say fuzzy pickles

Final Fantasy XV

Prompto: Annnnd are we ready? One… Two… THREE! (ʃ📷ƪ)  

… Ah, the camera loves you! One more! Say, “Fuzzy pickles”! (ʃ📷ƪ`)

… Last one! Give me a pose I’ll never forget!  (ʃ📷ƪヮ⊙)


RecD - Say Fuzzy Pickles - Earthbound Hip Hop Lo-Fi Remix

Look at the camera…
Say, “fuzzy pickles”! 

So one day I got bored at home and thought, “why not make some Dark Souls characters using Earthbound sprites?”

I have very little experience when it comes to pixel art, so the sprites’ simplistic
design was what motivated me to continue. I had tons of fun with this and I shed lots of tears when it was time to draw Squiggly’s armor (Squiggly’s just the character me and my friends customized).

Oh, and Oscar is not dead. He’s unconscious. *runs away*

#2152. After every other match that Ness participates in, a man with a camera comes spinning down from the sky, announcing himself as the photographic genius. He tells everyone who was in the match to say "fuzzy pickles", takes a picture of the smashers, and flies away. At first, only Ness posed for the pictures while everyone else was confused. Eventually they got used to it and now most everyone poses for the pictures.

STAN: Bruiser, hey. Slow down dude, you’re gonna choke.

CRAIG: Hey look at this.
STAN: Wh– what???
STAN: What am I looking at here.

CRAIG: I made a blog.
STAN: Uh- what?
CRAIG: Did your brain forget how to connect basic fucking concepts together?
CRAIG: I said I made a blog.
CRAIG: Y'know, for us.

STAN: What the fuck do we need a blog for, dude?
STAN: And can you get out of my face.
STAN: Jesus.

CRAIG: To show off the animals I guess, I dunno.
CRAIG: It was a spur of the moment decision.
CRAIG: But now it’s already made so get over here we’re doing this shit.
STAN: No, what.
STAN: That’s dumb.
CRAIG: You’re dumb, come here.

CRAIG: Selfie time, say cheese or fuzzy pickles or whatever the fuck your nerd heart desires.
STAN: How about ‘fuck off’?
CRAIG: Doesn’t compute, try again.