say cheese

Meaty the dog hasn’t stopped smiling since he was adopted from a shelter. His owners fell in love with him at a bully rescue in Fresno, but they didn’t realize until they brought him home that he always smiles and loves posing for the camera. Source


ンダホ#ンダホ 〜 美穂(`・∀・´)

Ndaho #ndaho 〜 美穂(`・∀・´)

Say cheese. 

Alright, this is a Vine.

I thought you’d definitely say that!

Horses are such big, strong, majestic creatures…so beautiful, so graceful… that is, until they open their mouths to reveal enormous goofy grins. Then they’re hysterically funny. Redditor GILGID shared this awesome photo of an enormous Clydesdale horse gleefully photobombing a young girl.

And then things got even funnier still. In response other Redditors began sharing similar photos of horses and other large animals mugging for the camera:

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