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when will jeff goldblum and jemaine clement be father and son in a film vying for the love and attention of the same man with said man played by taika waititi

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Hi Lottie, I was wondering if you have any book recommendations for a really good novel with queer characters. I've been stuck rereading a lot of books recently and would love to support a book that's more recently come out (but honestly an older book would be just as good). Thank you!

ah, what a good question! yes! here’s a little list of my ABSOLUTE FAVE novels with queer characters (rather than Queer Novels) that were released in 2017: 

  • Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero – Stranger Things-esque sci-fi horror with shades of Scooby Doo and buckets of millennialisms
  • In Other Lands by Sarah Rees Brennan – the relatable fantasy epic that YA deserves
  • The Bedlam Stacks by Natasha Pulley – tbh I feel like Natasha Pulley rolls dice and spins a wheel to decide what to write about, but goddamn does she make it work 
  • Days Without End by Sebastian Barry – indescribable
  • The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee – all that Good Victorian Shit, narrated by a bisexual bounder of the first water
  • A Conjuring of Light by V. E. Schwab (Shades of Magic #3) – bit of a cheat, but it’s going on the list because the whole series (and everything Schwab writes) was brilliant and I loved every single page 

With only the stars to guide him, Yuuri visits the shore one evening. Bundled in a dinner vest. Clothes he could’ve worn to a work party, but he decided to visit the beach instead. Glass of champagne perched near his lips. He wonders if Viktor’s out on a night like this. Looking up to the same moon? The same stars? Yuuri never realized how pretty the stars were until he was alone. The ocean breeze combs through his hair, and Yuuri’s lips part from the champagne glass.

All he could hear were the waves, coming up close but not close enough. The water barely grazed his shoes, and Yuuri didn’t step back. Was he not scared? Even with alcohol in his blood, Yuuri wasn’t stupid enough to step forward. He simply stood, grounded to where he was. In a silence that would only break because of a scream, but he didn’t. Yuuri whistled. A few, fluttering chirps before he heard a splash from somewhere in the darkness.

It was Viktor, it was always Viktor.

It was always Viktor because Yuuri wouldn’t know why he’d be here at the beach, alone with alcohol thumping against his ear. It was always Viktor because he rarely turned a shy eye when Yuuri needed him the most. It was always Viktor, and Yuuri hated it.

He couldn’t give anything in return. He was always bound to obligations, shackled around the neck with expectations. And Viktor, Viktor had none. He was free to roam wherever he pleased, yet he chained himself to this one beach for Yuuri’s sake.

Sometimes, Yuuri wanted to say, “Viktor, you don’t have to see me anymore.”

“You don’t have to give me gifts.”

“You don’t have to waste your life on me.”

“Please, be yourself.”

But how could Yuuri could say any of those things when Viktor poked his head up from the water and flashed him a toothy grin. Pure bliss, an unfailing joy because Yuuri was special to Viktor, and the fact always reeled him back to the shore. Where he saw Yuuri and widened his eyes, wondering why they were meeting again when it wasn’t morning yet.

Yuuri had an answer, but he didn’t want to say.

Hey what’s you guys’ opinion on Hidge?? I’m quite curious

Personally I find it very cute but that’s probably influenced by my Sim AU since Hunk and Katy are like. Best best best friends and are super close so I could definitely see them becoming a thing. Super smart nerdy kids

I dunno, I’m just wondering :0c Since I rarely ever see content of it I’m not sure if it’s a widely liked ship in the fandom or not

My Callin’ Album arrived! ; A ; It’s so pretty!

Includes Callin’ CD, 6 Photocards, Photobook, a sticker sheet, and a bonus Wow picture curtesy of KpopFactory, where I ordered it!! Everything looks amazing.

This definitely brightened my day!! I hope you’re all having a fantastic day too!

Here we are Kukui… fellow rejects who could never become captains. We’ve got all these moldy old traditions in Alola - the kahunas, the captains… it’s about time we cut out all of that silly garbage and make something new for ourselves
—  Guzma

So you know who got REALLY screwed at NHK?

Coomes/Buckland. They were hosed big time. Their faces after the FD said it all. They somehow lost 19 points between Nebelhorn Trophy and NHK while only losing 5 of those points on levels they lost. While I do think their Nebelhorn scores were a bit much (personal bests on both programs) I don’t really get how S/K scored so much higher than them. They also serve as another example (other than TS and H/D) that PCS at NHK were substantially lower - they dropped 2.5 points in PCS in the short and 5.5 points in PCS in the free when comparing both competitions. I really felt bad for them tbh.

Went to get drinks with my classmates and one of them reminds me so much of 4!Dante it’s great… 😂

  • First of all he’s tall, buff, and handsome.
  • Second, he’s mostly friends with girls because he says guys usually hate him?? Which would usually raise red flags but he’s really nice and doesn’t give off a creeper vibe either. And he loves to talk about his wife which is cuteeeee~
  • Third, he’s super animated when he talks (he talks with his hands) and has a lot of energy. Lmao my friend was like “If he accidentally hits me, I’m gonna hit him back.” and he laughed and was like “Yeah girl!” and they fist bumped then told us we‘re allowed to smack him if he gets too wild. 😂
  • And finally he gives really great hugs??? I was saying bye to them and when it was his turn to hug me I was like “Aaaah yes~ Love your hugs~ They’re the best~” and he gave me a big ol’ bear hug (which is probably the warmest hug I’ve ever had) and a kiss on the cheek. And I didn’t find it weird??? It was like getting a hug from your big brother???

Usually, when I meet guys that act the way he does I don’t like them. But he seriously gives off such a genuinely nice vibe its hard to hate him????

Lief not only blames himself for making a mistake, he thinks he has betrayed his friends and his people. He has betrayed their loyalty, and their trust 

Because everyone believed Lief without question. His friends gathered in Sharn’s sickroom, with their masks already removed, before Lief had even explained to them that the ‘Plague’ was a lie. Lief says they can remove their masks, and they do it, without even knowing why, only on the knowledge only that Lief says it is okay 

And the people of Del did the same. They removed their masks even though they were afraid, even though some (like Dunn) were unhappy, on no evidence other than ‘the king said we should’

In Dragon’s Nest the people of Del told him they would give him their lives… and now they will. They trusted in their king, they took his word that they would be safe, and now Lief has betrayed their trust and killed them all

Like this is some next level self-blame

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hello !! ok so i'm pretty sure you're a bts fan (right? if not, plz ignore me i'll just assume that tumblr ate my ask) and i've only now gotten into them, so i wanted to ask who your favorite member(s) is and why this sounds like a really awkward interview i'm sorry i've never sent an anon ask before but i want people to fangirl with!!! (also since i've gathered up the nerve to send this i just want to add that i went between pronouncing your name as chee-bacon and chee-ba-ken ok ily bye)

HELLO THIS IS THE BEST ASK BECAUSE IT GIVES ME THE CHANCE TO FANGIRL OVER BTS, which is an urge that I usually suppress for the sake of all my followers who just want drarry (I should probably start a BTS sideblog but also I should definitely NOT do that because I have no time)

OKAY SO YES I am ABSOLUTELY a fan and like over the moon obsessed with them and currently having an aneurism over all of the amazing stuff they’re doing in America. 


Okay but if I HAVE to choose, my all time fave forever whom I adore is J-Hoooooooope <3<3<3. There is just no way that anything could ever top his dancing, and he is just so full of joy and energy and I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. And @queenofthyme agrees with me and this is why we are such good friends now, because hobi brought us together. 

And then after J-hope… well, I just tried to order them, and I literally can’t. THEY ARE ALL PERFECTION. 

Okay, I will make myself stop here even though I could talk about BTS for literal hours, but THANK YOU AGAIN FOR THIS ASK!!!!