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@yasisworld: Ready?? I’m gonna make a fool of myself 😂😂

Hallo! Ich heisse Marie. Ich bin 21. Ich wohne in Paris. Ich habe einen bruder und eine schwester. Ich habe ein hund, ein Deutscher Schäferhund. Ich liebe Robron. Aaron/Danny ist so wunderschön!!! Ich spreche Deutsch sehr gut. Yasi, du bist wunderbar. Ich liebe dich <3 Danke and Tschüss! 😂😂

In my defence, I think I would be a little bit better at reading german 😂 I look like a child who just recites her lesson she just learned in kindergarten 😂 So if we see each other one day, I think it’s better if we talk in english or you have to learn some French :p 

I read Tower of Dawn and now I’m angry

FYI, this will be a mess, because I’m determined to put as much effort into editing this post as SJM’s publishing team clearly did to get ToD out the door.

It took me almost two weeks to read Tower of Dawn, which is by far the longest it’s ever taken me to read a Sarah J Maas book. Say what you want about her (and believe me, I’m about to), but her books are damn entertaining. Sometimes for the wrong reasons. But still, so much fun to read.

ToD was… not. At all. I was in actual physical discomfort over how little I gave a shit about anything that happened in this book.

Let’s elaborate on that a little, shall we?

  • Wtf even was the culture of the southern continent supposed to be? The stuff that wasn’t straight-up copy-pasted from a Mongolian history textbook was nonsensical. It’s what TVTropes would call a Culture Chop Suey, made up of every not-northern-European culture under the sun. Before any stans grab their pitchforks, I KNOW the Mongol empire was famous for conquering a widespread variety of cultures, and allowing them to keep their traditions/faiths/etc. But let’s take “Neith” for example. That’s an Egyptian war goddess, and… the Mongols never conquered further southeast than Persia. And I don’t even know what to make of the Roman/Italian/whatever the hell “Torre Cesme” is supposed to be crap. It’s one thing to take influences from two closely related cultures when creating a fantasy one, but two cultures that were thousands of miles apart and had as little in common as Egypt and Mongolia? Or ITALY and Mongolia? That’s just a critical research failure, not to mention rather offensive, especially if other pieces of your worldbuilding are practically lifted verbatim from real life history. Cultural exchange is a very heavy, nuanced subject that deserves to be thoroughly researched and sensitively portrayed. ToD really really really really didn’t do that.  YOU CAN’T JUST PICK OUT THE “COOL” PARTS OF COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CULTURES BECAUSE YOU CAN’T BE BOTHERED TO LEARN ABOUT THEM IN ANY KIND OF MEANINGFUL DETAIL.
  • SJM also goes out of her way to tell us all about how the southern continent is SO MUCH BETTER than Adarlan. As a WOC myself, I was at first sort of glad she didn’t make it a “land of barbarians” or something like that. But the sheer saccharine perfection we got instead isn’t much better. Non-white cultures have nuances and ugly sides too, because WE’RE HUMAN CULTURES. WAITING FOR ONE OF THESE MAINSTREAM WHITE AUTHORS TO REALIZE THAT, THANKS. To sum up, the worldbuilding is shallow as fuck. The southern continent is basically just a more diverse Night Court, with giant bird riders instead of Illyrians.
  • Ahem. On the subject of sensitivity, I have complained in the past about how every damn character SJM writes is heart-stoppingly gorgeous. So many narrow waists, “considerable assets”, glistening muscles, and gemstone colored eyes to make any of my high school Mary Sues jealous. And that problem persists in ToD, don’t get me wrong—though we are introduced to one character who is not, in fact, heart-stoppingly gorgeous. And we are consistently reminded of this fact. Said character is also our token lesbian. She’s also a total asshole who ~says mean things about Aelin~. I am the only one who thinks this is kind of weird?
  • I’m not even going to talk about Chaol’s magical healing because it’s been covered by people far more knowledgeable than I on that subject. I’ll just say it surprised me not at all, and fuck you.
  • A lot of the discourse on sexism, rape, immigration, racism, etc. feels copy-pasted from social justice twitter threads. There’s one especially cringe-inducing scene where Kale and Irene discuss the servants providing the royals with sexual favors, and “how it can ever be true consent” (hint: it’s not). They go OUT OF THEIR WAY to explain why it’s justifiable—“don’t worry readers, the southern continent is still perfect.” It’s just weird and awkward and feels hella unrealistic for this setting.

Now before y’all decry me as a whiny social justice warrior who’s just looking for reasons to be offended, let me move on to why even if it HAD been written with a modicum of sensitivity, ToD would still be a trainwreck of a book.

  • It’s predictable as shit. Magical healing and boring-as-hell romances aside, even. Show of hands: when the five royal siblings were introduced, how many of you immediately picked out that Sartaq would be the heir? Purely because he’s the sexy warrior prince? This is also a huge personal pet peeve of mine: historically, military leaders have not made very good heads of state. Alexander the Great was shitty at everything except conquest. How the fuck is fucking Sartaq, who spends his life flying giant birds and fighting, better suited to rule than Arghun or Hasar, who actually seem to know things about politics? AND SPEAKING OF Arghun. Why are non-warrior dudes in SJM books always villainized? It’s sexist and gross, implying that men who don’t fight are weak and/or cruel.
  • There is SO MUCH info dumping. Scenes, especially toward the beginning of the book, would routinely get interrupted to provide us with backstory NO ONE ASKED FOR.
  • So much vague description of feelings—lots of ellipses and sudden stops before we can actually get to the point. You “couldn’t” WHAT, Irene? You felt WHAT? Also, “holy gods” is not an effective stand-in for emotionally evocative prose, sorry.
  • Idgaf about any of the characters. Kale is still the whiny asshole SJM turned him into to make room for Prince Toxic Masculinity, Irene is a less-interesting version of Sorscha, and I swear Nesryn has no personality to speak of beyond “loves her sister’s kids” and “wants to explore the southern continent”. Riveting.
  • CAN WE STOP PRAISING AELIN EVERY GODDAMN PAGE, FOR GOD’S SAKE. WHAT IS SJM TRYING TO PROVE? I mean, come on. Irene literally thinks she’s a goddess. It’s less a compelling story than a complete mess where I’m thinking “take a drink every time we’re reminded that Aelin Is The Greatest.”
  • The spiders are a blatant LoTR knockoff. I’m pretty sure the line about an “ancient malice stirring” (and actually a lot of the spiders’ society, behavior, etc.) comes straight from the Hobbit movies (and of ALL THE THINGS to rip off?!?!)
  • The characters keep swearing “low and creative” or “filthily” or some variant of those. Could you tell us WHAT they swear by? Aside from being an editing fail, it’s a missed opportunity for more worldbuilding that’s not just more vagueness or half-assed references.
  • I am in fact convinced that nobody edited this book. I’ve edited for pay, and by page 50 I was mad at myself for getting the e-book because I wanted to shred everything with my red pen. Recycled turns of phrase, infodumping, overuse of ellipses and em dashes, blatant ripoffs of better stories… oh, and the elephant in the room: IN NO UNIVERSE DID THIS NEED TO BE A 700 PAGE BOOK. It’s approximately 550 pages of pure filler–the only thing of relevance to the larger series is Maeve’s backstory. Thank the gods we’re almost done with this series.

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what do you think of papa Tuan saying he doesn't believe in 7 or nothing? it sounds like he's excluding jackson.. maybe mark/jackson have beef?

let me just preface by saying i don’t speak chinese so i can’t fully like understand the translation of chinese to english but from translations ive seen, i interpreted it as him saying that he doesn’t agree with 7 or nothing because say, for example, he passes away, then his family stays the Tuans, they don’t become nothing just because one of them is gone, they will continue on without him and he’s applying that to got7 which… i mean he’s well entitled to his opinion but its just a touchy thing to talk about considering all the got6 vs jackson drama that’s been created recently and even if he has a problem with it, that’s not going to change anything?? its a phrase the boys created and have embraced and if they truly believe that, if they believe that they don’t function without all 7, then they are allowed to believe that as well so i don’t think papa tuan meant anything malicious behind it or was attacking jackson i think he was just being brutally honest and realistic about how the world works like its true people leave and we continue on yknow but we take 7 or nothing so seriously because we love the boys and want them to be happy together for a long time so i think a few fans would get defensive hearing papa tuan say that so i can understand it from both sides

Letters back home

Dear Mom,

I’m really sorry for disappearing in the middle of the night last year, but

Matt and dad are alive. I wasn’t crazy, I told you so.

You should’ve listened when I told you that they were alive. 

I’m safe. Dad and Matt are out there somewhere. I’ll be home soon. Don’t worry too much about me. I’ve got people here, here who care about me, and they’ll make sure I stay alive until we can all come back. 

Stay away from the Garrison. They’re liars. They said that it was all Shiro’s fault, and we knew it wasn’t. They’re gonna tell you lies about me. They’re gonna say I’m dead. I’m not. We’re not. Don’t believe what they say. 

I love you. I’m sorry that you had to lose all of us. I’m sorry that you think that we’re dead. I wish we could ‘ve told you before we left. 


to all of my followers, and especially my younger ones, please don’t believe in all of the tumblr ideology without thinking about it critically. while tumblr can be right sometimes, a lot of it is just virtue signaling and mob mentality. if you don’t agree with something you see on tumblr please don’t think it just because that’s what everyone else is doing and you don’t want to feel ostracized 

Having dissociative amnesia is so weird because it’s not like normal forgetting where you’re kind of like “I think this happened but I don’t know the details”, it’s looking back at a period of your life and seeing absolutely nothing. There is nothing TO remember, it’s just like a big black pit where your childhood should be.

In the future I pieced together for us
You hold my hand and I kiss your thumb and I am not afraid to tell you I miss you

In that future we stand together in the grocery aisle
Arguing over which kind of ice cream to buy
And later I kiss the caramel off of your face while we clean up the plates

In that future, you don’t leave at the first warning sign. You tell me that you’re scared and that it’s not easy to love when everything else is hard. You don’t think it’s the right time. You laugh when I tell you we’re worth fighting over but I mean what I say and you believe me. You stay.

In the future we really have, I am holding somebody else’s hand. They don’t taste the same and they don’t remind me of warm  bread or taste like red wine. They smile different and they don’t make me laugh the same but they’re willing to try and I want to hold on to someone with less warning signs.

—  in this one, you don’t stay

2017 book releases I’m most looking forward to