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What would it be like if Marty Scrull tried to steal you from your boyfriend?

- look here. Marty is the perfect villain.
- he knows you’re not an object to be stolen, a thing to be played with.
- he knows you’re a person, with thoughts, whims, and motivations and he has too much respect for you to outright attempt to steal you
- he knew you’d have to come to him of your own accord
- besides, if he were too… overt in his attentions, you’d sour on him and run even further into your man’s arms. Marty couldn’t allow that.
- so wooing it was
- it started with simple things, like helping you bring groceries in and cutting in front of you in line at the coffee shop, for the sole purpose of paying for your coffee
- then it was bouquets of flowers showing up to your job, with no notes attached
- he’d always offer you his arm when walking down the street, making sure to walk closest to the road and if it was cold out, his coat would be draped over shoulders before you can say anything
- but it was when the photos started appearing that things got… weird
- it was just a simple envelope, but the photos of your boyfriend looking a little too friendly with another woman was another
- the text from an unknown number that your boyfriend wasn’t actually working late was the last straw
- you’d called Marty and was crying into his shoulder
- “He just doesn’t treat me the way you do.” 
- you didn’t see his victorious smirk through your teary eyes and the hug he had you wrapped tight in

Protect You

Request: could you do a story where your ricks daughter and you and Daryl have sorta liked each other from when you first met after everything happened ? Rick knows about everything and stuff and is okay with it because he trusts Daryl etc. Maybe something set when you first arrive at Alexandria and Daryl gets all protective over y/n with all the new people around.

I hope you like what I made out of it :)

“They have to be here somewhere. Eric wouldn’t leave without me.”, Aaron mumbles while the four of you walk in the direction the flare went off a few minutes ago.
“Who’s Eric?”, you look over to him while you stab a walker in the head and push it to the ground before looking back to Aaron.
“My boyfriend. We went out here recruiting together.”, he sighs and you nod before you look over to Rick and Michonne following you through the woods.

Still mad at your father you shake your head and follow Aaron through the woods.
You wouldn’t be in this situation if Rick didn’t burst out on him because he has a parabolic microphone in the car which made him believe Aaron’s people listened to his plan all along.
That again distracted you so much, you drove into a herd of walkers and crashed the car.

Which leads to the four of you walking through the woods and trying to find the other ones who were in the RV behind you, but got lost the minute you crashed.
You leave the woods and walk through the streets of the nearby town, hoping to find the others.
Including Daryl.
The two of you have been ‘official’ since shit went down at Terminus and your dad was surprisingly okay with you being with him.
“You see someone?”, Rick walks next to you and you shake your head while giving him the silent treatment.

“Come on Y/N, talk to me.”, he sighs and you shake your head before looking over to him.
“You know dad, I get why you’re careful after everything that happened but Aaron didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, he tried to get us some place safe. Where Carl and Judith COULD be safe. You have to trust anyone at some point.”, you shrug your shoulders and walk a little faster to find the others.

A known whistle sounds up and you look around the corner to see Daryl standing at a door frame, waiting for you and the others.
“Took you so long?”, he looks at you and you smile a bit before placing a soft kiss on his lips and following the others inside.
You reunite with Maggie, Glenn and the rest of your group and with Eric.
“Thank god. What happened?”, Aaron storms to him and falls on his knees to look at him.
Smiling you turn around to Daryl and wipe some hair out of your face while you give them some privacy.

“What happened out there? Why’d you got lost?”, you look at Daryl while you lean against the wall and play with your knife.
“Where walkers everywhere. You guys were gone and Eric told us to take the way we took.”, he shrugs his shoulders and you nod while leaning your head against the wall too.
“Try to sleep. We’re safe here for the night.”, he mumbles and you close your eyes before you drift into a soft sleep.

“That’s it. Behind these walls is Alexandria.”, Aaron looks at all of you when he stopped the RV and pointed at the walls.
“We’re going in?”, you look over to your father and Rick takes his time before he starts to nod and all of you follow Aaron inside after he opened the gate.
From the inside this place looks like it was right from a movie and you need a second to adjust to the fact that this really seems like a safe place.
All of you just stand there and try to understand what this means when suddenly a woman approaches you, smiling.
“Aaron, Eric. I see you found some new possible members.”, she smiles and Aaron nods before pointing at Rick.
“This is Rick Grimes and his group. I think they would fit in here perfectly.”, he explains before he smiles at you and leaves with Eric to get him medical help.
“Nice to meet you Rick Grimes and his group. My name is Deanna. Welcome in Alexandria.”

An hour of talking to Deanna at her office later you sit on the porch of the house she gave all of you and look around.
There are kids running through the streets, people gardening. Members of the community being truly happy.
“Y/N?”, a young man suddenly approaches you and you raise up your head to look at a friendly face standing in front of you.
“Who wants to know?”, you raise and eyebrow and cross your arms in front of you while you try to figure out his motives.
“I’m sorry. My name is Aiden. I am Deanna’s son.”, he still smiles and holds out his hand for you to shake but you just look at him, unsure about what he wants.
“I know this must be weird for someone who was out there so long. All of this. But we’re really good people.”, he says with a soft voice and you shrug your shoulders while starring at him.

“You okay?”, Daryl suddenly shows up on the porch next to you and Aiden gives him a confused look.
“She’s fine man. Was just introducing myself to her and offering her a walk around Alexandria.”, he says and Daryl crosses his arms in front of his body while tensing up.
“She passes, though.”, he growls and Aiden takes a few steps up the porch before he stares at Daryl with crossed arms too.
“Yeah? Why don’t you let her talk for herself?”, he raises an eyebrow and Daryl takes another step forward while you sit there, observing the situation.
“Don’t push me.”, he growls before Aiden looks down at you and reaches for your hand to pull you back on your feed again.

“Leave. Before I make you.”, Daryl pushes his arm away and takes one closer step to Aiden to look him directly in the eye.
You have never seen Daryl like this before, all overprotective since you’re able to protect yourself but you can’t help it but find it hot.
“You think you have anything to say to me? Better watch your mouth before I’ll make you leave again.”, Aiden growls back at Daryl before he gives him a hard push and Aiden stumbles down the stairs until he hits the ground.
“What the hell man? What is your problem?”, Aiden quickly gets back on his feet again and Daryl is about to go after him when you finally get on your feet and place a hand on his breast.
“He’s not worth it. Trust me. Just let him go.”, you look at him and Daryl gives Aiden one hard look before he turns around and walks away.

“So what, Y/N? You with the psychopath?”, Aiden looks at you and you shake your head before you turn around and get inside as well to approach Daryl and raise an eyebrow in curiosity.
“Wanna tell me what got into you? You were never jealous before.”, a smirk comes to your face and Daryl shakes his head before pulling you into his arms.
“Don’t make a big deal out of it, 'kay? Just wanna protect you.”, he mumbles and you wrap your hands around him as well before hiding your face at his body and just enjoy this moment with him.

Wine Sounds Good (Dean x Reader)

Requested by anon. I am sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I had only 5 hours of sleep and I worked out for 2 hours so I was completely out of it.

Originally posted by rapmonstrous

You were always known to be a bit of a hot head, you grew up around guys- your three older brothers- and very confident women. Since you could remember yourself your family- by family meaning everyone like aunts uncles, cousins, grandparents, everyone- That whatever happens you must stand up for yourself, you should only count on what you can do and make sure that you will never let anyone keep you down.That’s why you were named one of the most popular models in South Korea and Europe, you knew your power and used it to the max, when other models stopped you kept going further and further, commercials, photoshoots, runways, interviews, m/v’s, small parts in dramas, you name it.

Hyuk always admired you, you were his ideal type. You were different, strong, secure and confident, you walked in the room and it was like a giant walked in, it was like you were demanding attention, also you defended yourself. The tabloids were so happy when a fight between you and another model broke, she crossed the line and you not so kindly put her back in her place, you were a calm person, you treated everyone with the amount of respect that you wanted to be given, and when they didn’t do that…. they should start praying. Seeing a girl that’s so full of herself was a major turn on.

He almost demanded you to be his partner at the photoshoot. He was always looking for a way to meet you and this was the perfect way, he wasn’t going to let this go. You were a fan of his songs, you found his voice very smooth and soothing, he was talented and you admired his work, he was also handsome so you accepted the offer. Also the concept was just right for you.

It was gang like king and queen. You were in leather pants, a black crop top, leather jacket with spikes, your hair curled with extensions that reached your back and very dark make up with red lipstick and high heel ankle boots and black leather gloves that had your fingers exposed.Hyuk was in ripped jeans and a white t-shirt with a matching leather jackert with spikes on it and black army boots. You had to admit, he looked hot. You walked to him with a smile, your confidence flowing around you


You shook hands with him, you always liked to get to know you’re partners before you walked in the shoot. He smiled at you, he was captured by your eyes, they were like flames

“It’s nice to finally meet you”


“I’m a fan of your work”

He admitted. Your eyebrows raised at his confession, you were not expecting him to say that, but you were happy he did. You nodded your head, keeping your cool

“Well thank you, I like your music too. Bonnie & clyde is a very good song”

“I’m happy to hear that”

“We’re ready, let’s get this party started”

The photographer shouted. You got to work and posed in various different ways, but the photographer loved the one that he had his arm around your shoulder and you gently bit his thumb, laying your head a bit on his shoulder, looking at the camer and your body facing the camera, your legs spread showing dominance. The photographer called both of you to see the pictures, you all decided on which one to use. He couldn’t stop complimenting you on your chemistry, he was honest you both could tell from the photos how could you looked, you complimented the other. You shook hands with the photographer, thanking him for his compliments and hard work and went back to take off the make up and the heavy extensions. 

You were almost done wiping the make up off, when you heard a knock on the door.

“Come in”

Hyuk appeared and gently closed the door behind him. You were happy he came by, you wanted to talk to him a bit more.

“You were an amazing partner”

“Well, they don’t call me one of the best for nothing”

He chuckled at your reply, taking a seat on the couch closed to you. You still could smell his strong cologne even though he was a few feet away.

“How do you do it?”

“Do what?”

“Be so confident in yourself”

You were used to that question, but coming from him was a bit difficult to answer.

“Well, ummm I don’t know, since I was a little girl my family gave me strength and confidence so… as I grew up I kind of had that around me”

“I bet your mother is as strong and beautiful as you, the apple won’t fall far from the tree”

You giggled at his sneaky little comment. You felt like a little girl around him, it was strange since you barely knew him but you wanted to impress him.

“How about you, how did you became so confident”

“I learned the hard way, it took a while to get comfortable with my skills. I had to fake it until I made it, you know?”

You nodded at his answer, understnading what he meant. Not everyone was as lucky as you, you were gratefull of your parents and the way they grew you up, some people had to do it themselfs.

“That’s great, that must be a lot of hard work”

“I am willing to talk to you about it… maybe over lunch, some wine would help me loosen up”

You were speechless, was he asking you on a date? or was he jsut being a bit friendly? You opened your mouth but nothing really came out, it was a first for you

“If you are wondering, yes I am asking you out on a date. What do you say?”

“Sure, wine sounds good”

“Especially when you are around”

You raised your eyebrow at his cute compliment. He took your hand in his, feeling his warm hand against your constantly cold one felt weird but good.

“I mean you’ve already had my thumb in your mouth, what’s the worst that can happen?”

Trapped In This Machine

Rating - T

Summary - Sonic has seemingly fallen madly in love with Amy, but is this sudden romance truly sincere, or is it only skin deep, hiding something sinister underneath?

I was looking for some inspiration to write a story, and I came across this drawing by @e-vay…and well, the rest is history. So if nothing else, I hope she enjoys this story, since it was her drawing that inspired it, and I hope the rest of you enjoy it too. I own nothing except the story.

No read more line, I want folks on the mobile app to actually be able to read it, it still glitches out on my phone, so apologies for the long post.

I should’ve realized from the beginning that something was wrong. How could I have been so blind as to not realize that something was suspiciously out of the ordinary with him? 

Maybe it was the extra attention he was giving me, the sudden…willingness to give affection that caused me to maybe…I dunno, not care that he was acting out of the ordinary.

He’d become everything that I wanted him to be, he was caring, affectionate, even - dare I say - loving, and all out of nowhere too. I really should’ve questioned it more, I should’ve listened to the warnings all my friends kept giving me…if I had…then maybe we wouldn’t all be fighting for our very lives right now.


“So, Amy, how’s about a trip to Twinkle Park? I think they renewed that cute couples get in free promotion,” Sonic leaned down a bit to grin at the pink hedgehog walking next to him. “And I can’t think of any couple that would qualify more than you and me, whaddya say?”

Amy Rose blushed and giggled bashfully, playfully nudging the blue hedgehog with her shoulder before smiling up at him. To say her dream had come true would’ve been an understatement. 

Just a few days ago, she’d been wishing that Sonic would just stop beating around the bush and admit he loved her the same way she loved him…and almost as if he’d read her mind, seconds later he was at her door, offering to get some lunch with her, just the two of them.

Since then, they’d barely spent any time apart, except for sleep and necessary hygiene practices. Amy was on cloud nine, the one thing she’d always wanted had finally been given to her. 

Sonic the Hedgehog was hers at last, and he’d been giving her all the love she could ever ask for. “Well if you insist,” she giggled again. “We might as well see what’s new.”

“Hey, I have an idea,” he smirked. “Let’s invite the gang to join us, we’ll make it a group date.”

At this, Amy’s eyes widened and she looked up at him in shock. “Sonic, are you sure? I mean, you told me to keep it quiet for a while, I don’t want-”

“Chill Ames, no big deal.” Sonic shrugged. “I had a little time to think about it, and I figure that if I’m gonna be with you, I might as well let everyone know. What better way than for us to make it official at Twinkle Park?”

“Oh Sonic!” Amy lunged forward and embraced the speedy hedgehog, and held in a squeal when Sonic reciprocated the gesture. “Thank you, thank you so much!” she pulled back and ran off, waving goodbye as she looked over her shoulder. “I’m gonna go tell everyone to meet us at Twinkle Park, I’ll see you later Sonikku!”

“Seeya Ames! I can’t wait for tonight!”


“Have you got anything Tails?”

“I dunno,” Tails pushed his computer chair back and sighed as he ran a hand through his hair. “I mean, other than his sudden affection for Amy, he’s still been totally Sonic.” the fox looked up at his guest. “Have you noticed anything else weird?”

“Can’t say that I have,” Knuckles the Echidna, Guardian of the Master Emerald and friendly rival to Sonic the Hedgehog, stood in Tails’ workshop trying to unravel the mystery of Sonic’s sudden emotional turnaround. “Maybe we’re just paranoid?”

“It’s possible…” Tails sighed and stood up from his chair. “I mean, I always knew that Sonic thought Amy was special in his own way, but for him to go from awkward to a regular Romeo-type all in the span of three days just sends up some red flags in my mind.”

Knuckles shrugged. “Maybe he just finally manned up and admitted how he feels, like you need to do with Cream.”

“Don’t change the subject.” Tails glared at the guardian, although his blush took away some of his intensity. “I dunno, I guess we should just keep watching, maybe Sonic really has changed.” Suddenly there was a knock on the door, and Tails went over and opened it, revealing an absolutely giddy pink hedgehog. “Oh, hi Amy.”

“Are you ready for what I have to tell you?” Then her peripheral vision registered a splotch of red, and she turned to get a better view. “Knuckles is here too! Perfect! That means one less trip I have to take!”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about the group trip we’re taking to Twinkle Park tonight!”

Tails raised an eyebrow. “We are?”

“That’s right!” Amy moved past Tails and did a little pirouette in the middle of the workshop. “I talked with Sonic and we agreed that we should get the whole gang together to have some fun, y'know, as friends!”

“This seems pretty sudden Amy, why now and not before?” Tails said as he scratched his chin in suspicion.

“Well duh,” Amy replied with her hands on her hips. “Sonic wanted to wait for the cute couples get in free promotion to get started again! After all, why pay for tickets when we can just walk in hand-in-hand and have a fantastic time for free?! That’s called sound economics.”

“It sounds like bull-”

“Knuckles!” Tails quickly cut off the guardian before he could finish his thought, then he directed his attention back to Amy, who seemed none too impressed with their reactions if her expression was anything to go by. “Amy, don’t you think that something’s a little…off…with Sonic?”

“No, why would I?”

“Because he’s suddenly all over you and can’t stop staring at you when before he actively ran away from you.” Knuckles blunt statement was responded to with an angry glare from the pink hedgehog. “You can glare all you want, you can’t tell me you aren’t even curious as to why Sonic’s pretty much started letting his hormones do all of his thinking for him.”

“Did it ever occur to you that maybe Sonic’s finally just realized that he cares for me?” Amy stomped forward with her hammer suddenly in hand, causing the echidna to back away a few steps. “Or am I so ugly that Sonic would have to completely lose his mind to think that I’m anything more than a nuisance?”

“N-No one’s calling you ugly or a nuisance Amy!” Tails gulped when she suddenly rounded on him. “All we’re saying is that…it does seem a little bit sudden, you can at least admit that much can’t you?”

Amy sighed and took a moment to regain her composure. “Ok, I know you wouldn’t ask unless you were legitimately worried, I appreciate that Tails,” her hammer disappeared. “But there’s really nothing wrong with Sonic! I mean, come on, no one knows him better than I do, I’d be able to tell.” she gently placed her hand on the fox boy’s shoulder. “Now come on, we’re all going to Twinkle Park tonight! If you want, I’ll even call Vanilla for you so Cream can come with us.”

“And what about me?”

Amy turned her head to look at Knuckles, who was crossing his arms with a scowl. “Well, if you wanna find Rouge and ask her to come, all you gotta do is leave the Master Emerald alone for a little longer.” she smirked at the low growl the echidna gave. “You know it would work.”

“That’s what bothers me.” Knuckles uncrossed his arms and walked past both Tails and Amy as he headed to the door. “What time are we meeting up?”

The pink hedgehog tapped her chin for a moment in thought. “I think five ‘o'clock should give us enough time to go around the park, sound good to you?”

“Wouldn’t matter what time you chose, I would’ve come anyway.” Knuckles walked out and grabbed hold of the door before he stopped. “After hearing all this from you, I’m starting to think maybe I was wrong and there really is something wrong with Sonic.” With that, the echidna slammed the door shut.

“Do me a favor and don’t come!” Amy growled before she looked over at Tails. “And you? Are you still convinced that Sonic is suddenly a huge jerk and this is all some elaborate prank or something?”

Tails slowly shook his head. “I don’t know what to think Amy…” he looked up at her. “Honestly, I’d like to believe this is all real and Sonic’s finally starting to come around to how he really feels about you, I want you to be happy!”

“Then trust me on this!” she put both hands on his shoulders and looked the fox boy in the eyes. “I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my whole life, and it’s all because of Sonic! I’ve learned to tell when he’s just putting on a show, and this is all real! He really loves me!”

The young genius relinquished a smile. “Ok Amy, if you say so.”

“Good.” Amy nodded and smiled as well. “So, how’s about I make that phone call? There’s a cute little rabbit girl who I have a sneaking suspicion is starting to crush on you, and I bet she’d love to hang out with us tonight.”


As soon as the clock struck five, the entire gang got together and met at the entrance of Twinkle Park in Station Square. Amy had indeed convinced Vanilla to allow Cream to join them, and Knuckles had decided to come alone, although he seemed incredibly guarded. “Lighten up Knucklehead, we’re here to have fun, and no one likes a grouch when there’s a party goin’ on.”

Knuckles shrugged off the blue hedgehog’s hand and growled lowly. “Let’s just get in there.”

Sonic just shrugged and went over to put his arm around Amy. “Suit yourself pal, hope you brought some money with ya, since ya don’t get to take advantage of the cute couples get in free perk.” He led the pink hedgehog over to the entrance and stood on the platform, and then he turned his attention to his friends. “Cute couple number two, come on down!”

Both Tails and Cream’s cheeks turned pink, but they did walk in together as the platform went up, leaving Knuckles alone by himself until the platform returned. “I’m not a grouch.” he grumbled.

Knuckles did have to pay to get in, but eventually they did meet back up and they soon started going around the park and partaking in all that it had to offer. Rollercoasters, thrill rides, a ride (or three) through the Tunnel of Love, and of course the never-ending variety of greasy fair food. 

Sonic had tried to get Knuckles to take a bite of the funnel cake he’d gotten for himself and Amy, but the echidna just glared at him in response. “Boy Knux, you’re really makin’ a case for jerk of the year, why’d ya even come if ya didn’t wanna be here?”

“I have my reasons.”

“Don’t even pay any attention to him Sonikku,” Amy said all too sweetly. “He’s just jealous that he’s all alone while we’re all here on a double date.”

“But Mr. Knuckles,” Cream spoke up. “You could have gotten Miss Rouge to come with us right? Then you wouldn’t have been so lonely!”

“That’s got nothing to do with it!” Knuckles rounded on his younger companions and scowled viciously, his fists clenched in barely contained rage. “The only reason I’m here is to protect you three from getting hurt!”

Sonic scoffed. “Get hurt? From what? Eating too much junk food?”

“How 'bout from you wise guy?” Knuckles got up in the hedgehog’s face, and Sonic’s cocky grin immediately vanished. “I’ve been watching you all night, and at first I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, but now I know for a fact that you’re not yourself, if you’re even Sonic at all.”

“Oh yeah? And what makes you think I’m not the genuine article?”

“Because there’s no way the real Sonic would ever be so openly affectionate, he doesn’t have the guts!”

“Knuckles, go home!” Amy leaped up from her seat and gave the guardian a murderous glare. “I’d say I can’t believe you would stoop so low, but then I remember it’s you! Go back and protect your stupid rock, we do not require your services!” The pink hedgehog tugged on Sonic’s arm and started leading him away. “Come on Sonic, let’s go on the ferris wheel together, I’ve lost my appetite.”

“Me too Ames.”

The couple left in a huff, and Knuckles narrowed his eyes as he stared at the backs of the two retreating figures, and his eyes widened when he saw Sonic smirk at him over his shoulder. “Tails, we need to follow them.”

“Knuckles, I-”

“Just do it!”


Inside one of the ferris wheel gondolas, a blue and pink hedgehog were sitting alone, leaning against each other. The old machine had been empty until their arrival, but the old dog who ran it was more than happy to give the couple some free rides to collect their thoughts. “'Tis a great place to have a heart to heart.” he’d said.

And that was what Amy was doing, as she poured out her heart to her new boyfriend. “I can’t believe Knuckles would accuse you of faking all this…I mean, is it really so unbelievable? Am I really that terrible of a person that it’s impossible to buy that you care for me?”

“Nah Ames, Knux is just paranoid, maybe he’s just tryin’ to overcompensate for all the times Dr. Robotnik tricked him.”

The pink hedgehog raised an eyebrow at that and smirked. “Dr. Robotnik? No crazy quips or references to his looking like a giant walking egg?”

Sonic shrugged. “Why state the obvious?”

“I dunno,” Amy also shrugged. “It’s just that it’s never stopped you before, kinda weird to actually hear his actual name again after all this time.”

“Yeah well, that’s not important anyway.” Sonic turned and took Amy’s hands in his. “What’s important is us, and I gotta say Ames, these past few days have been the greatest days of my life…it’s really too bad that it’s gonna be all over soon.”

“Well, what makes you say that?” Before Sonic could answer however, Tails appeared out of nowhere and slammed his feet into the back of Sonic’s head before scooping Amy into his arms. “Tails, put me down! Have you lost your mind?!”

“Now Knuckles!”

Knuckles got a running start and reeled his fist back, and as soon as he was in range, he unloaded a vicious punch that obliterated the old metal keeping the ferris wheel standing, and it all came crashing down as sparks flew from the malfunctioning machinery, with Sonic crashing down along with all the debris.

“Sonic!” Amy turned and pulled out her hammer, her teeth gritted and her eyes brimming with tears. “You’re both insane, do you have any idea what you just did?!” But suddenly from the smoldering flames that were now lighting up the night sky with yellows and oranges, a figure emerged from the wreckage, one whose silhouette was easily recognizable. “Sonikku! You’re alive!”

But then the dust settled, and Amy’s cries of joy turned into a fear-filled shriek as her eyes beheld a sight that she never would’ve dreamed of in her worst nightmares.

Instead of blood coming from the blue hedgehog’s wounds…there was nothing but metal and wire. “I was really hoping it wouldn’t have to be this way…” the creature’s head lifted, and while one side of its revealed the unmistakably emerald green eye of Mobius’ greatest hero, the other side showed nothing but darkness, and an angry red iris with a yellow pupil. “But thanks to Knuckles, now I have to do this the hard way.”

xxxxxxxxx(End Flashback)xxxxxxxxx

I was a fool, Knuckles was right all along. Sonic wasn’t acting like himself because he wasn’t himself. He’d been replaced by this…twisted perversion of him, made of nothing but iron and circuitry…but it was so real, a small part of me still couldn’t let the thought that this was Sonic go.

But as I watched this incredibly realistic version of Metal Sonic engage in a fight to the death with the weakening Knuckles, I knew I couldn’t let myself suspend my disbelief any longer. I had to help, somehow. 

Tails had already been knocked out, only seconds after he’d told Cream to fly away and get help. Given the circumstances though, I didn’t think help would arrive in time. It was time to step up.

I grabbed my hammer and rushed forward with it held over my head, and I slammed it down on Metal Sonic’s head, sending him to the ground for a moment so Knuckles could unleash an uppercut that sent him flying into the distance. “Knuckles, I am so sorry.”

He gave me a grim smile in return, he was rubbing his fist and I could see the blood starting to leak through the fabric of his glove, as well as the blood coming from his chest and the side of his mouth from wounds shaped like claw marks. “I’ve dealt with worse.” The next thing I knew I was on the ground as Knuckles shoved me out of the way, and then I heard a sickening thump, followed by a dull thud. When I turned around, I saw Knuckles on the ground, unconscious, with Metal Sonic standing over him with a frown.

“You stay away from me!” I raised my hammer in defense.

“I wish I could Ames.”

My eyes widened and I felt my heart start to beat faster than it ever had before as a lump formed in my throat. Although the voice was synthetic, the way he’d spoken wasn’t at all like something Metal Sonic would say…it was something that…Sonic would say. “Who are you? Are you Metal Sonic?”

The blue robot - or hedgehog, I was so confused I didn’t know what to call it - took another step towards me, and I took a step back to keep the distance. “You’d think so wouldn’t you?” he replied as he continued to approach. “But the truth is, I’m way better than any of those pathetic rip-offs, even before I became like this.”

I felt my heart shatter, and I couldn’t hold back my tears any longer. “Sonic…” I choked.

“In the flesh, so to speak.” Sonic stopped to gesture at himself. “Pretty impressive huh? Dr. Robotnik managed to perfect his roboticization technique, he found me a few days ago and used it on me first. Now I’ve got a new goal, and that’s to take you guys out…first I had to get closer to you to gain your trust…although I gotta say, I’m not really likin’ this next part.”

“Then don’t do it! Sonic, you don’t have to listen to Eggman! If he managed to turn you into a robot and make you so convincing that even I couldn’t tell the difference, then that means despite all that programming he gave you, the real you is still in there! Trapped in that machine!”

For a moment, Sonic seemed to slouch a bit. “I don’t wanna kill you guys,” But then he looked back up and glared at me. “But I have no choice, my mission is to destroy you guys, and I’m gonna do it!” He charged towards me at full speed, and I barely reacted fast enough to get my hammer up and stop him from running me through with his exposed razor-sharp claw. “Hold still Amy, just make it quick!”

“No!” I swung my hammer and knocked him back a few feet, and then I jumped back and put more distance between us. “I know you’re in there Sonic, fight it! If a robot like Gamma could reject his programming, then I have no doubt you can! You’re too strong to just let Eggman control you!”

“Shut up!” Sonic charged again, but this time he was much slower and his movements were sloppier, and I was able to sidestep his attack and let him run past me and into the tilt-a-whirl. “Why can’t you make this easy?”

I found it in me to smile despite the circumstances. “You’re fighting it, I can tell. Don’t give up Sonic, I know you can beat him!” But then his robot eye seemed to glow brighter, and he sent a vicious glare that caused my blood to run cold. “Uh oh.” Only a second later, I found myself being raised in the air by the throat, as a robotic claw squeezed my throat.

“Just…just stop fighting me, ok Ames? Don’t make this harder than it has to be!”

His voice was desperate, and even with his robot hand around my throat, I could feel that his grip was wavering. I could still breathe. “No Sonic, I won’t give up and I won’t let you give up…I love you too much to do that.”

“Amy…I…I…” I saw his eyes soften, even his robotic eye looked pitiful now, and he dropped me to the ground and grabbed his head, screaming at the top of his lungs. “This is so wrong! I’m not a killing machine! I’m not some messed up terminator! I am Sonic the Hedgehog!”

“That’s right, you are.” I raised my hammer over my head. “And now I’m gonna set you free.” I jumped up and shouted a battle cry even with tears pouring out of my eyes, and my hammer came crashing down on Sonic’s head, crushing his metal skull. After landing, I made my hammer disappear and watched as Sonic’s robot eye faded away, signaling that he had been…killed? Destroyed? What even was he anymore? “I’m so sorry Sonic,” I whispered to the unmoving form. “We’ll get you fixed up and back to normal, I promise.”

When I looked back up after wiping my eyes with my arm, I saw Knuckles and Tails limping over to me, their bodies bruised and bleeding from the intensity of the battle. “Are you ok Amy?” Tails asked me even as he held his arm.

“It was him…it was Sonic…Eggman turned him into this…thing.”

Tails knelt down and examined Sonic’s robot body, and he looked up at me with a small smile. “I can probably fix him, the roboticization process still shows signs of using the same basic principles, just much more refined…” Then he frowned. “But…”

“But what?” Knuckles asked.

“I can fix Sonic and even de-roboticize him after…but…I hate to think how he’s going to be after it’s all over…”

I frowned and looked down at the broken body of what used to be my one true love. Knuckles seemed confused as to what Tails meant, but I knew. Would Sonic ever be the same again? 

Even after Tails put him back together and turned him back into flesh and blood…Sonic was one with the wind, a free spirit who could never be caged in…now not only had he been caged in, but he’d been turned against the ones he loved, and he’d witnessed firsthand the damage he caused.

As strong as Sonic was, I knew he wasn’t invincible. Even he had his breaking points, and I sincerely feared that this experience would be what drove Sonic past his. But I knew that if it did, I would make sure to be there for him every step of the way on his road to recovery. 

There was one thing I could tell about Sonic during the past three days, and that was he truly enjoyed being with me, even while he was roboticized. Maybe that was what kept him from giving in to the programming for so long.

It wouldn’t be easy, that much I knew for sure. For Sonic, being controlled like this was probably the most traumatic event he could ever experience, and it would be a while before he turned back into his true self. 

But he would, I also knew that. His strength and determination would make sure he eventually comes to terms with it, and I would be there every step of the way. I vowed then and there to myself, that I would personally make sure he would never know what it was like to be trapped in this machine again.

velichie replied to your post: “So, that volcano – Eyafja… Ejyafjabl–…

“Yes… That.” Listen, he rarely smiles, but this time around his lips curl up almost involuntarily. “I understand your pain. Hardly anyone can pronounce, say, Klyuchevskaya Sopka without horrible mistakes, so they don’t even bother most of the time.” He is also unusually friendly. Volcano talk. Who would have thought. “I am being abstract, but if that’s an invitation, might as well.”

“Oh the joys of having a weird language with very long words.” It was always fun to listen to visitors try to pronounce things, even the shorter words. “I don’t even want to try to pronounce that, I’ll probably make a fool of myself.” He couldn’t even begin to try to say that. “We could go, or if you want to go somewhere else, we can go there. It’s all up to you. I’m willing to take you anywhere you’d like to go.” 

I just find weird that people are like: why did they cast Sebastian? Change his character, he is evil!! And I am like: what do you mean? Like make him a good person? Cause new flash…he is a villian…like????? It is like saying to cast the Joker and take the essence of who he is. It would not make sense. You can hate Sebastian all you want (it is valid, he is evil anyways) but do not expect them to change his character to something more “friendly” and “good” just because it would make him more likeable. That is not the point. I just can’t wrap my head to this weird logic. Like you hate him but you also want him to be good???? Also do not send hate to the actor, he is just doing his job. Actors are not their characters…it is called acting…

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Fans In-Universe

I hope this is the kind of thing you guys would post, but I’ve been thinking about the portrayals of fans in-universe. With regards to Moffat, obviously, but in this case comparing his treatment to Russell T Davis’.

 During a recent re-watch of some RTD Doctor Who, I saw Love and Monsters through a new perspective. It was never a favourite of mine at the time, but now I kind of enjoyed it. There’s a refreshingly different portrayal of in-universe fans compared to Moffat’s recent offerings. I will specifically look at his use of ‘fan theories’ in The Empty Hearse.

 Love and Monsters presents us with LINDA (London Investigation ‘N’ Detective Agency), which is, to all intents and purposes, a Doctor Who fan club presented in-universe. They are brought together by a mutual interest in the Doctor and his general mysteriousness. It’s a bit of a rag-tag group, but over time they become closer friends, expand their interests and become just really happy together. Having grown up in the 90s with Doctor Who fan clubs very much like this – I do know of some who literally did meet in a basement somewhere to watch old episodes – there is a clear parallel being drawn.

What strikes me about this episode is that the group, their love of the subject, their enthusiasm for it, is never treated as a source of ridicule. It’s a bit silly, and they seem aware of that, but carry on anyway because they enjoy it. Their friendships are taken seriously, their losses are taken seriously, and everything about their group is treated as perfectly acceptable and indeed admirable.

Where it goes wrong, in the story, is when Victor Kennedy / The Abzorbaloff turns up and decides that their group needs to be more active in their stalking of the Doctor. The tone of the episode goes down, the music becomes more intimidating, and we really get the sense that this is not going to end well. They’re being asked to stalk people, to go to their homes, to dig through their personal belongings and generally be a bit creepy and obsessive beyond reasonable levels.

The main character, Elton, realises this and rebels against the creepiness of it all. He had a nice group of friends who have been torn apart, they’re no longer having fun, people have gone missing and he lost an opportunity to make friends with Jackie Tyler because of the creepiness of his ‘mission’.

When Elton finally meets the Doctor, he is a bit upset about the group’s activities, but ultimately he comforts him and consoles him about the death of his mother. The Doctor disapproved of the Abzorbaloff’s perversion of their group, it seems, but does not outwardly show any hostility towards Elton and the others’ other activities. He then restores Ursula’s essence – the most he can do – and hopes that is enough.

Perhaps you can criticise RTD of being over-reverent and fawning of fans, here. But to me it comes across as very loving and almost nostalgic. And Ursula’s fate is somewhat sketchy and problematic.

 Now, let’s look at how Moffat treats ‘fans’ in-universe. Because it is, as far as I can tell, vastly different to how RTD treated them.  Even in the mini-episode, Time Crash, where the Fifth Doctor meets the Tenth (spoilers!), we have a throw away line that represents a very different attitude.

DOCTOR 5: Oh. Oh, no. 
DOCTOR 10: Oh yes. 
DOCTOR 5: You’re. Oh, no. 
DOCTOR 10: Here it comes. Yeah, I am. 
DOCTOR 5: A fan. 
DOCTOR: 10 Yeah. What? 
DOCTOR 5: This is bad. Two minutes to Belgium. 
DOCTOR 10: What do you mean, a fan? I’m not just a fan, I’m you. 
DOCTOR 5: Okay, you’re my biggest fan. Look, its perfectly understandable. I go zooming around space and time, saving planets, fighting monsters and being well, let’s be honest, pretty sort of marvellous, so naturally now and then people notice me. Start up their little groups. That LINDA lot. Are you one of them? How did you get in here? Can’t have you lot knowing where I live. 

 In this short exchange we have a more negative attitude towards the fans. ‘That LINDA lot’. He thinks it’s a bad thing that someone would be a fan – while at the same time saying how marvellous he is.

 While I’m sure there are other instances of fandom dismissal and ridicule, I’d like to focus on one from Sherlock. In The Empty Hearse we have Anderson’s group (The Empty Hearse), who are presented as almost entirely negative. Anderson himself is portrayed as borderline unstable, laughing and giggling as he tears his room apart. His fellow members don’t have any lines, other than a single, unnamed woman who presents a theory of Sherlock and Moriarty working together on the death-fake-fiasco. Her theory is dismissed and Anderson is presented as unlikable, and ultimately unworthy of Sherlock, who – it appears, though it could have been a hallucination – gives him an explanation, grudgingly and with an air of dismissivness.  

 Perhaps I am reading into this too much, but I have always found Moffat’s attitude towards the fandom a little bit troubling. When referencing the War-Doctor he said “The numbering system is just for you fans who make your little lists”. Although he claims to have his own lists, he does it in a self-deprecating manner. As if being an enthusiastic fan that cares about continuity and consistency is something a bit weird. Something to be ashamed of.

 RTD wasn’t without his flaws, obviously, but I find this treatment of the fandom in-universe much more friendly and loving. While Moffat seems to be, in some sense, laughing at the very people who support his shows. Love and Monsters seems to say, “Aren’t fan clubs fun!!” while The Empty Hearse seems to say, “Aren’t fan clubs weird, haha, look at the weirdos!”

 Then there is Osgood in the 50th Anniversary. She is presented in a somewhat stereotypical way - asthmatic, sporting the scarf wherever she goes, wearing thick glasses, and it is suggested that she has some deep seated jealousy of a 'more attractive sister’. I am reminded somewhat of the 7th Doctor Story, The Greatest Show in the Galaxy, which has a very stereotypical ‘nerd’ character presented as an obsessive who collects ALL THE THINGS about the psychic circus. Interestingly, the Doctor never chastises or berates him. Still, the portrayal is somewhat upsetting and in the DVD extras we get a sense that the producers were wanting to get away from the idea that all Doctor Who viewers were these nerdy-kids in glasses with pocket protectors. There was this over-reaction of ‘no, we’re not like that! See, we’ll make fun of those people!’ in a desperate attempt to not be associated with that image.

I get something of that impression from the way Moffat treats the fans and the show. He has turned the Doctor into a ‘laddish bloke’ who fancies all the girls and doesn’t care about personal boundaries and would probably drink larger down the pub while having a dick-measuring contest.

I shall end this with a somewhat encouraging quote from Mr Twelve, Peter Capaldi, and his more positive outlook on fans and fandom…

 “…[the reason] that Doctor Who is still with us, the big reason is every single viewer who switched on to this show, at any age, at any time in its history and took it into their heart. Doctor Who belongs to all of us. Everyone makes Doctor Who.“ 

Aggressively Gives Tips!!

This isn’t so much a “Fuck Customers” type story, just a weird little that happened to me when I started working in retail. It’s sort of long, and probably an episode of the Twilight Zone for people, but I really hope I’m not the only one who experienced this bizarre phenomenon. 

My third job was actually in a retail store, but I rarely dealt with customers as my job was either working in the back room unloading items and getting them ready to be put on on the floor, working in the mail room, or just waiting in the back room for a cashier to call and say they needed refills on gift boxes, water bottles, gift cards, or if a customer needed carry outs. Which, for those unaware, pretty much meant that I would go upstairs to wear the cashier called me with a cart, load the customers items on the cart, take them downstairs and follow them to their car and unload their bigger, probably much more heavier items into their car. 

The first couple of times I did this, I was still being trained, but the first time I did a carry out the customers gave me and my coworker a $1 tip, each. Once that was done my coworker said that typically we weren’t supposed to accept tips, but since the customers practically gave us the dollars before running to their car their wasn’t much we could do. (NOTE: the reason why we didn’t accept tips was because the company didn’t want customers to feel as though they HAD to tips us lowly back room workers.)

One day, however, my department gets a call for a carry out and I go ahead and take the duty on my own. I do my normal thing, I act pleasant, I do my work, my idle friendly conversation with the customer and so on. Once I finished my job the customer, and I believe she was an older lady calls for her son to get some cash to give me a nice tip.

Me being the good little worker bee that I am, remember the rule against tipping and I polity decline, saying that I couldn’t accept the tip. 

She didn’t like that for some reason.

Her son is giving me a weird look, then looking back to his elderly mother, as if he was mentally saying, “You sure about the tip?” And she tells him to get the money, and I remind her that, no, I couldn’t accept the tip. 

Now I can see that she’s a bit upset and practically commands me that I take her tip, while commanding her son to give me a $5 tip (if my memory is correct). Before I could refuse a third time she practically forces the money in my hands and I’m just left there saying, “Thank you ma'am, have a good day.”

The rest of my shift I was just big ball of nerves because I was afraid that the lady would complain against me for taking her tip, or that the reason why she wanted me to take the tip was so she could complain that I forced her to give me a tip, or that one of my coworkers, and even my managers would find out I took a large tip and fire me for it.

In hindsight, this should be the least of my worries, that someone REALLY wanted to make sure that a minimum wage worker was getting good tips, but fuck man I could’ve gotten in trouble at work for taking it, and she was so damn forceful and rude about it too. But hey if you tip great then good for you. Just keep in mind if a worker says they can’t accept tips, then that means they could get in trouble if they get tips. Send those aggressive tips to waitresses or tip jars.

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wow, i never thought i'd be shipping dinah and asgore :D anyway, can we have some more fluff of them; that last pic of them was read sad ;-;

what’s funny is that i don’t know when or even if the above would ever actually happen, let alone HOOHOO YEAH THEY’RE DATING because

dinah would feel super weird about trying to pursue asgore for a myriad of reasons–and i think even if she did say something, it would take her a lot of resets to do so. asgore’s just his usual jovial self, friendly to everyone and fulla guilt, and dinah’s just like “why am i doing this to myself”

not to mention he’s clearly still in love with toriel, even if toriel’s havin’ absolutely none of it

NOT TO MENTION she’s honestly not sure how she could handle falling for someone, getting into a relationship with them, then losing it with the next reset–and they show no signs of remembering any of it, let alone what the pair had together

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I hope people stop spending a lot of their time and talent making fan art tributes, birthday notebooks/vids and whatnot for Darren, Mia, etc. because they don't really want it, I guess, and Darren's attitude in the interview was, I'm sorry, but prickish. As someone who's made fanart & connected to artists through it, I know the kind of tribute & yearning behind it. It makes me feel kind of second hand embarrassment now in ways too. But I have known musicians who had a nicer attitude about it.

I’m sorry you feel that way, anon. But I don’t agree with you - I actually loved that interview and I think Darren is beyond gracious and appreciative of fans and their adoration in many forms, including fanart…

The thing is that these people -Darren, Chris, glee cast generally have been inundated with this kind of stuff. Chris has several times told fans gently to stop bringing him stuff - it’s too much (and he doesn’t want 3 trillion llamas). And some of the stuff is super super weird (as Darren and Chris have both talked about at times). Like they are given literally thousands of things.

Frankly, for me, it has a lot to do with a fan’s sense of boundaries - what is an appropriate gift, will it be appreciated, is it the right thing in the moment? I have friends who have had excellent experiences giving Darren a gift (right @jenndesq?). And then other times I read stories of Darren being given klaine fanart and I’m like, dude  - he probably doesn’t want that, you know? Even though he smiles and is kind. The fact that he says some of it is super weird shit in an interview - that’s a fact. I am sure we don’t even know the half of it. And yet, in that interview, I think Darren conveyed exactly understanding the fan’s desire to connect with him - He has shown through his really sometimes incomprehensible fan-friendliness that he not only understands that, but honours it - again and again and again - even in the most exhausting circumstances. The fact that he admits in an interview that some fanart given to him is weird - I mean, don’t we know that? 

And well…just the facts about appreciating the good stuff -  Mia purchased Hedwig Darren fanart last year (phone case and tote bag, I believe), and Darren actually took people’s Hedwig fanart last year and put it up in his Hedwig change room at the Belasco.  So you know, for me, proof is in the pudding.

But yeah - Mia has literally purchased fanart. Darren put it up. I guess those were the right things in the moment. 

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Related to the post of the big Reveal and "Fen'harel make big entrance like Flemeth". How do you think the companions will react? (The inquisitor will be somewhat similar of Isi in tranquility?)

In response to this post.

I’ll focus on the initial reaction, within the first moments of the encounter. Depending on who you have in your party at the time:

Cassandra: Shocked and speechless, quickly shifting into defensive suspicion. She would hesitate to trust him, even if he says that he means them no harm. He is clearly a liar and a very powerful one at that. Cassandra would flat-out deny that he is a god and would feel a small amount of comfort when he agrees with her.

Iron Bull: “Well, shit. That is really not what I was expecting.” He’d have a hard time wrapping his head around what exactly Solas is and would be rather floored that he didn’t notice anything especially weird about him when they were working together.

Blackwall: I want to be snarky and say that he’d feel somewhat relieved that he’s now been one-upped in the “lying about who I am” department, but in reality I think his reaction would be to keep his guard up. It doesn’t matter if it’s a friendly face - Solas is clearly something big and powerful and they don’t know what his intentions might be.

Dorian: Shocked and fascinated. It would be something completely unlike anything he’s ever seen before. He knows of shapeshifting magic, but it’s rather rare - and he’s never heard of anyone being able to turn into the form of an animal that is not a direct copy of that beast as it is in nature. The six eyes and huge form is a bit of a giveaway that he’s not mimicking a normal wolf. While noticing that doesn’t necessarily lessen his shock, he is undeniably interested in the more academic implications of understanding precisely what he’s just witnessed. He would think the idea of Solas being a god is utterly ridiculous. The thought would never cross his mind. He would assume that the Dread Wolf is simply a manifestation of a form of magic that he never has never encountered before. 

Sera: Nope. Nooooope. She doesn’t get it, doesn’t want to, doesn’t care. Don’t explain it to her. She wants out. Whatever the hell that was and whatever the hell he is, it’s just elfy mage shit. It doesn’t make him a god.

Vivienne: Flabbergasted. There are very few things that would leave Vivienne speechless. This would be one of them. 

Varric: Strangely, I think Varric would be rather calm about it. Shocked, of course. Confused, certainly. But just add this to a long list of very, very weird shit that has happened in his life. 


The Inquisitor’s reaction is hard to say as a generality - as all OCs are different. For Isii, it would be rather complicated. She would feel like simultaneously bursting into tears and punching him in the face, though knowing how she is after the events of the game, there is a strong likelihood that she would try her best to harden herself and keep her feelings on the issue private - at least until she could speak to him alone. Her feelings about it are made particularly messy because she sees the Dread Wolf in her dreams repeatedly after Solas leaves. The realization that he had been there the whole time, that he had seen the nightmares and the replayed memories and all of those moments where she had thought about him, worried about him, wondered whether or not he was even alive… the fact that he witnessed that and still did not reveal himself to her would leave her rather upset.

It’s 4 am and I was thinking abt how some people draw sans with really sharp teeth like ??
ok OK I get it, it looks cool and all(disclaimer: I love when people draw teeth v well so these pics of sans with a wide pointy smile are a++ to me) but like……. sans is more like… his smile is a bit more… friendly… he’s goofy… he’s a friend…
I see him as a circle but pointy teeth make him look more like a square… that’s a weird way of saying it doesn’t feel right…..

I’m not trying to criticize anyone,, it’s 4 am and I’ve been thinking about this for a while so I just wanted to say it
Should probably go zzzzz now


Dan Howell Imagine

Word Count: 953

A/N: I feel like I haven’t done an imagine in ages. But I had finals and then the past couple days I had to work 12 hour shifts at work because I don’t know how to tell my boss no. So here it is! I hope it’s what you were looking for and hopefully now that all that is done I can post more! I am planning something special for Christmas so keep that in mind!

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