say what you want about the plot of this movie

A white guy’s thoughts on “Get Out” and racism

This weekend, I went to see a horror movie. It got stuck in my head, and now I can’t stop thinking about it—but not for any of the reasons you might think.

The movie was Jordan Peele’s new hit Get Out, which has gotten rave reviews from critics—an incredible 99% on Rotten Tomatoes—and has a lot of people talking about its themes.

First of all, I should tell you that I hate horror movies. As a general rule, I stay far, far away from them, but after everything I’d read, I felt like this was an important film for me to see. This trailer might give you some inkling as to why:

Creepy, huh? You might know writer/director Jordan Peele as part of the comedy duo Key & Peele, known for smartly tackling societal issues through sketch comedy. Get Out is a horror movie, but it’s also a film about race in America, and it’s impressively multilayered.

I left the theater feeling deeply disturbed but glad this movie was made. I can’t say any more without revealing spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the movie yet and you don’t want to have the plot spoiled for you, stop reading now and come back later.

Seriously, this is your last chance before I give away what happens.

Okay, you were warned. Here we go.

Our protagonist is Chris Washington, a young black man who has been dating Rose Armitage, a young white woman, for the last four months. She wants him to meet her family, but he’s hesitant. She acknowledges that her dad can be a little awkward on the subject of race, but assures Chris that he means well.

After unnerving encounters with a deer (echoes of The Invitation) and a racist cop, Chris and Rose arrive at the Armitages’ estate. On the surface, the Armitages are very friendly, but the conversation (brilliantly scripted by Peele) includes a lot of the little, everyday, get-under-your-skin moments of racism that people of color have to contend with: Rose’s dad going on about how he voted for Obama, for instance, and asking how long “this thang” has been going on. Chris laughs it off to be polite, though he clearly feels uncomfortable.

There’s a fantastic moment here, by the way, when Rose’s dad offhandedly mentions that they had to close off the basement because of “black mold.” In the midst of the racially charged atmosphere of the conversation, it’s nearly impossible not to take this as a racial remark, and Chris certainly notices, but what could he possibly say about it? Black mold is a real thing; his girlfriend would surely think he was crazy and oversensitive if he said it sounded racist. Chris never reacts to the remark, but that one tiny moment is a reminder to the audience of a real problem people of color often face, when racism can’t be called out without being accused of “playing the race card” or seeing things that aren’t there. (Incidentally, it turns out that the basement is actually used for molding of a different sort.)

There are other reasons for Chris to be unsettled: The only other black people on the estate are two servants, Georgina and Walter (Rose’s dad says he knows how bad it looks, but that it’s not what it seems), and something is clearly “off” about them. Later, more white people show up—and one more black character, and he, too, feels “off.”

By the end of the film, we learn the horrible secret: Rose’s family is kidnapping and luring black people to their estate, where they’re being hypnotized and psychologically trapped inside themselves—Rose’s mom calls it “the sunken place”—so that old or disabled white people’s consciousnesses can be transplanted into their bodies. The white people are then able to move about, controlling their new black bodies, with the black person’s consciousness along for the ride as a mere “passenger.” In a shocking twist, it turns out that even apparently-sweet Rose is in on the plot, and Chris must fight her and the rest of her family to escape.

This isn’t a “white people are evil” film, although it may sound that way at first, but it is a film about racism. I know many of my friends of color will connect with this movie in a way I can’t, so I won’t try to say what I think they’ll get out of it. I do want to say how I connected with it, though, because I think what Jordan Peele has done here is really important for white audiences. 

If you look beyond the surface horror-movie plot, this film actually gives white people a tiny peek at the reality of racism—not the epithet-shouting neo-Nazi kind of racism that white people normally imagine when we hear “racism,” but the “Oh it’s so nice to meet you; I voted for Obama” kind of racism, the subtle othering that expects people of color to smile and get along and adopt white culture as their own whenever they’re around white people.

So many of the moments in Get Out are clearly intended to work on multiple levels. When Chris confronts Georgina about something being wrong and she smiles and says, “No, no no no no no,” with tears streaming down her cheeks, the symbolism is blatant. How often do people of color have to ignore the subtle indignities they face and hide their true emotions in order to avoid coming across as, for example, “the angry black woman/man”? How many times do they find themselves in social situations—even with their closest white friends!—where people make little comments tying them to an “exotic,” supposedly monolithic culture, where they have to respond with a smile and a laugh instead of telling people how stupid and offensive they’re being? 

I can’t tell you the number of these stories I’ve heard from my friends, and I’m quite sure that the stories I’ve heard are only a tiny fraction of the stories that could be told. So there’s something in that moment that speaks volumes about the experiences of people of color in America.

The same is true for so many other moments. The black characters Chris meets at the Armitages’ have all symbolically given up their identities and conformed to white culture; when Chris meets one character, he turns out to be going under a new name, with new clothes and new mannerisms; when Chris offers him a fist bump, he tries to shake Chris’s fist. Again, within the story, there’s an explanation for all this, but every moment here is also about assimilation and culture differences. 

For me as a white audience member, all of these moments did something remarkable: They showed me my own culture—a culture I’m often blissfully unaware of because it’s all around me—as something alien. They reminded me that I, too, have a culture, and that expecting everyone else to assimilate to my culture is just as much an erasing of their identities as it would be to expect me to assimilate to someone else’s culture.

And that’s a big part of what Get Out is about—the erasing of identities, and the power of racism to destroy people. I think it’s really significant that racism is portrayed here very differently from how it’s normally portrayed in movies written by white people. In most Hollywood movies, you know a character is racist because they shout racial epithets or make blatant statements about a certain race’s inferiority. That allows white audiences to say, “I would never do/say that, so I’m not racist!” We really don’t want to think we are.

But notice something important about Get Out’s treatment of racism: This is a film about the literal enslavement of black people—racism doesn’t get more extreme than that—and yet Peele doesn’t go for the obvious by having the white characters admit that they think black people are inferior; instead, they subjugate and dehumanize people by claiming to admire things about them. They turn them into fashion accessories. 

When Chris asks why only black people are being targeted for this procedure, the response is telling: It’s not (supposedly) because the white characters think African Americans are bad, but rather, because they like certain things about them and they want “a change” for themselves. They want to become black—it’s trendy, we’re told!—but without having had any of the actual life experiences or history of African Americans. White people need to see this: to experience the ways in which Chris is othered by people who tell him all the things they like about him—isn’t he strong? Look at those muscles! Does he play golf like Tiger Woods? And he must be well-endowed and have such sexual prowess, right, Rose?

The white people in the audience need to be reminded that just because you’re saying positive things about someone doesn’t mean you’re not being racist, that turning someone into an exotic “other” may not be the same as shouting an epithet, but it’s still taking away someone’s identity and treating them as a commodity.

The film is filled with these kinds of moments. When we realize that Rose’s white grandmother has inhabited the body of Georgina, the fact that she keeps touching her own hair and admiring herself in the mirror takes on a whole new level of significance. (White people, please don’t ask to touch your black friends’ hair.) When Chris connects with a dying deer on the side of the road and later sees a deer head mounted on the wall at the Armitages’ estate, the symbolism is hard to miss. Black people are being turned into trophies in this house. And, oh yeah, they’re being literally auctioned off—as they were in real life in the not-too-distant past.

One day, I’d like to see the film again to pick up on all the ways things read differently the second time through. I noticed several things in retrospect that gain new significance once you know the ending, and I’m sure there’s a lot I didn’t notice. For example, Rose’s dad says he hired Walter and Georgina to care for his parents, and when his parents died, “I couldn’t bear to let them go.” The first time you see the film, it sounds like the “them” is Walter and Georgina. But in retrospect, it’s clear the “them” he couldn’t bear to let go was his parents, so he sacrificed Walter and Georgina for them. Which, again, is an example of how the supposed care of the white characters for the black characters (his care for Walter and Georgina, Rose’s care for Chris) is really all about caring for themselves and treating the black characters as completely interchangeable objects.

The message of the film isn’t simply that the black characters are “good” and the white characters are “bad.” There are presumably—hopefully—many good white people in the world of this film, and many others who wouldn’t do what the Armitages are doing but also probably wouldn’t believe Chris or make the effort to stop it. Peele’s mother and wife are both white, so he’s clearly not trying to paint all white people as villains. 

But I admit, as a white guy, I really, really wanted Rose to be good. I’ve been the white person in an interracial relationship introducing my black boyfriend to my family. I’ve been that. So I related to Rose, and I really wanted to believe that she was well-intentioned and just oblivious; even though she misses the mark on several occasions, there are times that she seems like she gets it and she really does listen to Chris. When a cop asks to see Chris’s ID early in the film even though he wasn’t driving, Rose stands up against the obvious racism, showing us all what it looks like for white people to do the right thing. “That was hot,” Chris says to her later, and I thought, yeah, that’s who I want to be.

So I have to admit, it was really upsetting to me to see Rose, the only good white character left in the film, turn out to be evil. But I realized that part of that is that I really wanted her to represent me, and that’s really the point. Just think how often horror films have only one black character who dies early on, and how many films of all genres have no significant black characters for audience members to look up to or identify with. I think it’s really important for white audiences to experience that.

As I’ve reflected on the film, it seems to me like there are three kinds of popular movies about people of color. There are those that feature POC characters that are essentially indistinguishable from the white characters—as if they just decided to cast Morgan Freeman instead of Tom Hanks without giving any thought to the character’s race. Then there are the movies that deal with racism, but in a way that allows white people to feel good about ourselves, because we’re not like the characters in the film. (This is especially true for movies about racism in the past; some of them are very important films, like Hidden Figures, which I loved, but we need to be aware that it’s still easy for white America to treat it as a feel-good film and think that we’re off the hook because we no longer have separate restrooms.) And finally, there are movies that focus more directly on the lives of people of color but tend to draw largely audiences of color; not many white people go see them, because we think they’re not “for us” (even though we assume films about white people are for everyone).

Get Out isn’t any of those. It’s drawing a broad audience but it’s not afraid to make white people uncomfortable. And if you can give me, a white guy, a chance to have even a momentary fraction of an experience of the real-life, modern-day, casual racism facing people of color in America, I think that’s a very good thing.

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your neighbor aus are so cute!! can you do jun, jeonghan, and hansol please??

aww thank you!! sure, ill also add in dino to complete the neighbor!17 series ~

joshua, mingyu & seungkwan can be found (here) ~
wonwoo, hoshi & seungcheol can be found (here) ~
seokmin, woozi & minghao can be found (here) !~ 


  • you’re pretty sure you saw him in a movie once, but you’re not a hundred percent sure. everyone in the building is sure they’ve seen him on tv,,,,but was it a movie? a commercial? a show? no one ever truly finds out,,,,,
  • sometimes every1 is like “he looks too rich to be living here”
  • but tbh jun loves the attention like he won’t admit it outloud but please,,,,,,,he probably poses in the elevator ever so subtly and everyone is like oh my look at how handsome and in jun’s head he’s like ‘mhm this is my angle take it all in, i look great from a 45 degree tilt to the left’
  • jun is doing the most basically 
  • model walks in his plaid pajama bottoms and flip flops, bends and snaps when he throws out the garbage. you will nEVER catch him off guard
  • his apartment is pretty cool though because jun is the type to splurge. so like big TV,,,expensive blankets,,,,,,,probably one of those glass coffee tables that are super fancy and jun doesn’t even know he has expensive tastes it’s just like second nature to him 
  • oh and he has mirrors
  • like a lot of them
  • when will any of us reach this level of Self Confidence t b h
  • and you’re like pretty familiar with jun because photography is your hobby and he’s always asking you if you guys bump into each other if you can ever help him take some headshots since he wants to try out for modeling
  • like you always agree but halfheartedly because you’re not sure if you want to work with someone,,,,,,,,,,as high maintenance as he seems
  • but one day you get caught by jun coming back from the park where you took some photos and he’s like are you free now??? and you’re like mIGht as well get it over with,,,,,,,,,
  • so you tell him yes and that he should come over since you have some lighting equipment @ your place
  • and jun,,,,you notice as you’re setting up is a little fidgety. like he keeps looking at his reflection in his phone and biting back his lip and you’re like ???? i thought he was like super confident about his looks but he seems,,,,nervous 
  • and you’re like “are you ok?” and jun snaps out of it and desperately seems to try and hide his feelings with a sly looking grin and he’s like “of course~!”
  • and you ask him to sit and face forward and,,,,,he does but then he like tilts his head a bit and you’re like “i need you to look straight if you want me to get a good shot” and he’s like oh! sorry
  • and he does it but you can see his eyes flashing worry and you’re like “,,,,hey are you really ok?”
  • and jun laughs, again obviously hiding what he’s really feeling and he’s like “fine! i just don’t think i look too great if you see all of my face like this”
  • and you damn near drop your camera because what the HELL is he talking about and you even say it, like literally, you’re like what the hell are you talking about
  • and jun scratches the back of his neck and tries to wave it off but he’s like “i look the worst from the front, my angle and profile is way be-”
  • and you’re like picking your camera back up and you’re like “you look like a handsome actor up front, don’t even say something like that.” and jun looks at the lense and you snap a couple of photos then go over to show him 
  • and you’re like “look at your jaw, and your skin??? it’s a gorgeous color, softly tan,,,,and your eyes are so strong and distinctive?? your nose is like the perfect size! you don’t even need touch ups - you’re naturally stunning.”
  • and you don’t notice it but jun is looking up at you and his smile turns into a bit of a smirk and he’s like “you think im stunning?” 
  • and you’re like yes!! and his smirk gets bigger and he’s like “i think you’re pretty stunning too-”
  • and you’re like me???? what- but then you catch the smirk from the corner of your eye and you like playfully push his shoulder and tell him not tease
  • but jun shrugs and he’s like “what, it’s true. you’re very nice to look at too.”
  • and you brush it off, hiding your face behind your camera as you get ready to take more photos of him
  • but you know,,,,,,turns out he isn’t all that high maintenance,,,,,,,tbh he listens really well to you and you get a lot of shots
  • and as you’re both looking at them you feel jun’s hand sneak around your shoulder,,,,his body closer to yours but like,,,,,,,you don’t mind,,,,,,,i mean,,,,,,,,,,,,,who would mind lbr
  • jun insists that he should pay you back for taking his photo and you’re like it’s fine and then he’s like ‘ok, then let me just take you out on a date because i really really want to.’ and you’re like DONT joke about that but jun’s like im not joking????? let’s go on a date??? gorgeous people need to stick together you know~~~~


  • the neighbors call him ‘the perfect son-in-law’
  • because they want all their daughters to get married to him because he seems like the perfect man: good looks, good manners, good brains like WOW the whole damn package
  • and jeonghan is always so humble and modest about the nickname he’s like “marriage? oh im not ready” or “im nothing compared to your daughter”
  • (but in reality he’s just like lol please leave me alone i want to go home and take a nap. he’s just,,,,not saying that because that would be rude LOL)
  • he’s always really soft looking. like he never leaves the house with bed head, owns many warm looking sweaters, always reading some classic literature and seemingly listening to au clair de la lune 
  • just a real live fairy human,,,,angel,,,,,,,glowing force of beauty?
  • and his apartment is the same. like fight me on this but jeonghan would have some dried flowers hanging on his walls, paintings by like monet, a fuzzy white carpet, and like vintage looking furniture you’d feel like you were in a story book
  • and he like even set up a little corner of his apartment with a drawing easel,,,,,,,,like im talking instagram level aesthetic here
  • collects like ,,,, idk,,,,,,, little glass statues or something like bare with me it’s just so pretty because he’s so pretty
  • and you know him (how could you not) because every time you two leave at the same time he smiles kindly at you and you’re just like wow. this day? blessed
  • but one day you’re coming home and you’re in the wORST mood because of work/school plus you got soaked in the rain since your bus came late and you get into the elevator with jeonghan who smiles at you but you can’t even bring yourself to feel the usual happiness you do when he does that
  • and the elevator ride is slow up but then suddenly you feel something warm on your wet shirt
  • and it’s jeonghan putting his cardigan around your shoulders and he’s like “you can catch a cold walking around like that.”
  • and like holy shit an angel just touched you but also you’re like ,,,,, i,,,,,,i can’t take this from you
  • but jeonghan is like don’t worry, also make some tea when you get inside.
  • and you both split ways when the elevator door opens and you’re inside your apartment looking down at the cardigan in your hands and you’re like ?!?!?!?!?! what,,,,just,,,,,,happened
  • and the next morning you plan to return it but before you do you close the door and see a note stuck to the front and it reads ‘keep the cardigan. i hope you don’t get sick.’ and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,, am i dreaming
  • but you hear another door unlock and you look over to see jeonghan again and you have no clue what to say because the most beautiful person on earth is being so sweet to you
  • and he smiles again when he meets your gaze and he’s like “glad you’re not sick” and you’re like “um,,,,thank,,,thank you for worrying about me?” and jeonghan shrugs and he’s like 
  • “ive always worried about you, you come home looking tired and i hope you’re not overdoing it.” and you can’t help but want to like d i e because,,,,w h a t,,,, he’s been worrying about you???? what kind of romance movie plot,,,,,
  • but then jeonghan leans a little closer and he’s like “if you feel sick, knock on my door. i have some medicine and ginger my mother sent over.” and you’re like ,,,,o,,,,,okay,,,,,,,
  • and jeonghan touches your cheek softly and heads for the stairs 
  • and you’re like am i imagining things or is,,,, ‘the perfect son in-law’ interested in me,,,,,,,
  • but no you’re not imagining things because jeonghan stops midway down the stairs and is like leaning against the wall because he’s happy you’re not sick but gOD he really just invited you over,,,,,,to his house,,,,the neighbor he’s liked for so long,,,,,,,,,,,,


  • tries to act cool and independent but always has to call over someone to kill any bugs he finds in his house
  • he’s got really bad luck because while he tries to look aloof and grown up he ends up tripping over things or walking into walls or getting himself stuck between the elevator doors and ,,,,,,,,, everyone in the building is like “he’s such a cute kid!” and vernon is like im NOT a kid,,,,,,,,,,,
  • but c’mon he once screamed because he thought the shadow of the neighborhood cat was a ghost
  • but this unconscious dorkiness is what makes him so lovable and everyone’s always asking him to say something in english and vernon is like “good morning” and everyone’s like WOW SKILL TALENT
  • the type to ride a scooter everywhere,,,,,,,,seungcheol passes by on his bike and is like ??? and vernon is like “scooters are the new Aesthetic”
  • has one of those cool beds that’s like a bunkbed but the top is the bed and the bottom is a desk area 
  • and he’s bought a lot of composing equipment and he has a collection of headphones and other cool things that pertain to music all around his apartment
  • and it isn’t that messy, but it’s all in dark tones like his little sister visits and always insists that vernon change his bed sheets from grey to like yellow and vernon is like ‘im a cool guy, cool guys don’t have yellow sheets’ and his sister is like uh huh ok
  • you actually don’t know vernon that well, but you know his sister because you work part-time at a grocery around the block from your building and when she visits vernon she always stops by to get food and complain a bit about how brother n EVER eats actual meals
  • and you think she’s the most adorable girl on this side of the planet so you always sneak in free ice-cream or candy for her 
  • and as you’re getting home from your shift one day, the elevator opens and there’s vernon and his sister and once she sees you she’s like !!!!!!! and drags vernon over to you and she’s like 
  • “i didn’t know you lived here too!!! this is the brother im always talking about, are you guys friends???” and you and vernon are both embarrassingly like not really,,,
  • and his sister pouts and she’s like “when im not around, can you take care of him for me? im worried he’s not getting enough sun and -”
  • and vernon coughs because sOFIA you’re embarrassing,,,,,me,,,,,
  • but you’re like “ok, i will!! good neighbors take care of each other ^^”
  • and vernon kind of tries hard to keep from turning pink when you ask if that’s ok with him and he’s like ,,,,,, sure anything to calm down my sister
  • and it’s funny because sofia is looking between you and vernon and she’s like 
  • “you’d look cute together you know, my brother is single-”
  • and vernon is like OOOO KA ay,,,,,,time to go nice talking to you neighbor bye bye
  • and you watch as he like dashes off and he’s like c’mon sofia but she stays back a bit and leans over like 
  • “i think he’s shy,,,,,he’s like that. but it’s a good sign, i think he’s interested too~~”
  • and you’re like oh my,,,,,,,
  • but also can you believe sofia. the real matchmaker mvp 


  • get mistaken for someone who doesn’t live alone, but who still lives with their parents because what???? you can afford to pay rent on your own?????
  • but tbh he’s quite independent, and a quick learner like ask any of the other seventeen neighbors who self taught themselves to make chicken tenders from scratch??? no one. except dino who learned from the nice grandma down the hall
  • sometimes gets in trouble for playing music too loud but he’s too cute for any1 to stay mad at for 2 long
  • can be spotted playing tag with the younger kids if their parents have to go get groceries or something, he gets a side job as a babysitter sometimes because kids love him???? he’s so good with them because he has so much energy??
  • his own apartment is a lot like him, it’s colorful and the most important thing is his speakers that are the only thing he keeps relatively clean. his desk is littered with clothes and notebooks and candy wrappers from late night snacks
  • has photos of his parents performances up on his wall and in his closet he has it separated into : dance costumes and normal clothes 
  • all his refrigerator magnets are in the shape of dinos,,,how cute
  • he practices dancing by himself late into the night so a lot of the time he ends up getting hungry and ordering pizza on a whim and,,,,,one day he gets a pizza but it’s like???? an extra large size because the orders got screwed up and dino is like: i cannot. finish this
  • and he considers calling vacuum cleaner hyung (minghao + mingyu) but it’s late so instead he’s like “maybe the neighbor will want some!!!”
  • that neighbor is you,,,,,he’s also up doing some late night work and when you hear the doorbell you’re like ?????? it’s 1 in the morning,,,,,is it a robber??? and you grab a nearby pot just in case but when you open the door slowly
  • you just see dino,,,,,with his kindhearted smile and a plate stacked with??? pizza slices
  • and he’s like “i don’t know if you like pizza, but i have a lot left over and i thought if you were awake you’d like some !!!” and he grins and puts out the plate and you’re like ???? but also,,,,,,,,pizza for FREE,,,,,,,yum yum
  • and you gladly accept and dino is like happy because he’s made you happy and for a second you two stand there a bit awkwardly and you’re like “do you want to come in?” and dino is like “well,,,,it’s late but we never properly introduced ourselves as neighbors so??”
  • and you’re like it’s fine come in sorry for the mess and you go over to your kitchen, dino following behind and you’re like “so why are you up at this ungodly hour?” and dino is like “im practicing!! i dance~” and you’re like OOOO show me 
  • and dino clears your sofa a bit and starts busting out all these cool moves and you’re eating pizza and clapping and you’re like encore!!! as a silly joke but he really does start doing another routine
  • and you’re like holy hell i never knew i lived next door to such a talented person!! 
  • and dino blushes red and he’s like “im still practicing, it’s just a hobby for now,,,,” but you’re like “seriously, you could be a PRO, you should try becoming an idol?”
  • and dino is like wHA,,,, i could NEVER and you’re like “you’d do great!! you’re a nice person, you dance well, and you’re cute!” and the word cute just makes dino scrunch up his nose,,,,,but he likes it and he’s like 
  • “maybe ill look around for some auditions!!” and you set down the pizza to give him a thumbs up and you’re like “once you become an idol, ill be your number one fan - i promise~” and dino is like alsfgkfsdkh don’t say that that’s so cheesy
  • but you’re like “you know what’s really cheesy? this FREE PIZZA”
  • dino: “good pun!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • you: “i know right!!!!!!”
  • you’re both laughing so damn hard you accidentally wake the other neighbors LOL 

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Was anyone expecting anything different when Disney took over? People like Kennedy don't actually care for the Star Wars universe or what the fans want. Just about how to bring in the most $$$. And that's exactly the reason why TFA played it safe by rehashing old ideas.

For all the criticism I give Disney, I feel it’s only fair that I also argue from their perspective in the situation regarding the show.

Another reason for its cancellation aside from it being a very expensive production venture is stated by Pablo Hidalgo on Twitter in 2016: [x]

Big factor in the show’s ultimate fate. It’s intended audience stopped watching. Kids aged out, new kids didn’t come

Basically, viewership ratings were going down at the time. It wasn’t until the show was added to Netflix that you had older viewers revisit or discover the show anew that interest heightened again.

In addition, the content was beginning to grow more mature and dark that would not be as suitable or appropriate for the younger audiences that are targeted on DisneyXD.

I have to say that with all these details stacked against the show, I can understand why Disney cancelled the show.  However, with the renewed interest in Star Wars and The Clone Wars, it’s all the more reason for the show and its stories to return in some form.

It’s a matter of showing that this is a financial venture worth exploring. That’s why demonstrating a strong following is important.

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HOLY CRAP IT IS FINALLY HERE! Let me tell you, I have been anticipating this film since it was announced that Javier would be playing the villain back in 2015. I have tracked it, followed it, and kept an eye on it for two years straight now… and now I’ve seen it! So, was it good?

Let’s start with the pros of this film, because there are quite a few!

- The CGI in this film was absolutely incredible. It was groundbreaking. The ships looked amazing, the open waters were beautiful, the creatures in the film looked awesome, and of course, Capitan Salazar’s CG hair looked seamless. No complaints there.

- The acting in this film was great. Johnny Depp was as usual, fantastic in his role of Captain Jack Sparrow, and he was hilarious as usual. I was fortunate to see the film in a rather packed IMAX theater, and the crowd loved Jack and his humor. The new cast members were great, as well. Though personally, I found Henry to be the better of the two new young faces. He had a more compelling motivation, and was a better actor than Kaya, I thought. Javier Bardem as Capitan Armando Salazar was fantastic, though I expected nothing less. He was menacing, terrifying, unpredictable, and still carried a bit of that Javier charm that he adds to every role. Loved it. Best part of the movie.

- Capitan Salazar is a pro in himself. He was a fantastic villain whom you really understood and even could empathize with. However, I do have one complaint about the character that I will address further down.

- This film did a great job at really recapturing that sense of adventure that some of the other films lacked. It was amazing to hear that iconic Pirates score and watch Jack Sparrow try and escape his ill-fortune once again. For that, I commend the filmmakers a job well done.

- The score in this film is fantastic as well. Though it isn’t Hans Zimmer this time around, the new composer did a fantastic job. There were several moments in the film where the music was just breathtaking, AND THE SCORE WHEN THE CREDITS ARE ROLLING WAS AMAZING. If anyone knows the title of that track, I would appreciate the info!

Let’s get to some cons, because there are a few things that did bother me a little.

- The new characters were not very compelling. In particular, I found that I really didn’t care at all about Carina, even though there is a major plot reveal in the film that ties in with her. I found that her acting was okay, but she in herself lacked a bit. Her motivation for searching for the Trident wasn’t quite strong enough and kind of got lost in the storyline.

- Which reminds me… in the middle of the film, the plot gets a bit convoluted. You have Barbossa’s ships, Salazar’s ship, the British Navy’s ships, and Jack’s ship, and they are all pretty much chasing after each other. I could have done without the British Navy subplot, though they and their ship did suffer a pretty awesome fate. But the film did kind of jump around a lot, and at times it was difficult to keep up.

- Captain Salazar. NOW HOLD UP. YOU KNOW I HAVE NOTHING BAD TO SAY ABOUT JAVS OR HIS BADASS GHOST VILLAIN, so take a breath. My con, is that once again, I felt like Javier’s villain was a bit underutilized. We see him quite a bit, and his presence in the film is the central plot point that keeps the characters moving to their destination. His character is what keeps that sense of urgency present throughout the movie. However, I wanted more. Better yet, I wanted to see Salazar come up with some sort of plan or strategy. I just needed more Salazar overall, as he was my favorite part of the movie.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is not a perfect film, nor was it ever supposed to be. I think that that is where many critics get lost. They expect every damn movie they see to be the greatest thing ever. No. Take it for what it is, Pirates 5 is a fun, entertaining adventure film that will make you laugh, cry, and feel everything in between. It may not be the best adventure film ever, but it has a lot of heart, and it shows.

My score 8/10

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you must be so tired of these questions but I NEED to know so I have to ask, from one willabeth lover to another, are Will and Elizabeth together at the end of the movie? are they a couple at the end of it all? I'm too anxious to listen to the youtube video lol and I don't want to spoil the whole plot for myself you know but I have got to know where they stand at the end, even if it means knowing one of them is dead or whatever. Thank you and sorry to bother ya <3

Not a problem! I totally get what you mean because there were a couple of things I wish I hadn’t heard in the video, lol.

I’ll try and summarize everything I remember him saying about Will/Elizabeth/Henry because it all links together and I’m a very detailed, thorough person. I’ll bold their names though so you can skip through it if you want since this is probably gonna mention some other plot points. Under the cut, so it isn’t spoiled for anyone and everyone :)

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Warm Me Up Part 4

Click Here for Ch. 1

Click Here for Ch. 2

Click Here for Ch. 3

Ever since they’d gone to get Sonic, Nico seemed a bit distant. He would talk to Will if he saw him, but he’d find a reason to leave. At first he didn’t mind. They were plausible reasons. He had to get his homework before his next class, or he needed to get his charger, or even because there was a show about to come on that he loved.

It wasn’t until he’d run into him while he was smoking that he realized it was on purpose.

He saw Nico at a table outside. He’d just sat down and he was pulling out a carton of cigarettes. He was alone, not really looking at anything in particular. He didn’t have a book or a laptop or any form of homework. It was just Nico in his leather jacket and scuffed boots with a newly lit cigarette pressed against his lips.

He walked over and nudged his shoulder. Nico looked up at him and offered a smile. “Hey,” he greeted.

“Hey. I thought you were trying to quit?”

Nico let out a long stream of smoke, away from Will and shrugged. “I am. Today’s a cheat day.” Will hummed. “Baby steps,” he shrugged.

He scratched his head and took a deep breath. Will nodded and figured he had no right to tell him how to quit. “Well, hey, I was going to watch that new movie that just came out, the one with the obsessed boyfriend or something. Did you want to go with me?”

Brown eyes, so dark they looked like onyx, flickered up to him. He furrowed his eyebrows slightly and sniffed. “I have an essay due online, I can’t. But thanks.” He flicked his cigarette then put it out on the ash tray. “I think I should work on that. I’ve been procrastinating here for a few hours already.”  

Will raised his eyebrows and clenched his jaw. He only hummed. The lie hurt, and it made him wonder what other lies Nico might have told him. The worst part was that Will knew he would’ve believed him if he hadn’t seen Nico walking and sitting down no more than ten minutes ago. And he’d put out a new cigarette just to get away.

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To the Four of Us (Part Seven)

premise: modern AU chronicling the squad as they make their way through college and deal with general life things. 

words: 2,356

warnings: swears! drinking!​ 

a/n: at least this chapter isnt going up at 4am tonight lol. ft. hoe!john (who i loVE with all my heart guys protect him) and good friend herc. also, LEX (!!!).

all chapters: x

tags: @heythereitsloey@anitheunicorn@newyorkyoucanbeanew@lafbagxette 

soundtrack song: Thank You - Simple Plan ((bc aNGST))

full soundtrack: x

please like/reblog if you enjoyed it (OR if you didn’t message me; i’m always looking for ways to improve)!!! 

also, message me if you want me to tag you so you get notifications when I update!! it’s super easy and gr8

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how Disney finally got it right with Moana, a post by me

well, it took the better part of a century, but with Moana, Disney appears to have, at long last, created the quintessential ur-text of what’s required of a princess movie

disclaimer: i’m an east coast Jewish girl, so any claims one way or another about the depictions of Pacific Islander culture are way out of my lane. would love to hear the thoughts of any Polynesian followers!

thoughts under the cut, to protect from spoilers

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also say what you want about harley and the joker but in no other movie will you find a main couple where the man’s storyline revolves solely around the woman’s. the joker’s most significant interactions were with harley. his most important relationship was with harley. his entire plot is tied to harley. meanwhile harley’s got her own shit going on, she’s got important relationships with other characters, she’s off saving the mother fucking world. i could not be happier with this.

I recently passed the 100 followers milestone, which wow it’s a miracle all by itself, so I decided to celebrate this joyous event with a thank you post. I adore all of you and I am so grateful for your support, you have no idea. This fandom is so great and you all have made me feel at home. So here’s a little list of people who have been ultra nice to me:

First of all, my wonderful followers who are a bit shy to come out of anon but that still manage to make me smile every single time they ask a question because damn you are a wild bunch but I wouldn’t want it to be any other way. You make my day every time you send something in and I will always be thankful for the little interactions.

                              ~ : My Partners In Crime : ~

@ice-daddy-vitya: the first person to come up to me and welcome me into this madness. I am forever thankful for that and all the crazy bits and pieces that we have come up together. You really bring out the most ridiculous part of my muse and that is simply awesome.

@softbeka:Sweet, sweet, sweet! Lovable and a soft and cuddly Otabek and my Yuri just wants to squish and cuddle and… other things, but that’s beside the point here. My point is that I love how you can come up with ways of surprising both my muse and me, and how our threads can get outrageously sweet and spicy at the same time. It’s like making candy!

@otabangbang: What can I say? You complete me? That’s too 90s movie, but it pretty much goes about it all. Your Beka is awesome and can handle my muse so easily, it’s incredible. I love our threads and how they get plot twists even without us planning anything beforehand. 

                                       ~: The Wild Gang : ~

@goldenbeka@anxious-katsudon, @mystique1400, @yurioplisetsky1304: You all have made my stay here all the more lovely. Your questions, your interactions, your muses and your messages ooc. Thank you, really, for making me feel at ease.

And finally for something a bit different: 

                                         ~ : The Regulars : ~

@theholmesalone, @theniftycat, @glacialispictorem:these three right here, these three persons are entire constellations bottled up and shown in human disguise. These three, even when they may not follow every single crazy rp blog I create (because seriously that would be wicked) have been there for me for a very long time and I am simply grateful to life that we crossed paths. Wonderful people, seeing them in my dashboard always makes my days a bit brighter even when I am feeling down. You motivate me to be a better person, if only to try and return something from what you have given me.

So there you have it! I have nothing more to say than to thank each and every single person who has taken the time to interact with me and my muse, you’ve really made the short time I’ve had this blog a blast and I look forward to all the new things the future holds for us.

Love you all,

~ Abril

I didn’t want to see Collateral Beauty. It looked like slushy, glurgy Oscar bait. The trailer shows Will Smith (after the death of his daughter) writing letters to Death, Love, and Time, who then show up and start talking to him about his grief.

But then I found out what the movie is ACTUALLY about. The trailers LIED to you. HARD.

I won’t spoil the plot here, but suffice it to say it is a MASSIVE trainwreck. After hearing a detailed review of this movie, I knew I HAD to see it. I also wanted to take someone along who had only seen the trailers so that I could watch their reactions over the course of the movie.

Within five minutes, they were ticked off. By the end, they were shouting, “WHAT?!” at the screen as the credits rolled. And alllll the laughter I had been holding in until that point came flooding out.

This is one of the GREATEST movie-going experiences I have ever had in my LIFE.

anonymous asked:

question: why are people so nitpicky about certain subplots/story arcs being left out of the movies? like when people say "i was so disappointed when they left out the marauders story" it doesnt really make any sense because if you've already read the book loads of times and know what's going to happen why do you need the story to be explained to you a second time? jw

Hello and welcome! :)

I could be wrong here, but having re-read a book multiple times generally makes people want to see their favorite scenes depicted on-screen more, not less.

why do you need the story to be explained to you 

The way you have phrased this gets quite wonderfully at the heart of the issue. We fans of the books don’t need anything explained to us at all. The people who ‘need the story to be explained’ are the moviegoers who know zilch about the book going in, for whom a badly-explained plot will consequently result in the movie making no sense.

Book fans are left disappointed, non-book fans are left confused, and the lot of us are left to be, as you say, nitpicky here on Tumblr.


How F&F9 Should Start

4th of July seems like a good day to share with all of you what I emailed a friend in April about how the next Fast and the Furious movie should start. Note: SPOILERS for a major plot point from The Fate of the Furious.

OPEN on some sort of sunny, tropical place. There are cars, scantily clad women, men looking cool. Dom and Letty wander through it, Dom carrying baby Brian. Some guy gets in Dom’s face and challenges him. Dom and Letty exchange an almost laughing look. Dom takes out his keys, but says, “My son’s going through a phase where he doesn’t want anyone else to hold him.”

“You’re saying you’re not going to race me?”

Letty plucks the keys out of Dom’s hand. “He’s not, but I am.”

Then ridiculous car race that Letty wins.

Dom’s surrounded by women cooing over him and Brian when Letty walks up after the race.

“Were you even watching?” Letty smiles a bit as she asks it; she’s softened over the years, and is certain of Dom’s devotion.

“Of course I was. You know I can’t see anything but you.”

They kiss, and as they pull back, Little Nobody steps out of the crowd.

CUT TO a kitchen. Deckard and Hobbs bicker as they cook. Through a doorway behind them we see Sam setting the table. Something catches Deckard’s eye, and he shouts, “Down!” just before the bullet comes through the window.

They both grab for weapons stashed in the kitchen or on their persons. As the villains come through the windows, Hobbs yells at Deckard, who is closer to the dining room, “Take Sam and get out!”

We see Hobbs fighting men in the kitchen while Deckard fights his way out of the house, keeping Sam safe as they go.

CUT TO Mr. Nobody’s current base of operations. Dom’s team, minus Hobbs, plus Deckard, Sam, and baby Brian sit around the table. Brian is in Dom’s lap, taking great joy in banging his hands on the table. Roman and Tej bicker across the table.

Ramsey sits forward. “What is this about?”

Mr. Nobody holds up a hand. “We’re just waiting for one more person to join us, and then we’ll tell you.”

Hobbs comes through the door. Sam jumps up and runs over to him. “Daddy!”

Hobbs hugs her tightly.

Deckard joins them. Hobbs and Deckard kiss over Sam’s head.

“Someone came after my family in my house,” Hobbs says. “I want to know who, I want to know why, and I want to know where they are now, because I have some serious ass to kick.”

And then action movie.

Something that makes me really mad about pll finale is that there’s something in storytelling and shit called “show, don’t tell”. And the few answers we got, most of them was told and it gets so much more confuse…..
Also, you know when you’re watching a sci-fi movie and there’s always the person who “translate” what is happening to the viewers? It was totally that scene when Toby told them about Spencerietta and they were like “uh so she’s charlotte’s half sister” “that’s her motive!!!” It was like Marlene was saying “LOOK AT THAT!! ITS NOT A PLOT HOLE IT MAKES SENSE IN CASE YOU DONT UNDERSTSND THATD WHATS HAPPENING!!”
Marlene honey if you wouldn’t wanted us to be confused you should give us some real answers. Idk I’m so mad

Another dead body, another late night. Kiara yawned as her pen scratched against the paper in front of her, filling out notes on what she missed out while she was busy with the body. A soft clutter causes the shifter’s tired eyes to snap up. “Hello?” Yup… this is how people in horror movies die you dumbass. Say hello an expect the killer to answer back? Smart.

After she was finished scolding herself, she placed her notes in a file before filing it in a metal cabinet locking it in. She switched off her computer before walking out to the covered body. “Rough day, huh?” She murmured to the unfortunate soul before slowly wheeling them to the morgue and pushed them into their own refrigerated space. “Yeah… I thought so too.” She sighed softly closing the door before cleaning herself off, taking her overalls off and grabbing her belongings.

Making her way out of the building she kept her eyes to the ground as she walked in the direction of her apartment. Hearing a shuffle behind her she quickly looked over her shoulder before picking her pace. As her head faced forward once more she felt someone’s grip on her forearms. Gasping she looked up before pulling her arms away not so calmly. “You – you scared me.”

gendryw4ters  asked:

3, 17, and 19 for the movie asks!!

my dude, you gave me three super hard questions. but I promise I’ll try my best.

3. Top 5 movies

I answered this one already, but guess what! You get a little blurb about why I like them! because I can’t ever shut up! (again, no particular order)

1. The Fall

Look, I’m not saying Tarsem Singh and his team are geniuses… but I totally am. This film is just… it made me want to make movies, it’s proof that film is art. It’s got a brilliant cast, esp young Alexandria (forgive me, I can’t think of her name), the plot and storytelling makes me so fricken emotional every time, the themes are so important. and it’s so beautiful! I’ve lit never seen a better looking movie. 

2. Donnie Darko

okay, getting this out of the way, young Jake G is a beaut. he’s my guy, what a cutie. also, I know this movie sometimes gets taken by the dudebros, but it’s genuinely really amazing. it’s clever and interesting and original. the music and editing are great. just like, a really enjoyable experience for me.

3. Warrior

I’m a sucker for two things. Fighting movies and movies about brothers. Two brothers and their father trying to keep themselves afloat, trying to heal themselves, and trying to put together a family from a ruined one. ugggg, it gets me. the end is also the perfect example of the storytelling idea “give the audience what they want, but not in the way they expect” 10/10 honestly 

4. 12 Angry Men

I love bottle films???? i love bottle films. also, this was made in the what? 50s? still relevant. not sure if that’s good commentary on the film or a sad commentary on fucking race relations. 

5. O, Brother Where Art Thou?

it’s so funny! and I love weird adaptions of classic stories. the odyssey but in the dustbowl south? gimme. it’s just well funded fan fiction and I always support fellow fic writers. it’s au heaven. 

17. A movie that you know its bad but you can’t help but love it

i really had to rack my brain for this one. because I know I love bad movies, but once you ask me for one all memories of back flicks disappear. I’ll go with Heathers. is Heathers bad? it’s certainly campy. i guess it’s not bad, it just falls into a very specific category of 80s movie. and I love it.

19. Favorite quote from a movie

i don’t think i can pick just one? ummm

from The Fall

Roy: It’s my story!

Alexandria: Mine, too!


Roy: Are you trying to save my soul?

from Warrior

Tommy: And who are you exactly?

Brendan: I’m your brother.

these quotes just tug at my heartstrings.

i think that was probably more than you wanted but… what can I say? i love movies. this was really fun tho and I appreciate it! love you, bb!

Elisa Lam

I will never not feel sorry for Elisa Lam. You might say that should be obvious since she was murdered and all, but like, nobody ever talks about her personality, her likes, or her life. The girl had a tumblr account and blogspot but I see 0 online of memorials for her.

Humans are morbid and curious, I know. The circumstances of her death are gruesome and the mystery behind it is chilling. I don’t fault people for wanting to know what happened. I just wish there was more stuff that remembered her for her. You might say that would make it harder for people to move on but, IDK. I wonder what her friends and family think of all the plots and movies based on this story and if they think it’s insensitive.

If you wanna know more about this case, google her name and a lot of videos will come up about her 2013 death at the Cecil Hotel in California. I hope someday the case is solved and she can rest in peace.

The Killing Joke (JokerXReader)

So guys since I’m kinda stuck on Nerve part 7 I decided to write out a project that I had planned for a while now. I actually have had written this first part of The Killing Joke two days ago but I wasn’t sure about posting it. :) The story will contain a few contents out of the actual Killing Joke movie and a few things about the death of Jason Todd in Under the Red Hood but I don’t want to say too much yet. ;) Let me know what you think about this idea, hope you’ll enjoy and I’m sorry that the first chapter isn’t that long but it was just some kind of an introduction at first to find a better way into the story. :) 

The Killing Joke


Plot: The reader is working for Batman but since she first met the Joker she had been fallen for him and he took an interest in her as well. Time passed by and his plan to make her his girl grew stronger within every day and he left nothing untried to fulfill his desire but before Joker could finish what he began the death of Jason Todd, Batman and a place called Arkham crossed his purposes. But things were about to change and the Clown Prince of Crime couldn’t wait to take his revenge on those who kept him away from his girl; the only human being that ever cared about him and didn’t try to change him …  


My hands were trembling as we entered the hallway of the Arkham Asylum.

It was far after midnight and the only reason we were here was someone that I haven’t seen for nearly a year and I was sure that it would break my heart to see him now.

Many things had happened since then, many horrible things mostly because of the man which had been locked away behind the big metal door at the end of this floor.

But still … I wanted to see him more than anything else in the world.

“Are you alright, (Y/N)?” Nightwing asked while Batman was leading us to Mr J’s cell.

“Yes, it’s just … I wasn’t here after what felt like an eternity … it seems strange to me” I said not looking him in the eyes.

If he would’ve known what really had been going on in my mind …

“Yeah especially after …”

Nightwing didn’t speak further he just looked at Batman, and I knew what he meant; Jason’s death.

It still didn’t affect me as much as it should, what clearly must show to me who I really was.

“Bats … what are you doing here? Searching for a lost life?”

His signature laughter echoed from the walls of his prison cell and my heart skipped a beat as soon as I heard it.

“And the old wonder boy has got some new tights! HA HA HA … What do you want from me? Why are you interrupting my perfect little life, hm?” he growled.

His mood swings were still the same, maybe even worse after throwing him back into this hell hole.

Batman sat down in front of him at the table, so that I could finally see him and the sight nearly made me cry.

He looked demolished, almost gaunt and his left eye looked like someone punched him in the face.

I just had seen him like that for once and that was years ago, when I first met him here.

Tied up in his straightjacket and additionally chained up in fetters I could only compare this to impound an animal that was sick.

Yes I knew who he was and I knew what he did, but to me … he didn’t deserve this, another prove that I wasn’t a normal girl anymore, maybe I was crazy because of thinking like that, but … I just could imagine all the times he saved me even though everyone told me that he was a heartless psychopath with none other feelings than hate inside of him and the joy for killing.

I looked at him and that was the moment he recognized my presence.

His eyes met mine and it felt like drowning into a blue shade of rage, anger, sadness and confusion before they turned into something new, something that looked like … hope and the beginning of an idea.

I knew that look, it said: Daddy’s coming for you, doll.

He gave me this look the last time I had seen him, the day he had been arrested, the day he wanted me to stay with him.

“You look good, kitten. Still innocent … still waiting, aren’t ya?” he asked in a hypnotizing way.

I really wanted to answer him but Nightwing interrupted him quickly.

“She’ll never be yours, no matter how hard you try, Joker” he said.

Batman and Nightwing knew that Mr J still wanted me, but no one knew … that I wanted him as well and his absence made me realize that in a very painful way.

I missed him, I missed the little things we used to do when Batman or the others weren’t looking, him being here was like to come off drugs cold turkey for me.

“And what are you gonna do about it, hm?” J said with an eerie cold voice.

“Nightwing, enough. We’re not here for your entertainment, Joker. We need information about-”

“Information? Information? INFORMATION? HA HA HA HA what could be that important that you need my HELP? Last time we’ve seen each other Bats … I killed your little bird, remember?”

J was laughing all the way, probably the only fun he had had in a while, but Batman wasn’t amused at all.

A loud bang sounded from the walls of the cell and the next thing that happened was Batman throwing J against the next wall and choking the life out of him.

“STOP IT!” I screamed before I could even think about it.

“Let him go, don’t forget about your principles” I hissed and pushed Batman away from Joker.

The room fell silent and I knew that all eyes were on me but I didn’t care.

“We’re going”, Batman said.

I didn’t look at him and as soon as I heard him and Nightwing leaving the room I kneeled down in front of J and cupped his face into my black gloved hands, tears were streaming down my cheeks.

“Shhh, we’ll be together very soon, kitten …” he purred, kissing my lips so soft that I first couldn’t believe it was him.

“What happened there?” I asked carefully touching his bruised left eye.

“The doctor just thought I was a little too hyperactive” he grinned but I didn’t feel like smiling.

“So they punched you?”

“Princess you sound like this is something new. You know what they’re doing here with people like me”, he simply said.

I thought of the electroshock therapy sessions and all the other stuff.

It made me sick that they were treating him like that.

“What happened here the last months?”

Since J got caught they didn’t let anyone visit or talk to him, he was kept in solitary confinement so I couldn’t visit him as well what made the whole thing even worse.

In the past I kept visiting him to make sure they treat him well but this time I couldn’t do anything about it.

“They tried to erase my mind by throwing me into a black hole of rage and confusion, but you little doll … the thought of you waiting for me to return … that was something they couldn’t take away from me …”

My heart felt like breaking in two pieces.

I wanted to stay with him so badly.

“I missed you …” I whispered resting my head at the crook of his neck letting him kiss mine.

“I know, baby. My sweet, my deary, my angel … Don’t worry about me, daddy will be back in town very soon. And you will be mine.”