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Eiffel has accidentally called Minkowski mom more than once. He thinks everyone forgot about it, but it became a running joke. When talking to Minkowski, Lovelace likes to refer to Eiffel as ‘your kid’ or 'the boy’. 

  • Lovelace: Where’s your son got to?
  • Minkowski: Will you please stop calling him that? He’s not my freaking child. I’m only three years older.
  • Lovelace: Well, technically. But has Eiffel ever actually behaved like a 33 year-old?
  • Hera: No, never.
  • Minkowski: Just because he’s a child doesn’t mean he has to be my child though. Why aren’t you or Hera part of this messed-up family metaphor?
  • Lovelace: Okay then, I’ll be… the cool mysterious aunt. What about you Hera?
  • Hera: I can be Eiffel’s genius big sister.
  • Lovelace: Sure, that works.
Why Katsuki Bakugou have an inferiority complex and not a superiority complex – Understand Bakugou’s character [1/?]

The BNHA Wikipedia argues that it’s a superiority complex, however, this is wrong. Bakugou have a mix between an inferiority complex and a superiority complex. And too many people doesn’t see anything than a bully and agressive man when they see Bakugou. He’s more than that, he is the most complex character of all My Hero Academia.

This post is pretty long and might contain spoilers about his relationship with his mother. The spoilers will be announced so you can avoid them.

For anyone who want to understand his character or write something about him, you must understand his psychology and why he does have an inferiority complex instead of a superiority complex. That’s why I invite you to read this post, it’s really important.

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[ i wasn’t expecting this so soon and so i didn’t really prepare for it but

thank you all so much for following!

never would i have thought i’d ever reach anywhere close to 100 followers, especially not in such a short span of time. it’s really a huge milestone for me! i’ll save any sob stories and just say that i really appreciate all of your support and such! it means an awful lot to me!

i’m really not prepared for this but once i’m back home and settled back in i’ll be making a post to thank a handful of particular people, so look out for that i guess! though i’m sure most of you know who you are already

Me: Thinks about how great “know no shame” tattoos are, such a beautiful message in such a short, nice form, and a symbol of a truly lovely otp on top of it. so easily and happily recognizable to the fandom! Perfect mix of real life good message and fandom underlining. All from one cinnamon roll of a man. Beautiful, pure and perfect <3

Also me: Tries to figure out how to fit Silver’s line about guilt on skin in a cool way.

Concerning underdevelopment of zenyuki

Even I’m irritated by the lack of development between Shirayuki and Zen’s interactions. They’ve been together for a long time, you’d think they’d be over the “twice shy” phase of their relationship. They were noticeably more comfortable with each other earlier in the series. So I get what a lot of people are saying. (I also have thoughts about aspects of their relationship that have developed, but really, that’s something separate.)

I guess you could say that as the series progressed, they became less of a #powercouple, which was something I had originally loved about their relationship. This is frustrating since it’s their relationship that first draws you into the story. It’s honestly difficult to picture further development in their relationship, since they are both so caught up in their own lives. They used to be best friends, but now it really is just stolen moments.

That all being said, do I think that Sorata is trying to convey Shirayuki developing romantic feelings for Obi? No. I think people are reading too deeply into a lot of their interactions. But that’s just what I think. As an enthusiastic analyst myself, who am I to tell people that their theorizing may be useless (even if we go about analyzing things differently)? If the time comes when I’m proven wrong about Shirayuki’s feelings though, you’re free to tell me that you told me so. :D

Lastly, I think it’s unfair to suggest that the beginning of Shirayuki’s relationship with Zen was forced. I think it’s hypocritical to vouch for nuance and praise the mangaka for her skill when one ship is shown, but then to say her writing was forced for another. “Sorata has always been a master of nuance,” is what I keep hearing people say. So when the same people say that Zen and Shirayuki’s relationship has always seemed forced, that says something about the writer’s skill (or lack thereof).

Don’t show me Shirayuki’s reaction to Zen’s first kiss and her eventual confession and tell me that “that’s not how someone in love would react”. That suggests something fake about Shirayuki’s character. Her reaction was really a good insight into her character. It showed us that Shirayuki is somewhat disconnected from her feelings and needs to think things through before she understands how she feels. It showed us that she’s very anxious about trying to reach for more than what seems reasonable. It showed us that she’s an overthinker. It showed us that she’s not one to talk other people about emotional problems. All of that insight is relevant in chapters that followed that incident.

Was she “actually in love?” Who can say for sure? That’s a very heavy question. That was probably one of the many things that freaked the hell out of her when she confessed her feelings to Zen! It’s hard to know if you actually have mutual romantic feelings for someone. Shirayuki may or may not have known how she “truly” felt (if you must suggest that her feelings for Zen were forced), but she did know what she wanted. Shirayuki almost always knows what she wants. It’s just a matter of choosing the preferred path.


If your having a bad day, feeling down, or just could take a second to look below the cut please do. 

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Hey, guys.  I know I’ve been gone for a while and honestly ??  That’s what I came here to talk about.  As much as I love Shiro, I just can’t handle the rest of the fandom.  I’m so very sorry to all of the friends I’ve made on here, but I don’t think I’ll be coming back.  I just can’t do it.  There’s just so much negativity and toxicity in this fandom, it’s even ruined characters for me. 

To the friends I’ve made on here, thank you so much for making my short time on here so much fun.  But I’ve, unfortunately, come to realize that being in this community is putting me in a bad place mentally, and that’s something I don’t need.

I will still be a part of the Tumblr RP community, but….just not here, or on any other Voltron blogs.  I’m not going to post my url publicly, but…..if you really want to find me, you’re more than welcome to ask me about it.

If you’d like to keep in contact with me, my discord is space gay✨#4546.

I wish everyone here the best for the future, and I hope you all take good care of yourselves.

All my love,

Silas ♥

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You're my favorite person on Tumblr! Your answers are so thoughtful and kind, truly the best ones I've seen here. I never thought someone could this genuinely good and cool at the same time. Your writing style is amazing, I love all of your stories: they either never fail to make me laugh or to leave me on the edge of my seat (or both of them, most of the times). I feel like you should be reminded of this. You deserve the best, and I hope it comes soon.

This is an absolutely angelic message, anon. I have no idea who you are, but thank you, thank you, thank you! I try to be thoughtful and kind, but I often fall spectacularly short of that mark. We see in others what we have in ourselves… for good and bad. And what you say about me says more about the kind of person you are than the person I am… you’re the kind of person who goes on anon just to make someone feel good. That’s a beautiful thing, and you’re a beautiful person. I’m going to keep working to deserve this message- and you. Hugs, c 

( psa ) under the cut, it’s a bit of a vent as well, word of warning though, please read it until the end if you decide to read this, there’s a twist.

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Lmao. Ok. So I'm pretty sure I just spent like half an hour here trying not to laugh too loudly bc it's 2am and ppl work at 6am but lmao too good too good. 69% of this really would be shit they've said lol. Keep at it!

asdfghjkl well my work here is done lmaooO


times have changed

now, I don’t understand. Supernatural set Castiel up to be a father figure for Claire, right? That was the whole point of Claire’s storyline, to give Cas a sense of his own family etc etc

But then, supernatural also set up Dean as Claire’s father figure? But they didn’t do the same with Sam.

Like, that is something spn did ON PURPOSE.

they literally made Cas and Dean Claire’s dads.