say it penny

  • Me: I'm a super introverted and quiet person I don't really talk much to ppl I don't know
  • Person: *mentions my favorite fictional character*
  • Me: *frantically and loudly speaks about the beauty of that character to a complete stranger for 7478391 hours*

The alarm clock says “27 years, 14 hours, 18 minutes.”

Bad Penny

Here’s a fun little jinx I used to cast a lot.

You Need:

~ A penny

Hold the penny in your left hand. Get angry. Whatever makes you angry, think of it now. Make a fist around the penny and hold it up to your mouth. When you’re good and angry, start swearing at the penny, calling it nasty names, telling it ugly things. Go on as long as you like. (This is a great way to vent!)

When you’re done, say, “Pass it on.”

Drop the penny in the house of someone who’s annoyed you, use it to pay at a business that’s done you wrong, give it to someone you want to inconvenience, sow discord in the world for the lulz, go nuts. I used to charge ‘em by the handful and scatter them downtown when I was partially homeless and hated everyone and everything.


As some of you may have realized, you can use this as a way to cleanse! If you don’t want to weaponize the penny, say “Hold that for me” when you’re done charging, and dispose of it safely or cleanse the penny.

Do not keep the penny. Just do not. I once cursed a penny, dropped it so it landed in my shoe by accident, and had a stunningly shitty day. It takes ten seconds to cast if you have a penny and you’re already angry. Storing them up just means they go to work on you. So if you want to carry ammo, just keep uncharged pennies on you and charge them as needed.


a lot of the human tawog characters i’ve seen look kinda the same, especially for a show with such diverse characters, so i wanted to try making my own

(haven’t watched all the episodes though so some of the characters i don’t know/remember enough about them to make one)

anonymous asked:

I absolutely LOVE your style of writing. How do you think Pennywise would react to being introduced to chocolate?

“Darling,what are you eating?”


“What does it taste like?”

“Delicious! Here,take this one.”

You smile and unwrap a chocolate,handing it over “Hershey’s Kisses.” He nods and takes it before pecking your lips. “Is it like the Oreo?” He asks and eats it,raising his eyebrows at how quick the chocolate was dissolving in his mouth.

“It’s supposed to melt like that,you’re fine.I promise.”

“What is it called again? I want more.”

“Hershey’s Kisses” You hum and hand another one over,earning another kiss from him.
Several hours later,you’re looking for your stash of chocolates to calm your craving.Unable to find them,you call for Penny to see if he’s seen them around.

“Penny? Penny,have you seen my candy?”
“Are you still here?” You call out and make your way to the living room.
Penny is hanging halfway off the couch,eyes wide as he’s staring at the ceiling fan.He’s on a sugar high and your bag of candy is now empty on the floor.

“I smell colors and..and I think I can see sound..”

“Penny! Those were my favorites! I love Hershey’s Kisses!”

You scream as he hops off the couch and pounces on you,attacking you with kisses.