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Kaner came up to me and said, ‘you had two tonight?’ And I said yeah, and he goes, ‘all right, I’m gonna get it to you’, and he did.” - Ryan Hartman, 1st career hat trick 

I haven’t done anything for this year’s Sonic’s anniversary so, I just bought a little cake and decided to eat it with my sonic plushies while they watch me from the table XD
That blue hedgehog’s been running for 26 years! I can’t help but gasp when I think about it! And I hope there are more great years to come for this amazing blue speedster 💙
Happy 26th Anniversary Sonic! :D

So does Exo have all black dress code when they have dance practice?


riley is gay and proud of it, she loves who she even though it took her a while to realise and accept it

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laci3  asked:

Hello! What would be the things that Zoro, Law and Sanji's s/o do/say that totally embarrass them? <3


Zoro: say something sexual or combine forces with Sanji and make fun of him, tell other people about his orientation problems

Law: say something sexual, steal his hat, tell embarssing stories, tell other people about his coin collection

Sanji: nothing can embarass Sanji, except for his s/o combining forces with Zoro and making fun of him (maybe his eyebrows)

ofiucocontuco  asked:

wait... if the twins go to the school... that means that there are parents meetings...I totally see every child presenting them parents to the clasroom and when is the turn of the girls, someone asking "how be a villian could be a job?" and Black Hat saying something like "I've a quick demonstration. We'll destroy everything what you love until someone paid us"

i actually wrote a little drabble of how the Parent-Teacher meetings would look like lol,

i’ll try to get to it as soon as i can, i’ve been thinking of whether i want to make it a fic or draw a comic about it

At some point Black Hat has for sure gotten the attention of scientists (Both freelance and government) who all who like to figure out what Black Hat IS exactly.

At one point an ambush plan works well enough on him to knock Black Hat out and take him in. He ends up in a highly secured lab, heavily bound and guarded.

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darling-gentleman-anon  asked:

I-I'm on the run! B-But I just wanted to say something to Black hat! If I had a star for every time you lighten uo my day, I would have the whole galaxy in my hands. *makes a heart with his hands and winks blushing a little*

“Thank… you…?”


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