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CRAIG: And if it’s not actually sweet it’s not Tucker approved.

TWEEK: i thought you just said you didn’t care??

CRAIG: Yeah. But only if it’s good.

CRAIG: And if it’s not sweet then it’s not good.

[NCT] Simplicity

A little babble that kind of sucks but doesn’t suck enough to keep me from posting it 
I’m a tad sour rn and want sleepy kisses from jjh so take this; a product of my bad mood

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The trill sound of you crying out in frustration is what rouses Jaehyun from his mid-afternoon nap. Awake, but slow to rise, he only rolls over, grumbling out a, “babe, be quiet.” It’s when you toss your bag to the floor far more aggressively than needed that he decides to sit up, propping himself up on his elbows. You angrily pace around at the food of the bed, rubbing at your temples and willing yourself to settle down.
“You’re blowing smoke.” Jaehyun jokingly says, a lazy smile quirked on his lips. You shoot him a glare. At this, his look softens, and he beckons you over. You debate shutting him down, giving him the cold shoulder because you want so desperately to take out your pent up aggravation on something and, well, if Jaehyun happens to be within arm’s reach, then so be it. Through your internal dialogue, he’s looking at you, eyes heavy with sleep and hair askew in every direction and his clothes are all rumpled from his tossing and turning and he’s smiling at you and you can feel the adoration he has for you and you’re melting. You breathe a heavy sigh, laced with irritation and exhaustion and you trudge over to him, allowing his hands to completely envelope yours as he guides you down to lie next to him.

His arms are around you and your face is tucked into his chest and you can feel his heartbeat, smooth and rhythmic and so much calmer than your own. He presses a kiss to the top of your head, and you allow yourself to snuggle closer to him, wanting to drown in his warmth.
“You want to tell me about what’s got you so worked up?” He questions softly, fingers loosely carding through your hair. You breathe in his scent, warm and inviting and your knees go weak because this boy is yours and you thank whoever may be listening that he’s a part of your life.
The only response you offer is a minute shake of your head, and he only hums in acknowledgement, choosing instead to begin rocking you the tiniest bit.
Jaehyun will wait with you, hold you until your heartbeat has settled and the heat in your cheeks has died down.

“I really love you, Jaehyun.” You mumble into the fabric of his t-shirt. A laugh sounds deep in his chest.
“I really love you too, Y/N.” Is his response.
You move back to meet his eyes, and you feel like you can lose yourself in endless pools of brown that carry so much love for you; only you.
“No, Jaehyun. I really really am in love with you.” You say, and his smile brightens. He’s idly rubbing circles into your side, and you can feel the tension in your shoulders ebbing away with every feather light caress. He smiles, and your heart swells with happiness. The time for anger and frustration and everything that comes along with a bad day would come later; now, you’re only concerned with the feel of Jaehyun’s lips against your own as you kiss him. Slow and sweet, patient and oh so caring, your eyes flutter shut and you let Jaehyun guide you into a state of contentment that you had been aching for all day.
“I really really am in love with you, too.” He says as he pulls away.
And than you kiss him again. Because you love him, and he loves you. It’s as simple as that.

I don’t think people understand that someone doesn’t have to be your favourite for you to support them/acknowledge that they don’t have as many lines or screen time as your fav

like my bias is Kihyun and I love his lines but I understand that Hyungwon doesn’t get lines and I support Hyungwon and love him

my bias is Suga but I know Jin and J-Hope aren’t getting any lines and I appreciate them and type in all caps about how they need more lines

My point is that sometimes your bias has more than the other members and you can support other members that aren’t ur bias

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How to Analyze a POT pt3

Just by looking

Wealthy guys spend their money on different stuff. It’s really hard to tell just by appearances if a person is wealthy.

My main three types of stuff that I have are:


Crocs (I know I know) $50
Nikes $150
Tods $600

My work/daily clothes:

T shirts $5
T shirts $80
T shirts $150




Omega (wear almost every day)


Hoodie ( daily)

I guess the only thing we can extrapolate from me is that I look like a bum 80% of the time.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that you must speak to the person to determine if they are for real or not.

One conversation question that gets right to the point is to ask, “How do you spoil yourself?”
Basically you are asking a person who is successful and wealthy, what they do for themselves from a luxury standpoint. Another way of asking the same question is how has wealth changed/differentiated their lives, what are they able to do that most people can’t because of their success.
Now I think this question is perfect for weeding out Salts. Let’s analyze what they could possibly say:

Keep in mind that if ur POT hesitates on the answer, it’s not necessarily a bad sign. It could also mean they hesitant to reveal too much.

I’m modest and don’t do anything.
Bullshit. I have yet to meet anyone who has money that doesn’t spoil themselves in some way. What’s more true is that it’s even more unlikely a person is willing to spend 1000, 2000, 3000 a month in cold hard cash to a SB if they are modest and won’t even spoil themselves. I believe having a SB is spoiling yourself and it is never the first thing we spend our money on.

Anything to do with Water: if they have a hobbies on water, I think this is a really good sign because everything on water is a depreciating asset. Meaning, people who buy, rent boats are really willing to spend money on luxury.

Watches: already covered that

Cars: already covered that

Maybe we should put more analysis into the answer being passionate. Let’s face it, we must be passionate about it if we are spending are hard earned money on it.

I think this also lets girls know that they should familiarize themselves with what ur SD’s like so they will think you have a lot in common. It also makes conversations like this so much easier.

Personally, I collect Montblanc pens and I use them on a daily basis.

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