say them out loud

I'm not apologizing

My final thoughts of the evening: I’ve seen some meta writers apologizing for inappropriately raising people’s hopes.

I’m not doing that, and here’s why:

We just said out loud what was there for people to see even if the writers were too cowardly to say it out loud themselves. Shame on them for that, but that’s their problem, not ours.

If it weren’t there to be seen, none of our analysis would have gained traction.

If we are truly landing in the ambiguous/subtextual realm, fine. We’ve been there for centuries. It sucks that we have to work on that level, but we know how to do it. Our entire lives is knowing how to pick out queer subtext in the world around us.

I’m not apologizing for knowing how to read a text.

And you can believe I’m not going to stop writing about queerness in BBC Sherlock, because guess what, it’s already gay. That’s impossible to take from us.

Mark Gatiss, I hope you feel the ghost of Oscar Wilde haunting your dreams tonight.


This powerful BFF video shows how painfully harsh we are to our own bodies– even when we are sincerely loving to our friends’

We often view and speak about ourselves far more critically than we would to other people, and a new video by The Scene called “Best Friends Get Brutally Honest About Their Bodies” proves that. In it, two best friends write down what they dislike about their looks, and then they have to say them out loud to each other.

Gifs: The Scene


To help improve your intuition & psychic powers

(requsted by @angelsdoom )


  • purple bag
  • black or dark purple ribbon
  • amethyst to connect with your intuition and psychic powers
  • clear quartz to inhence the energy
  • a holey stone to penetrate the mysteries of the future
  • bay leaf for psychic powers
  • lavender for clairvoyance
  • thyme to clear your mind
  • cinnamon for psychic powers
  • a copy of the High Priestess card


  • jasmine for divination
  • dry apple slices for knowledge
  • silver canldes

When to do it:

 New Moon.


Light candles if you wish, and then take the time to focus on your intent (developping your intuition and psychic powers, helping your divinatory practice, etc).

Put all the ingredients in the fabric, crystals first, focus on your intent for each of them, say it out loud if it helps;  then close it with the ribbon. While you do so, be sure to stay focus on your objective and to visualize yourself drawing cards, using your psychic powers, etc

Once this done, keep the charm bag near your practice area (for example, a tarot box if you use it for divination with the cards), and pull it out every time you want to use your psychic powers/work on your intuition/do divination.

You can also carry the bag with you if you wish!

And remember to recharge it regularily under the New Moon!


(May 2016)

a cluster of thoughts

  • What they say: Heteroromantic asexuals and aromantics heterosexuals are straight and should not invade LGBTQIA+ spaces
  • What they mean: I dont believe asexuality or aromanticism are valid identities for their own, and I need them to have an extra layer of "queerness" on top in order to tolerate them, but I cant say that, so fuck "straight" people right?

Does anyone else get the desire to tag people you love in things you know they will hate?

Like, expressing your love through a deep, dedicated and prolonged troll session where you always bring up and tag them in things that you know will make them actually say “uuuuuuuuugh” out loud?

The truest of loves.

namara-ashina  asked:

what do you think of the poly ship of Harry/Cedric/Cho?

I’m very fond of it. 

Although in a scenario where Cedric survives the Triwizard Tournament I really like the idea of the three of them being really good friends. Like, them going to quidditch matches together (bonus Cedric and Harry going to Cho’s matches when she decides to pursue career of a professional quidditch player) or meeting to play it themselves. Harry loves their company because none of them date each other now (even though things used to be confusing between them) and because they never talk about the war. They reminisce about their school years instead. Cedric talks about being a first year and reading about Harry in some library book and then seeing him coming to Hogwarts two years later. Harry finally admits out loud about crushing on them both, and says that in retrospect this, and not his coerced participation in Triwizard Tournament, was what made his fourth year so hellish. Cho remembers every bit of every quidditch match she played, and Harry makes a mental note to invite Ginny to their meetings sometime, because these two would probably get along swimmingly.

he had a habit of lighting too many cigarettes, all of them stained with things he was too afraid to say out loud and things he was too afraid to make real. at night, he would sit on his window sill and watch his thoughts drift off of his tongue and disappear into the night in wisps of smoke, only the embers in the air and the stains on his hands to remember them by.
—  silently, he would wonder if they smoked cigarettes in heaven or if they just became ashes of words they left unspoken
Making the Grade - Ch. 1

The only sound Poppy Miller could hear was the pounding of her heart in her ears.  The words were swimming in front of her eyes.  “Clerical error…unable to complete graduation application…missing credits.”  Reaching up with a trembling hand, she pulled her laptop closed with a quiet click.  “No no no no no.  This is not how this is supposed to go.  This is not how this is supposed to happen.”   Her voice was thick, the words tinged with panic.  She rolled away from the small desk in her cramped office and dropped her head between her knees and started counting.  “100…99…98…97…”  The numbers had always soothed Poppy, even when she was a small girl.  They never changed, there was always order, and they never faltered.  Saying them out loud made her feel like she was in control and centered, even when things in her world were spinning into chaos.

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I watched Hocus Pocus last weekend and how come no one ever talks about the fact that the sisters are all played by Semetic actresses. A demographic that’s been associated with that stigma for hundreds of years

They thought Christianity was evil and they “died” via incineration

To let yourself love and be loved


  • pink, red or white bag
  •  pink, red or white ribbon
  • rose quartz to open your heart to love and attract tender feelings
  • clear quartz to inhence the energy
  • dried rose petals or rosehips for romantic love
  • lavender for kindness
  • rosemary for honesty
  • sugar and/or vanilla for sweetness
  • cinnamon for confidence
  • seashells for protection of your heart
  • Optional: pink candles

When to do it:

During the waxing Moon


Light candles if you wish, and then take the time to focus on your intent (opening your heart, letting go on fear, abandon yourself to feelings, etc).

Put all the ingredients in the fabric, focus on your intent for each of them, say it out loud if it helps;  then close it with the ribbon. While you do so, be sure to stay focus on your objective and to visualize yourself in a happy relationship.

Once this done, keep the charm bag near you bed, and every morning when you get up, take it and do this vizualisation exercise:

Imagine your heart as a dark spot, black and dryed. Then see energy coming to it, energies full of lvoe and benevolance, reminding you how good it is to let yourself feel, and entering every inch of your heart. This one become a ball of light, and it starts pulsing again, and with every pulse, a wave of love go through your entire body.

Once you feel it is enough, you can stop for the day :) And hopefully, live happily this relationship!

You can also carry the bag with you if you wish!


Aiden x Reader

Requested By Anon

“So how’d your desperate attempt for love go?” Ethan asked his brother as he finally arrived in the changing rooms and tugged off his shirt.

“They think I’m going to get (Y/N) killed.” He huffed.

“Well, can you blame them?” Ethan teased until he saw his brother was genuinely upset.


“Why does it even matter what Stiles and Scott think?” Aiden slammed his locker shut and glared at it.


“Why don’t you sign up to the English thing, Mrs Martin’s looking for older students to help (Y/N)’s year.” Ethan shrugged.

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“That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles” Curse

A quick curse to cause a problem for someone

Items Needed:

  • A cookie

1) Imagine your target. Picture their face. Think of what they’ve done to you to make you want to curse them. Remember all of these things. Now, I want you to build up the energy from those memories/thoughts, all that anger or sadness or whatever, and turn it into the drive behind this spell. Throw that emotional energy into the gas tank and let’s get to the cursing.

2) Think of something that you want to happen to them. A problem you want to arise, an opportunity that you want to slip away from them, just something you want to crumble away for them. Focus on that. Picture what you want to happen to them. You can even say it out loud. Whatever floats your boat.

3) Take the energy from visualizing that problem and let the cookie absorb it. 

4) As you crumble the cookie, say the following:

As I crumble this cookie, so I set this problem free to stick to (Target’s name) like glue. Let it swiftly manifest in their life as I have pictured it. That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

5) Picture the problem happening to the target once again. Throw the crumbs away. I would advise you to cleanse the space shortly after doing this, but not immediately after or you may clear away the spell’s energy before it’s gone to do its job.

Those Aren’t Voices|| Stilinski x Reader


Word count:1160

Request: Nope

Pairing: Reader x Stilinski (btw possible part two for this depending on how it does)

Originally posted by gabalecki

“I’m not crazy” you repeated the words in your head before saying them out loud, your mom and dad stood on the other side of the table. Your mom frowned at you with her hands on her hips.

“Well, somethings clearly wrong, you don’t sleep anymore and when you do you wake up screaming. You see things and hear voices somethings not right (Y/N)”

“Your mother’s right (Y/N)”

You knew she was right but you couldn’t help but be scared if they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with you how were you supposed to know anything.

“We’re taking you to the doctors tomorrow morning, you’ll go into school late.”

You nodded, “can I go to bed now?”

They both shook their heads and dismissed you.

They didn’t help the situation; they didn’t even try to understand it.

You rolled out of your bed, a solid 5 hours of sleep. You were used to it but you hated that the bags under your eyes continued to get darker and make you look like a zombie.

This doctors visit was going to be a pain in the ass, you hated the doctors they never really seemed to care or know what they were doing in your eyes.

“Voices, hallucinations, paranoia, and anxiety.” The doctor read off your symptoms, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose he squinted his eyes. “Sounds like schizophrenia to me, we’ll start on a low dose of Clozaril and meet again next month, call me if you notice anything major change.”

Something felt wrong about the diagnosis, you felt as if someone printed out the label that said “CRAZY” and slapped it in the middle of your forehead, and the looks you were receiving as you walked into class only made it worse.

A piece of crumbled paper slid onto your desk, without stealing the teachers attention for the white board you slowly unwrapped it.

“hey, where were you?”





You threw the note back to him and tried to focus your thoughts on the English lesson. The piece of paper smacked you in the side of the head and bounced onto your desk. You let out a quite sigh before unfolding it.

“why? are you okay? :(“



“yeah, i’m fine.”


You handed the note back with a death glare, before he could scribble a response the bell had rung. You grabbed your books and scrambled out of the class with your classmates. You were so happy to have free period next, you couldn’t deal with anyone else. You just wanted to be alone with your thoughts.

You sat down at the library table and pulled out your assignments. Just as you clicked your pen and opened your algebra book Stiles slid into the seat next to you.

“You okay? You kinda rushed out of class” You could see the clear look of worriedness on his face.

“Yeah just kind of flustered with my doctors appointment” you shot him a small smile in hopes of convincing him that you were okay.

“What are you doing after school?”

“I was gonna go home and nap” you chuckled hoping your new medicine would help you catch on the sleep you’d been missing the past few months

“We can nap at my house with popcorn and movies?” he raised an eyebrow and smiled big.

As much as you wanted to stay home and curl up you knew that it’d be better for you to get out of the house. You nodded agreeing “Sounds like a plan, I’ll meet you at the jeep after last period?”

He nodded “yeah, I’ll see you then” he stood up and pecked your cheek

You finished out the day kind of groggily, the medicine you guessed. Throwing your backpack over your shoulder you headed out the double doors toward the parking lot. You walked to the jeep opening the passenger door and throwing your back pack into the back seat before climbing into it. You clicked your seat belt and leaned back into the seat with a sigh.

He turned the key, the jeep rumbled as he revved the engine lightly and put it in to gear. He cussed for the third time as some sophomore cut him off in the parking lot.

“Why are you even driving you’re like thirteen!” he shouted as he pulled out behind them.

You let out a giggle, you missed these days. When there were no voices or visions just good times with your friends and boyfriend.

As soon as you pulled in the Stilinski’s drive you were out of the jeep and spread out on the couch. Stiles followed in a few minutes’ behind

“Jeez thanks for waiting for me” he said sarcastically

You let out a groan and waved him over, lifting your head so you could place it onto his lap.

He ran his fingers through your hair gently, “You wanna talk about it?” He knew all day something was up, and he had a feeling that it was about your doctor’s appointment.

You shook your head no quickly, “You’ll think I’m crazy”

“I was literally possessed; I don’t think you can get much worse than that” he said with an eye roll.

“I’m on medication now” you wanted to leave it at that but you knew he never would.


“Schizophrenia.” You mumbled

“You didn’t tell me you were having problems again” he sounded almost hurt, you used to tell him everything but you couldn’t find it in yourself to tell him anymore. Everything was so stressful and you didn’t want to make it worse for him.

“I didn’t know how to tell anyone, “Oh hey by the way I hear voices and see things”?” you replied.

“It’s okay,” he could sense you were getting upset “but don’t think you can’t talk to me, alright?”

you nodded and took a deep breath.

“Something wrong?”

you nodded once again

“What wrong baby?” You knew it killed him to see you like this

“Something just feels off” You frowned sitting up

Stiles looked at you confused “what do you mean?”

“Like something bad is about to happen”

He cocked an eyebrow, “did you take you meds today?”

You nodded “It’s my first day on them though” you said covering your ears as the sound of racing cars and loud crashes filled your thoughts. You winced in pain, they had gotten louder since the last time this happened.

“What’s wrong, what are you hearing?”

“Car noises, it sounds like a highway” You winced again “like a car crash on a highway”

“(Y/N) car noises aren’t voices” He looked utterly confused and helpless.

“There’s a siren now, voices, little voices. I can’t understand what they’re saying though”

You scrunched your eyes shut in hopes of making the voice clear.

Just as you opened you mouth to speak the words Stiles’s phone rang.

“it’s my dad” “it’s (Y/N’S) dad” yours and the sheriff’s voice overlapped.