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Artist Christoph Bader collaborated with MIT scientist Neri Oxman to create grown wearable suits. First they wrote a growth algorithms “inspired by natural growth behavior” to generate 3D shapes, then they actually created these objects with a 3D printer.

(Watch the whole video here - with lots more growth variants)

According to the artists, the idea is that the resulting outfits could contain living organisms — bacteria and algae — that could serve various functions during interplanetary exploration. More info here.


I had the tremendous honor of being one of the artists in Arielle Jovellanos’s incredible, gorgeous Ham4Pamphlet project! My song was “The Adams Administration”; and while most folks would go for the ‘fat motherf**er’ line, it’s T Jeffs’ grunt of confusion that always speaks to me! I also knew I couldn’t keep up with half the other artists involved– Claire Hummel are you kidding me– but I thought a real minimal thing would pop like a record scratch in the middle of the book, and I think it works out okay! 

You should check out the whole project right now!

okay but
You remember what the Cardinal said to Link here, right? ->

Okay, but about ‘’sleep’’

The 14th/Musician’s song:

‘‘And then the boy falls asleep.
The flame inside the breathing ashes. One, then two.

The floathing swealling, the dear profile(…)

  • Allen is the boy that falls asleep.
  • The ashes are Mana and Nea.

Mana D. Campbell
Nea D. Campbell

Hoshino-sensei said that the ‘‘D’’ in their names means ‘‘Dear’’.

  • The ‘‘dear profile’’ in the song, maybe.

The Super Bowl is going on, and all I can think of is Raph and Don’s conversation about football team names…. 

“Panthers, rams, bears, they even got dolphins!" 

You’d think they’d have room for something a little more… reptilian." 

”‘The Turtles?’ My friend, unfortunately the lowly turtle has been saddled by society with the stereotype of being 'velocity challenged.’“ 


”…say what?“ 

My 11yo son (who’s read THG) and I were driving around doing errands when the pop version of The Hanging Tree came on. He turned to me and said, “It’s weird that they would take something so serious and make it into a song that sounds like it’s supposed to be at a party.”

He gets it.