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  • me in my gif tutorial: you want to keep your frames under twenty and pick a scene with clear lighting! name your layers so they don't get mixed up! ♥
  • also me: picks a scene with no light. starts with over 40 frames, deletes ten and ends up re-drawing half of the remaining by hand. has over 150 layers. none of them have names. the project is not even halfway complete.
  • me @ me: i love you but wtf is wrong with you

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Eyy! I follow you on my twitter for that Klance good shit! <3 But apparently following you here on Tumblr is considered "baaadddd!!!!1" So i'm just like: 'Well, i'm going to hell anyways for being gay so, might as well make my crimes worse by following somebody that draw multi-shipping and good porn sketches -snorts-"

Following me on tumblr is “bad”? What?? I’ve…never seen anyone say that, so now I’m really curious lmao but I’m glad you enjoy my artwork and have decided to join me here as well as on twitter! <3

GOT7 reaction to you looking much older with make up on.

Anonymous said to reactionsthatigot-7:

Got7 reaction to you looking older than your real age with makeup but looking like a child without it. Sorry if it’s been already done but the masterlist isn’t actually working

thanks for the request ^_^ 
i hope you like it.
*this is the last of my reactions, tomorrow i will start the husband profile, so please please send in ideas for the categories ^_^ i may go straight into another profile the week after i dont know yet. 
**also keep your eye out, 5k is coming up and i hope to have to surprises planned :)
~ahgase Omma 

so he’s sure of he’s feelings, but its still a surprise, and it does make him think back to everything thats happened. the sudden age gap was way more than expected

its suddenly gone from comfortable to nearly a generation age gap. but he’s glad that your maturity matches your looks, and that he’s able to speak to you comfortably.

nothing other than him being impressed by your natural youthful look, he's jealous of your skin, and constantly mentions it

classic, ‘say whaaat’ moment, he doesn't believe, he’d probably even ask to see your id card. its takes far too long for the facts to sink in with him

like a deer in the headlights, he’s beyond stunned, he just can't fathom how this is possible, you went looking like a noona to he’s much younger dongsaeng!

he doesn’t care either way he’s just amazed by your makeup skills! he’s find you to be an inspiration!

even though it doesn’t bother him much, its still a shock, he doesn’t need to think anything over, but he can’t help but think about it.

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Does anyone know where I can find that video of dom and Alberto I think their at the freeform launch and Alberto brings dom a giant heart and says I got you this at the same time as dom bring him something else and says I got u this then alberto says whaaat and they both grin like idiots

I know which video you mean and I’m sure I’ve watched it at some point but I’ve been searching for ages and cannot find it.

If anyone knows where we can find this video please let us know.

I’ll keep looking as well and edit this ask when/if it’s found!

EDIT: I found it!! It’s [here] on the Shadowhunters Vine channel.

- Claire

Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 6

episode breakdown….and by breakdown I mean me….im breaking down…into sobs and endless sadness and bitter impatient tears….its me. im broken down
Stage 1:
we see a combination of enlightened rick (er) and toxic rick (tr) trying to get through the trauma of whatever it is they have just survived. Tr would most likely start rampaging, cursing, breaking shit, and trying to kill off anyone around him in a homicidal blur until he calmed down, however er is probably in there wondering why they even did the stupid thing in the first place. Its not their place to meddle. They are an all powerful super being with highly superior intelligence, so why do they feel this horror and trauma for such a worthless gain? Together they neutralize into a ‘drink until the pain is gone mentality’ henceforth leading to our rick’s alcoholism and ideology of the just 'dont think about it’ mindset
this is the rick we know. The push everything aside, drink, and dont think
Stage 2:

Tr separates. If you notice, the very first thing he screams when he wakes up is “morty”, because naturally it is the first thing on his mind. He frantically searches for him and then calls him a worthless piece of shit, continuously bringing up how stupid and useless he is. This comes from his severe fear of detachment from morty if he were ever to become overly confident and decide he doesnt need his grandpas cool adventures or life style anymore. If a morty gets too confident, he leaves his rick and becomes a sociopath. Normal rick can relatively keep the urge to bring morty’s confidence down under control, but tr impulsively spews it out, so damn afriad that morty will wake up and realize he doesnt need him at any moment. He constantly has to cry out and tell him that they need each other, in his own toxic way. Calling him 'a piece of shit’ is basically begging him 'dont leave me’ he has to make him think he needs him. got it? lets move to the next step of stage 2
tr constantly says things like “im a god” “im above this” “everyone around me is garbage” “you think normal people can do this?” so obliviously this is his narcissism and entitlement, but digging deeper it is also his sense of inner insecurity. now, you may say 'WHAAAT RENATA HOW CAN DAT BEEE?“ well lemme splain. basically rick knows how smart he is, he knows how powerful he is, and he knows all the stuff he could do with this power and intelligence….but that’s the thing, he really doesnt know all the stuff he could be doing, because he doesnt do it. running around in the toxic can, you can see him panicking, frantically working and running to make stuff and do things. He knows how great he is, but he has no idea how to use it or what he should be doing with it. Think about it, when someone tells you "ayy, your the smartest being in the multiverse and could probably cure the world of every sickness”….wouldn’t YOU be a little overwhelmed? He has so much to live up to (an impossible amount) that he hides behind the idea that he doesn’t care about any of it. He cant use his power to save the universe, so instead he claims he doesnt care about it. but deep down he feels bad, because he feels like everyone expects him to do something, when in reality theres way too much to do
so, to sum up, Toxic Rick is made up of multiple other different things than just narcissism and selfishness and rage…just like toxic morty, he is also his burning insecurity in the fact that hes just a normal man, who happens to be the only person who could ever hope to save the universe….and yet he has no idea how to do it
Stage 3:

meet enlightened rick. You’re thinking, “oh, so THIS is the side of rick that actually COULD save the universe if he wanted because he IS confident enough in his abilities, right?” well the answer is no. this rick doesnt have a flipping clue either. how would he? there is no possible way to save every single multiverse, but unlike tr, instead of letting it consume him in misdirected guilt and insecurity, he instead has (healthily) let it go. Hence the name, he is now 'enlightened’ from the worlds problems because he has thoroughly let go of his human need to be the hero and instead surpassed it all in the 'i need not meddle’ mentality. BUT. you might ask, “well renaaaatttaaa then why isnt this rick super healthy? why isnt he perfect? why does he seem so interested in getting his other half back?” welll my little reader I have some thoughts.
Thought 1) er has no humanity, attachment, purpose, selfworth, or cosmic opinion in himself, the human race, or the universe. why? because he has officially decided that its all pointless anyway and most importantly (big dividing factor here) he is OK WITH THAT. he has accepted the fact that he has surpassed human attachment because he has accessed infinite realities and multiverses to the point where nothing he thought had meaning does anymore. To become fully enlightened, he has let go all of his family, emotions, and self doubts because frankly, he just doesnt give a damn. But in a healthy way? Hes just let it all go, unlike tr who insists he 'doesnt give a fuck’ when in fact, he does give millions and trillions of fucks and it eats him alive with each passing day.
thoughts 2) so why does er work to get the phone to connect and work at getting his other half back? well he says it right there in the episode when he and confident morty are sitting in the parking lot at school. He says “im accountable to my toxins, right?” he wants to rejoin because he knows that tr has all his intelligence, all his power, and all his guilt wrapped up into a big toxic package. What does this mean? Hes FUCKING DANGEROUS. thats what it means. er is so enlightened, that he knows letting tr do his worst will mean the end of the world. now, for a little while in the episode, he tries to reason with himself and say that he shouldnt meddle in this either, because why is tr any better or worse than he is? but eventually he realizes the truth that tr left unchecked, is bad news for everyone and not worth lying idly back to watch the universe(s) burn. Because yeah…they would all burn
Stage 4:
now lets watch these two adorable little super humans interact. tr sums it up perfectly when he says “this is the part of your pussy grandpa that keeps it real”…..yup. Thats pretty much the whole concept. If youve been paying attention, youve probably already figured out that er isnt exactly as healthy as he thinks he is. The truh of the matter is just sitting back with your thub up your ass like “oh theres no hope in solving ALL the probems, so let me just not interfere at all” is a pretty effed up way to think. Without tr, he probably wouldnt do anything but stay at home with his family and like, build toys electric toys for kids or something. He wouldnt DO anything extraordinary for fear of messing up the fragile stuff of the universe. Tr reminds him what a waste it would be to live a normal life and ignore their vast power. however, tr doesnt know how to use it either, so hence, the fighting breaks out. basically, they just have no idea how to use there god-like intelligence, and it gets ugly for both. even er says 'that stuff is a part of us and we need to put it back.’ he knows that in sense he needs it, otherwise his power will be wasted

buuuttt…….tr doesnt feel the same way. tr believes that without er, he could possibly become a real man. a real human. a real person who maybe actually cared about things and didnt feel so 'above’ everything and so detatched. like a god among people who couldnt really connect with anyone. he doesnt want to go back to that lonely life of being the only one in his realm. this is why he keeps trying to destroy him while er just wants to recombine. Honestly, er is in the right here, (obviously) because he can see the big picture of how they need each other. Also, fun snidbit, tr is clearly the fighter of the two….clearly….and the sexy maker too apparently…..hehe….good to know good to know…..ahem…..anywaaayyyyy but…..looky here….

here I bring you….
Stage 5:tr doesnt give a shit. he doesnt give a fuck, he doesnt give a….oh,….Beth’s here?…..

he….leaves. immediately. so, here is where we see tr’s true weakness, and what er truly hates about himself. He can’t even bring himself to be around Beth or put her in any sort of harms way, so he leaves the very second she walks in the door. what does this mean? it is tr, er, and our rick’s one true weakness. Truth is, he really cant be fully enlightened and reach his maximum potential, because of his human attachment to his family. Tr probably feels so guilty about leaving Beth (even though it was probably his idea because he was terrified of hurting her) that he cant even stand to look at her. he leaves immediately even though he was technically winning. plain as day, he admits his own true weakness, he just cares too much about his family to ever become truly godlike and reach his full enlightened potential. tr is human, er is the god. but er can see enough of himself to acknowledge that he needs his human self to be a fully functional human being. to truly be…rick.
Stage 6 (almost done)

and here it is….the moment er truly finally actually comes to terms with the fact that his 'version’ of 'health’ was actually just what he thought was his true potential. But alas, because the machine choses your version of health based on what YOU think is healthy, this is the issue he realizes. he didnt become healthy, he became his full potential, minus the pain and limits of human emotion. but the truth is, a full, enlightened, god-like potential is kinda useless without compassion and empathy…isnt it? I mean, if you have the power to save, but you just dont care….then whats the point? He realizes that essentially a god that does nothing is no god at all, and even if tr is a toxic, guilty, confused, miserable man too overwhelmed by his own potential to actually fufill it, he will accomplish more than er ever will just because of that energetic will to survive and just flipping DO SOMETHING. he literally realizes in this one moment that he would probably never accomplish anything like this, not without that crazy, overwhelming, miserably human passion that tr harbors in his soul for his shitty life and shitty decisions. and this is when he knows that they have to reunite, just for the sake of not wasting his life.
Stage 7: (my personal favorite)

ah yes…..the climax of the story. where it all becomes clear. something I havent touched on yet (which i bet you thought i forgot about….you lil scamp) is why tr is trying to make the whole world toxic. Why? simple. he has mistaken his toxic qualities for his humaness. (which in a way is true, but he also got a bunch of bad shit that er probably spends most of his energy keeping on the down low) and so in tr’s mind, he isn’t 'toxifying’ the world, he releasing people’s true emotions and true selves. he releasing the raw humanness inside them so they dont have to deal with their superegos always judging them and telling them how to live. he is the id, in a way, freeing all the other id’s from their superegos so the world can be a genuine, purely human world. However, obviously, without superego the people are monsters, hence the carnage of the toxified people. to him, this is his way of saving the human world by bringing out their true human nature. unfortunately true human nature is primal and disgusting, but shh…..dont tell him that…..poor innocent bean….look how proud he is….

so proud…..
ahem….anyway back to the climax. so now er shows up again and starts talking, lets analyyyyze. first off, er has learned something very important…..its tr’s one weakness that he displayed when best walked in, hes afraid of losing/hurting his family. So of course, he targets toxic morty. and er knows this because he doesnt care about morty WHY WOULD HE? there are millions and trillions of mortys. it is beneath his highly superior brain to care, but tr sees the little picture, and in the moment, he needs morty to support him. He needs to latch onto him. he needs the human comfort. he doesnt want to admit that, but he needs it more than anything else in his life. in fact, he needs it so much, he doesnt even think er has the balls to do it, because he thinks he needs it too….but thats just it….he doesnt. and he knows he doesnt need that human connection, which is why he knows he needs his other half back to need it for him

and here we have the moment that literally made tears come…..

“irrational attachments”……that line just really hurt me bro… hurt me good… got me right in the soul….yikes. too real.
anyway, back to er’s rant. he basically sums it up by saying “you are literally incapable of seeing the bigger picture” hence tr’s irrational love and dependency for his family, even though er and tr both know there are infinite sanchez families with infinite different fates that they have no way in saving or interfering in any way, tr still for some reason feels emotion towards a morty that really isnt even THE REAL morty. but think about this….its the most insecure morty, right? the one that is the most insecure, helpless morty of them all….its the one that needs him the most. the one that is least likely to ever leave him….*more sniffles* so of course he cares about him. I mean….we’ve seen what morty is like without him….

i think rick put it best when he called him 'a tiny american psycho’…..which I mean, he would be, right? hes related to rick afterall. with just enough jerry to keep him insecure. at least jerry was good for one thing.
and soooo….thats the wayyyyy the news goes. At the very end we see a reunited rick. he even says 'master of both worlds’…meaning he is once again human and god. id and superego, making one highly functioning ego. the rick we know and love. a beautiful mess. so the meaning my friends… really shouldnt hate the bad pats of yourself, because at the end of the day, its kind of what makes you….human.
wow….this got really freaking long, and I didnt even get into my whole theory about our morty being evil eyepatch morty. (remember in evil eyepatch morty episode where rick says “a confident morty is bad news, ill tell you when youre older”…..well I think we know what that means now) yikes….and i thought rick was a handful when he was cocky.
so there you have it. Our bread and butter, our saint and sinner, our sexy grandpa and teenage rocker…..our super genius space alcoholic. our rick sanchez. a beautiful chaotic mess.  wubba lubba dub dub bitches.

So one time, my lab mates and I were doodling on the lab counters in erasers and I drew Rick and Morty, Stan and Dipper, etc

and the next class, I got a note written in eraser saying “Sorry, we had to erase your Rick, Morty, and Stan!” 

so I wrote “It’s okay, buddy!” and doodled a little Mabel

So today I found a Cute ass Rick, drawn very much like they do in the show
and beside him, they wrote : “OH THANK GOD, MABEL, WE HAVE TO-”
and then the words were too messed up or blurry 
but IT WAS AMAZING I really miss having these mystery doodle buddies like I did in high school

so I drew a Mabel next to him, looking excited w/ starry eyes saying “WHAAAT?”

and off to the side was of Rick, I found “Gotta get back, back to the past, Samurai Jack”


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AAAAAHHH! CALENDAR! WHY YOU NO WARN ME OF THIS?! *hugs you tightly* HAPPY B-DAY!!! I just wish I had time to make you a b-day gift ;w;

Awwww, thank you guys!! >w<

Say whaaat?? No Pokemon evolution?? What a disappointment. XD

Thank you!

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