say cheeeeeese!

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Imagine your OTP walking their child(ren) to their first day of school. Bonus: Person A is emotional while waving goodbye to the kid(s) so Person B engulfs them in a bear hug to cheer them up. Can you do this with SuFin sending Sealand to school?

Pairing: SuFin (Sweden x Finland) (Human names used)


  • Finland (Tino) as person A
  • Sweden (Berwald) as person B
  • Sealand (Peter) as himself but even younger

“And remember to always say please!”

“And to raise your hand before speaking.”

“And to be nice to the other children!”

“And to not eat any glue regardless of what anyone tells you.”

“Yes daddy!”

Tino and Berwald walked down the street, both holding Peter’s hands side by side. Peter wore his little uniform and had a seagull themed backpack. It was his first day of school, and they were all excited. However it was Tino who was the most emotional.

“Now when school is over you wait for us to come and get you! If anyone that isn’t a teacher tries to talk to you run inside the school and wait for us there!” Tino insisted.

“Yes daddy.” Peter said.

“Also remember that for snack break we packed you apples and water.” Berwald reminded him.

“We even added a cookie for dessert.” Tino chimed, causing Peter to cheer.

Soon enough they reached the school, where the rest of the little kids made their way inside.

“Here we are.” Berwald announced.

“Yay!” Peter was off and about to run off.

“W-Wait! Peter hold on let me take a picture!” Tino insisted, taking out his camera.

“Wha! But I want to go!” Peter whined.

“One picture, really quick, with daddy come on.” Tino smiled as he watched Berwald hold Peter’s hand and the two look up at Tino. “Say cheese!”

“Cheeeeeese!” Peter smiled, Tino taking a picture.

“Oh you look so cute! One more one more!” Tino squealed.

“Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!” Peter whined.

“Come on Tino, he needs to go now.” Berwald said with a smile, walking over to Tino as the two watched Peter run off into the school.

“Bye! I’ll see you later!” Peter waved.

“Behave, Peter! Always wash your hands after using the bathroom! If you see an insect and it looks scary RUN AWAY FROM IT IT COULD BITE YOU!” Tino reminded, watching Peter walk into the school before breaking out into tears. “Our baby is all grown up!!!” Tino sobbed, Berwald gently hugging Tino as he smiled.

“It’s ok. We’ll see him again in a few hours.” Berwald assured.

“I KNOW BUT THIS IS THE FIRST TIME HE’S OFF TO SCHOOL HE’S ALL GROWN UP!” Tino squealed, sobbing as he blew into a tissue, Berwald patting him and hugging him.

“Come on, let’s head back.”

Needless to say, Tino would end up doing this every school year.