say ican

I got 12 hours of sleep and have officially finished all my drafts.
I just have to format them haHAHAHAHAHA.
Still taking more art requests I suppose– but on the serious side:
I feel like I’ve been a little distant with some of my rp partners ? Especially people I expressed a certain level excitement to rp with. I apologize, my mood had been all over the place. Ships or friends or just characters I went out of my way to talk with, I’m still excited to rp & hang with u guys. I just. u know. bleh. sometimes. Got that mad combo of mental issues that have been keeping me from being particularly forward on playing with everyone lately. I’ve been feeling a little left out too ! So ! I hope we can all start to interact more now that I’m hopefully fixing my sleep schedule.

ok, this edit is shit but okay ….

thanks to all of you for having followed me for having reblogged the sh ** that I post. Seriously, you are awesome!
I want to thank very much to all who continue following me from all my old urls. (likelastkiss, tswitf, swiftuk, 1989queen, looksuperfect, primsverdeen and heislnlove). i love you guys.

bold for those who have 100% of my love.

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