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So, this is what I have been drawing all day today instead of drawing the stuff I had planned on working on :D oh well, at least I got some skeleton anatomy practice which is pretty good to do, because I know shit about it! pretty happy with the anatomy of the middle picture~

All is based on some of my favourite scenes in the new chapter of Skeleton Squatters and the Landlady which you can read HERE by @tyranttortoise because that fic is so damn awesome and I just love it so just go read it damn it!

The fish in Paps ribcage is kind of sexy (????)

I hope you’re happy @tyranttortoise, you did after all warn me there would be a Papy wearing a bikini top, so I should have know it would come to this <:

Great moments in dumb customer history

I’ve seen my share of customers either doing or saying the stupidest stuff in the many places where I’ve worked, but some of them are so ridiculous/hilarious that I thought I’d list the highlights of them.

“What time does your noon day sale start?”

Me: “Noon, ma'am.”

“How often are these semi-annual sales?”

Me: “Every six months, sir.”

“Is there any meat in the angus beef burgers?”

Me: “Yes. Angus beef.” (I was so tempted to say ‘people’)

“How you you get those lights to flicker on your sign out there?”

Me: *sarcastically* “Well, we have an employee in the back, flicking the light switch on and off repeatedly, really fast.”

“Do you sell toys here?”

Me: *sarcastically* “No, we just call it ‘Toyz [Backwards 'R] Usses’ because we are toys, action figures, and dolls that have developed sentience, and escaped from our factories, stores, owners, and insane collectors, this is our refugee center.”

We have had customers push on the front doors that are clearly marked “PULL” and vice versa.

My friend who worked the drive through teller window at the bank had people pulling up and say “I’ll have a cheeseburger, fries, and…”

One time, our boss wrote “Bikinis half off” on a sign and put it in our window. These beach tourists walk by laughing, but this one cute bimbo wearing a bikini and a sarong sees the sign, shrugs, walks into our shop, and -I kid you not- takes off her bikini top. My boss runs up to her going “Aaa-aa-a-a-aaah! What are you doing!?”. The bimbo says “Your sign says 'Bikinis half off’?”. My boss explained to her that “Bikinis are 'half off’ their normal prices!”. The bimbo says “Oh, I see!” and puts her top back on, makes a purchase, then leaves. My boss had to modify the sign to say “Bikinis half off (of regular prices)”.

I know we all make mistakes, but damn…SMH

BTS Reaction | Seeing you in a bikini for the first time

Anonymous asked: BTS reacts to seeing you in a bikini for the first time!

Kim Seokjin

Jin is a whole gentleman. He’d try not to look at your beautiful body but on the inside he was dying. You looked so good in the bikini. It carried your curves nicely and Jin would probably scold himself for thinking like that. He’d still want to fuck you though. *Shrug*

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Min Yoongi

Yoongi…would obviously be affected by the sight. He’d think you look hot and the bikini was made to be worn by you but, he would act as if it was nothing and act like he didn’t care. 

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Jung Hoseok

Hoseok would happily compliment you. 

“You look wonderful.” He’d say, “ This bikini was designed by gods for you to wear.”
You’d smile and blush at his compliment and that would make him happy. 

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Park Jimin

Jimin would think “WOW! She looks wonderful.” But he’d be to shy to say it out loud. So, he’d check you out without you noticing. 

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Kim Namjoon

Namjoon is another one that would be bold enough to compliment you. 

“You look terrific.” He’d say when you come out. He’d give you one of those Namjoon Dimple smile and you couldn’t help but feel like putty. 

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Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook would think that you look hot as hell in that Bikini but he would refuse to meet your eyes. He’d tell the others that you look hot but he’d rather die than to say it to your face.

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Kim Taehyung

Tae is another bold one. He’d have the biggest smile on his face as he let you know that thought you looked pretty in your bikini. You’d smile and blush and he’d pull you into a hug. 

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[Gift] Cake from Emma

This is for @ck-blogs-stuff who’s turning 22 (I could have sworn he were older than me, but apparently not), so I drew him Emma from Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race serving him up a birthday cake in her lovely bikini. I say it’s a good gift from her part! :D
Emma, Total Drama, The Ridonculous Race © Cake Entertainment
Art by BluMoonToons
  • fun fact: Natasha hacks into any official document that says “captain america” and puts in “grandpa frisbee” instead
  • On more than one occasion, Steve has woken up in the morning to find himself behind the glass in an exhibit of the smithsonian Museum of Natural History, and looked over to see Nat laughing on the other side.
  • Nat makes a very official-looking sign for Steve’s fridge that says, “ICE MAY BE HAZARDOUS TO SUPERSOLDIERS”
  • Nat buys Steve LifeAlert
  • Whenever Steve says something about patriotism, America, or freedom, Nat plays the national anthem on her phone 
  • Nat has a huge poster of george washington on a dinosaur printed out and puts it on the ceiling above Steve’s bed
  • when Steve is trying really hard to concentrate on something, Nat comes behind him and pops bubble gum right next to his ear
  • Nat gets steve a shirt that says “specimen”  on it
  • Natasha uses Steve to open jars 
  • Sometimes Natasha asks Steve if he wants to go to the gym with her partially because she likes seeing the looks on the other buff guys working out there who Steve makes look bad
  • When the avengers go hang out at the beach, Steve nods to Nat in her bikini and says, “hey. you look terrible,” with a grin, and Nat smiles back.
Too Hot To Handle: Chapter Twenty Four

**WHAT? A second chapter in less than 24 hours!!!! **

                            Its because I love you guys. XOXOX

So I kinda wrote a different kind of fanfiction. It’s nothing as in depth as my other fics so I am going to post it here. ENJOY!!***Actor, Real Person Fanfiction, Walking Dead RPF***Featuring: Jeffrey Dean Morgan X Original Female Character, Norman Reedus and others.. (FYI this is total fiction, as in I know nothing about JDMs life or that of his real SO and son etc. Because of this, for this work of fiction, they don’t exist. Jeffrey’s been a typical actor playboy dating fellow stars etc. This is written for sick daydreaming pleasure.)

Aria St. James is a busy woman with a thriving restaurant. She thought she had everything she needed until a few famous faces visit her dining room. A tall, dark and handsome actor decides Aria’s just what he’s been looking for.

Rating: Mature : NSFW **dirty dirty**

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They were boarding an airplane to fly down to the coast of Florida where Jeffrey’s friend’s beach house was located. Jeffrey had been there once and knew it was on a long stretch of empty sands allowing them the privacy he wanted. The last few weeks had been stressful with both work and the drama of the press regarding their relationship and both of them needed the respite. He’d given his publicist and anyone else that would possibly need him, specific instructions to only bother him if it was an emergency. Jeffrey didn’t want to speak to or see anyone but Aria for the next five days. 

Taking a seat in the spacious area in the first class cabin, Jeffrey smirked as Aria cocked and eyebrow and murmured, “So this is how the other half lives, well la-de-fucking-da.”

Snorting, he murmured, “Nothin’ but the best for my little princess.”


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Sam Winchester x Reader - It’s Hard Being an Agent

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Imagine finding a case in a university in Pasadena, California, and having to interview Sheldon and co. Unfortunately, Sheldon makes it difficult to talk to. 
Beta’d by the wonderful @senselesssamii <3

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A/N: For @thing-you-do-with-that-thing​ ‘s favorite things challenge - my prompt was the Big Bang Theory, but I’ve set it before Bernadette and Amy are introduced x I also did something a little different with the format of this one, so feedback on it would be appreciated x

Word Count: 2,326
Warnings: none x 

“Found a case!” Sam’s voice snaps you out of your thoughts as he slaps a few sheets of paper onto the wooden table in front of you.

“Where?” You ask, looking over the evidence photos and case files.
“Pasadena, California. Looks like the cops are already looking into it, though,” Sam replies.

“What do you think it is?” You ask. “From here, it looks like a vengeful spirit, but get this: it’s in a University and so far, it’s only killed scientists from there,” Sam explains. You nod along to what he says.

“Any witnesses?” You ask, wondering if you have to prepare yourself for any major social interaction with a stranger. 
“Yeah, actually - one of the scientists working in the lab at the time; his name is Dr. Sheldon Cooper, and-heh-” Sam pauses to let out a short chuckle. “Apparently, he pulled out one of his lightsabers and started swinging at the ghost,” He smirks.

“So, the witness is a super-nerd-physicist?” You ask, eyebrow raised. Sam nods with a smile across his face.

“Dean’s gonna enjoy this,” You mutter under your breath. “Where did this guy even keep his lightsabers?”

You gather the papers in your hands and stand up. “We’ll go in five?” You ask, earning a nod from Sam, who also gives Dean (who was in his room) a heads up.

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