery smuggling ring

it also varies from state to state because some states have like… specialty shops that have foods from around the world and stuff? and i know target has tim tams but its only SUPER targets u know the ones where u can buy groceries and clothes and shit. where i live theres all of one target and its not even a super target the closest super target is like 3 hours away. ALSO the tim tams at target are pepperidge farm tim tams theyre not Authentic Arnotts Australian Tim Tams and i feel like maybe theres a difference. ive never had the pepperidge ones but im sure some australian or whoever else from whatever other countries have them will come along and yell about how yES THEY ARE DIFFERENT. but point is tim tams are perhaps the BEST cookies ive ever had in my life and im staring at the last one right now crying because i cant believe the end is near. 

Speech in Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
February 22, 1861

Mr. CUYLER:—I am filled with deep emotion at finding myself standing here in the place where were collected together the wisdom, the patriotism, the devotion to principle, from which sprang the institutions under which we live. You have kindly suggested to me that in my hands is the task of restoring peace to our distracted country. I can say in return, sir, that all the political sentiments I entertain have been drawn, so far as I have been able to draw them, from the sentiments which originated, and were given to the world from this hall in which we stand. I have never had a feeling politically that did not spring from the sentiments embodied in the Declaration of Independence. (Great cheering.) I have often pondered over the dangers which were incurred by the men who assembled here and adopted [2] that Declaration of Independence—I have pondered over the toils that were endured by the officers and soldiers of the army, who achieved that Independence. (Applause.) I have often inquired of myself, what great principle or idea it was that kept this Confederacy so long together. It was not the mere matter of the separation of the colonies from the mother land; but something in that Declaration giving liberty, not alone to the people of this country, but hope to the world for all future time. (Great applause.) It was that which gave promise that in due time the weights should be lifted from the shoulders of all men, and that all should have an equal chance. (Cheers.) This is the sentiment embodied in that Declaration of Independence.

Now, my friends, can this country be saved upon that basis? If it can, I will consider myself one of the happiest men in the world if I can help to save it. If it can’t be saved upon that principle, it will be truly awful. But, if this country cannot be saved without giving up that principle—I was about to say I would rather be assassinated on this spot than to surrender it. (Applause.)

Now, in my view of the present aspect of affairs, there is no need of bloodshed and war. There is no necessity for it. I am not in favor of such a course, and I may say in advance, there will be no blood shed unless it be forced upon the Government. The Government will not use force unless force is used against it. (Prolonged applause and cries of “That’s the proper sentiment.”)

My friends, this is a wholly unprepared speech. I did not expect to be called upon to say a word when I came here—I supposed I was merely to do something towards raising a flag. I may, therefore, have said something indiscreet, (cries of “no, no”), but I have said nothing but what I am willing to live by, and, in the pleasure of Almighty God, die by.

[Taken from the Collective Works of Abraham Lincoln]


Several months ago, things were very different. I’ve never really had much of a relationship with either of my parents. A few months back, I wrote an entry, I guess you could say, about my father. From reading this, most would assume I despise him. I was angry,yes. I do not hate him. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Him and I get along better than any family member I have. We are just alike. But that is not where this is going. My mother… though I have lived with her virtually all of my life, we have little to no relationship other than the fact we live under the same roof. This is not just some teenage phase where I am rebellious against my mother,  it has always been this way. It’s gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. If her and I were to live in the same house, just the two of us, we would almost never speak. We don’t have conversation,  she doesn’t ask about me, my life, my friends, how my day at school was, nothing.  She swears she’d taught me everything I know and that I am in no way independant. She always says I need to learn to do things on my own “ like she did”, but that’s what I’ve been doing all my fucking life. I’ve learned everything on my own and I’ve experienced so many more things than she’ll ever know. I envy people who are close with their mother’s. They say “your mother will be your best friend”, but if I’m being honest, she knows nothing about me. If I were to ask her who my best friends are, my favorite color, or even favorite band, she would have no idea. It’s sad really. Even if I desired to have conversation with her, I wouldn’t’ know where to begin. All we have to relate to is concerts. I don’t like talking about partying and horror all the time like she does. We have nothing to bond on. She obviously has no desire to or she would’ve at least made an effort. She always says I can come to  her with anything I need, but when I do she never takes me seriously or just yells. Mainly yells. That’s all she knows how to  do. I’m not sure what she thinks yelling is going to do for me. It’s not going to make me listen to you more, if anything it’d make me ignore everything you’re saying. It wouldn’t be as bad if what she was saying was at  least somewhat cooperative or reasonable when  she starts yelling,  but it never is. She thinks I am scared of her. She thinks fear is respect. I am not a child anymore, your threats and raise of tone doesn’t rattle my bones any longer. A grown woman acting like she’s 21. Pathetic. All you do is leave us at home while you’re out partying. You don’t care about us because if you did, you’d change like you said you were going to. I swear to god all you do is take my problems and twist them and make them about you and then you have the audacity to tell me that everything is about me when you take everything I say as a fucking joke. All you do is repeat yourself and ignore practically everything I say. I’ll stop “talking back” when you start acting in ways that EARN my respect instead of always assuming “I’m older therefore I must be correct.” Just because you are the adult you assume I am a stupid teenager and when I prove you wrong, you lash out and ground me or starting acting well below your age. You are allowed to degrade me and insult me,but the second I act my age and don’t praise you like everyone else, I am a terrible daughter and an awful person. You are so concerned with you and fucking you! I’m done with this, you are not manipulating me anymore as you do to everyone else. Don’t talk down to me. Don’t Be polite to me. Don’t try to make me feel nice. Don’t relax. I will cut that smile off your face. You think I don’t know what’s going on? You think I’m too afraid to realise. The jokes on you. You think no one can reach you. That no one can have what you have.The game is almost over, It’s time you acknowledge me. All this, and you can’t fathom why I would do to myself what I have. You blame my father or you joke about it. You stand before me high and mighty and tell me my friends are whores and you degrade them on thier apperance whe they are the most beautiful human beings I’ve ever met it my life. They’ve been my family since you were absent. You stand before everyone as if you think you’re the most powerful in the room. You treat us and speak to us as if we are no better than the dirt you walk on. Yet, you wonder why your children hate you. You take our dislike of you as “disrespect”. Let me tell you a little something about fucking respect, you wonder why your eldest daughter told your ex lover all the shitty stuff you’ve done. You’ve lied straight to my face and blamed me for things that weren’t even remotely my fault just so you had someone to blame. Just so you could take your anger out on somone. You certainly wouldn’t do it to your youngest, or your mother. So,  of course, I must bear your childish behavior. Tell me, how is it that a 15 year old can see through your lies and ignorance, but you cannot? Do you not realise you are the laughing stock of the family? That they all make jokes about you. You have not done anything to raise me, and if you say so you’re a god damned liar. I remember more than you know. You never helped me with homework, and the few times you did,  all you would do is yell at me for not doing it right or getting frustrated. You never asked me if I was doing alright. You’ve never been supportve of anything I’ve done or wanted to do. I’ve backed out of so much shit because of your discouragemnt. I thought mothers were supposed to support you and push you to do good? Quite an example you’re setting for me though, I must say.  Most children of people such as youself would linger behind you and follow in your faded footsteps. But not me. The example you’ve shown me has done nothing but push me to see how never to treat people. I watch you steal almost everyday. Oh, but it’s not “stealing” because it’s a household member, right? Just taking your mother’s debit card and leaving with her car without warning? Definatly not stealing..  How could you even remotely be angry at me for drinking or anything like that when this is the example being placed before me on a silver platter? You drunk drive without a liscense almost every night. Even after you said you’d stop the first time you went away. I was actually glad when you did. We were all happier,and I mean that. I hope they put you away for a long time this time. It wouldn’t bother me any. I will not grieve over your departure. This was no one’s fault, but your own. You even had people constantly telling you not to; you had this coming. Ya know, I want to thank you for never being there. Your absence has forced me to find my own way. And I remember growing up, and yearning to be just like you. It pains me to admit that I held you in such a high regard, as if my life would mean nothing without your approval. But now I see the error of my ways. All that time spent searching for myself in someone else. I think it’s safe to say that I’ve become everything I wanted to be. Without you.

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Hi, where would you live if you could relocate?

Oh, man…I’ve thought about this so many times, but I haven’t actually been able to go and visit any of these places to actually see how much I’d like to live there or if it’s even possible yet. BUT, for the sake of conversation, let’s just say that I have the ability (money, access, whatever) to move anywhere…

So far my list of possible places includes basically all of Northern Europe, so long as my house would be in/near the mountains for the obvious reasons of the scenery. Also for the quality of living in places like Sweden. The climate and green-ness of Ireland. AND…for the girls, I suppose (you Scandinavians have a direct line to my…heart). 

Also on my (more realistic) list: Colorado, because it seems like it’s got just about everything I’ve been looking for so far. But again, I haven’t been able to actually visit it yet. The mountains down in Tennessee are also pretty nice, but I’d still need a bit of convincing to go any farther south than where I already am haha. Lastly, if I could find the right place in Alaska that’s somewhere near water and maybe doesn’t get completely encased in snow and ice for half of the year…Alaska is amazing, I actually have been there and I can’t say enough about it. It’s another idea, but still a long shot at this point since I don’t know quite enough about where specifically I’d like to be or how I’d pull it off.

There are a few other places in mind like places near Grand Teton National Park, or Banff National Park in Canada…but the more I think about it, those places would probably be better off as vacation places instead of full time residence.

BONUS: If I ever hit the lottery over here, I actually have this incredible place in mind. I’ve been talking to a few friends a bit about it and there’s actually this private island for sale off the coast of Chile. It’s a pretty big island and somewhat developed already, but it still has a ton of space for living and other activities. If I could ever work that out, I’d really really love to be able to buy that island and build it up to the point of paradise for a group of close friends and myself.

Sorry for getting on a little rant there, but this is basically all I ever really think about when I’m bored haha

I really don’t understand disgruntled people that are miserable all the time. They say only 4% of Americans are actual sociopaths. Well let me fucking tell you all something, THEY ALL LIVE WHERE I WORK. I swear. I have not been so high strung and stressed like this since, my god taking a shit ton of AP classes when I was in high school. And at least that all had to do with me and my work ethic! It gets so discouraging truly coming into a job that you work so incredibly hard at and love and have people that consistently tell you that you ARENT ENOUGH. I’ll show you not enough all right.


I think the biggest difference with being depressed and not is that when I was depressed I could laugh but never be happy. I never declared that I am happy, I couldn’t even get myself to say it. There was no way in hell that my laughter indicated any ounce of “happiness”. I just genuinely didn’t feel that way. Now with my depression gone, I can confidently say I’m happy. I’m beyond content. I love life. 

However, I came from a dark place where all I wanted to do was die. Every living moment. I just never took action upon it because I was scared and I knew people cared, but the feeling of wanting to die just wouldn’t stop. 

Being here and me having been there… I really understand that depression is a thicker veil than you think it is. You see everything through blackness, and no matter how many times you turn around, your field of vision is all the same.

I never tried antidepressants or anything. No pills. I didn’t see a psychiatrist because I really didn’t want to depend on anyone else to make me happy.

Only last year, my 3rd year in college really healed me to a full recovery.

I can’t even say I did it alone. My roommates really helped me out, proved that they were here with me every step of the way, that I am infinitely loved and that I am loved most by some people.

I’m not saying you can only get better through other people, but once you acknowledge the fact that you are loved and things will be okay.

The fogginess really starts to clear up a bit.

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I was tagged by mishacoliins! Thank you, dear. (:


1. Name?


2. How was your weekend?

Great! I’m at SAIC in Chicago for 2 weeks and I got to see the city firework display!!

3. Have you been to a SPN convention before?

I have! It was honestly one of the greatest weekends of my life. It was in Chicago and I’m happy to say that I’m going again this year!!!

4. What was the last movie you watched?

Mulan with my roommates. (:

5. Favorite band/artist?

My favorite band of all time is Journey.

6. OTP?

DESTIEL. Omg I’m such Destiel trash it’s so sad. Ugghhhh

7. Where are you from?

Illinois. Born and raised. I live right near the Mississippi River.

8. Favorite book?

Book: Perks of Being a Wallflower - Series: Harry Potter

9. Favorite blogs?

I really really love deansass, deancasheadcanons,and deanlovestaylorswift!!

10. Birthday?

July 17th!!! It’s gonna be in like 11 days!!!

11. Why are you so cute?

I really just cannot answer this question hahah! Idk, why are youuu so cute??

1. Name?

2. What did you do for/on the 4th of July, (if that applies to you)?

3. Favorite fanfic ever read?

4. OTP?

5. Dream job?

6. Any new-ish pop song that you enjoy?

7. Favorite place to shop?

8. Perfect vacation/trip?

9. Birthday?

10. Middle name or nickname?

11. Do you return my love for you? (:

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remember in NANA when hachi first moved to tokyo and after her first day there her boyfriend was like “why don’t you have a job yet?? where are you going to live? what have you even been DOING all day??” well i’ve been at my new place for 3 days and i’ve only unpacked half my luggage and i live in fear that hachi’s bf is going to come yell at me

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5, 14, 28, 35, and 97.

  • 5) If you could be anywhere else right now, where would you be?

Really if i had to say I miss home back in the bay area of california.  While i was not born there or anything like that living there for over a year that was home to me and i’d love to have that back.

  • 14) What is your favorite fruit?

Strawberries hands down. i can snack on those all day anytime .

  • 28) What makes you feel the happiest?

A lot of things right now. Having my life back on track has been wondrous after cutting the wrong people out of it. I’ve made alot of new friends too and i love them all so much.

  • 35) Coffee or Tea?

ooooh i like both but but if i had to absolutely choose one it would be tea. and if i can have both i like putting chocolate candy in my coffee

  • 97) Is there anything you’re really passionate about?

writing. it used to be drawing but i really enjoy wording out my creativity so much be in in my erotic shorts, or short stories i do. even when writers block hits me it isnt anything i would ever give up