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So close. (Part one)

Hey guys! So, I’ve decided to write a series of fanfictions and this is part one! I haven’t posted any fanfics in a while, so I hope this makes up for it! 

I’m aiming to mix it up and make this fanfic about more than one celebrity, starting with danisnotonfire in the first! I hope you enjoy! :)

I will try to post one daily, if I am unable to, I will let you know, just check my page!

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“Just friends?” He said, though it was not at all what you wanted to hear.
“Just friends.” You nodded, but you clearly didn’t want that. You and Dan had been close to sleeping together from day one. You’d never quite got there. So there you were, agreeing not to let it happen.
“Come here.” He said, opening his arms to embrace you. You moved toward him and he wrapped his arms around you. What you could have been. You pulled away to look up into his eyes and give a fake smile. He forced himself to do the same.
“I’ll see you tomorrow.” You said, pulling away.
“Oh.. Yeah, sure.” He nodded awkwardly.
“Bye then.” You said, picking up your bag and heading for the door.
“Bye, Y/N.” He grumbled, as you shut the door

You didn’t see him that next day. He didn’t even call. Though, to be fair, you didn’t either. You could’t bring yourself to see the man you’re too scared to admit your love to. He doesn’t love you back. He wants to just be friends.

You didn’t even see him the day after that. Before, you had seen him almost every day, but somehow, everything had changed. However, not everything. You still couldn’t get him off your mind! You tried a number of activities to distract yourself: reading, watching a movie and even cleaning your flat (which you aren’t prone to)! Eventually, you gave up. Instead, you decided going for a walk on the beach was the best way to clear your head. When your mind is made up, you quickly grabbed your coat and bag and rush out the door. You climbed into your old, slightly crappy car, which you loved regardless, and drove a couple of miles south. On your way, you stopped at a little cafe that Dan and yourself have always loved to visit. It was a rather cramped, but beautiful building, with ivy growing up the side of it. There was one single table with two chairs outside. Oh, it was all too familiar. It was where you and Dan first met.

“Mind if I sit here?” He said to you, one Sunday morning. You looked up from your book and smiled.
“Of course. Don’t mind me!” You grinned, feeling rather stupid due to the expression you could feel on your face. Blushing, you looked back down to your book. However, you don’t really read; you’re too busy spying on this man that was sitting across from you. From the corner of your eye, you see him fidgeting in his seat. He seemed incredibly bored, so what was he doing sitting with you, who was about as fun as a dog with no legs.
“So, I’m Dan by the way.” Dan said, reaching his arm out for a hand shake.
“Oh, I’m Y/N.” You shook his hand, “Nice to meet you, Daniel.” You had a thing about calling people by their full first name.
“It’s OK to call me Dan, you know.”
“I prefer Daniel. If that’s fine with you of course?” What were you thinking? This man was a stranger, so why were you teasing like this?
Dan smirked. “I like you.” He grins.
“I think I like you too, Daniel.”
“Think we could be friends?” He asked. You became puzzled. He was asking you to be friends?
“Why not?” You agreed. To be honest, you had taken quite a liking to Dan. He was nice, funny and awkward. Although you didn’t like to admit it, he was kind of like you.
“So, tea?” He asked.

You’d been close ever since.
You step inside the cafe and are greeted by the owner, a man you had come to know rather well. “Ahhh, Y/N! I was starting to wonder where you were! And where’s your good friend…um… David?”
“Daniel. He’s busy today, so I came for my usual cup of tea and iced bun on my own. Oh, and a newspaper.” You told him.
“Oh I see. I’ll bring it out for you in a minute, Y/N. Take a seat!” He smiled. You turned and went back out the door to sit at the little table outside. You watched the people walking past; there were so many couples. Kind of depressing.
Antony the cafe owner came out with your order a few minutes later. “Here you are, Y/N! Enjoy!” He grinned. Then he lowered his voice, “On the house.” You smiled sweetly at him and thanked him. He must have known something was wrong. Since the day you met, Dan and yourself had always come to the same cafe on every Sunday morning. If either of you were busy, you just wouldn’t go.
You missed him. You couldn’t concentrate on your paper and left your tea to go cold. Why did you think this was a good idea?

Without saying goodbye to Antony, you left. You rushed along the pathway to the beach, sure that when you got there, everything would be OK.
It wasn’t; for a while. You had tried strolling down the beach at the edge of the water, but still, you couldn’t remove the man you adored from you head. You gave up with walking, so just collapsed where you were standing and let the salty water lap at your legs. You put your head in your hands and gave in to the image of Dan in your head. You sat like this for 10 minutes.

“So, what do you do down here?” Dan asked you on your second meeting. You had taken him to the beach, it was just so beautiful and calming.
“Just walk, sometimes sit. Not much really, but it’s just so nice here. It’s like all your worries are gone.” You glanced up and him and he was expressing a little smile.
“I see what you mean! I’m really glad you took me here. It’s nice to see you again too.” He grinned. You blushed slightly, hoping he wouldn’t notice.
“It’s nice to see you too, Daniel.” You replied.
“There is some way we can make this more fun though.” He winked at you. You were a bit alarmed to what he meant, but mostly intrigued. He started to speed up.
“What are you doing?” You shouted after him, laughing.
“Catch me if you can!” You’re not usually one for these little childish games, but you really liked Dan and you didn’t want him to think you were boring. You chased after him, getting sand in your shoes as you ran. You didn’t care. The only real problem was that Dan was very quick. You tried going faster, but you couldn’t catch up. You began to feel incredibly tired, sat down and shouted, “Fine, I give up! You’re too good!” You heard him laugh and he jogged back to you. When he was stood next to you, you saw your chance and grabbed his leg and pulled him down to the ground.
“Hey! Not fair, Y/N!” He chuckled.
“It is! There were no rules! I win!” You giggle. You were very proud of yourself, it wasn’t like you, but you liked it.
“Fine, you win!” He said, sitting up. You laugh in response.

The memory was interupted by a voice above you. Maybe even familiar.



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[ never leave you again ]

seventeen writings.

AU: war.

Pairing: reader x seungcheol.

Genre: fluff.

Words: 983.

A/N: I kinda cried while writing this goodbye.

– Inspired by: He goes to war. Thank you seunggkwans.

You always supported Seungcheol’s decisions, but when he told you he was gonna enroll in the army, you didn’t enjoy the fact, but you ended up accepting it. But as you woke up on the day he was leaving, and you watched how his chest rise up and then down, you realized; You didn’t want him to leave you. Not in an hour, not in a day, not in a week, not even in a lifetime. But you knew you didn’t have a choice. It was his decision.

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