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GUESS WHO GOT OUT OF SCHOOL FOR SUMMER!! owo Sorry everyone for the bit of inactivity, but now I should have a LOT more time on my hands to work on answering asks and doing many other things!! For now though, here! Have this Fennekin drawing!! <3 I hope you all have a great day!!

it really bugs me that right after lars was confirmed as filipino they changed his skin color to pink

Viva la Rebellion!

Hera will be trooping with the Rebel Legion at MCM London tomorrow. Find out what YOU can do to help your local Rebels out!

Like Solas is a okay character

But I will always punch him when I get the chance to. I mean all the shit he caused, one little punch from my tiny, pale ginger, elf inquisitor shouldn’t be a surprise.

me: oh my god. i did it. i finally actually did it. i went a whole day without thinking about arc v. oh. my. god.
my brain: hoe. maybe u didn’t actually think about arc v but you spent the entire fucking day staring at god knows how many pictures of yuya sakaki and going “oh my god” softly.
me: okay but that’s just what happens when i’m not thinking tho

stop sending me asks, i’m done talking about hvff, everyone is allowed their opinions and all of us who are worried about chris have a right to be worried (we’re not saying he’s emotionally unstable to go to the event, we’re just worried that he’s being affected by all the hate that he gets - it isn’t far fetched, some of the stuff written about him is disgusting)

all we ask is that before you say “chris didn’t go for this reason” “he didn’t go because of mel” “he didn’t go because of what is happening in the UK right now” just stop because you don’t know, and we don’t know. nobody knows anything, we just ask that you don’t judge chris on this one thing, and please stop calling him selfish and an asshole etc

  • Killy: You HAVE to make a choice...WHEN I win your heart--and I WILL win it--it will be because you want me.
  • Killers: Swoon! SO romantic! A man who respects agency!
  • Rumple: You just have to choose to [take me as I am]. And if you do… we can have what’s important… Family, happiness. It’s YOUR choice.
  • Me: ...Is English your first language?