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Harry Styles Dating Meredith Winston? Pair Spotted On Cozy Lunch Date — See Pics
Well, well, well! What have we got here? Harry Styles was spotted on a private lunch date with his gorgeous friend Meredith Winston on Aug. 25, and things looked pretty cozy. So are the two dating?…
By gabriellaginsberg

Well, well, well! What have we got here? Harry Styles was spotted on a private lunch date with his gorgeous friend Meredith Winston on Aug. 25, and things looked pretty cozy. So are the two dating? Check out the new pics right here!

Harry Styles, 22, took Meredith Winston on a casual lunch date, which has us thinking — are they an item?! The two of them went to supermodel Cindy Crawford‘s husband Rande Gerber‘s restaurant, Habana Cafe, for dim sum in Malibu, CA. Harry was every bit the gentleman as he held the car door open for Meredith as they left the venue — so sweet. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PICS OF HARRY STYLES OUT TO LUNCH WITH MEREDITH WINSTON.

Though we still aren’t used to his super-short hair, Harry was casual cool in a graphic printed button-down short-sleeved shirt, showing off his tattooed arms. He also wore white framed sunglasses, suede boots and dark jeans, while Meredith sported a simple black camisole and covered her eyes with dark shades. We’ve got to see that they make a very attractive couple!

This beachy date had to be a welcome distraction for Harry, who’s been hard at work filming the movie Dunkirk. Once the project wraps, Harry is planning to grow back his luscious locks, as we’ve EXCLUSIVELY told you — we can’t wait! Harry “loves his shorter hair, [but] he will grow it back”, as we’ve been told. Looks like Meredith doesn’t mind his short hair one bit, though, and they were both all smiles on their double date. Cindy and Rande were also spotted at the restaurant — Harry has been friends with the couple for a few years now.

HollywoodLifers, are you excited that Harry might be dating Meredith? Tell us what you think of them as a couple!

The only reason I’m posting this is so people can FINALLY stop fucking reading Hollywood Life. They managed to actually get her name, but still push the angle date. Either because they don’t care enough to just… Google her fucking name to see that she’s fucking married to a friend and co-worker (AND pregnant), or because they simply don’t  give a shit.

BTW, this article was posted AFTER Daily Mail ammended theirs and The Sun posted all the correct information, along this picture of obviously pregnant Meredith:

The incompetence in this media outlet is just out of this fucking world. I never want to see a Hollywood Life article being taken as a relevant source again in my dash. They’re obviously not connected to any team whatsoever. Neither NT nor OT would even attempt to spin the romantic date angle.

Take Hollywood Life with credibility and I’ll unfollow you. I’m serious.

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Does this mean Kaneki is dying???????

I don’t think Kanou’s statement really proves it since he was comparing his method of Ghoulification to grafting. I’m not sure either how Kanou would know Kaneki would die earlier too unless he’s aware of how things worked back at the Garden.

There’s also the mystery behind Rize’s kagune being special. There were some thoughts I’ve read in the past where Furuta’s lifespan may have been bypassed thanks to Rize’s kagune but we’ll have to wait and see if that’s true.

What Kanou said does make sense yet at the same time, we know so little of ghoul biology so it’s difficult to confirm.

tl;dr possible, but Kanou doesn’t really have proof to show such is the case;;


a study in snapchat filters ft. your fave princess of color ✨

i was tagged by @mavahart a bajillion years ago, thank anoosh!! 💕

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In episode 4, after Hopper tells Joyce they've found Will's body and he gets in his Blazer he turns the car and then off. How long do you think he stayed outside the house?

Oh gosh, all through the night. He put his hat over his eyes not to sleep, but to better listen to any weird noises coming from inside the house. He popped pills from time to time, at the same time growing anxious and relieved that nothing seemed to be going on. He didn’t believe her, he couldn’t, monsters off walls and lights blinking yes or no? But just to be safe - for her to be safe - if something, anything happened at all, he’d be there. 

For her.

Just as she stayed up all night long, axe in hand, determined to not let her son think he was alone in wherever he could be. 

Hopper stayed outside Joyce’s house determined to not let her alone. 

Even if she never knew that.

I finally made a header for the blog! It’s never had a proper one before, and I had thought about drawing one but my art is bleh, so I just mushed together some official art for it! Mushing everyone together looked a little disorganized though, so I wanted to make some sort of a theme…

It’s a rainbow of voice synths! Feat voiceroid, muta, vocaloid, cevio, chipspeech, alter/ego, utau, and the macne series!

If you’d like to see a version where they’re not so pushed together and have more room to breathe, here you go~

Sirius and his pocketwatch

Sirius: no Remus pocket watches are totally punk rock

Remus: Really? Even one with- *goes to open it.*

Sirius: No, you can’t open it.

Remus: ???

Sirius: Nope. uhm, top secret stuff in it, my eyes only.

Remus: *grabs the pocketwatch and opens it*

Remus: is that… a photo of me?


Remus: With little love hearts sketched all around me?


Remus: Is that… our initials in the love hearts?






Remus: *bursts out laughing and wont stop teasing him about it for months

i literally want to die

man imagine how proud dean would be of trans man sam if sam started transitioning when they got back on the road together. sams ELEVENTH anniversary of starting t is coming up!! thats so much!! dean would totally throw him a party and tears would be shed by both of them

I realize that this woman must be scared out of her mind since a known serial killer has been reading her emails and is grabbing her by the wrist to do and go heaven knows where, and believe me, it’s completely valid.

But dang wish that was me tbh.

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Hi! ❤ I'm wondering if we can have a Konan Tsunami, she is so awesome and needs all the love in the world 🙏🙏

Oooo Paper Lady! Sure! We coulda have used waaaaay more backstory on her! For instance, in regards to her special jtusu and body turning to paper… How did she learn it? When did she learn it? Why did she learn it? From whom did she learn it? If any? And most importantly - just hoooow does it not get soggy in all that rain she’s in like, 90% of the time??

Originally posted by kankurobot

#konan tsunami up after #ao tsunami! Thank you for the request! I can’t wait to start! :)