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Definite Betrayal (Himchan mafia/gang AU pt.4)

Word count: 8.9 k+

Genre/warnings: Mafia/gang AU (Contains swearing and violence, more than the previous parts but still nothing too excessive)

Summary: It was certain now - Jongup knew something the others didn’t, but Himchan was determined to find out what it was. This was the first time you got caught up in something as horrible as your lover’s harsh everyday life and reality - a betrayal, and gunfight and the conclusion that not everything someone promised always turned out to be the truth. With shots and tears mixing up in the air, you couldn’t do anything other than clinge to Himchan’s side and pray for everything to unfold in your favor. For everything to be fine again.


He shoots.

Recharges, and once again. Shoots.

He shoots like there is no tomorrow, because if he won’t watch his steps and cover his head, there might in fact not be one.

He shoots right where it will hurt the most, and where it will drain the most blood.

He shoots like he saw it when they did it to his family, with no mercy shown and an emotionless face on.

He shoots so that they won’t survive, but he will.

He shoots. Recharges, and shoots again, because he has to become the best. In order to never let the most important people of his life slip away once again. Ever.

“Take it easy,” Himchan said, leaning against the wall as he watched the kid get furious every single time he didn’t hit the set up targets exactly in the middle, “The only thing you’re going to achieve if you’ll continue in that pace will be fatigue.”

“Don’t tell me what to do,” Jongup said calmly, making Himchan chuckle in response. He was such an animal, reckless and relentless, and, on top of that, hard to understand. Wired in a different way and missing a few screws. But for some reason, Himchan had found a liking in the kid, seeing some of his own morals and features deeply hidden in between Jongup’s fiery temper. He had to be watched closely at all costs, but for some reason he’d gotten most of Himchan’s trust already.

Most, because he’d never get the full package. No one who betrayed their team in any way or fashion for any reason could ever achieve that, no matter how hard they tried.

“Hasn’t anyone taught you that you shouldn’t talk like this to older people? “Respect” - does that word ring any bells, hmm?“ Himchan asked, earning an annoyed glance from the younger.

“How about you land a decent shot before you talk confidently like that-“ 


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nebluus  asked:

you thoughts on an obiyuki Little Mermaid AU, bc it's something we all need now thank u

Okay, this ended up being like – well, it’s going to be generous, calling it a Little Mermaid AU. It’s probably like, ¼ Disney’s Little Mermaid, ¼ Little Mermaid folklore tradition, and like ½ just cute stuff because like AnS is just too cute, and I just want these characters having like, adorable hijinks only now one of them is half a fish. So this is I guess more just GENERAL mermaid AU, I hope that’s cool.

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