say what you will i love this costume

“but you don’t look autistic”
i know, it’s shocking
i’m sure you were expecting scaly green skin
or another pair of eyes hidden beneath my bangs
but take a look
two legs, two arms, on pair of eyes
i look just like you
i look like a human
because that’s what i am
autism does not have a costume
our wardrobe isn’t embroidered with puzzle pieces and the color blue
funnily enough
like everyone else on this earth
people with autism are all different
our experiences are not stagnate across the globe 
and just because i can disguise my stims
doesn’t mean i am more or less autistic than someone who cannot
and believe it or not
saying that is not a compliment

autistic people can have jobs
we can be loved by someone other than our family members
we can drive
and go shopping
not all of us are nonverbal
and while most of us cannot handle the horrors of eye contact
and certain stimuli
  once again
we’re all different
try not to act so surprised when we’re able to appear just as neurotypical as you

“oh, so you’re like Rain Man?”
if this is your way of implying that you can drop a bunch of toothpicks on the ground and then ask me how many there are
kindly fuck off

“autism is a disease and i’m sure they’ll find a cure for you”
we are not sick
we are not suffering
illnesses are contagious
you can’t catch autism
it isn’t going to spread if you get too close to me
this isn’t rocket science
it isn’t that hard to understand
you either have autism
or you never will
and more importantly
there is nothing about us that needs to be cured

instead of listening to a fear mongering
hate spreading
poor representation
harmful group that markets itself on our existence and feels the need to “fix” autistic people
why not just listen to autistic people instead?
—  Five Myths / Things You Should Know About People with Autism
(cc, 2017)
Yuzuru Hanyu, World Figure Skating Championships 2017 (Free Skate)

This costume may be partially responsible for the existence of this blog. In that late one night I was reading various people’s lists of best and worst costumes of the season so far, and I got extremely offended by someone who not only put this on their worst list, but used it as part of a rant against “ruffles, glitter and sequins” being a plague on figure skating or some such nonsense.

To which I say, if you hate ruffles, glitter and sequins, what are you even doing reviewing figure skating costumes?

My inner six year old loves this costume, and although my inner six year old also loves Lisa Frank unicorns this is my most instinctual metric for grading, and I feel it is as valid a basis as any other. 


I’ve seen people complain about the shoulder ruffle, saying it seems unnecessary and even comparing it to a large tissue, but personally I’m in favor of it. It adds to the feeling of ocean waves and sea spray to me, which I have to think was intentional. 

Grade: A+

anonymous asked:

Recently realized how much I needed this omg, fics that have a lot of viktor yakov interaction, maybe also a bit of young viktor looking up to yakov as a father figure? *heart eyes*

Ohhh I really like this request! Thank you! I always saw Yakov as a sort of father figure in Victor’s (and Yurio’s) life. There aren’t too many of these fics, but hopefully these fit what you’re looking for!

Originally posted by kojiiro

Yakov & Victor

Sentimental by ProcrastinatingPalindrome, Teen, 3.2k
Victor wants to ask Yuuri to marry him and needs some advice. Yakov is perhaps not the best person to go to for that advice (or perhaps he is the best man for the job after all.) SO CUTE!

interlude by pageleaf, Gen, 1.3k
Viktor insists that he and Yakov both go to pick Yuuri up from the airport. Fluffy and quick! Love!

I’m Not Gay by kanekicure, Teen, 2.1k
Yakov later found him in the men’s bathroom, his knees brought to his chest as he rocked back and forth. Tears were staining his costume as he shook his head, “I’m not a f****t coach, I promise you.” His voice cracked, “I’m not gay.” Yakov only nodded. This fic made me really love Yakov. 

Learning to Coach by Lanerose, Gen, 567 words
A tag for episode 8. What exactly does Yakov have to say in response to Victor’s sudden request? Lovely extension of the canon episode!

no sleep till Sochi by Naraht, Teen, 3.6k
Forced to share a bed with Victor at the Sochi Grand Prix Final, Yakov learns more than he wants to know. Yakov is the best coach ever, omg. Why didn’t I have a coach like this??

Conference Call by istillfearkanna, Gen, 1k
If Viktor had managed to sneak in a call to Yakov before Yuuri’s free skate in China, it may have gone a little something like this… Got to love a little humor in a fic!

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What if the old school Cap comics existed in the MCU/current Marvel universe. They took liberties with Bucky's youth. Made him a masked kid. Bucky LOVES IT the first time Nat shows him the comics. He has a bunch of pages from them tacked to his walls. He hands out the panel of him riding a tank with "die n*zi scum" written on it to people on the streets.

By the time the comic makes its way round to Bucky, all the other Commandos are snickering, and Bucky gets a sinking feeling.

“What is it,” he says, not even a question. It’s pure resignation.

Dum Dum points to a panel where Captain America, looking particularly dashing, holds the hand of - a small child? In a costume? The fuck?

“It’s you,” Dum Dum says, mustache twitching. Bucky’s jaw drops.

Steve is laughing so hard he’s crying, shoulders shaking with the force of it, and Bucky would be more pissed off if it wasn’t such a lovely sound.

“Are you eight goddamn feet tall or am I a literal baby,” Bucky demands, feeling betrayed, especially when Steve flaps a hand at the panel and wheezes, “Role reversal,” which only sets him off again and makes Bucky put his head in his hands with a groan.

Comic book held in one perfectly manicured hand, Natasha asks him if he’d really been that young when he joined the army. Bucky snorts a laugh and tells her he was older than Steve. Which feels especially true now, but he’s trying not to obsess about that particular fact, so he turns his attention back to his favorite panel.

“Die nazi scum,” he reads out loud, smiling.

“A very you sentiment,” Natasha says.

She gets the panel image enlarged and put on a t-shirt for him, and Bucky wears it out and about as frequently as he can just to alarm everyone at the grocery store. Apparently there’s something intimidating about a large, scruffy, one-armed man threatening bodily harm unto his enemies.

Bucky also likes the way it makes Steve look at him when he wears it, with pride and love and maybe a hint of mischief. Like it’s a joke only he and Bucky are in on.

Bucky looks at the tiny shrimp in the shorts and domino mask and thinks, yeah, okay. The joke is still pretty funny, even after seventy-six years.


what she said: im fine


Imagine: complaining about Loki's yellow cape to Tom

Originally posted by homensdoseculo

You glared down at your phone screen, eyes locked onto the offensive yellow of Loki’s cape in the early looks at Thor: Ragnarok.  Most people thought you would have known all about it, as you were Tom Hiddleston’s girlfriend and a rising actress, but you had no such luck.  You were discussing a contract with Marvel, and while you tried to get information about the third Thor movie, Tom made sure you heard nothing.  He wanted the movie to be a surprise for you, as he knew you had a weakness for Loki.

As you walked along the sidewalk, you regularly glanced down at the photo.  Tom looked fantastic as Loki, but you dearly hoped that the other side of the cape was green, or else there was going to be a mountain of angry letters for the costume designer.  You made a mental note to stay involved in the designing of your character, if you and Marvel came to a contract agreement.  You could hear the occasional murmur or camera click as you walked through the light crowd, which drew your attention away from your phone.  The odd feeling of being recognized in the street momentarily distracted you, until your eyes landed on your destination: a lovely little teahouse.

You tried not to storm in, but as you were gracefully seated in the back room, your anger was apparent on your face.  Tom had arrived before you, and when he looked up to your not-so-smiling expression, he knew that you were one of many who had seen the recently revealed Loki first-look.  He chuckled nervously when you sat across from him, huffing lowly when your phone buzzed.  You turned it off, before glaring at Tom, who offered you an apologetic smile.

“My dear, whatever is the matter?”  He asked, ever the gentleman.  He knew exactly what was wrong- you could tell- but he had always been gracious towards you.  The sentiment melted away some of your anger, reminding you why you loved this dorky, glorious man… but you weren’t about to let him get away so easily.

“What’s the matter?”  You began, giving Tom a moment to steel himself for the flood.  “Loki’s cape, that’s the matter!  I love you, but did you say nothing about it?  Did anyone try to stop the fiend who calls themself a costume designer?  It’s… yellow!”  You stated, your hands swirling in elaborate gestures to aid your argument.  “Loki’s signature color is green, and his palette is green, black, and gold.  Yellow is not a part of that combination, and his green cape held so much… meaning!  As the complimentary color to red, his cape represented his separation from Thor as a person… Two brothers, who were very much so opposites.  Is yellow the complimentary color to red?  No!”  You ranted, not even looking at Tom at this point.  If you had looked at his face, instead of focusing on your hands and memories from the MCU Loki scenes, you would have seen his struggle at holding back a massive grin.

“Darling, [Y/N], I am simply an actor.  I don’t make the final decisions for Loki-” He began, but bit his tongue when you sent him a steely glare.  Your nose was scrunched up in frustration, and he couldn’t hold back any longer.  He let out his signature chuckle, closing his eyes and dipping his head.  His contagious laughter got under your skin, soothing your glare and pulling soft chuckles from your throat.  A soft smile grew on your lips, and you shook your head lightly at Thomas.  “Love, you are a treasure!  I’m sorry you’re upset about his, or rather, my cape, but I must say… your reaction was adorable, and absolutely worth it.”  He noted with a cheery grin.

You pursed your lips, and despite still holding resentment towards the color choice, you melted under that smile.  Thomas could drive you a little crazy sometimes, but he wouldn’t have been the man you fell in love with if he had been any different.

angel au

this contains a mess of ships ok

For whatever reason, imagining an AU where Ethan is a fallen angel really makes me happy? Like Ethan waking up cast down from the sky and he has no idea how to live on Earth, but he bumps into Mark n Amy n Ty n Kat and he ends up just following them around and asking questions about everything?

Ethan with fluffy wings and eyes that glow white when he’s angry? Speaking of wings, Ethan hiding behind his wings when he’s embarrassed or using them to flutter up when Tyler calls him short? Plus everyone automatically finds him beautiful at first sight and Mark has used the “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” Line several times because he finds it funny

Angelic Eth not being able to lie? Ever? Which leads to him confessing a lot of things he doesn’t want to, like how he ate the last of the waffles and he doesn’t actually think that hat looks good on Mark and also he’s in love with like everyone on the team, etc.

Plus since it’s really common in mythology for angels to have healing powers? Eth lying in bed with Ty and asking about his kidney, Ty tells him and E just gets really sad and curls up against Ty’s chest? And Ethan is like “you’re okay now” and Tyler doesn’t know what that means but his health has completely improved at his next doctor’s appointment

Or if the first time Eth heals someone is when the rest of the team is super sick and struggling to make videos, Ethan goes to snuggle with them since they’re all sitting in a miserable sick circle on the floor, editing videos. Everyone is immediately like “dude no! We’re gonna get you sick” but Ethan just does it anyways because he’s a cuddle monster and heals them in the process

Bonus if Mark still has red hair when Ethan falls and Eth sees it and get super excited because he wants his hair to look like that! So after a few weeks he finally convinces Mark to take him to the hairstylist but he catches a glimpse of a girl with blue hair and changes his mind? So he comes out of the salon with bright blue hair and angel wings puffed out in happiness, Mark tells him he looks like he’s going to a costume party.

I don’t know why this is specific to this AU but Amy and Kathryn exchanging Eskimo kisses with Ethan? Because they love their blue boy

Plus any time they see a bird in public someone will point to it and say “Look Ethan your mom came back for you”

SBUK3: Saturday - Lana Panel Part 2
  • The cast had a blast shooting the musical episode. It was a breath of fresh air because it was different. (x)
  • Lana just said there will be a group ensemble song in the musical ep!! (x)
  • It’s all original songs and most of the cast have their own number. There’s song “battles”. (x)
  • Lana says the cast does a musical number together and one song is a song off battle (x)
  • there’s some fab singers in the cast (x)
  • She got to dance in a way she hasn’t danced since her 20’s (x)
  • she hasn’t danced like she does in the musical ep since she was in her 20s but it woke up the inner dancer in her (x)
  • she has the only rock song in the musical ep (x)
  • Regina has the only rock song in the musical episode and says she has gold streaks in her hair (x)
  • she never knows what Regina is going to do next she loves that she is unpredictable (x)
  • she tried to get annoyed with her hair and be uncomfortable in the eq costume when she pretended to be in the eq in the wish realm (x)
  • Lana made conscious choices when she played the EQ incorporating Regina and vice versa. (x)
  • Lana’s favourite line “I love myself now, so so should you” (x)
  • A little girl just told Lana her favourite line was “fillet that bitch” (x)
  • Lana thinks Regina can find True Love again. There’s many loves and people fall in love more than once. (x)
  • “Let’s see what happens in season 7” - Lana | omg does that mean there will be another season! (x)
  • Two sq cosplayers just proposed and Lana is crying (x)
  • Lana’s life biggest regret is when she hasn’t been able to speak her truth or when she was mean to someone. (x)
  • Lana just refused to answer a kiss marry kill including emma and hook….thank god for that (x)



The Tale of The Night Court

Summary: “There’s a tale in the city of Velaris, The Tale of the Night Court. The book tells the history of a man who is cursed by a witch, his soulmate will always die before she can say the three famous words do him. The tale says that the man is still trying to find the curse break and is always waiting his soulmate reborn. Feyre doesn’t believe the tale, but maybe a mysterious man can change her mind.” MODERN AU!+SOULMATE AU!

A/N: It’s me again with another oneshot for you guys, this one is really special. I’m still looking for a beta and English is not my native language ;) Hope you guys enjoy it!

“The male ran fast. Every step he took was a step to the truth that he had to deal with it for centuries. He was trying to have hope, have strength to see himself alone again and lost in the world. The big halfway made him whisper a curse to himself.

Why he had to had a house so big?

The red tick blood was running from the bedroom and the air in his longs were gone, his eyes filled with tears not believing that he was late… Again. Like he was for centuries, never being able to stop the curse.

“Darling?” He whispered so quiet that he barely heard his voice, he took a deep breath before entering their room. 

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@kabukigirl1977 asked: 

I love your Spidey comics! Is Silk going to show up at some point? She’s my favorite superhero and I’d love to see her in your style

@kakuseiofficial asked:

If you’ve heard of her, ah, what would cindy moon look like here?

@avenger09 asked:

Any plans to include the rest of the Web-Warriors. Iron-Spider,(Who could be Flash in a suit the simulates spidermans ability) Scarlet-Spider Kid Arachnid, Slik, Spiderwoman, Spider-Girl (Gwen). And the evil spiders like Kaine (Who could be the Wolf-Spider) Tarantula. Wow there’s a lot of them.

Here’s Cindy Moon as Silk! 

I say more under the ol’ cut here

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“Leo and I just hung on to each other for dear life. We had cigarettes hidden in the pockets of our costumes and the two of us literally were having conversations like ‘What would happen if we died?’ and I’d say things like ‘Leo, I love you, I really do love you so much. You are a very important person to me and I’d have your babies. I would, I’d have your babies, really, it’s fine.’”

Welcome Home - Part 1

Originally posted by ghostthinxx

Request: (by anon) Hello! I love your writing, you’re one of my favorite writers on Tumblr. :) I was wondering if you could do a Winn Schott imagine, where after the crossover or whatever you go back to Earth 38 with Kara and you end up falling in love with Winn? Like a lot of flirting and cute moments where Winn gets all flustered? Thanks! :D <3

Pairing: Winn Schott x Reader feat. Kara, Alex, J’onn, Oliver, and Barry

Warnings: None

Words: 2807

A/N: So, I loved this prompt so much that I decided to make it a series. And if you’re wondering what her costume looks like, I made that too. Sorry this isn’t as flirty/flustery as I meant it to be. Maybe I’ll do better in part 2.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Dominators were defeated, the presidential honors were given, the celebratory party was winding down, and Earth-1 was saved. The only thing left to do was to say your goodbyes and go your separate ways.

Over the last few days, you had become good friends with Supergirl, or Kara Danvers as it was. At the party, she had mentioned how on her Earth it was just her and her cousin defending the planet and how nice it was to have a team. You couldn’t have agreed more. It would be nice to fight crime with others like Team Arrow or the Legends. It would even be nice to have a support group like Team Flash, even if you were the only one in the field.  But you had no one. No friends, no family, no one to rely on other than yourself.

Knowing this, Kara invited you to come back to her world to fight alongside her. Earth-1 had plenty of protectors and you had no reason to stay, so you quickly jumped at the opportunity.

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Masterlist :)

Dan Howell:

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Dan stands up for you at school

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The Whisper Challenge

Accidentally In Love


The Only Exception

The Costume Party


Jump Scares

Stressed Out

A New Baby

Since High School

Wedding Night

Poor Judgment

Coffee Shop

Sleep Talking


Kitchen Dancing

Late Night Snack

Christmas In April 


Stupid Mistake

Pushing Him Away





Critical Condition


A Day In The Life

Phil Lester:

Phil celebrates your birthday

Phil apologies after a fight

Under The Blanket


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so i was watching 2x19 (again) and noticed for the first time that everyone in IT except for Winn wears the DEO catsuit uniform so...

It starts with a joke.

One of the things Maggie comes to learn about Alex is that she’s obsessed with Halloween. She’s big on holidays in general, sure, Valentine’s Day and birthdays and, hell, even Arbor Day get more recognition than in any relationship Maggie’s ever had before. But Halloween puts the others to shame. Alex loves Halloween so much it makes it look like she’d barely noticed Valentine’s Day.

Around midsummer, Alex starts talk about costumes. Whenever she thinks of a pun or they see a new movie with a distinctive character, or they encounter a cool looking alien, Maggie learns that Alex’s first reaction is, “that would be a good Halloween costume.” Like the way some people say, that would be a good band name, Alex defaults to Halloween.

And, of course, because it’s Alex and Alex is deep, there’s a deep reason for it. Getting to pretend to be someone else, stepping out of the shadow of her brilliant parents and alien sister, shucking off expectations and just getting to be Alex, just getting to highlight her brains and her wit and her crafty skills (which, where are those the rest of the year, Maggie wonders, flipping through old photos of past Halloweens), it makes sense. In retrospect, it’s so totally Alex.

It’s nerdy and wonderful and quirky and unexpected and Maggie loves her for it.

And so Maggie gets sucked into it too. She finds herself saying, “oh yeah, that’s my Halloween costume,” but to the most random things, just to make Alex laugh. About a toddler they see in the park wearing rainbow leggings, a tutu, and no shirt (“you’d look great in that,” Alex had murmured into her ear). About a new bottle of scotch. About a weird blob they spend a month investigating and never figure out if it was a body part or an excrement from an alien.

So when James brings wings and mashed potatoes to game night, just for him and Maggie cause they both love pizza but like, they have it a lot, Maggie pays him the highest compliment she can think of. “You’re the best thing I’ve ever seen, James Olson. I should be you for Halloween.”

And Kara and Winn and Lena and James and J’onn and Alex all laugh, and Maggie looks around at them, dumbly, not understanding the joke.

And Alex knows that Maggie has some…issues…with being laughed at when she doesn’t get the joke, so she quickly walks over to her and slips an arm low around her waist and pulls her into her body and drops a kiss on her head. “Babe,” she says, a fond smile pulling her lips, her eyes both laughing and loving, “you can’t be James for Halloween. No one would be able to tell you were wearing a costume.” Maggie looks at her, eyebrows furrowed, she still doesn’t get it.

Kara tries to help, but she’s still so close to laughing. “Like, what would you want to wear, Maggie?”

“Um, I don’t know, like a tight grey long-sleeved henley, too-tight jeans, and maybe a black jacket?” Maggie offers, hesitantly, still not getting the joke.

Alex just waves a hand up and down, indicating Maggie’s body. Maggie follows the motion with her eyes, and starts to laugh too.

She’s wearing a tight grey long-sleeved Henley, too tight dark jeans, and her favorite black leather jacket.

Maggie laughs long and hard, and they all join her.

“Jimmy,” she says, when she has her breath back, still leaning into the warmth and comfort of Alex’s body. “I had no idea we were twinsies all this time.”

“And you call yourself a detective,” Winn mutters.

They have a Halloween pre-party at Kara’s. There’s a big CatCo party they’re all going to later, but they meet up at Kara’s for dinner and drinks beforehand to give Kara and James a fun Halloween before they have to network and be professional at the party.

Since that night, they’d all joked about it incessantly. Would Winn look funnier in a Supergirl costume or a Martian Manhunter suit? If they dressed as each other, would this Halloween prove for once and for all that Maggie and Alex really don’t have separate wardrobes anymore? Would a bowtie of Winn’s even fit around James’ neck? Alex and Maggie furtively text each other under the table when it comes up: will Lena declare her feelings by coming as Supergirl? Or as Kara? Or maybe, Maggie suggests, she’ll do a vertical split half-Kara-half-Supergirl costume to prove she’s known the truth forever.

It’s not like they’ve made a plan or anything, but, on October 31st, they all show up at Kara’s, and they’ve all done it.

It’s James who ends up dressed as Supergirl. He went all in – he’s got a long blonde wig (a very cheap, very terrible one) and the full suit, including the thigh-high boots and the skirt and the tights, which he complains about incessantly. “How do women wear these,” he whines for the third time in as many minutes, “they rip when you touch them! And this skirt is short, like, one good gust of wind and my junk is everywhere.”

Maggie just claps him on the shoulder. “Welcome to the patriarchy, my friend,” she says, taking his beer from his hand and drinking from it herself. “Gender norms are a bitch.”

Alex comes dressed as Winn, with a plaid shirt buttoned all the way up and a clashing patterned bowtie and her hair heavily gelled so it’s slicked back but also puffed up in the front like his. She manages to maintain an endearing but nervous energy all night, pressing her palms to her forehead and running her hands through her hair and saying things like “next level” “jiggery-pokey” and it’s just so Winn. And it’s not her best look aesthetically – Maggie’s into her no matter what she wears, obviously, but she’s ready to see what’s underneath the clothes more than she usually is, but Alex is having so much fun and Maggie loves it.

Maggie herself is dressed as Kara. She’s got a blindingly pink cardigan over a bright yellow work dress with a thin little belt around her waist, and cute black mary jane heels. Her hair is up in bun with little braids threaded through it, and she keeps offering everyone hot lattes and asking about layouts. She refuses to tell anyone where she got the clothes, even Alex. She looks good, objectively, but no one can stop gawking or laughing at her.

J’onn just keeps popping in as other people. First as Cat Grant, nearly giving Kara a heart attack, then as Maxwell Lord, nearly earning himself a punch to the face from Alex, then as Lucy Lane, then as Vasquez, then Eliza. He finally settles into just wearing his own face – J’onn, not Hank – and everyone whines that shapeshifters really shouldn’t be invited to costume parties.

Lena comes as James, wearing, of course, a tight grey henley unbuttoned one button too many, dark jeans (which definitely came from the men’s department, Maggie’s gay brain notes), black suit shoes, and an expensive camera slung across her chest. She’s got her hair pulled back into a low bun on the nape of her neck and she’s not wearing her usual bold makeup. She looks good. And gay. Alex and Maggie exchange a series of eyebrows.

Kara is dressed as Maggie. Skintight high-waisted jeans with a thin black belt through them, a flannel shirt tucked in, black boots, leather jacket. Her hair is down, parted in the middle, and mostly straight, with a few un-Supergirl-like curls in it, and it keeps falling down into her face. She’s got a prop gun tucked into her waistband, and she walks around asking everyone if they’ve seen her girlfriend who is so cool and wonderful and smart and pretty, has anyone seen her, she’s so great? It’s, honestly, pretty spot-on.

And Kara and Maggie have had their issues, so it makes everyone’s heart grow a couple sizes to see that they picked each other for this. It’s cute, and Maggie gets even more why Alex loves this holiday so much.

But the real prize is Winn. He’s dressed as Alex, in full DEO tactical gear. All black catsuit uniform, complete with thigh holster and tactical vest. He stands with his legs set wide, hands on his hips (in a pose most would associate with Supergirl but everyone in the room knows Kara stole from Alex), and threatens to injure everyone with his index finger. He’s parted his hair on the side, and he looks completely ridiculous. The black DEO uniform makes him look skinny and silly and gawky and gangly and young. Of all of them, even Maggie in a pink cardigan, he looks the most like he’s playing dress up. The most like a kid trying on their dad’s suit jacket with their mom’s high heels while still wearing their own footsie pajamas.

And it isn’t until later in the night that Alex looks over at him, squints, and says, “Wait a second, Schott. Hold up. You’re a DEO agent too.”

And one by one, everyone slowly gets it, and they all start to laugh.

“Oh my god,” Maggie says, holding onto Lena so she doesn’t fall over. “Schott, I cannot wait to see you wear that every day to work.”

And it seems like this never occurred to Winn, because he opens his mouth and gapes, and then blushes, and then stammers and stutters, and then squeaks, and takes him about five minutes to be able to mumble, “Shut up.”

And it was the best Halloween ever, but everyone feels a little bad, so, without discussing it, each and every one of them comes to Thanksgiving dressed as Lena.


* Anthony × Reader

* Modern rpf

* 23: Delete that immediately

* 26: Did you enjoy yourself last night?

* Requested by anonymous

* Request: the reader and Anthony did “it” last night and Ramos took a picture of the reader and accidentally posts it on Instagram.

A/N: So it’s super late but here’s an Anthony imagine! Yay! As a sort of warning I guess: Anthony swears a bit. He say shit at least 5 times in 3 paragraphs…besides that, references to sex too obviously. Also it’s kinda short but eh, I think it’s kinda good. But, enjoy!

Word Count: 1,680


You slipped awake in the morning but didn’t move yet. However, your boyfriend did. His arm was draped over your waist and his bare chest against your bare back but he pulled away.  You wanted to protest but that would let him know you were awake, and you weren’t quite ready to function. Until you heard the noise of an iPhone camera shutter and you knew he was not taking a selfie. You knew that your arms would be covering your chest in the picture and the covers, which were down by your waist, was covering everything lower. Still, Anthony did not need a picture like that on his phone.

“Delete that immediately.” You told him. You opened you eyes and smirked as Anthony almost dropped his phone in surprise. He fumbled with it for a moment before finally getting a firm grasp on it. He locked it and looked at you.

“Well good morning.” He said, arms crossed. He had pulled on some sweat pants but no shirt. His curls hung down, the tips barely grazing his shoulders. You sat up, pulling some covers up to cover your chest.

“Seriously Anthony. Delete it.” You told him.

“Fine.” He relented. He scrolled through his phone and deleted the picture. “Here’s proof.” He showed you his phone and the last picture in his camera roll was a picture of you at dinner the night prior. It was your anniversary and had celebrated with dinner. You “celebrated” more at home as well.

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BTS when their son wants to be a Disney Princess


Are you serious? This man child is going to be the PERFECT Prince Charming to his son’s Cinderella. He went through store after store searching for the outfits and while he found his that only requird some embroidery here and there, he had to compromise and find a dress that was larger than his son’s size and alter it home. Seokjin was disappointed greatly in the children’s costume industry. They did not have a proper Cinderella dress selection to choose from. This is why he had to get a larger dress. Becuase they simply did not fit his son right. And he would be damned if his son looked anything but pefect for Halloween. Halloween was a huge deal for his son and therefor a huge deal for Seokjin. Seokjin worked late into the night making adjustment’s to the dress so that it fit his son just right. When Halloween dawned they went hand in hand down the line of houses and made a killing with candy. Luckily no one notices the bandages on a majority of fingers because it turns out hand altering a dress his not as easy as he thought

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“Even though you are a princess it does not mean you get to eat more than 3 pieces of candy!”


Yoongi didn’t show much of a reaction when his 6 year old son suddenly ran up to him with heart eyes holding up the Snow White outfit he found to wear to his classroom Halloween party. He looked it up and down and calmly asked his son if he was sure that was what he wanted because he wasn’t going to buy him a different one if he changes his mind. His son determinedly said he was sure and marched to the checkout person. However when the kid running the cash register asked his son if he realized that he picked up a dress. His son looked at the cashier in confusion a look that was suspiciously similar to Yoongi’s. Of course he knew he got a dress! The cashier rolled his eyes and made a snide remark. But you are a boy! Boys don’t wear dresses! You should go back and pick out something else! Yoongi quickly got PISSED and was ready to murder this asshole but an idea occurred to him and he just smirked at the kid. You know what? You are right. Come on squirt. Let’s go find something else. His son’s eyes welled up with tears but Yoongi quickly picked him up and whispered in his ear. 15 minutes later they are back in line still holding the dress but this time with a proper crown complete with plastic jewels, a wicker basket that looks just like the one in the cartoon, adorable little heeled shoes, and red play lipstick. Yoongi looked at the cashier as if to dare him to say anything. He didn’t. But that didn’t stop Yoongi from calling in and making a warning complaint to the manager.

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“Hello? Yes, you see I just came from your store and spoke with a certain smart mouthed little shit and you should know that the next time I see him…”


You never would of known that Hoseok had a minor freak out when his son excited told him that he wanted to be Ariel for Halloween. Don’t get him wrong it’s not that he had a problem with his son wanting to be a princess but what if the other kids tease him? His son is only 7! His feelings could be hurt and it could affect him for the rest of his life! But none the less he took his son to the costume store and helped him pick out a “tutu” version of Ariel because the traditional one didn’t fit him right. He had to admit his son was adorable dancing around in a purple seashells and bright green tutu and green leggings. He even found the long wig in the proper bright red to go with it! And if anyone asked he of course did NOT follow behind his son at a safe distance to make sure no one said anything. He didn’t have anything to worry about. The kids all loved his son’s costume, the parent’s however… Well the police weren’t called but it was a close thing after Hoseok was done with them.

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“Okay I hear what you are saying but hear me out… If you say that again about my son you will be shitting out my shoe for the next month.”


Namjoon could not of been happier to see his son express himself. So when he came up to Namjoon exclaiming Merida was the bestest pwincess ever! I want to be her for Hawoween! In his adorable little lisp Namjoon found himself spending a bit more than he planned for his Halloween outfit. But come on! His son clearly needed a custom made bow! Merida HAS to have her bow in the cartoon therefor his son must have bow! And okay so he didn’t have to buy the expensive velvet green dress and then pay to have it altered. But the look on his son’s face when he saw himself in the mirror with it on was worth every penny. His son even sat and listened intently on the importance of making choices in your life and how to think carefully before acting. As depicted in the cartoon making a rash and selfish decision could hurt someone else. It did seem to escape his notice that his son was only 5 and fell asleep while Namjoon was starting to explain the mythology of Wil-o-wisps.

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“You see son, they are fascinating creatures that were actually known to lure travelers into the forest to get them lost inste- Oh. Well I suppose it is your nap time…” 


When his son quietly came up to him and sat his lap, Jimin knew that he wanted something. His son took after him completely. He had his sunny personality, his award winning smile, and his love of singing and dancing. He also inherited his small body structure, so when his son shyly asked if he could be Belle for Halloween, Jimin’s heart sank. He didn’t consider himself old fashioned. He was all for the world changing and becoming more accepting but boys wearing dresses… That was not something that was widely accepted and he just couldn’t bring himself to let his little innocent sweet boy deal with bullies. When he calmly explained that No you can not be Belle for Halloween but you can be the Prince! Or even the Beast! Or maybe Chip? And Jimin’s heart broke when he saw his son’s face fall. His son did not argue but instead nodded sadly and walked over to the corner of the room and faced the wall. Why his son just put himself in time out was baffling to Jimin and he did NOT want to think about how it looked like he was punishing himself for something. Maybe Jimin was spending to much time with Namjoon because surely this thing was not that deep and his 7 year old did not have a complex… Jimin agonized over what to do but in the end he decided that his son’s happiness was more important to him than society standards. So when he presented the golden ballgown and pretty plastic heels with a matching adorable little tasseled purse (not necessary but it was just too cute to pass up), his son’s face lit up like the sun and Jimin knew he made the right choice. His son may face bullying in the future but Jimin would be behind him and his choices 100% of the way. 

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“I don’t care what you think. If my son wants to be a princess he will be a princess. You can go find something place dank and horrible to stuff yourself in.”


Taehyung teased Yoongi that his son and Yoongi’s son must of been switched at birth. Who knows?  They were born on the same day…  Because Taehyung’s son slept more than any other kid on earth! Taehyung had heard the horror stories of nap times and bedtimes and was fully prepared with books, songs, and night lights by the time his son was born. But he never had a single problem. In fact he had caught Yoongi napping with Taehyung’s son during play dates. So the irony was not lost on Taehyung when his son runs in screaming about a dress that changes colors and getting a kiss from the prince to break the curse all the while going in circles around the couch. (His son always did wake up with excess energy when he woke up from his naps.) His son came to a skidding halt in front of Taehyung and begged to be Princess Aurora for Halloween. Taehyung dropped his face in his hand for a moment before jumping up and chasing his overactive 9 year old who screeched in terror of the tickle monster. It was at times like these there was no doubt in his mind THIS was his son. After the spontaneous game of tag that was initiated when his son turned and started chasing Taehyung instead of being chased, they sat down in front of the computer. They scrolled through website after website to find the PERFECT dress for his son. Once they decided on a dress that was that shimmery fabric that changed colors as your turn they turned to then find the perfect crown even if son would most likely have the thing broken within a day of wearing it. He took after his Uncle Namjoon in that aspect, it was still the perfect look for Princess Aurora. 

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“I know you are excited to be Princess Aurora but you can’t wear the crown or dress until Halloween because your Uncle Namjoon has rubbed off on you to much and I don’t want the dress spontaneously bursting into flames or anything…”


Jungkook fully blames Seokjin for why his son was wearing a green sheet wrapped around his chest so it flows almost skirt like. I’m Pwincess Tiana! He exclaimed and danced around happily. Not that Jungkook cared about what his son was wearing as long as he was warm in the winter and didn’t get too hot in the summer. But really a bed sheet is not an appropriate dress. So Jungkook let his son pick out a reasonably priced costume dress from a resale website and his son wore it threadbare from all of the times he wore it. It was almost an everyday event where he put on his dress and watched Princess and the Frog which Jungkook knew by heart now.  He admitted that it was adorable when his son sang along. When preschool came around Jungkook tried to convince his son to leave the dress at home because knowing from experience multiple kids in one place normally means something gets broken. But he could not persuade him so in the backpack the dress went. Evidently no one had a problem with son wearing it until late October came around and Jungkook received a phone call from the new Principle. I am sure you were not aware but your son has been seen on multiple occasions wearing a dress. Jungkook was confused. Yes? I know because I pack his bag everyday. Jungkook hears a sigh through the other line. I am sure you think there is no harm in your son wearing a dress but I assure you this will… The woman goes on but Jungkook doesn’t hear her finish her statement because anger fills his ears. How dare she imply his son is wrong to wear what he wants. He catches the last of her montage. Halloween is in three days and I expect to see him in appropriate costume. I know you don’t want your son to grow up to be a deviant to society. He is only 4 so there is time to fix him. Jungkook hung up on her. Rage filled him but he pushed it aside and determination filled him instead. He went online searched for hours until he found exactly what he wanted. He put a rush order on it and when Halloween arrived his son is ecstatic in a brand new Princess Tiana dress… and his father in a green bridesmaids gown. It was the only thing in his size that looked close enough to Princess Tiana. They went to school hand in hand and had the best Halloween party ever. And if Jungkook accidentally spilled the punch on the Principle… well that was of course not on purpose and he defiantly did not smirk at her as she frantically tried to wipe it off her Gucci sweater.

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“No one tells me my son is going to be a deviant just because he wears dresses. My son will grow up to be who the hell he wants and YOU will not affect him at all or else you will not have a happily ever after… Understand?”

Omg I had so much fun writing this react. Like always I can’t escape the plot but I was able to keep them rather short… Well short for me at least. Requests are open so please feel free to send them! 


(Prussia inserting herself into not her reaction: Kids terrify me!)

Some of my actual experiences in musicals/plays that might make good AUs

- you’re the lead in literally every production, and I’m just a freshman in ensemble, so why are you winking at me and calling me “bae”? AU

- we’re doing improv and you’re talking about how there’s some birds loose in your school, but nobody is standing up to help you with this scene and you look very awkward, here let me run towards you shouting “WHO LET MY BIRDS OUT?!” AU

- we’re both auditioning for the same role and I know we’re really good friends but I’m going to take you down AU

- you’re a lead and everyone calls you by a different name and you REFUSE TO TELL ME WHAT YOUR NAME IS so I’m just gonna call you “asshole” AU

- hey we’ve never talked before so now we’re playing love interests how about that AU

- hey we’ve been good friends for years so now we’re playing love interests how about that AU

- I play a police officer and at one point I get to arrest and drag your character offstage and I’m having a little too much fun with it AU

- we’re both in the ensemble and get bored while the leads have their scenes, here let’s come up with dramatic backstories for our characters together AU

- these rehearsals are hella long and you always forget to bring food so I’ll share with you, what do you mean my gluten-free cookies taste like cardboard TAKE IT BACK YOU UNGRATEFUL BRAT au

- QUICK I NEED A ROMEO AND I KNOW YOU KNOW THE LINES— oh you thought I was Juliet? Nah man I’m playing Benvolio, that dude is Juliet AU


- I’m seriously starting to think the drama club is a cult, because we’re doing a “pre-show ritual”…hold up it turns out the ritual is just the hokey-pokey AU


- I’m trying to figure out what the plot of this show is and so far all I’ve figured out is that everyone is a sinner AU

- the set for this show is a very big boat but the wood is always creaking and I fear for my life when I’m on the stairs AU

- before we do a show the cast of this small play stands in a circle and passes a baby doll around in complete silence and if you ask anyone about it they’ll say “what baby doll? we don’t have a baby doll.” AU

- you and I both love running around in the hallways in our costumes and freaking out the janitors AU

- everyone’s singing “Gay or European” before a dress rehearsal and you were getting ready but you run in at the very end wearing your fabulous red dress and scream “FINE OKAY IM GAY” can I please give you a hug AU

- you lost part of your costume and the drama teacher will kill you if you don’t find it so I’ll help you out AU

- “Say it. Say those six words and I’m yours.” “I have hot pants for you.” AU


Trixya highschool au

K - why didn’t you tell me you felt left out? I can’t read your mind you know, I thought you where proud of me being a cheerleader? Aren’t you?

T - of course I’m proud of you! I didn’t say anything because you where having so much fun! And I am just in the way all the time. I will never fit in, I have no talent and I don’t fit the costumes. I’m just the stupid mascot. Everybody loves you…why am I the joke?

K - Trix, you are the most talented and beautiful person I know. I love cheering, but I get panic and anxiety every time we preform. I always have the “what if I fuck this up” thoughts going around my head.
Everybody thinks I’m weird, or dress bad, or whatever…it’s only the people who know me that actually likes me.

T - I didn’t know you felt like that, why haven’t you said anything? We both are such fuck ups haha.

K - I was just worried you would think I was weak or something…

T - Kat, you are the strongest person I know. I would never think that about you.

K - I’m gonna get you on this fucking team ok? I’ll teach you to cheer, you teach me to dance for prom. Do we have a deal?

T - deal