say that to my grille and not online

short term memory problem gothic

- you walk into a room and notice a nice pen on the desk. You forget why you walked into this room but it’s on the top of your tongue
- you’re in the kitchen and get out two pieces of bread. What sandwich did you want again? Grilled cheese sounds nice but that wasn’t it
-“That sounds like me but I don’t remember saying that ”
-You’re reading a news article online and a friend links you to a youtube video. You watch it and open another youtube video. Half an hour later, what were you supposed to do? Since when did I have the new york times open ?
-The door is left open. Someone left it open and you set down your cellphone and go over to close it. I just had my phone in my hand… where is it now?
-You have something you should be doing. It’s nagging at the back of your head but you can’t think of anything. At midnight you remember your coursework is due tomorrow.
-Did we take our medicine? I’m pretty sure I did. I would have wouldn’t i? I can’t remember.
- I didn’t take a bath yet. You take a bath and then notice a damp towel already on the rack.

the omgcp characters as @dril tweets

bitty: what if all the locker room heteros want to kiss the gay player & it messes up their performance on the court? can we truly afford this #NBA

jack: sometimes i love to be able to want to be the man who is able to want to need to have his wants and needs able to be fulfilled sometimes

shitty: “This Whole Thing Smacks Of Gender,” i holler as i overturn my uncle’s barbeque grill and turn the 4th of July into the 4th of Shit

lardo: if a terrorist tried to get me. i’d just say like, “gods fake dude” then punch the gun out of his hand while hes contemplating the hereafter

ransom: mmy masters in agricultural science was just deemed invalid after footage arose of me dying

holster: please tell me I wasnt the only one screaming at the tv last night, begging for one of the VP candidates to recognize budweiser’s sacrifices

dex: always looking for exicting new up and comers in the realm of breathtaking digital online content to block

nursey: the last indie twitter acocunt. ..yeah thats me

chowder: “Why should there be only one good friday. Let’s try our best to make all the Fridays good. Thank you” -a quote i invented which made me cry

parse: I.m taking a break from people who think it is good to make a fool of me for drama purposes. Basically dont look at my page until im not mad

In Saudi Arabia, Instagram—the photo-sharing application—is hugely popular. Not for sharing pictures, but to attract customers and advertise products and services. Saudis, especially women, have turned the photo-sharing site into a platform to create jobs, and sell everything from cosmetics to fresh sushi, to barbecue.

There are more than 4,000 Instagram-based businesses in the capital alone.

We went to a convention of Instagram businesses in Riyadh. More than a hundred booths—all run by women— were set up in a girl’s school. They showed off a remarkable variety of products and services. We sampled chocolates, sipped Arabic coffee, smelled beauty products and admired homemade jams and pickled dates.

We met Nouf al Mazrou, one of the success stories on Instagram. She studied business management in college, looked for a job, but dreamed of setting up her own company. Instagram was the answer. She created “Barbeque Time” ten months ago. She has more than thirty thousand followers and a successful full-time job.

“It’s about catering,” she says, as she grills chicken and beef over hot coals, filling constant orders. Call for her services and she’ll deliver everything for a backyard barbeque, including the seating, the sauces and the grill.

“These are my sisters, they always help me, but I’m the boss,” she says and introduces the women in red bandanas who help her with the cooking. Even her son pitches in and wears a red pirate hat.

Social media is a big deal in Saudi Arabia, says Maha Teibah, an advisor to the Ministry of Labor, “We are number one in the region on Twitter and Instagram.”

The popularity of social media means it’s easy to reach customers online. Instead of staying home and waiting for a job, many Saudi women are now creating their own jobs and services. They can bypass all of the bureaucracy of setting up a formal company and set their own hours and measure of success.

“First it was cupcakes, now it’s getting into interesting stuff,” says Taibah, “It’s their way of expressing themselves.”

The explosion of Instagram businesses has become so large in the Kingdom that the Ministry of Labor is considering how to measure the earnings and track the numbers to include this informal sector in the country’s GDP.

“I think the main idea is that women are starting to voice that they are much more productive than in the past,” says Taibah.

Amal Al Salam started her Gym Rat boutique on Instagram two months ago. “At first, I thought it was a silly idea.”

She’s a personal trainer and knows how difficult it is to find quality activewear for women. Her site was an immediate hit.

The biggest success is @Sugar_Sprinkles. It’s a family-run site that has sold sugary deserts on Instagram for two years. The products became so popular that Sugar Sprinkles expanded from online sales to shopping malls. Sugar Sprinkles now has 15 outlets in the capital.

Deb Amos, #NPRSaudi2015