say what you will about the two they were so inseperably close it was just so endearing

Closer To You

Word Count : 2941

You and Lily were making your way towards Divination when four familiar faces came into your view down the hall. Lily groaned and tried to hide her face behind her book while you snickered, picking up the pace just for her sake.

James Potter has been the bane of Lily’s existence ever since he laid eyes on her. He’s been following her around and pestering her for a date every chance he got. It always made you laugh watching Lily stop dead in her tracks and drag you in the other direction the moment she saw him. He just couldn’t get the hint that she just wasn’t interested. No matter how many times he’s tried, he’s always got a no. You had to admit though, it was somewhat endearing that he didn’t just give up after the first time.

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