say no to monsanto


The Difference a Day Makes.

First picture was taken yesterday, second was taken Today.

I’ve got 2 Sweetie Tomatoes, 2 Zucchinis, 1 Cucumber, and all 4 Shasta Daisy cells sprouting.  That’s 50% of my cells sprouted since being planted on 6/27.

I can’t explain how amazing it feels to watch my garden, my work, grow and become so quickly.  I love it, and am now currently looking into Horticultural Programs at my local college.

No, this is not the first time I have taken an interest in gardening and subsistence agriculture.  I have always enjoyed gardening, and now I would really enjoy learning more seeing as it’s probably going to be the safest place to eat from pretty soon in the US, and I just love being closer to nature.  It makes me feel whole.