say no to me i dare you

  • alexander: welcome my friends whom i love, i gathered you here today so you can tell me your opinion on this thing, please speak freely without fear!! i'm open to everything and anyone :) please just say
  • literally any general: well i mean maybe we should j
  • alexander: what the fuck???? excuse me what the fuck??? are you stupid or you just don't understand anything relating to war at all??? how dare you speak to me i don't deserve this i hate all of you
Be My Backup? | M.C

A/N: Inspired by my love of Friends as well as Monica and Chandler. Also I was once called a Monica and my (ex)crush a Chandler when we both didn’t expect it so inspo lies there. 

“Friends again? Really, Y/N?” Calum whined out.

“It’s a classic, don’t you dare say otherwise!” You defended your favorite show.

You were on the road with the guys and decided to pack your boxset of the 90s comedy to watch on long bus hauls.

“You know, I think our friendship group could definitely be the millennial answer to Friends,” Ashton stated as he cracked open a can of beer.

“Who would I be?” Luke asked, his eyes not leaving the TV screen.

“Ross,” Michael snorted, others laughing with him.

Luke threw a cushion at the bleached blonde.

“I definitely think I’m Joey,” Calum self proclaimed.

“What about me?” You asked.

Ashton thought for a minute.


Your eyes widened at the suggestion, hoping you would have been a Rachel.

Michael began to chuckle at the comparison.

“I wouldn’t get too cocky, Cliffo, because you’re Chandler,” Ashton added.

The cheeky grin turned into a frown as it sunk into Michael’s head who he had been compared to, causing the gang to erupt with laughter.

“But I think Chandler is so underrated,” you stated in defence of your favourite character.

The conversation died down for a little while as you all became engrossed with the current storyline.

“They had a great idea, though, with the back up thing,” Luke pointed out. “It guarantees you won’t live a life of loneliness… and it means you’ll be with someone you trust and know.”

“You’re my back up, Luke,” Calum smiled as he pulled the lanky Australian close in a mocking cuddle.

“Well, Ashton is mine,” you interrupted.

The eldest placed a hand on his chest close to his heart.

“Aww, Y/N. thank you! I accept.”

“What? That’s not fair!” Michael whined. “I wanted to be Y/N’s back up.”

Everyone turned to Michael following is comment. He turned rather quiet once he realised what he had actually said out loud.

“Sorry, Mikey, she picked me,” Ashton teased as he wrapped an arm around you.

“Does somebody have a crush?” Calum asked in a menacing tone.

A pink blush spread across Michael’s face as he clutched onto the cushion he was hugging.

“I just wanted to have my security blanket in place,” was the excuse he came up with.

An awkward silence filled the room as the attention turned once more to the TV.


You spat out the water from your mouth into the sink and grabbed your pink fluffy towel to wipe your lips dry. You had just got changed into your PJs and was about to retire to your bunk for the night. When you opened the door, Michael was still up, sat on the couch, watching some sort of Marvel movie. He always was a night owl, undoubtably due to insomnia.

“Hey Mike,” you smiled as you decided to join him, grabbing a blanket and wrapping it around your barley clothed frame of just shorts and a tee.

He smiled as you sat beside him, but no words left his mouth. You could still sense the awkwardness.

“You know,” you began to break the silence. “There’s a reason I didn’t want you as a back up…”

Michael’s attention turned from the movie and to your face out of curiosity, unsure of what to expect your reasoning to be.

“Because,” you inhaled, preparing yourself for what you were about to say.

“I was hoping…maybe one day…we could have had a possibility of…something before the need of calling in back ups…”

Michael turned fully to face you, slightly in awe of what you’d just said.

“You… mean… a date? Or something?”

You nodded. It was now your turn to don a blush on your face.

“See how things go? i dunno…”

“I’d love-like that, yeah,” he smiled, slightly bewildered.

“How about we grab a bite to eat when we get back?”

Michael began to smile uncontrollably.

“That’d be perfect.”

He pulled up his blanket and gestured for you to come and join him. You slid across the couch and settled in beside him, fitting like the perfect puzzle piece. Michael placed a small but soft kiss on your hair as you cuddled together.  

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A small package is in the mail for you Jess. Its one of my fav books and a card. It should be there Wednesday. Its not gonna change your life and make rainbows out of crap, but when you hold that book you'll always know that I care.

wait what no. don’t you dare say its “ not gonna change your life”. let me tell you something when i was younger and completely ready to end it all, i went into work one night and this woman told me all about her life, about her kids, and her grandkids, and she handed me an extra 5$ on top of my tip and that made my whole night, last night a kid at one of my tables wrote this sloppy mis written thank you on top of my receipt with a smiley face. those things changed my life, those things made me wanna keep going. whether you guys send me huge packages, books, or even just letters. it changes my day, my week, and even my life. because with every letter i learn something new, with every letter i gain at least one reason to keep going 

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△ is there a tiny little part of you buried inside that feel bad about what you did to Celestia and want nothing more that free her, give her a hug and say sorry?

Send me a △ and ask a really invasive question aimed at my character

They’ll have to:

Rate on a scale of 1-10 how much they don’t want to answer that question

Answer that question.

Question Rating: 20,000/10

“How dare you ask such a question?”

“Of course I feel bad! Sisters are not supposed to hate each other. That hate has diminished, but the fact that it was ever there gets on my nerves. I wish I could bring her back, but at the same time, I am afraid to. Her mind is not stable enough for me to verify comfortable in bringing her back.“ 

Nightmare sighed. She shouldn’t be going this far with it, but she wants to get this off her chest. "I do not know the origin of her mind’s instability. It could have formed while I was on the moon, or it could have happened as a result of me sending her there.”

“I do not know…”

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ah, i just wanted to say.. i love your stuff, they've inspired me to draw more sebaciel recently. Haven't posted any yet, but I plan to digitalize them. Many of your posts make me think of details and make me want to create more detailed art.

Why, you adorable being. This is amazing, to be able to inspire others, so thank you for sharing this and telling me. I am glad some of mine was of inspiration to you - I hope you will dare to share it with the rest of the fandom, on your blog. Take care and enjoy drawing ♡

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the thing is the defense squad is what ztans did when 1d fans were upset with his image. then they told everyone to fuck off because zayn didn't need them. guess what? he was left without fans. harry's own fans make connecting to him so hard. because he's not there to connect with me. there's just a sea of his fans waiting to bully ot4 stans and larries and everyone who isn't a hazoff stan.

Sadly. And if you even dare to say something (about his team, not even about him) they will turn to you like you insulted their god 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Louis commented “….👀” on Lottie’s ig and Zayn tweeted “.. 👀”. I think we should all be 👀 👀 👀. I know we’re always 👀 👀 👀 but I feel we should be super 👀 👀 👀.

That’s me 100% buddy like I’m always side eying literally everything 

me, a sensitive and very emotional person who cries easily and can’t take any criticism: i wanna fight someone

little details in fantastic beasts that i gasped/screamed at/loved:

  • at his macusa hearing they say newt’s older brother was a war hero
  • which gives me a totally different perspective on newt’s childhood and life
  • he’s the carefree, daring, wild younger brother who can’t fit in, living under the shadow of his amazing brother like how must that have affected his development as a person
  • (btw newt was friends with leta because they were both outsiders which makes my heart hurt)
  • worrying means you suffer twice” A PLUS NEWT A PLUS
  • also newt just like casually handing jacob heavy duty protection and tossing him into the fray
  • grindelwald snarling at newt in the interrogation room, wondering how albus dumbledore could possibly find this young unassuming man so amazing, so likable, so defendable 
  • (also i’m like 150% sure newt scamander was rubeus hagrid’s personal hero)
  • the necklace graves gives credence is the deathly hallows symbol aka gellert grindelwald’s claimed sign
  • i saw that lil flash and s c r e a m e d 
  • also i find percival graves and porpentina goldstein’s relationship so interesting
  • like they must have worked together as aurors
  • percival looks the sorriest when the president orders tina out of headquarters
  • and he comes downstairs straightaway to see her after that incident in the dusty macusa basement
  • and tina looks so betrayed when he shackles her alongside newt and jacob
  • what must their relationship have been like? mentor and mentee? close friends? colleagues? just something that’s been on my mind
  • aka “mother’s here” like can he be any more precious ?????
  • “wilds of arizona”. just…like i never thought i would hear that phrase ever lol
  • newt being dragged away in chains, desperately begging macusa not to harm his creatures, that they’re not dangerous, that they’re not dangerous, please don’t hurt them
  • queenie calling jacob honey
  • teasing her sister for being the careerwoman and tina looking embarrassed but proud
  • queenie casually strolling through macusa with the intent of busting her friends and sister outta there
  • trying loads of unlocking spells until jacob (bless his muggle soul) just kicks the damn door down
  • tina seeing her mother in the pool 
  • thinking about her relationship with her mother and how much she must have missed her parents, especially since they died at such an early age
  • newt begging tina to trust him, that he’ll catch her, and her visible hesitation
  • she must have had such a difficult life but is still so capable of love and affection and trust #porpentinagoldsteinisabamf
  • also that spell the goldstein sisters do to change their clothes like i need that
  • also newt’s small concession to fashion when he changes his fun bowtie into something a tad more formal
  • newt casually asking jacob how people trust him so quickly
  • that passing remark that people generally find newt annoying, like it’s so matter-of-fact, made me :’(
  • the tears in newt’s eyes when he’s saying farewell to jacob
  • jacob’s unabashed delight at seeing all these magical creatures and hearkening back to his wild days on the expedition teams in wwi
  • also can we take a moment to realize that jacob is a veteran and he’s probably seen so much grief and heartbreak and death and he is still so upbeat and helpful and purely genuinely excited at seeing new amazing things
  • and all he wants to do is open a bakery and make people happy like :’)
  • but they made us cocoa!”
  • jacob and queenie bonding over their grandfathers’ birds and mutual love of cooking
  • that little spring in tina’s step after newt asks if he can come back in person
  • not to mention newt’s lil pause on the gangway and that brief moment when he stands, contemplating, and then hurries away
  • jacob’s hand reflexively reaching for his murtlap bite as queenie smiles at him
  • that deja vu moment when newt bumps into jacob and leaves him the silver occamy shells
  • remembering and trying to help his friend fulfill his lifelong dream
  • every single second of newt’s erumpent mating dance
  • pickett blowing a raspberry after newt’s stern little talk about sulking

if you have more fun lil tidbits you caught, please add!! i’d love to see what you guys saw too :) 

Oh shit, I thought the joke here was that Yuri had only left him waiting maybe an hour or so yet somehow that was the longest someone had ever kept the Victor Nikiforov waiting. 

But now…

Was Victor actually talking about the months it took between the banquet request and the video ‘summon’?

Victor wasn’t saying “I am a special snowflake how dare you make me wait even one second for the honor of being my student” but “you left me, took months to call me and now that I’m officially your coach you still keep me waiting.”

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Christophe:</b> [in a room and can't find Victor] this calls for drastic measures<p/><b>Christophe:</b> [using his hands as a microphone] YUURI KATSUKI IS AN AWFUL SKATER AND SHOULD RETIRE ALREADY<p/><b>Victor:</b> [from across the room] what the FUCK DID YOU-<p/><b>Yurio:</b> [leaping out of nowhere] WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY ABOUT KATSUDON, HUH? HOW FUCKING DARE YOU, HE'S A GREAT SKATER AND IF HE FUCKING RETIRES I'LL MAKE HIM FUCKING REGRET IT FOR THE REST OF HIS FUCKING LIFE<p/><b>Christophe:</b> <p/><b>Victor:</b> <p/><b>Yurio:</b> <p/><b>Yurio:</b> I mean I hate him<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
It’s so hard to write about love in a world where heartbreak is what we all can relate to.
But I want to try.
I want to try because you make me brave and daring.
I entered this thinking love was a scam I wanted to be played by, I entered this thinking you’d break my heart so bad I’d finally become the writer everyone says I’ll be. But boy did you prove me wrong. You took in all my crazy, weird, random and total lameness and loved every inch of it. And it’s not perfect. God knows it’s not. But it’s so worth it. Every second of everyday. You’ve taught me so much; about myself, about what it means to love selflessly and I’ll admit I’m still working on the later, but you’re so patient. I know this isn’t much in the way of artistic poetry, I know this isn’t bled ink but this is love, you know? This is our love story and I’m going to start learning to write about it more. I’m done romanticizing heartache, because of you, I don’t have to.
  • me: yeah i have a chronic illness, so there isnt really any way to cure my-
  • someone: okay but
  • me: no
  • someone: have u ever
  • me: fuck no dont do it
  • someone: tried
  • me: dont say the thing dont you fuckin dare
  • someone: yoga?
  • me: ...fuck, fuck, why? why did you do it

jack: [mentions to the frogs that him and bitty have been arguing over something very minor]

nursey: the argument isn’t your problem, hockey & school have been keeping the two of you apart. you two just need to bone.

dex: [looking horrified] hnngh

jack: what did he say?

dex: [whispers] don’t say it again

nursey: i said you two need to bone.

jack: hoooOw dare you derek nurse i am your forMER CAPTAIN! (BONE!!!!)whathappensinmybedroomnurseyis none of your business (!boOoOoNE?!) dont, ever, speak to me like thatagain.

Seijou Players as Things That Have Been Said in my Workplace

Oikawa: Look, I’m not gonna say it was aliens. Because that should go without saying. I’m just gonna say, maybe use the side door for awhile.

Iwaizumi: Is there anyone here who DIDN’T google how to do their job??

Hanamaki: (Talking to a tray of burnt cookies) How dare you. How dare all of you. What kind of disrespect-

Matsukawa: Actually I was hired for my impeccable jazz hands, the memes were just a bonus.

Yahaba: Hey, I’m super ahead of schedule, so I’m just gonna go have an existential crisis real quick. I’ll be back in like thirty minutes.

Kyoutani: I took this job because I wanted to avoid people. Leave me alone with my bread.

Watari: Can you get that bag of flour down for me? I’d do it myself but it’s literally bigger than me. And above me. I don’t want to go to the hospital before lunch.

Kindaichi: I like to think I have realistic goals. I want to suck less. I don’t have to not suck at all. Just… less.

Kunimi: (Hand bleeding profusely) Goddammit it is too early for this. I’m getting coffee and a bandage IN THAT ORDER.

Keith: You’re making mountains out of molehills, Shiro. The stress from fighting Zarkon is keeping you and Allura apart. You two just need to bone.

Hunk: (flinches and whimpers)

Shiro: .. Whatdidyou say?

Hunk: (to Keith) don’t say it again

Keith: I said you two need to bone.

Hunk: (gulps and tucks chin to chest)

Shiro: (softly, but growing in volume with every word) Hhhow dare you Keith Kogane I am your suPERIOR OFFICER!

(Shiro: (clutching doorframe) BONE!!!!)

Shiro: Whathappensinmybedroomcadetis none of your business 

(Shiro: (clutching and bouncing in doorway) BoOoOoONE?!?!?!?!) 

Shiro: (calmer) Don’t ever, speak to me like that again.

When they ask me how much I love you, I will tell them about the nights we cracked the skies, the way your lips were soft clouds and I kissed them even when they were full of rain.
I will tell them how our heavy breaths were thunder, how it was too beautiful to walk away from your rainstorm smile, the way thunder drips from your mouth.
You tell me I’m sunset, say I’m everywhere and some skies are just worth the fall and you hold me like you’re drowning in colours
When they ask, I will tell them about the lightning storms, every spark, every time you filled up my collarbones with lighter fluid, every time you touched me with flames.
I dare to say that somewhere the stars are watching and they’re cheering me on
The light pouring through the trees means they like who i’m dancing with.
—  Vivian

Truth or dare? you pick truth.
have I ever made you cry? have you ever felt like your lungs were closing the door and locking it and saying no no no over and over and over until there was only white fucking noise and no one around to silence it?

truth or dare? you pick dare.
i dare you to show up in a few months just to apologize and tell me you’ve missed me and you’ve kissed a lot of people but not me not me not me and you want to fix that so
you fix it.

truth or dare? you pick truth.
you must be happy are you happy? i would be happy if it wasn’t for my parent’s divorce and you and the constant fucking sound in my head that never shuts off it just buzzes and buzzes and reminds me of a fly trapped between a window pane both in the noise and the
imminent death.

truth or dare? you pick dare.
i dare you to miss me, I guess, even though it was never enough.

truth or dare? you pick truth.
what was the last dream you had about me? remember, no lying. it’s just a game.

—  call it something it’s not– lily rain