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Blood, Sex and Whiskey - Part 4

$ecret – Part A

Warnings: None for this part. Cursing?

A/N: Two things. Teaser clip triggered this. Was going to hold out for a few days to write this next bit but that cute little exchange of men perfectly aligned where I was going to take this. Secondly, Ben with a southern/Bostonian accent might be the death of me. Also sorry that is just a part within a part – can’t help but be a tease 😃  

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Iraq 2002

The air was thick with tension as the shadows of four soldiers slumped their way to the hidden bar. Didn’t matter that they were in Istanbul for the next two days, temporarily considered a safe zone, to find time to unwind. They still walked with their eyes in their pockets, their trained eyes watching civilians on guard.

It was a tough week.

They had lost almost a quarter of their recon team over the past three days and the weight of that realization laid heavy on their minds as they slunk through the door of the well-used establishment. They had decided to go out to distract themselves. Get drunk. Maybe get laid. Anything to help them forget about the impossible mission that was taking them out one by one, like a row of cans standing vulnerable to be shot at.

Billy refused to allow it to bring him down.

He knew loss. Knew what it felt like to look someone you loved dearly in the eyes and tell them that everything was going to be all right while you slowly watched the light burn out of them until you’re left with nothing but their shell. He didn’t get attached anymore so that sort of human experience – grief - could move past him.

His comrades had yet to learn such an art.

Except Frank. Frank, similarly to him, understood that to maintain sanity that meant sacrificing intimacy. It wasn’t the best exchange but it guaranteed an existence that didn’t end with you shooting yourself in the head or getting yourself killed. Ironically, they were closer because of this knowledge, and Billy nudged him now as the group slowly made their way to a booth.

“Bet we’re a sight to see.” He says, his eastern drawl causing a few naked ears to turn their way but nothings done or said. Just watching. Like an exhibit at a museum.

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   “     WHAT?     WAS     I     supposed  to  resist  the  temptation  to  climb  through  your  bedroom  window?  it’s  not  like  you  got  any  secrets  you  can  hide  from  me  .  .  .  remember,  i’m  still  holding  your  diary  hostage  till  you’re  ready  to  actually     TALK     to  me,     ”

Lost & Wild - An Alaskan Bush People Story

Rating: M for some smut :)


Harper was fairly sure Bam was never going to let her go. She was so overcome with emotion, she couldn’t help the sobs that wracked her body. She hid her face from the world in the warmth of his shoulder. His arms were around her, one had tangled tightly in her hair as if he couldn’t get enough of it’s feel between his fingers. She heard his shaky breath leave his mouth as his lips rested on the side of her head.

“Harper…” he murmured again. It was all he could fathom to say. It’d been a few weeks, he’d started to give up hope that she would ever be back. He hadn’t spent one night not feeling lonely and desolate for her company. He wasn’t sure why she was even here or if she would stay, but right in this moment, she was here in his arms.

Reluctantly, Bam pulled back a little, his eyes searching for hers.

“I love you too.” He finally answered. Harper almost had to giggle, it’d felt like hours since she’s said that to him. But she could see in his eyes why he waited so long to speak. They were glassy as if he could barely keep ahold of himself.

He took her hand and led her back to the Integrity. Her cousins watched on from the dock.

“That’s ok, we’ll just hang out here, don’t worry about us!” Koby joked, waving as they watched Harper follow Bam down the dock.


All the rest of the Brown’s had come to the main deck, watching as Bam and Harper embraced. Even Matt smiled as he watched his brother cling tightly to the woman that had affected him so. They watched as Bam grabbed her hand and led her towards them, walking with great purpose.

Billy stifled his grin, running his hand over his mustache.

“You know what guys, let’s give them a minute.” he said ushering everyone back off of the boat.

“But Harper’s back, I want to say hi and give her a hug!” Bird exclaimed as she watched her brother walk towards them, his eyes barely leaving Harper.

“Give them some space and you guys can say your hellos later.” Billy said, patting his leg for Mr. Cupcake to follow them, Rain buckling his leash to him.

“Bam, we’ll be in town when you are ready to go.” Billy said, lightly laying a hand in Bam’s shoulder as they passed.

“Thanks Da, “ Bam uttered, still feeling it hard to speak. Harper smiled at everyone as they passed them. Ami was able to sneak in a quick hug, before Bam recaptured Harper’s hand and pulled her on board. He closed the door behind her and spun her around to him. His lips hungrily capturing hers, his hands holding her face. She held fast to the counter behind her, as she felt her legs threaten to give way. She hadn’t realized how much she had missed his lips. The taste of them, the softness, the demanding nature of them.

“I need you…” He whispered. She could feel the hushed words glide across her mouth. This thumb stroked her cheek as his eyes looked upon her again. He couldn’t get enough of the sight of her.

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A Rather Uncalming Announcement

So, as you may have seen Calming Brits admin angelus80 went to Wizard World in Raleigh recently. Where she met a Calming Brits favorite…

Yes, okay, I’m teasing, she didn’t meet them both. She met:

And there was much flailing. She flailed, the rest of your admins flailed…it was not a calming moment. And we are still waiting to hear all the details (hint, hint).

Well, earlier this week, aboleyn24 sent out a rather frantic email, because it’s just been announced that Mr. Tennant will be making an appearance at Wizard World in Philly.


Also appearing will be…

Well, as you can imagine…

And so, in a fit of utter madness…ME AND @aboleyn24 BOUGHT TICKETS.


And did I mention who else will be at Wizard World?

That’s right:

And…did I mention:

Oh. Yep. Definitely mentioned them. So if some of your mods seem a little less calm than usual, well. We just wanted to let you all know why. And if anyone is planning to be at Wizard World Philly, shoot us a PM - it’d be fun to say hello!