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Communication with Catnip

Some background information, my boyfriend has a lovely catnip plant that is growing amazingly and I really wanted to talk to it!

I begin by asking if Catnip would like to communicate. I use a spirit quartz pendant that I own as a pendulum because I feel this is the right stone to use. I receive a yes.

As I feel accepted as someone to talk to, I feel I am small and cradled by hundreds of catnip leaves, and I am falling downwards. They swirl around me and gently roll through the air around me. I land on dirt and I feel as if I am looking at it from below. I feel calmed and I can see Catnip’s energies flying around the wind.

I say why I am communicating with it. Catnip says it is happy to talk to me, saying that I clearly appreciate its power and it is making itself visible to me and willing to work with me.

I ask if it has a favored magical use.

“I aid in bringing out the calmness that everyone has, because I aid in bringing out the truth. This is the strongest truth that I can see.

But that is not my favorite, my favorite is hiding the truth, and providing fog to whatever someone may need to hide. Be it themselves, or be it something they want to avoid”

I hear this with accompanying imagery of fog hiding buildings and trees, that its blue gray energy can work in a similar way.

There is more to this conversation but I am cutting this post short due to private information! This was kind of an intense communication for me, and I am thoroughly exhausted as I am still a bit inexperienced and Catnip was a little bit um. Energetic.

okay can i just say im rewatching return to vasselheim and

kima was TOTALLY a little bit into zahra when vox machina introduced them

kima: [leans in, smiling at zahra while totally ignoring kash] i don’t believe we’ve met.
zahra: i’m zahra!
kima: zahra! nice to meet you.
zahra: it’s kima?
kima: kima! lady kima.
zahra: LADY kima?
kima: mmhmm ;)
zahra: lady… alright!
keyleth: [loudly bc kima was ignoring kash] AND HAVE YOU MET KASH?

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: Rose and Kanaya getting married may, in fact, be the best thing I have ever seen in any media. Not only did the lesbians not die in the comic, which happens way too often, but they actually had an on screen wedding. It wasn't awkward, it wasn't ruined, it was a happy celebration for the romantic bond between two women. To make it better, it was the one relationship that had an actual marriage scene, and the relationship was a lesbian couple. It wasn't erased, it wasn't sexual, it wasn't dramatic, it was just a happy marriage scene, and everyone looked happy (and I'm pretty sure Roxy was crying out of joy). Nothing bad happened. No sadness, no (het) jealousy, non of that, just happiness and love. The lesbian couple wasn't erased and/or ignored in the end, and was in fact the main one focused on, the fandom is losing their shit over it, and now they are each others wives. As a lesbian, I am beyond happy about that scene. I've never been more happy about two panels of a credit roll in my life.

Felicity liked team ups.

It meant seeing her friends from Central City: comparing notes with Cisco on the tech they were both developing in their own pursuits, laughing with Caitlin, teasing Barry.

So when Laurel suggested calling in reinforcements after a close call with a metahuman a few days ago, Felicity had been all for it. Not all for the metahuman wreaking habit on Starling, wait, no, on Star City, but all for the visit from Team Flash.

How was she supposed to know it would all go so wrong?

Everyone was in the new lair, celebrating the take down of their metahuman earlier that night, but instead of the easy camaraderie she had anticipated, it was just one giant pot of humiliation.

“All I’m saying is that you are clearly catnip to superheroes. Proof is in the pudding,” Cisco was still going strong despite her glaring, seemingly feeding off of the giggling of Laurel and Thea, “Just look at your dating history! Honestly, I would find it flattering.”

A low chuckle from her left had her spinning in her chair.

“Dig! No! Do not encourage this!”

“Hey, don’t get mad at me,” he laughed, holding his hands up and backing away from her.

Oliver and Barry were being big fat cowards over on the mats, pointedly ignoring the conversation and leaving her to the wolves. They were supposed to be sparring, Oliver having wanted to work on Barry’s technique now that there were other speedsters out there, but she was ninety-nine percent sure they were just avoiding getting called into the melee.

After her third unsuccessful attempt at beckoning them over so that she wouldn’t be the only one stuck being embarrassed, she threw her head back and reached the end of her rope.

“This is shaming. You guys are shaming me when I have nothing to be ashamed of!” Felicity squawked, but no one bought her defense.

“Come on, we aren’t shaming you,” Laurel reasoned,  rubbing Thea’s back where she was having trouble catching her breath from laughing so hard and smiling innocently, but Felicity didn’t like mischievous lilt to her friend’s mouth,  “You’ve slept with two of the three superheroes you’ve kissed, so most of them… That’s impressive by anyone’s standards.”

“Two! I’ve only slept with two that I’ve kissed! Two out of four is not ‘most’!” she yelled before she could stop herself.

Everyone went completely still at that. Felicity wanted to close her eyes and count back from three, but she made the mistake of catching Oliver’s eyes. Because, oh boy, now he was definitely paying attention.

She’d never seen that look on his face before, not quite the stoic blankness of their early friendship but not the open book she knew of late. His eyes were clear, but his mouth was pinched and his head tilted in confusion.

There was a beat of silence, broken only when Cisco started listing off names on his fingers.

“Um, hold on. Let’s break this down. One, Barry; two, Oliver; three, Ray; Four, …” he let the question echo in the lair.

Slowly, but creepily in sync, everyone turned to look at Dig, whose brows shot to his hairline.

“The hell? No!” Dig cried, looking over his shoulder at Oliver before turning fully, apparently deciding that giving the Green Arrow his back in the current situation was not a great idea.

If  the thought of kissing her psuedo big brother didn’t make her feel the same thing, Felicity might have been offended at the disgust in Dig’s voice.

“Gross, not Dig. Not that he is gross, but he’s basically family, and yeah, no…” she trailed off as all heads in the room swivelled back to stare at her expectedly.

Thea, apparently breathing easily again, questioned, “Dig’s the only other superhero, though?”

“Dig is not the only other superhero,” Felicity corrected, not really wanting to give answers but also not liking the fact that Thea seemed to be ommitting herself and Laurel from the category.

“Yes, he was,” Thea kept on stubbornly, cocking her head in the exact same way as her brother did when he dug his teeth into something he didn’t want to let go, “He was the only other superhero you could have made out with before you got with Ollie.”

Felicity was saved from answering by the sound of a code being keyed into the entrance. Sara came walking through a moment later, arms laden with everyone’s dinner from Big Belly Burger. She stopped in the doorway, frowning at the scene in front of her.

“Why is everyone staring at me?” she asked.

Cisco looked like his brain might explode as he looked from Sara to Felicity and back again.

“OH MY GOD,” he yelled.

Felicity put her face in her hands.

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My kind of reveal: Catnip
  • *All the Françoise Dupont Class is having an special Biology lesson outdoors, Ms. Mendeleiev is talking about plants and grass that are medically helpful in different animals, however there are one type of grass that isn't in the garden of the Institute...*
  • Ms. Mendeleiev: Btw, has Adrien didn't come yet?
  • Class: No, we guess...
  • Ms. Mendeleiev: It's okay, let's continue...
  • *She starts to moving to the class door*
  • Ms. Mendeleiev: So, the last plant we will study is the catnip, as the own name says, this plants help to cats to awaken their relaxing moods and decreasing their stress. They reach a state of extreme happiness making them look as if they were drunk. Let's go to the classroom, I have some catnip in boxes...
  • Marinette, asking to speak: Excuse me Mademoiselle Mendeleiev, is there any possibility that this type of grass affects equally cats to... humans?
  • Ms. Mendeleiev: Of course not!...
  • *She opened the door while continues talking to Marinette*
  • Ms. Mendeleiev, while looking inside the classroom: ... for that reason, Marinette, it's literally impossible that...
  • Ms. Mendeleiev:
  • Ms. Mendeleiev:
  • Ms. Mendeleiev: Oh my...
  • The whole class: What happened?
  • *All the guys go to the class and see a total mess in the whole place and certain person rolling in the catnip and dirt*
  • Everybody, totally freaked: WHAT THE HECK?! ADRIEN?! WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING?!
  • Marinette, obviously shocked: I think I'll jump from the Arc de Triomphe...
  • Adrien, completely "drunk" yet:
  • โ™ช'Cause every time we touch
  • I get this feeling,
  • And every time we kiss
  • I swear I can fly,
  • Can't you feel my heart beat fast
  • I want this to last
  • Need you by my side...โ™ซ
Cat Protection Bag

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 small velvet bag (color of the cat)
  • stones.amethyst and tigers eye are needed
  • medium size bag (8’’ long,5’’ tall)
  • paper,pen/pencil
  • powdered catnip (wild recommended)
  • rosemary (2 parts)
  • 1 green candle (health)
  • 1 pink candle (love)
  • 2 candles.(color of your element)
  • voice
  • fur of your cat

Set out all your items. Take the small velvet bag and put the stones in. Say:

 "for protection" 

and put them in. Next,take the catnip and mix it with the fur.Say:

 "for playfulness and happiness" 

and sprinkle it in the bag. Now,take the rosemary, and take it apart leaf by leaf. Say:

“from me to (name of cat)”

 and put it in. Take the paper and pen/pencil and write a little message/blessing to your cat. It will get it in its mind if it thinks of you. Bless it with candle magic and think of him/her as you do.
when you`re done say: 

‘blessed be (name of cat)“ 

and put the paper in.

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Did you build this yourself? I really like it!

Yep, I built it! I’m glad you like it! I don’t think I’ve said this yet so I’ll say it here, Catnip’s house is on the gallery under the Origin ID: lizzamorango which is also my main simblrs name #shameless self-promo if anyone is interested in having it!  It says it has CC but it doesn’t.

Someone help me, I don’t want to be a bitch but also the pet store kinda almost could have killed my ferret and I feel like that’s bad.

So I went to the pet store to buy Luna, my ferret, a new toy and I found this really cute pink cat tunnel with an attached toy that dangles down from it. Ferrets can be really allergic to catnip so it’s really important to always buy them toys that DON’T have it, some ferrets can have seizures and die when exposed to it. So, of course, I’m always really careful. Now, the tunnel didn’t say anything about catnip on it (I even later checked the product’s website and it also said nothing). There were several other toys by the same company and on the same shelf that DID say they were catnip infused, but because this one didn’t say so I assumed it would be fine. I even asked the clerk if she knew and she said it didn’t have catnip. 

Then, a day later Luna tears open the toy (because that’s what ferrets do) and lo and behold, catnip inside of it. Of course I was freaking out because I didn’t know if she was allergic or not (she seems fine now but I’m still going to keep an eye on her) and it was a really scary few hours. I was basically ready to bolt to the vet if I needed to.

Now I’m kinda not wanting to make a scene about it, I’ve been working in customer service since I was 15 and there’s nothing worse than an annoying bitch being a bitch; but I feel like that’s kinda a big deal?? Idk should I go back and talk to the manager about what happened?? Because shit the company that makes those toys really should say if they have catnip in them or not…. my ferret could have died over them not labeling it. What do?

Your cheating? (Nate Maloley)

Nate said we were gonna have a lazy day but he got a call
From Derek saying he has to go to the studio.
I’m right now watching Huluplus on the Tv and cuddling with our cat Named Mojo.

“Baby I’ll be back Later I have to go to the studio” he says kissing my cheek and getting his keys to leave.

“Alright bye babe see you later, love u” I say focusing on the TV.

I finish watching the movie and start playing with mojo. I decide to go get Catnip for her. I get up and look in the cabinet and look for it. nothing. I sigh and call Nate to
See if he can bring some on his way home from the studio.

“Hey ma” Nate says sounding tired.

“Hey babe can you bring catnip on your way home because mojo has no more”

“Yea yea sure babe I got- Nate are you coming back to bed?” Nate tries saying but a girl cuts him off.

Your heart drops. “Who is that Nate” you say feeling tears start to form in my eyes and a lump form in your throat.

“Baby” Nate says

“Nate don’t even think about coming home to get back in bed with her” I say in full on tears and hanging up.

i run upstairs and starts to ball my eyes out on the bed we shared I have been crying for twenty minutes. I try to stop but the tears keep
Coming and coming. I Hear keys jiggling to open the door I wipe My tears runs down stairs picks up mojo and sits on the couch.

“Y/n let me explain please” Nate says looking into my eyes.

“How long” I say coldly

“4 months” Nate says wiping his eyes.

“Get your stuff and leave” i say letting tears run down your face. “ baby girl please don’t do this” he says now crying.

“Don’t call me that and get out Nate get your shit and leave go get with that bitch you were cheating on me with” I say again.

He stays silent.

“Okay well I’ll get your shit for you” you walk upstairs grab the bags you packed for him and throw them over the stairwell not caring were they land.I made sure I packed all
His stuff and make sure he didn’t leave anything.

He looks at me and opens the door to his car to start loading his things.

It takes him a full 1 hour to get all his things in the car. I take off the necklace he gave me and put it in his hands “give it to a girl you won’t cheat on and you love very much” my voice cracks and the tears starts streaming.

“Leave” I say pointing at the door. He walks away and leaves.. My life, my world, my heart and sadly he walked away on our relationship.

Should there be a part 2?
One way to defeat ladybug and cat noir
  • Evil doer: Ladybug and Cat noir, you two will never catch me, for I have something to keep you both busy!
  • Ladybug: no matter what you do, we will stop you!
  • Cat noir: Ya! What m'lady said!
  • Evil doer: *pulls out a bag.* you won't be saying that after THIS!*throws catnip everywhere.*
  • Ladybug: h-huh? Catnip? Really? That won't affect us! Right cat noir?*looks at cat.*
  • Cat noir: *eyes, ears and body twitching.* must.... Re....sist.... Temptation.... Roll.... Lick...
  • Ladybug: uh... Cat?
  • Cat: I CANT TAKE IT!* falls on the ground and rolls around everywhere.*
  • Ladybug: CAT!!! H-Hey!*catnip gets thrown on her.*
  • Cat: *looks up at her, eyes slitted.* cat.... Nip....
  • Ladybug: no... No, no, no... Cat...
  • Cat: *crawls towards her in pouncing position.*
  • Ladybug: let's talk about this ok!?*turns and runs and gets chased by cat.*
  • Cat: CATNIP!!!!
“Fishbowl” - Kurt/Blaine

bagels-and-netflixโ€‹ prompted: โ€œan AU where one is a goldfish and one is a catโ€

*mad, hysterical giggling*ย 

~1700 words | AO3

Kurt worries about his humans sometimes. Truly.

Mercedes and Samโ€”and Rachel and the baby human sheโ€™s carrying and Jesse when they visit, though Jesse doesnโ€™t come over quite as much because he sneezes every time Kurt rubs against himโ€”are all wonderful in different ways. But every so often, they do things that make Kurt think theyโ€™ve gotten a few too many sniffs of the catnip, if you know what heโ€™s saying.

Kurtโ€™s settled and cozy on top of that warm black box Sam is so fond of, the one that sits right next to the TV. This is his favorite spot, besides the couch when humans are on it. Kurt is so comfy with his brown paws tucked under his furry white body, matching brown tail curled around him. When he hears the humans coming into the apartment, he perks up, big blue eyes gone wide in the brown triangle that covers his face, and leaps from his spot to greet them.

Mercedes makes kissy noises and reaches down to scratch between his brown ears. Kurt purrs loudly (he loves Mercedes) and rubs against her legs as usual. But thereโ€™s a funny, other-animals scent around her, and the scent gets stronger when Sam comes in, smiling down at Kurt.

โ€œWe got you a friend!โ€ Sam says, carefully lifting a bag of water in front of his face.

Kurt sniffs in the bagโ€™s direction and flicks his tail dismissively. This is when he knows the silly humans have lost it again. The bright, shiny thing moving around in the bag is not Kurtโ€™s friend. It is, most certainly, food.

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