say goodbye to ourselves

Ok so we all have to prepare ourselves to say goodbye to our most beloved rebels ever...

Farewell, Ghost crew. I loved you so much. And I am saying this early, first, to get myself prepared to accept this parting with Star Wars Rebels, which was an essential part of my life for past three years. I tried to suppress myself from crying all the time during the panel, managed to get it pressed during while the trailer was being displayed, but when it ended with Hera saying “May the Force be with you.”, I couldn’t hold it much longer. Star Wars Rebels Actually changed the course of my life. It gave me the courage to turn my head away from traumas and pressures that had been undermining my talents and my mental health, and face what i really needed and wanted, and look into who I was inside those masks i have created to deny everything that was going on around me. I will never forget this marvelous, gorgeous, fantastic, intricate, elaborate and so, so much beautiful and historic work of animated TV show, and how had it gave me courage to grow up and be a better person. Thank you so much, Dave. I have been cursing you since 2013, but at the same time, I admire you and the amazing capability you have shown as an executive producer of both of <Star Wars Rebels> and <Star Wars: The Clone Wars.> You are my hero aaaand a great role model as an upstanding figure in the animation industry. Thank you for working for Lucasfilm Animations….

Goodbye to the last years of my adolescence, which is now all after me, with the time I had spent with Star Wars Rebels, with changes, decisions, and growth that I made.

I am that one who grew up with your show that you were refering to, Dave.

Forever, with me.


The whispers started the moment she arrived in Long Beach. Everyone knew who she was the moment they saw her. The hair was a dead giveaway. A few had even met her before. And they had heard all about her of course. They were none too shy about asking their questions, but he appreciated that they saved some particular questions for more… appropriate times.

“So, that’s her, huh? The dancer.”

“That’s her.”

“Well, now we know he’s a damn liar. He said that show was the hardest thing he’s ever done. Is he blind?!”

“Well, you know. Maybe that’s not what he meant.“

She came walking in like she owned the place. Like she belonged there and always had. She had a knack for that. Her smile felt so… familiar. As if he thought he would forget what it was like and then realized he never would. Her arms around him were like home. They could have just stood there like that for the next hour and he probably would have been okay with that.

“Sharna, right?”

“Yeah. Sharna.”

“She sure holds on to him like she thinks he’s about to fall apart.”

“You know, do you think…?”

“If I didn’t know any better…? Yeah.”

They talked like they had known each other for years rather than the seven months they had actually been in each other’s lives. It had been like that since the very beginning. They laughed easily and smiled without any reservations and he soaked in every moment of her being with him because he now knew what it felt like to be without.

“Do you see the way she looks at him?”

“Like he just asked her to the prom and proposed marriage while performing in a flash mob?”

“A flash mob?”

“Those big song and dance things like out in the middle of a mall or park or something. Seemed appropriate.”

“But how about how he looks at her? I mean, look at that. You ever seen him smile like that?”

“Can’t say that I have, no.”

Goodbye was always the hardest part even if it was never really goodbye. It was always just a see you later or a call when you can or a text me when your flight gets in. Still hard.

“We should go say hi. Or goodbye I guess now. Or at least formally introduce ourselves instead of just stare.”

“I think we’re good. We’ll catch her next time. Look at him. She’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Not if he has anything to say about it.”

She was the first one he called as soon as the celebration and excitement died down. She answered at once, like she had been sitting there just waiting for him. And he had to pull his phone away from his ear at her shriek of joy.

“The kid must have had a good luck charm this weekend.”

“You think that’s a coincidence? This weekend of all weekends?”

“Nope. You?”

“Not a chance.”

"Make A Choice" (Calum Hood Imagine) - Part 2

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Summary: Calum is given a chance to explain, but as usual, something goes wrong.

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Swearing + family problems.

A/N: This is kinda written on a personal experience so its important to me. I know this part isn’t that great, but I overthought it tbh and it came out like this, so I hope you like it.

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Epilogue

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so i decided not to catch up on rachel maddow tonight cuz the next episode is the hrc one and i am going to cry and being all alone here again tonight i knew that would be a Bad Idea. so instead i finished girl meets world…only i forgot about the special episode where the last scene is sabrina and rowan saying goodbye. “i think we should do this as ourselves,” they agree, and then they discuss their offscreen friendship…but as it ends the actresses are basically clutching each other and both sobbing? i mean i understand why they were sad but if i wanted to cry i’d be watching political tv right now 

THG Meta Masterpost

So, I was talking with The Box Set (@bluesravenboyss @demarches @adamparrlsh @vicerys @whateverstillshines @madstatler) a few days ago about all of The Hunger Games meta and tag meta we’ve written or agreed with during our time on this website. We dug a lot of things up, just for the memories, and then I offered to make a kind of masterpost since my tags are pretty well organized.

And now, it’s done — or as done as I could make it. I’ve been through my tags and several other people’s tags in order to gather as much of it as I could. If there’s something that fits that’s not here and you want to add a link to when you reblog, please feel free.

The priorities and opinions of the people featured here mostly align. You will find the following types meta after the read more.

  • Positive Gale meta
  • Positive Gale and Katniss meta (tragedy otp)
  • Peeta is not your puppy meta
  • Criticisms of the series
  • Criticisms of the movies (mostly Flaw’s movies)

If that’s something you’re interested in and/or would want to read later, then please continue! A lot of you were probably around for a lot of this, so it’s here if you want to revisit it.

If you’re just looking to dig into this for an argument, we are old and tired and we don’t want to argue with you, please move along. This is just a way for us to 1. Say goodbye to this series and hopefully set ourselves free and 2. Remember the good discussions we had together and have a way to return to them.

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I’m really trying to stay positive. It’s just that I didn’t only lose a boyfriend, I lost one of my best friends. He was someone who I thought I’d never have to say goodbye to, we shared basically every aspect of ourselves with the other and we were together all of the time.
I’m trying to cope, but it’s really hard when I’m sitting at home by myself because I used to never be home. We were always out, doing something together, even if we were just walking around. Now walks are one of the worst things I can do because it allows me to think about him without distractions; it allows me to think about all of the good times we had and to imagine all of the ones we should’ve had. It also allows me to think of her now laying in your arms instead of me and that’s a thought that I don’t know how to deal with because it brings me a feeling of such immense sadness and betrayal.
I still think about that day. You surprised me; I think you surprised yourself. Pure longing & desire. Hands placed with conscious intent. How many times did you think about this moment? We were inevitable. Destined to come together in this moment, in this way. There was a passion behind your lips. And behind mine. I said there wouldn’t be. I swore it. Silently, profoundly - I swore it. Not only was it present - it was thriving. We were entangled. In the moment, in eachother. Pressing against me, pawing at me. Your desire was palpable. I let go. No clothes were shed that day. Our bodies did not meet. Something happened still. Our want for eachother so strong, it forced us apart. Still unable to bring ourselves to say goodbye, can’t help but hope we’ll come together again. Like heroin, with heavy guilt, it will never be like the first time. But I still think about that day.
—  how I feel about you today, an anonymous journal.
PostBreakup Masterlist

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The Both of Us Are Running Out of Time - legendarygalaxydragon

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The Truth Runs Wild - phangirlingforphan

Summary: “Is this Dan? I’m so sorry, I know it’s three in the morning but I have your friend Phil here, he won’t stop crying and he’s really fucking wasted, could you come get him? He said you broke up but I didn’t know who else to call. He just kept asking for you.”

Toxic (ao3) - amazingnicola

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We Can Sit Right Here And Say Goodbye (We’ve Already Won) (ao3) -  dustyglassesclearmind

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We Chose To Say Goodbye (But I Chose You) (ao3) - starsalign

Summary: “I keep building walls, but you’re always on my mind, won’t let them fall down. I’m tired, can we give up the art of moving on?” - Heffron Drive, Art of Moving On

crazyshort17  asked:

Just started watching Doctor Who! And i already am on the third season but i need help processing saying goodbye to rose can you help?

First: Welcome to the fandom! Or as we like to say here on the Doctor Who Tumblr, congrats on being #NewToWho! Second: Saying goodbye to Rose is really hard, but thankfully there’s an entire community of Whovians on Tumblr who have been through exactly this (say hi to crazyshort17, Whovians!) Goodbyes are one of the more difficult things in life. There are all kinds of goodbyes: the goodbyes that are really ‘I’ll see you soon’s; the goodbyes when we know we won’t ever see the person again and the ones that aren’t really goodbye at all.  When we here at the Doctor Who Tumblr have to say goodbye, we like to remind ourselves to also say, “We’re really glad that we got to know you.” 

The best thing about being a Whovian is that in those times when we have to do difficult things like say goodbye, we can also appreciate that there are so many people left to say hello to! There are thousands of other Doctor Who fans who would love to talk to you about what you’re processing at the moment.

Like an old apartment waiting for the walls to move

Praying that someone, hoping that no one intrudes

Living like an actor, feeling like a poet bruised

But no man is an island.

Goodbyes are hard.

It seems as though we find ourselves in one of two places: Either we just kind of float through them - hoping our emotion doesn’t escape us - and we live to tell the story or we find ourselves completely broken. I’ve had to say goodbye a lot in my life. I’ve had to relinquish people, things, ideas, and dreams from my grip on many occasions. I’ve mastered the art of bracing for the impact and then releasing these things into whatever unknown is taking them from me or me from them. I haven’t become numb to it though. I still feel the goodbyes every time. I’ve shed a significant amount of tears as I’ve said goodbye to many towns and the friends that I have made there. I’m only 25, and I’ve already had so many dreams over the years. Some of my dreams were so ridiculous that I eventually grew out of them; I had to let go of who I thought I was too. I’ve said so many goodbyes. More recently, this month marks one year from when I first had to say goodbye prayers to three friends that I had grown up with. I had lost them all within a nine-month time span. All I can say is that it’s just hard. It will always be hard.

Passing like a shadow, never letting anyone see

And maybe I’m biased but I don’t think

You know the first thing about me

But no man is an island.

If you know me, you would know that my favorite TV show is “Grey’s Anatomy.” As over-the-top as the show can be, I glean so much insight from some of the simplest quotes from the show. There is one episode in particular where Meredith Grey says, “Sometimes it’s good to be scared. It means you still have something to lose.” I can’t help but think that this is what makes goodbyes so hard. In whatever form they come in, the pain of goodbye means that we still have something valuable to lose. With goodbye comes grief and pain, and often times we just see our pain as our enemy. We hate that our grief comes in waves, waves that hit you so hard that you can’t breath. We want it to stop. We just want to not feel it anymore. As I enter a different season of my life while still wrestling with the pain from the previous one, I’ve noticed something that I hadn’t before: The times that I just let myself be raw and allowed myself to feel the grief in my goodbyes were the times that I healed the most.

Lay down your robe, leper or rogue

Keep yourself open here

Mr. Rogers is one of my favorite people. He once said, “There is no normal life that is free of pain. It’s the very wrestling with our problems that can be the impetus for our growth.” Maybe it’s because I always thought Mr. Rogers had a way with words, but this still shakes me to my core. The very thing about me - my pain - is the very thing that I am trying to get rid of. To make disappear. Yet, it is the one thing that will inevitably make the best version of me. Honestly, it wasn’t until my mom was diagnosed with cancer that I learned how much I needed my mom to be alive. It wasn’t until I had to say goodbye to my nieces for the first time to go away to college that I truly started to cherish their temper tantrums. It meant I was there to witness them. It wasn’t until I realized that someone I love and care is no longer with me in this world that I truly started to make the ones that were still here know how much I loved and cared for them. It sounds cliché. But maybe that’s why it’s cliché. It’s real. I have become a better person because of my goodbyes.

And heavier stones think to themselves

That they’re alone here

But everyone grieves and everyone feels

Lonely tonight.

I have known many great souls. Some I have lost in the shuffle of life, others I have just lost. I have learned from them nonetheless. I have learned so much about myself while saying goodbye to things that were trying to hurt me. I have spent so much time trying to fight them or ignore them because I didn’t want to be changed by goodbyes. But what I didn’t realize was that that was the silver lining. Goodbyes come with grief and pain, but I believe beautiful things will often follow. I’ve learned that feeling the farewells is one of the healing parts of life. Yes, goodbyes are hard and pain demands to be felt, but no man is an island.


Al is off on Tuesdays and it was forecasted to be a gorgeous day, so we decided to have a day together.

We got up and treated ourselves to CBA bagels & coffee then took a walk to and along the lakefront. So much sun, might have overdosed on the vitamin d.

Then we stopped in for a beer (or two) at Kuma’s Too where I decided on an 11.5% Barleywine (5 Rabbit).

Then, we FINALLY went to where we had our first date, AliveOne (we hadn’t been back since!) for $2 craft drafts (wut??).

Then we greeted spring by saying goodbye to the last of our favorite fall beer.

Lastly, we treated ourselves to a build your own 6 pack from Binny’s and binged watched 8 episodes from season 7 of Parks & Rec.