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  • Ruby (With badly dyed blond hair tied up into sections): Ow! Dad, be careful!
  • Taiyang: Well, it's not like I do this very often. I can' t take any chances or else you'll look even worse. (starts applying the dye to Ruby's hair.) Okay, according the instructions it'll take about thirty minutes for the die to work. Afterward your hair should be at least look like normal again.
  • Ruby: *sigh* Well, that's a relief.
  • Taiyang: Yeah. Speaking of, (Meets Ruby eye to eye) Why don't you tell me why you did this?
  • Ruby: (looks away from her dad awkwardly.)
  • Taiyang: I mean, I could see Yang doing something like this, if only because she could be going through the whole "rebellious teen' phase. But you, Ruby? This is so not like you.
  • Ruby: ...
  • Taiyang: Did somebody insult your hair? Was this a bet? Was it peer pressure? I just can't for the life of me why you would want to dye your hair of all things.
  • Ruby: IwantedtolooklikeyouandYang.
  • Taiyang: ... What?
  • Ruby: I'm not repeating it.
  • Taiyang: No, I heard you Ruby. I've known you long enough to keep up. What I can't understand is what made you think this way? Why did you want to look like me and Yang?
  • Ruby: I'm just-I'm just-TIRED of always being looked at weird when I say you're my dad or that Yang's my sister. I'm tired of everything asking me if I'm joking, I'm tired of people assuming Uncle Qrow is my dad just because we have dark hair, I'm tired of feeling like I'm some sore sort of sore thumb in this family! For once, I just-I just- (tears start welling up in Ruby's eyes) I want people to look at us and see us a family and not just a guy, his daughter and the extra girl!
  • (Ruby looks like she's about cry when Taiyang cups her face and leans his head against hers)
  • Taiyang: hey now, Rosebud. Don't you cry.
  • Ruby: But Dad I-
  • Taiyang: I know how you feel, Rosebud. I get pretty sick of having to say you get your looks from your mother too. But the thing is: It doesn't matter what other people say. No matter what you look like, no matter what other people say: you'll always be my little girl. There is no amount of mistakes or assumptions that can change that. Got it?
  • Ruby: *sniffs* Y-yeah...
  • Taiyang: Good girl *pulls away only to see that Ruby's ahir dye looks a little messed up in the front* Huh? *runs his fingers through his hair, seeing black dye on them* Oh damnit!
  • Ruby: *looks down guiltily*
  • Taiyang: *sighs before eying the bottle of hair die...*
  • (The Next Day)
  • Yang: ...And then BAM! He goes flying into the nearest wall, with that stupid taser staff snapping in two!
  • Ruby: yeah, okay.
  • Yang: Jeez Ruby, you're usually on the verge of bursting out of your chair when I tell stories. What's up? *Eyes the top of her head* Is your hair a different shade of black today?
  • Ruby: Yang...
  • Taiyang: Hey girls, Good Morning!
  • Yang: About time you got up! What in Remant where you do-*Sees that Taiyang has black hair* DAD! What happened!
  • Ruby: Dad-
  • Taiyang: Oh I just had a little accident with some hair dye. Decide to just roll with it. *walks up to Ruby puts their faces side by side, grinning* Almost like we're siblings huh?
  • Yang: *rolls her eyes* Sure dad.
  • Taiyang: Okay then, guess I should make you girls some break- *stops as Ruby wraps her arms around him in a tight hug.* Love you too, Ruby.
The Chronicles of a Crown Beanie

Summary: The beanie is a culmination and a physical manifestation of his life up until now. His achievements. His mistakes. His hardships. His experiences. (A study into the life of Jughead Jones’ beanie.)

He’s eight when the crown beanie comes into his possession.

His mom knits it for him, behind closed doors so her oldest child doesn’t see her making it. He’s oblivious when she buys grey wool in front of him.

She does it because she’s uncertain of her future. Her recent diagnosis made sure of that- and if she passes, then this will be something for him to remember her buy.

Money in the bank disappears as her husband makes every effort to save her from her cervical cancer, and she can foresee the tough times ahead. The very boy in question goes to juvie for accidentally setting a fire in school. But knitting this grey hat for her son is one pleasure she escapes to everyday after she tucks Jughead and Jellybean in.

She gives it to him on his birthday- they’re at the Drive-In, their yearly tradition, and after Jughead and Jellybean have climbed out of the trunk, so that they don’t have to pay for tickets they can’t afford, she turns to him.

“Happy birthday, Jug,” She says, pale skin gently pressing the gift wrapped garment into his hands. Her cancer has only just gone into remission, and it looks like it will stay that way, but her hands are still pale, and Jughead ignores this as he puts the crown beanie on for the first time.

He’s ten. The beanie has been his constant companion, his security blanket, which has been with him through thick and thin.

He’s in the bedroom they share as Jughead braids Jellybean’s hair, trying not to acknowledge the shouting that’s shaking the foundation of the rickety house, from the other side of the door. His parents are fighting again, over monetary issues, but Jughead and his sister are perfectly fine with pretending that everything’s okay, as she giggles when he tickles the back of her neck, once he’s done with her hair.

Their father slams his fist into a wall, startling the two, and they embrace each other, finally ceasing the facade they’ve created. Jellybean, only five, starts sniffling, and Jughead pulls her closer. He’s trying to play his part of older brother as well as he can, and making sure that Jellybean is okay- that’s his greatest responsibility at the moment. So, as a means of comfort, he gives his beanie to his sister, with a whisper of, “You’ll feel better.”

Later, he ventures out to appease a hungry sister, as well as to check on his parents, and ends up breaking his left ring and middle finger when his dad accidentally slams a door on his hand. When his mom is wrapping his fingers up, and he’s listening to his dad apologize profusely Jellybean gives the beanie back.

“You’ll feel better,” She returns.

He’s ten and a half, and making his way to music class with Archie and Betty by his side. His ever-present beanie rests on his head, and he tucks a short lock of wavy hair into it.

“Beanie-baby!” Shouts Jason Blossom from across the hall, and everyone sniggers, excluding Archie and Betty. It’s a terrible insult, really, Jughead thinks, but his cheeks still turn red from embarrassment.

His friends stand up for him, with Betty threatening to punch Jason’s butt, and the matter is soon forgotten by everyone, except Jughead.

They next day he stands in front of his mirror, having an inner debate on why he should have some integrity and wear his beanie, because who cares what Jason Blossom thinks? But thoughts of everyone laughing at him invade his logical side, and he removes it, shoving in his drawer. His mom is surprised, but doesn’t say anything as she walks him to school, but Betty Cooper is insistent on finding out why. “Is it because of yesterday?” She asks, standing beside her redheaded crush, and she’s absolutely right. But, Jughead shakes his head and tells her that he outgrew it.

The whole day he’s uncomfortable, even more so when Jason Blossom smirks at him across the hallway, and the absence of his security blanket is something he doesn’t enjoy. He constantly runs his hand through his hair as an attempt to get rid of his uneasiness, and finally decides that Jason Blossom should not affect him in any way.

The next day, the hat comes back on.


He’s thirteen years old when he first loses it. Not his sanity, but his beloved beanie.

It’s a crisp winter morning when he wakes up, shivering, head pounding, with a tightness in his chest and a hacking cough. He can’t muster up the energy to get out of bed, and when his mom comes to check on him, she knows something is wrong. After Googling his symptoms, his parents decide to take him to the hospital. Jughead manages to tug the grey woolen garment over his head before he’s carried out in his pyjamas, into the biting cold and then his Dad’s pickup, whisked away to the nearest ER. But it falls off, somewhere along the way, and Jughead’s too sick to notice it before it’s too late.

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Angst- "don't say that. You're going to be okay."

Rydaal, Definitely not Misadventures Canon - why you do this to me anon

There’s bullets flying through the air and shouting in the background, but Jaal is mute to all of that. He hardly even notices Scott crouched beside him, talking into his comm and keeping an eye out for enemies trying to flank them.

All Jaal can see is the broken woman in his arms, chest stuttering between weak inhales and coughing, her side a mess of blood and shattered armor. A lucky shot from a sniper when her shield had fallen, catching her before she could throw a barrier up - sending her sprawling with the force of the impact.

I should have seen the sniper. I should have killed them before they could-!

Scott.” Aria’s voice is ragged, tinged with pain, eyes only half-open as she seeks her twin, “Take… take point. T-the squad… t-they need you-”

“They need you,” Scott doesn’t try to touch her, likely aware of Jaal’s fragile control, only nodding harshly, “Lexi and Drack are on their way, just hang in there, sis.”

He’s shouting commands into his omni and vaulting out of cover without a second glance, joining the battle and rallying the others.

Jaal’s attention is still firmly on the injured Pathfinder, focus sharpening intensely when she raises a shaky hand to his cheek.

“I’m s-sorry, Jaal.” Aria whispers, eyes wet with tears, giving a shaky smile when he presses his hand over her own, “I guess… I w-won’t get to figure out the universe w-with you…”

“Don’t say that.” he begs, feeling desperate, pulling her closer at the sound of nearby footsteps, “You’re going to be okay.”


Jaal!” there’s a crash in the foliage and suddenly Lexi and Drack are there, the Asari coming immediately to Aria’s side while the Krogan watches their flank. “We got here as soon as we could, we need to get her out of here.”

Jaal nearly hisses, tugging the woman closer and flaring his bio-electrics.

“Jaal.” Lexi says, softly, “I can’t help her here. If I’m going to save her, you need to let go.”

Aria has fallen back into that half-conscious state, her breathing weak, and that makes him nod tersely.

Drack gathers the Pathfinder from his arms - so much more gently then he’d have thought a Krogan capable of, but then Aria’s important to him, to, - and then he’s crashing back through the foliage, a living tank.

“Dr. T’Perro.” Jaal stands smoothly, rifle ready and loaded, rage behind every word, “Save her. Or I will not be accountable for my actions afterwards.”

“Understood.” the Asari says nothing more before following the Krogan, disappearing back into the trees.

Jaal turns then, brain screaming, every nerve on fire, electricity rising as he wades back into the battle, taking down Kett without so much as looking.

He is Rage personified, a living weapon, and the Kett will pay for daring to harm his Mate.

Jaal stumbles out of the jungle with the rest of the team, injured but having taken down far more Kett then any others.

He’d run out of ammo and kept going, using the butt of his rifle to smash in heads, bio-eletricity to paralyze and disarm, his own hands to strangle the last sniper he’d found hiding in the bush.

He’d been in Hunting Mode, unfeeling - pushed by anger and hatred and rage.

And now, with the battle won and medi-gel seeping through his system, it is fear and despair that Jaal feels as he staggers towards the Medical Tent. There had been no updates on the Pathfinders status, no news good or bad.

“Save her. Or I will not be accountable for my actions afterwards.”  he’d said, and he’d meant the words, but now he is just tired and scared, and the crew is family - his and hers - and they would mourn her just as he would, he could never, Stars please-

“-al. Jaal! Here!”

Lexi’s voice breaks through the haze suddenly, and then she’s standing in front of him, face a mask of medical professionalism, “Jaal, come with me-”

“Is she-” gone, he almost says, dead, but he feels as though he would break if he says the word, so he falters, unsteady and terrified.

The barest hint of a smile flickers over the doctors lips, “No, Jaal. Aria is going to be fine. She’ll need lots of rest and medigel, but she’ll live. Come.”

There is no hesitation in him, then. Jaal marches ahead of the Asari and finds the Pathfinder’s cot immediately, a separate little alcove at the back with a curtain for privacy.

He’s through the curtain and on his knees beside the cot before even processing the actions, one shaking hand pressed to her cheek and relief stinging his eyes at the now steady rise and fall of her chest.

She’s bandaged everywhere - especially her torso, double-wrapped where the sniper had caught her - and she looks so small outside of her armor, smaller even then she does on the Tempest, wearing a hoodie and an uncertain grin, a stubborn light in her eyes-

Aria’s eyes flutter open at his touch on her cheek, amber a little hazy from all the medigel as she turns into him, managing a weak smile.

“Hey.” she whispers, voice still weak but no longer ragged, and he notices her fingers twitch as though she wants to reach for him but can’t.

“Hello, Darling One.” he says, saving her the effort by raising his free hand to grip hers, still cupping her cheek affectionately, “You gave me quite the scare, Aria.”

“I’m sorry.” she mumbles, and it’s clear she’s about to drop back off, “Stay with me?”

“Always, Darling One.” Jaal promises, kissing her forehead and rumbling in his chest, the purr he knows helps her fall asleep.

He stays there until it’s time to move her to the Tempest, and it’s him that carries her this time, cradled safe and sound against his chest.

***I can’t write angst. I know this. You guys know this. I can only do it if there’s a happy ending like… immediately afterwards. So tada.

I also saw a post floating around not long ago talking about how people tend to simplify Jaal into a big, mushy ball of feelings while ignoring the fact that he was bred to kill Kett. So wanted to show that rageful side of him a bit. IDK. Hopefully it was good? ♥



Arrow Summer Rewatch

Olicity Moments (2/5) – 2x22