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Perfect 20! ✧
As for me ‘miracle’ associated with magicians, and when I remembered they used cards I rEALIZED. Also Miracle is the same shape as dnd 20-sided dice. Plot twist is, dnd set has 7 dice in total and Kirby 64 has 7 basic abilities… There we have, Miracle Matter is a huge nerd.

I believe them and Zero Two might be sort of “twins”, like 20 and 02, but I am yet to figure a good way to make 02′s gijinka, as well as to decide whether I want them and regular 0 be the different character or the same.


lololololol. um, yeah so everybody did the Thing™️ with the middle pic so I did the Thing™️ with the middle pic. these were taken weeks ago, since it’s summer, I’ve been looking more n more trashy n I can’t actually post a recent pic

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…anyway it’s 2017 why do non-black millenials still think it’s ok to use the n-word in any context whatsoever lmao

So I was looking through Rainbow’s goodreads questions and…

… am I missing something? Has she mentioned this screenplay before? Or is this the other big secret announcement that she hasn’t told us about yet? 

My Dofty heart was expecting that, but it still hurt.  Can’t blame Dom for making a move, Lofty definitely gives off vibes that he’s interested in him.  The scenes with Lofty trying to avoid Griselda were hilarious (and now we know why the hands-on-bum thing happens), but he’s such a closed book, I wish he’d open up more.  When Dom said “I can’t read you” I was like SAME!

Their chemistry is fantastic and I want them to get together soon dammit!


ok so my pretty little pal @teamfreewill-imagine tagged me to post 6 selfies but i rarely take selfies, let alone good ones, so this was hard to compile. tumblr has seen most of these already so that shows how little i take photos of my own face… and also all of them were taken on snapchat so i don’t even really look like this but idk it took me years to think of appropriate photos!!

anyway, i’m gonna tag people but feel free to not do it because i understand selfie posts are difficile and not everyone is into sharing their face with the world so no pressure, lads :0)

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... I'd have to know what you look like to make you a shinigami...

Really?? I didn’t think anyone would actually do it, this is exciting…

Someone I know likes to tell me I look like Haruhi from Ouran hshc if that helps??

ur local brown, bi gramma here to remind y’all that ambiguous representation ( or “leaving it vague so ppl can interpret” ) rly only works if your cast is already diverse enough. saying a character is ‘tan’ = the fandom doing more work to fit an ethnicity and culture in, and the author should never ever get credit for the fandom’s work towards making smth Less White. the same goes for not properly researching cultures of existing characters, or just going off stereotypes. including lgbt characters but also putting in unnecessary homophobic tropes and Suffering Gays ( especially when it’s geared towards the wlw community — who are already horribly misrepresented, devalued, and ignored ) also = the fans feeling alienated and disappointed, and worst of all: feeling more harmed than helped.

always applaud actual given representation, and enjoy it!!! it’s there for you to ENJOY. but remember to think about whether or not it’s properly done, whether or not it’s researched. if it’s half-assed, who is it benefiting? and more importantly, if it’s causing harm, who is it harming??

good authors will take the criticism and change towards better writing and better rep. 

me: mm, i’m not sure i wanna write right now tho


me: off to google docs i go

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im dying that fucking aleks ship drawings is the actual fucking en d of me im in my grave surrounded by all of them printed out and im clutching that one of aleks and trevor right against my gay fucking heart and im leaving the mortal realm a Full Man

khldkfvjkfk BLESS U wtf this is. the best ask i’ve ever received om g

what ur favorite song on melodrama says about u
  • green light: lowkey basic. you probably missed lorde a Lot & listened to pure heroine on repeat while she was on hiatus
  • sober: you've done wild shit like chug 2 whole bottles of vodka or snorted coke off someone's bare back or smth. or maybe you just dream of doing wild shit, i won't judge
  • homemade dynamite: you probably dance crazily when you think no ones watching & watch live videos of lorde in concert on repeat
  • the louvre: you're obsessed with the idea of love & probably watch too many romcoms & think a museum date is the height of romance
  • liability: someone broke your heart or you only like this song bc it's gay. either way do u want to talk abt it
  • hard feelings/loveless: an idealist, you've made one of those playlists to ask someone out with song titles, or at least considered it. also you hate baby boomers
  • sober ii/melodrama: you're a hardcore lorde fan & probably cry anytime she does anything. you might be the one who found the onion ring acc??
  • writer in the dark: hella badass & you might actually be a witch?? you prob also like this song bc of her high notes. me too buddy.
  • supercut: you get high on nostalgia & cried after listening to the album for the first time
  • liability reprise: you listen to sad songs & watch sad movies when you're sad & it just makes you sadder
  • perfect places: you probably hoard polaroids & ticket stubs & pressed flowers & memories. you live the aesthetic lyfe™ we all hope to achieve

Honestly one of the most realistic things about Wonder Woman was when Diana was trying to convince the amazons to save the humans and end the war she said excuse me to Hipolytta when she interrupted and “forgive me, senator” like only between women would a conversation like this be so polite

you: judeo-christian holidays
me, an intellectual: jewish and christian holidays are not the same in terms of both ritual and cultural significance and are not seen in the same way by the media or average american. grouping them together in this way implies that jews have the same narrative and power as christians, which is false and frankly offensive