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don’t you just stand in awe at what kusanagi did here? because i do. she said awfully lot about multiple characters without letting them even speak about it.

she is using her characters to explain each other. like did soo won say anything about himself? anything at all beside those two clipped shocking lines? did he make any certain expressive expression in the two panels he appeared in? non. but why does it feels he was there the whole time? because indeed he was, in the eyes of other character. because he was viewed through their own, mind you, completely different, views.

we got min soo’s view of why he may be hated, ogi’s view of why he may be loved, and in these views we saw the confusion. even though min soo does hate him, he can’t help but seems to understand his actions considering his position as a king. while even though ogi loves him, he can’t help but mind his betrayal. they actually represent us the readers. all akayona fans are divided into these two confused views when it comes to soo won. and there goes kusangi, making you relate with secondary characters who appeared for what? 2 chapters? because you think the same, you almost said “me too!” at one point (tell me i kept saying it every time ogi spoke) all while making these characters help explain the main, complicated one.

Kusanagi is using her cast in the most flawless brilliant manner to build the story. the world feels so real and complete on its own it’s like she isn’t even there. like, yes, she is practically feeding us pain, but doing it so magically i can’t even complain. 

Okay, but legit, Echo was so broken up over killing Octavia, and I want to write so much about it because I love my morally bankrupt assassin.

Like, we have Echo who was a member of the Queensguard and gave everything for her queen and people. She doesn’t even have an Azgeda scar, she has a tattoo, the mark of a kru that isn’t hers, likely because her Queen told her to in order to disguise herself. And then her Queen gets killed, and that loyalty transfers to her King, even though she doesn’t agree with him.

And she liked Octavia. Octavia had that same burning loyalty to her cause, maybe without the discipline of Echo, but there was some bit of kindred spirit between them. So they declare war on Octavia’s people, and that’s unfortunate, but Roan wants Octavia alive. He may have sent Echo after her, but having seen their interactions, I’m willing to bet Echo stepped forward as soon as he mentioned sending riders after Octavia, begging for the honour of bringing her back.

And Echo wanted to bring her back alive. She could have killed Octavia in a heartbeat at any one of a dozen times, but she gave her every chance to surrender. She probably knew Octavia wouldn’t give in, because Echo wouldn’t have in her position, but she must have hoped. But of course she had to follow through and kill Octavia, in Echo’s mind there isn’t a way to deny her King’s orders. For the first time, though, she feels bad about a kill. 

I imagine, when they meet again, Echo isn’t going to be able to take up a sword against Octavia. Not having killed her once, not with the guilt she’s feeling right now. Octavia’s “death” may be the first thing to ever test her unwavering loyalty.

I am so tired of Louis never being given credit for the wonderful things he does. These days, literally every single good thing he does, every gesture, every word; is discredited; brushed off as something he had to do, a stunt, ‘his team’ doing it, twisted to fit one conspiracy or other. Can’t we just accept things at face value once in a while, and acknowledge that maybe Louis just wanted to do something nice, because he is a good person and he wants to make other people happy?

Last night was a perfect example of that. I was disappointed not to see him at the Brits. I had assumed because he was there last year when he had nothing to promote that this year, he’d go, especially when he had music to promote, an award to possibly win, and when he did the promo for the nominees show and said how important they in particular were to him. When he flew in 3 days before, it seemed pretty much a given that he’d attend. And it was strange to not have him there and not know why; especially as he was on social media and didn’t appear at the time to have other things going on. And when he posted the video it was such a sweet gesture, to show that it was still important to him that we voted, that he still appreciated the award, that he wasn’t taking it for granted. And it was great that he was getting to spend time with his family. Yet I still wasn’t sure why he chose to go back home at that specific time, why he chose then of the several nights he had been home to do something with them, especially because it really would benefit his solo career to be with the music industry people.

Then, I realized that there was a reason for it. Louis specifically chose that time and that night *because* it was the night of the Brits. His mum went to the Brits with him last year, and I believe she did in prior years. He spoke very fondly of sharing his first Brit win with her, and always said how special they were to him. And, his family probably always watched the Brits together, or, once he was there himself, attended it. Louis PURPOSELY stayed home to do something with them, because it was more important to be there for and with them for support because the Brits was a big thing to his family. Watching it with them and maybe having dinner or something was his top priority and he wanted to show that, instead of being about himself and going to promote himself. Then, to add to that, he then made us a really sweet video, which was posted only 12 minutes after the award was announced, proving that while his family means everything to him, he really does care about us and is grateful for the things he wins too. And not only did I totally understand it then, but I was so proud of him for it.

And seeing people dismiss it and brush it aside and say ‘he could have tweeted that’ or making it about him refusing to attend the awards show for some sort of rebellion or to fit some theory, I just felt like I needed to say something, this time. He went out of his way to make everyone happy, and why is it never good enough for people? He really does do special things to show how much he cares whenever he can, and, too many people dismiss them and turn them into something they’re not. He deserves more credit in all areas than this fandom ever gives him.

my apartment management just had to send a memo to everyone on my floor that basically says ‘we’re getting a lot of complaints about the marijuana smell on this floor, but we can’t tell which apartment it’s coming from, so if it’s you… please stop’ 

Okay but the six philosophers is such a good chapter? ?? Everyone is describing their impression of Sunday, and his likeness to the grand universe and no one is able to grasp his multifaceted and complex nature and he remains a mystery just like God and our inability to grasp His omnipotence and omniscience and omnipresence, and His vastness and mystery especially in regards to the Trinity and I just? ?? Chesterton was a smart man and I am feeling A Thing

Things I’d like to say at work but won’t because I’m trying to be a Nice Person:

  • I’m not Siri. Please be patient while I find the answer to your question.
  • Learn to clean up after yourself already. You’re a grown adult and you should know how to do that. Shame.
  • If you wanted me to do something a specific way but didn’t give me that info in the first place, expect to be disappointed. Also expect me to be frustrated when asked to do the whole thing over the day before it’s due.

I don’t normally engage in fandom discourse, but I see a lot of people saying “I don’t want blizzard to say who the canon lgbt characters are in Overwatch, because I think it’s better for fans to have their own headcanons.” And I 100% disagree.

Representation in a game that reaches people all over the world, many of whom are from a homophobic subculture that might otherwise not encounter any queer characters in any of their other media, is more important than your ships. 

Shipping is not why lgbt characters are necessary. They are necessary because real, actual lgbt people exist and now more than ever need to be normalized in media. Subtext alone is not enough. We need to be allowed to exist as more than a head tilt and a wink, as more than something that has to be coded and guessed at like we’re some sort of dirty secret.

basically, If your ship is more important than real life representation on a global scale, I really think you’ve missed the point, and maybe you should think about your priorities. :\


She is who she is, and she is unapologetic. When you’re around her, you feel an honesty that brings out the honesty in you. She has an old soul. To this day, she still seems a little more worldly and intelligent than most people in the room. She’s very spontaneous, and she can make something fun out of nothing. Anything that seems interesting or adventurous, she’ll go for it — and her willingness breeds a kind of allegiance. Before you know it, you’re having a good time when you didn’t even know you could.


You taught me to be a strong Latina woman. To be bigger than the world was ever gonna give me permission to be. And I have. You taught me not just to exist because I’m worth so much more than that.


What we take for granted about our sense of self, everything we see, everything we remember, is nothing more than a construct of the mind.

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while we are on the subject of spouse remember when Harry said to Louis face "you are getting married!!" and Louis was sort of completely lost for words? I loved that!

FOUND IT!! This moment, right? Because what even was that??
Like, why so certain Harry..? 😏