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Hey girls two quick questions! 1) What is your favorite Agust D song if you have listened to the album 2) What is your favorite hair color on Yoongi? I know Mars loves Suga and recently he has become my bias wrecker for so many reasons lol. I love you girls and i hope you guys will watch our boys tomorrow at the BBMAs 😊❤

Hello lovely, yes of course, all the questions you want! 

First we must say Yoongi’s mixtape is one of the best things that’s has ever happened. He poured his heart in it and the result was beyond words. 

For me, Mars, all of the songs are special, but of course there’s one that really gets me from the start and that one is The Last, Yoongi truly expressed himself in it and even without a translation I think you can really feel him. But August D, Tony Montana and Give it To Me are amazing as well and I love them. I love all that mixtape honestly.

Our dear admin Em is in the same page as me as she likes The Last and Tony Montana the most.

About his hair! First I want to say he can rock everything, but his black hair is !!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 he looks so good with black hair, oh god, I can’t very well explain it, Yoongi has this interesting slightly smug, confident but still suave aura about him and with his black hair all that is enhanced, and I’m like !!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️please give it to me 😈

Blond hair always looks amazing in him (the shade he had during August D) and he also looks groundbreaking in grey/silver 😍😍😍😍 

Em is with me in this one as well, agreeing that black and blond suits him the best. 

That being said but I don’t think he enjoys the dyeing hair fest (because of the things he has said), so because of that (and to please myself) I vote for keeping it black, I live with the fear of his hair changing, I’d love him just the same, but the black hair drives me crazy😍

Lmao, I got excited! That’s what happens with Yoongi😂 Thank you very much for reading, and if Yoongi is your bias wrecker we can’t really blame you. Mr. Min’s game is way too strong to resist💪🏼😍

hello everyone !! i am veryeryeryryryry excited to say that ya girl is officially done w finals and school in general ! that means hopefully by tomorrow afternoon, y’all will see more of your favorite bias, choi haesoo around the dash ! i should most likely get to all of my ims, inbox mssgs, and threads by tomorrow night since i still have to pack and move out of my dorm sadly but i just wanted to tell you guys that i didn’t forget about my fav family and thank you for being patient with me !!! 

Hello kind anon! Thank you for requesting and I hope you enjoy!

Jin: I appreciate the fact that they listen to our music!

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Suga: I’d like to collaborate with them, especially (Y/N). She’s full of swag.

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Jimin: Their music, their visuals, their everything is so perfect and they recognized us oh my gosh, I’m dying please. *faces the camera* I love you guys!

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V: They like us? Did they say anything about me? *faces camera* Hello (insert girl group name here)!

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J-Hope: Seriously? *approaches camera* I’m your biggest fan!!

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Rap Monster: I’d like to formerly thank you guys for taking the time to listen to us and I’m grateful that you enjoy our music. Hopefully, one day, we could collaborate.

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Jungkook: Who’s their bias? Is it me?

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Namjoon responding when you simply call out “dumbass”

I Know (Optional Bias)

Oh why hello there~ Just wanna say thanks for all of those who followed me ^^ my scenarios suck ahahah and yeah lol also, hot dayum did Jackson look so fine on ASC with them jeans asdfghjkl

“What are you doing?”

You turned to glare up at the man you hated the most in this stupid world. Ever since the first day you met him, you completely started on the wrong foot with the guy and you two went at it like cats and dogs from there.

However the times where you found yourself sitting in your apartment with him (having broken into your apartment with the magical spare key you somehow gave him) by your side on the couch and just idly watching the pitch black screen of the television just confused both you and your heart.

At times like these, you had both long forgotten about all the past quarrels and how much you both loathed each other to the point that you could not stand being together for a second without insulting the other.

Maybe that was why he suddenly decided to tangle his slim fingers with your own and caress the backside of your hand with his thumb in an affectionate way.

Maybe that was why you didn’t snatch your hand away and opted to scoot closer and snuggle against his side - reveling in his warmth, his overwhelming presence, his intoxicating cologne.

However, you knew.

And he knew.

You both knew.

“Don’t misunderstand,” he started as he looked away, ears glowing a scarlet red, “You’re not—-”

“Your type,” you finished for him, “I know.”

You weren’t sure why, but your heart ached when you finished his sentence.

He wasn’t sure why, but his heart ached hearing you finish his sentence for him.

You both knew that both of you didn’t entirely hate the other.

However, you both knew that once it gets late and he has to leave or else his friend would get worried or mad, that you both would have to go back to hating each other again. And the cycle would go on with you both knowing that none of you were going to take the chance to break the cycle and embrace those feelings deep within.

“I hate you.” I like you.

“I know.”

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Hello there, I'm just a random anon named Esme. Well that's not my real name it's my middle name. Just wanted to say hi and I love your blog and them scenarios tho 😍 So here I thought Jungkook was my bias then you know Yoongi came along. And I was like oh okay cool. But then Jimin is just there like 'haha nope bias wrecked b***h, again' I'm done with BTS to many feels. To many hot guys. (Do you have any favorite gifs or Yoongi? Or Jimin? Or all of them? Lol)

Fave gifs of yoongles and jimjam? AKA my bias line? Coming right up “ψ(`∇´)ψ This post is gonna be hella long and I’m not responsible for feels ;A;

Watch Jiminie turn from serene aesthetic… 

To walking sex…

To a greasy tease… 

To just grease…

To a cute patoot…

To a dumb… :V

And now for Yoongles~ He goes from cool rapper trying to destroy my ovaries…

To this sexy cocky bastard who still destroys my ovaries

To subconsciously killing us with that tongue..

To being a cute lil dumb~~ 

- Devi  (╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . ) (I’M DED NOW)






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yay! can you do a svt blog!au

hello hello hello there!! This is really late so i hope it cuts it ;; anw this is gon be a series of svt!blog aus and im starting with junbabe bc why not

* ok so jerry wen junhui mf king of china is a casual tumblr user
* Ykno, the type to just use tumblr bc everybody else has it and he gets to post pics of himself looking v hot without judgement unlike ig
* probs only do reblogs n nvr puts anything in the tags.. like eVER
* has a picture of himself as his header and uses the mobile tumblr theme with black n white as theme colors yesyes v classy
* Lmao did i say classy??? Ok i lied he reblogs the shitposts that his friends joshua n vernon post on the daily
* so how did u meet the magnificent wen junhui? welp kids it started when u were looking for cool peeps to follow and u somehow stumble upon this jun blog thats on ur tumblr discover page
* So u hit em up with a “i like wen junhui u like him too wassup”
* and after that u stalked that persons blog and all u see r pups n svt reblogs?????? And sum rly good af junhui shitposts ok basically uR SHOOK
* but then u dont see any tags so :( no clue ab personality
* So after a couple of minutes the person replied and said a cute hi with an equally cute gif awwwwwwww
* So u guys talked ab svt and wen junhui and u guys freak out ab him and stuff and decide to tag each other to share the blessings
* Little did u kno that was the actual junhui n u were professing ur lov for him EVERYDAY wOW
* so back on junhui
* Ok so he met u online and he was like????? Shit someone wants to be my friend on tumblr i betta check em out
* He was also v confused at first so he asked tumblr pro!joshua what to do in a situation like this where hes disguising as a fanblog n a fan wants to be friends with them
* So he befriended u n stuff but promised the Hong^tm to nvr reveal himself to u n now ur basically bffs with him n u tag him stuff u think he should see and he goes by the name June as a disguise
* One day u did one of those selfie tags n u tagged him on it and the moment he saw that he was like ,,,bOI SHE GORGEOUS IM WEAK
* He messages u n says shit like “hey wanna hear a joke?”
* You: “do u even need to ask”
* Him: “r u a mint”
* You: “i can feel the greasiness already but why”
* Him: “because were MINT to be 😉😉😉”
* Basically everyone likes u both and sometimes u get anons asking if u n june are a thing?¿!
* And it got u were like,,, do i rly like him??? Am i falling for him?? gtgtgGTGTF BYE
* Junhui gets those anons too and he just laughs amd ignores them all bc its obv he likes u and the whole tumblr community already knows ab it
* I mean bro everytime u n june talk,, he makes u fall so much but u try to control urself bc u hvemt even seen his face yet n ur falling wtf babshshha
* Even the lil things he says r so cute like “i hope u had a great day”, “tell me when u get home”, “be safe”
* Basically best bff/potential bf ever
* So one day u decided to ask him to skype u n he was like,,,, uhm bro maybe we can do this another time n u were like nah june its all good i look disgusting rn too
* But he keeps on saying no so ur like :((((( but i wanna see u n talk to u :(((
* But all he does is sENDS PICS OF HIMSELF n ur so confused bc why is june suddenly spamming u with pics of junhui ur so ??????¿¿¿¿?!???¿
* “Dat me”
* N u laugh so much bc he cheers u up by using his lame jokes
* Some month later, its ur bday n someone dropped a video on ur submission box n uR SHOOK BC IT CAME FR JUNE
* “….ok im wen junhui not june but also jun ok i used that as a disguise bc i cant run around tumblr saying that im junhui .. R u mad at me :(((”
* And honestly u were laughing and screaming n so many emotions r running thru ur head rn and all u can think of is “fuck im bffs with junhui n he told me he loves me,,,, goodbye to my main bias, hello irl bias junhui”
* So after u calmed down u were both pree chill on it and u guys r still bffs, its just dat he confessed he likes u but ur not ready for a relationship yet
* Junhui is such a gentleman,, and every convo with him on skype includes u ranting ab school n him looking v tired but happy to see u
* U dont tell this to any mutual on tumblr tho bc its junhuis golden rule
* imagine how many sasaengs would literally kill to b u rn
* In every interview junhui does n they ask him ab friends, he always mention this girl overseas (u) that he loves talking to everyday
* “Yo minghao can u tell junhui to call me back? I just rly need to tell him something”
* Minghao: “hey jun ur babe called n wanted to say sonething to u, but first, $5 per word”
* Junhui: “..ill call her myself”


Hello!!!! Sorry you guys have to see so much of my face these days ack

Thank you @nowjunhui for tagging me for the Selfies With your Bias thing!! :D (You are stunning oh my gosh <3)

I’m actually gonna try to tag people this time haha so imma tag some lovely mutuals <3

I tag @channosaurus-rex @7oshua @minqyew @eyelinerjisoo @imagineparkchanyeol @jisooseyes @holyseokmin @dankwoozi @boosungkwan @mc-woo @flowerchildwonwoo @hoshijpg @prettyboyjihoon @wonwohoo @wenjunoui @verhnon @kimxmingyu @snapbackhoshi @hatterseokjin @say-the-name-mounteen @98chwe @wonwoorkit @wonwoo-wow @grapefruitwoozi @wonwuuu @ewhansol @petal-honey @hearteyeshansol @lattecoups    Ok now I feel like I tagged too much haaaaa sorry I keep tagging you guys in stuff TT don’t do it if you don’t want~

clawissa said to gotsevenluckystories: Hello can I have another Mark scenario (sorry he’s my bias!) with him being a cocky guy trying to win you over but him being too cocky isn’t really working in his favor, you know he’s just trying to act all cool in front of his friends. So he asks you out on a real date but it was hard for you to say yes, and on the date you get to see the real side of Mark and that’s when you start feel something for him.

External image
HmmM this is a little difficult for me to imagine Mark doing something like this, but I tried to meet this while being as realistic as possible! AU: High school. Hope you enjoy it!

“Bro, do you realize how creepy you look right now?" Jackson’s words startled Mark, puncturing his thoughts. "What are you talking about?” Mark answered, still a little absentminded.

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hi hello i dont know what the difference between a follow forever and a bias list is so i called it both sue me or something. i just wanna say i love you all because following me and my meme children is not an easy thing to put up with ( honestly tho thanks ). some of you i have known since i first started rping on tumblr and then there are some i hardly know at all but admire but honestly you guys keep me here and im not good at sentimental stuff so im just gonna do this ilysm !!

honorable mentions:

           river-lastro / cajxta : i think youre the one i knew the longest back with kiyo and im so glad i met you because you are such a good friend and uhghg i love you thanks for being there for me all the time , you are totes cash money .

           caelonbrinley : youre the bae, cae is the bae , i love you and your muses ( meltem is my bf sorry ) thanks for talkin to me and rping with me and you make me do the ouo emoji instead of the tuna dog face

           xntler : you followed me on my other blogs and i think we rped a little but thanks for putting up with me so much on your dash & tbh love casper from afar 

            friendos: inanimatum && vxgiilante && multimusis && mochizxu && amiicuus sorry i dont talk to a lot of people r i p in peace me

            i - wanna - be - your - friendos ( in no fave order bc i literally think i put everyone i follow because this is a follow forever bye you are all deserving bc i love something about each of your blogs and its a joy to have you all on my dash ) :  aberrxnce anbu-alexcia andra-sidan angel-kaito ao-no-utsukushi-sa astralveins automailicarus axxihilation baakeneko blackchomansion bondsofeveryonessouls cantuscorvi celupus corvoti countersides defectdyke dxublewhammy dysphxros empxisonne feathersofthesoul flesh-to-bone fracturexangels fullmetalheart-x glassxmenagerie goldencopier gomibakos goukai hagaide heureuxblonde hikxru hypotensiive indifferenthums isuckatmyjob konektiss lentusx lepidxptera littlehinata luctux magicalxgirl masked-strawberry mirage-flames moparulisulis mxleficus mxrcobodtt naifreveur naivetyandsmiles nakurhedo okashi-baka oniichan-lets-rp optimistic-dead-boy otalixidy prxsmhearts razuberiis repugnant–love sadistbeast sagxn txnsei xscissortwine

                        if you arent on here then i still want to say thanks for following me and i might have forgot you bc im not perfect ok . and yh this is the same img i used for my promo w/e